Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Wants to Preserve Uncle JFK’s Vaccine Program

The Vaccination Assistance Act was signed into law by President Kennedy in 1962. The ratification caused the creation of the CDC’s National Immunization Program and its Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appeared in a video in 2015 where at the beginning he stated that he wants “policies that encourage full vaccination for all Americans.”

What President Kennedy signed into law and what Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wants is exactly why America is now in this mess. Vaccine programs should not exist. They are deadly, government vaccine companies with regulatory powers. Talk about scary!

It’s only natural therefore to expect the government to assume liability for vaccine injuries as would eventually happen in the US and UK. Then when every state adopted vaccine mandates under Jimmy Carter, vaccine injuries exploded out of control. President Reagan inherited that mess, along with many other messes of the Carter presidency.

Reagan couldn’t repeal the Vaccination Assistance Act signed into law 25 years earlier because of the Democratic Party’s control of the House of Representatives through his presidency. So he signed into law the National Vaccine Injury Act sponsored by Democrat Congressman Henry Waxman. Had Carter not been voted out of office, he would have signed Waxman’s law at the beginning of his second presidential term.

Now Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is trying to distract from history by spreading lies about minutia like the number of reports HHS was supposed to provide Congress after the law passed. He surrounds himself with idiots, opportunists, and vaccine crime apologists. Now hear him say he wants to preserve the vaccine program that poisoned your children.

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Del Bigtree of ICAN Can’t Read Laws. He Needs to Just Stop and Go Away.

“What we discovered through our lawsuit was that in the last—it was supposed to be every two years since 1986 and they never met with Congress once.” – Del Bigtree, WRONG

When the The Daily Beast needs to correct you, you know you’re in trouble:

At a March 2019 hearing of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-TN) said the reports were actually required within two years of the law’s implementation, not every two years.

And, Alexander said, “the HELP Committee has two reports from the Department submitted to Congress dated May 4, 1988, and July 21, 1989.”

Both reports were made public at Alexander’s request and can be viewed here and here.

Bigtree did not respond to a follow-up question about the existence of the reports.

Naturally, Autism Investigated’s editor couldn’t hold back.

What timing that this happened right after the editor sent the following message to ICAN and its support by thimerosal cover-up apologist JB Handley:

I know research skills-lacking, narcissistic baby JB Handley supports your show and is behind your boycott of me. I’m way more knowledgeable than Del and anyone else he’s had on! “We can do better”? What kind of nonsense is that? Muh placebos is totally gonna get people riled up. Nice Jewish star touch though, you’ve really made it clear you just wanna safer holocaust. Great consistency in your messaging…

Contact me when you decide to get serious.

Jake Crosby, MPH

Too late now!

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MICHAEL SAVAGE: “no AUTISM not caused by vaxx,” “it’s a brat who hasn’t been told to cut the act out”

He’s baaack: talk radio’s number 1 garbage-spewer. While Alex Jones has been censored, Michael Savage has returned to give us more of his wisdom about autism. Because he knows what autism really is: a brat who hasn’t been told to cut the act out. Has he apologized? No. Are you a far left Stalinist for thinking he should? You betcha. And of course if autism is just an undisciplined brat, forget any neurological poisoning behind it.

Never mind that according to the editor of the journal that retracted the seminal autism-vaccine study, “Public Health was the midwife of Marxism.” At least the lead study author can still return to the United Kingdom though, unlike Michael Savage.

Savage claims to be against Marxism but supports the midwife of Marxism that is vaccines while taking a page right out of Bruno Bettelheim’s playbook. In both the historical and modern sense, Savage is right on the side of the medical establishment that has gone from parent-blaming to vaccine injury-denying. He’s also in good company with GlaxoSmithKline’s medical record-stealing opposition researcher Brian Deer.

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Ethan Lindenberger Claims Insight of Fraud Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig

Teenage propaganda prop Ethan Lindenberger has now tweeted a piece by the college grudge-holding and fake econ-studying socialist Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig. So Autism Investigated responded by enlightening Lindenberger as to what a fake and phony she is. In his response to Autism Investigated, Lindenberger revealed that he did not like being criticized by Autism Investigated. Specifically, he did not like being reminded how he shared a meme that depicted parents like his of putting their child in an oven.

How funny for Lindenberger to lecture Autism Investigated about Bruenig’s motives when he never went to college with her or even met her, unlike Autism Investigated’s editor. Bruenig’s first article defending vaccines was as a college sophomore attacking the editor’s invited campus speaker. She never even attended the talk. Similarly, there is no indication she attended either recent congressional hearing about vaccines including the Senate hearing Lindenberger spoke at.

Yet she’s now an assistant section editor of The Washington Post of all places. It couldn’t have been hard for her to have gotten a press pass. If Autism Investigated were still based in Washington, Autism Investigated would have been at the hearings and seen Lindenberger speak. Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig didn’t even bother to show up.

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JB Handley: Senate HELP Whitewash of Thimerosal Cover-up “Genuine”

In 2019, the Senate HELP Committee invited teenage propaganda prop Ethan Lindenberger to testify about how wrong his mother is for questioning the CDC about vaccines. In 2007, the Senate HELP Committee “exonerated” the CDC of its research misconduct in defending the mercury-based vaccine preservative thimerosal. The report was largely a result of JB Handley’s Generation Rescue organization having the bright idea to ask Bill Frist’s Senate to “investigate” the CDC. Handley is now vice chairman of the “Children’s Health Defense” chaired by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

How did JB Handley respond at the time?

Bummer. That’s my reaction after reading the report examining allegations of misconduct between CDC and IOM by the Senate HELP Committee.

From sources I trust, the folks at HELP seemed pretty genuine in getting to an answer, so I’m not going to second-guess what they concluded.

Handley had never even read the report. It’s not because he lacks basic research skills; he does.

He has not read the report because the report was never released publicly. According to the Senate HELP Committee:

The full report, including names of witnesses interviewed, documents obtained and reviewed, and investigative methodology, is on file with the Committee and will not be released publicly. This summary report is intended to describe the allegations and findings without violating the confidentiality of witnesses or divulging proprietary information. Although all investigative work was conducted while Senator Enzi served as Chairman of the Committee during 2005 and 2006, the report will refer to him as the Ranking Member based on his status on the date of issuance.

One reader asked:

JB, Do you think a politician who didn’t sound genuine while he was lying to you could get elected?

What was JB’s reply?

The comments to this entry are closed.

But not to fear, according to Handley’s DC political liaison Kelli Ann Davis:

We brought up some pertinent points during our meeting yesterday and we were assured that there would be follow-up.

12 years later, their follow-up is calls for nationwide mandatory vaccination. To think that people including Robert F. Kennedy Jr. still listen to JB Handley. Shame on “Children’s Health Defense” for making him its vice chairman!

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Children’s Health Defense President Has Precisely Zero Accomplishments

Laura Bono, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Children’s Health Defense President Lyn Redwood

“Children’s Health Defense” President Lyn Redwood got to where she was simply by being in the right place at the right time. She was lucky to have met a competent attorney named Elizabeth Birt, who is now dead. As a result of Birt’s accomplishments before her death that Redwood was connected to, she was given unprecedented access to autism omnibus attorneys who basically threw their case with her group’s advice. She also got a seat on the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee where she spent seven years doing nothing. Now she’s a personal advisor to Robert F. Kennedy Jr and president of his “Children’s Health Defense.”

The reality is that despite her access to journalists, she has become totally ineffective at getting anything done. She allowed Kennedy to remove the entire section on autism from his book about thimerosal, which he did for a full year. He restored them after Autism Investigated posted the full manuscript of his book with the omitted chapters.

After the 2016 election, she helped Robert F. Kennedy Jr. squander his meeting with the president and vice president-elect. Redwood and Kennedy then met with representatives of the NIH by where they effectively acknowledged that a vaccine that caused Birt’s son’s autism was ruled out as a possible case of autism.

Redwood couldn’t even testify before Congress when invited in 2012. She fabricated an excuse that she was picking up her son from college to bow out of testifying. She also traveled to Tokyo to attend a meeting of the United Nations Environmental Programme with no clue about what was going on there. This woman is a complete joke of an advocate, and it doesn’t say much in Kennedy’s favor that she is his trusted advisor.

Lyn Redwood needs to stop embarrassing us all and go away forever!

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How RFK Advisor Milks Death of Parent Elizabeth Birt For Financial Gain

Mark Fox/The Aspen Times Accident on 82 and Brush Creek Road, Dec 28, 2005

Beth Clay is the lobbyist whose role in falsely representing a key organizer of the 2012 congressional autism hearing did untold damage to congressional outreach. Yet that pales in comparison to the extent that she’s milked the work of a long dead autism parent to promote herself. Her role as “advocacy advisor” of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is now just the latest result of such selfish opportunism.

Attorney and autism parent Elizabeth Birt may have been one of the most consequential forces in exposing the autism-vaccine cover-up. She was the person most responsible for the original congressional hearings chaired by Congressman Dan Burton in the early 2000s and the first to uncover documents from CDC proving they lied. Then tragically, she died in a car crash at the end of 2005.

Burton’s staffer tasked with looking into the issue was Beth Clay. She served as liaison between the then-congressman who has an autistic grandson and Elizabeth Birt. Material Birt provided to Congress would form the basis of the landmark May 2003 congressional report Mercury in Medicine – Taking Unnecessary Risks, of which she was principal author. Although Clay left her job as Burton’s staffer when the report was produced, she became a lobbyist who used her past employment with Congress to pump her credentials. Yet she was pumping her credentials on the heels of Birt’s work, and she is no longer alive to take credit for it.

Now Clay is advising Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s “Children’s Health Defense” where his focus is pushing for “placebo-controlled” vaccine trials. Below is an email Elizabeth Birt wrote to GlaxoSmithKline’s opposition researcher Brian Deer titled “WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM?”

As a parent of an autistic child with severe inflammatory bowel disease that was diagnosed at the Royal Free in 1999 I wonder what your problem is. My son was also treated by Dr. Krigsman in 2003 when his entire esophagus was full of lesions. He is now being treated by the head of Pediatric Gastroenterology at Childrens Memorial Hospital part of Northwestern University here in Chicago who AGREES with Drs. Wakefield and Krigsman that my son has an autoimmune disease of his entire GI tract likely caused by a viral agent. I have no idea what your problem is but you are not helping these children who are very sick. Perhaps you need to seek some type of psychiatry therapy Mr. Deer.

The above email was sent just two months before she was killed. Time to finish what she started and continue her barely begun crusade against his evil while Beth Clay gets kicked to the curb.

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Vaccination Fix is Just One Giant Placebo Effect

At Yale, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said he will “walk away” from your vaccine-injured kids if vaccines are tested against placebos. Forget that the government’s vaccine program (created by his uncle) covers up vaccine side-effects as he demonstrated in that same talk, which was organized to stop more mandatory vaccine laws. A saline-filled syringe will fix that entire problem. He has already wasted considerable time requesting more research from the head of a federal agency who defended the expulsion of the editor from that agency for questioning vaccine safety.

Meanwhile, medical journals run fraudulent retractions of vaccine research for no other reason but to pump vaccines. Federal courts use those statements to deny vaccine injury claims. Kennedy’s own article on the vaccine cover-up was retracted by the pro-pedophilia website. Does he seriously believe that a placebo-controlled trial is the answer? Kennedy has even signed onto the censorship by chopping an entire section of his book for a year.

Sure, it would be nice to test vaccines against placebos in the first thousand or so kids who receive the vaccine in a months-long trial. But what happens after the vaccine is approved and gets given to billions of kids indefinitely? You still have the same government programs pushing vaccines being run by the same bureaucrats. Except, now they’ll be saying that they tested vaccines against “true placebos” so they must be safe! Kennedy’s quick fix would not have a meaningful effect, just a placebo effect.

Fortunately, vaccine ideology is so extremist and the vaccine people so radical that Kennedy’s proposal will never happen. Unfortunately, we still have to hear about it from Kennedy. Meanwhile, his organization’s vice chairman lacks basic research skills and the organization’s president fabricated an excuse to duck testifying before Congress.

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Tom Jefferson Concealed Glaxo Consultancy from Lawsuit-Killing Paper

In a 2003, Tom Jefferson led a systematic review published in Vaccine mere days before legal aid funding was cut from MMR vaccine litigation in the UK. The review purported to exonerate the vaccine of causing autism and several gastrointestinal disorders. His sole disclosure in the review was that he “acted as an ad hoc consultant for a legal team advising MMR manufacturers” in 1999. He did not disclose what he would reveal in other publications, namely that he “acted as a consultant for…GSK (2001–2002).” GlaxoSmithKline was one of the manufacturers of MMR being sued. Jefferson concealed this from his Vaccine review and in his later Cochrane Review that drew similar conclusions in 2005.

Meanwhile, he was disclosing his GSK consultancy elsewhere including a 2004 article in BMJ  about influenza.

Later on, Jefferson began playing down his ties to GlaxoSmithKline as simply owning “shares” in the company. In his 2006 BMJ article critical of influenza vaccines, he disclosed that “he owned shares in Glaxo SmithKline” for an unspecified time. He made the same disclosure in a 2005 letter to The Lancet that included some of his fellow Cochrane coauthors, published the month before his Cochrane Review.


In the 2018 HPV vaccine critique he coauthored with Peter Gøtzsche, Jefferson’s “shares” had since morphed back into a paid consultancy.

The bottom line is that Jefferson was disclosing his ties to GlaxoSmithKline in publications where disclosure was convenient for him to do so. When he made the disclosure, he was critiquing influenza or HPV vaccines. When he didn’t, he was defending the MMR vaccine.

The problem is that these selective disclosures really show that Jefferson is influenced by his industry ties. He is so influenced by them that he will disclose them some places but not others depending on how they affect the perception of his publications.

Just as bad is the impact his earlier non-disclosures had on vaccine-injured children’s litigation. The cutting of legal aid from the UK’s Legal Services Commission effectively doomed their chances of justice. The disclosure of GlaxoSmithKline’s connection was particularly important, in light of the fact that the company thwarted the litigation in more ways than one.

Yet now Tom Jefferson is a “deputy director” of Peter Gøtzsche’s group ironically named the “Institute for Scientific Freedom.” Jefferson should never be trusted on issues of vaccine safety or academic freedom ever again.

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Peter Gøtzsche Silent on His Deputy Funding Medical Censorship Agency

You knew or ought to have known that your reporting in the Lancet paper of a temporal link between the syndrome you described and the MMR vaccination had major public health implications. – UK General Medical Council’s disciplinary findings against two doctors it ordered struck off.

Following his expulsion from Cochrane over his criticism of HPV vaccination, Dr. Peter Gøtzsche has founded his “Institute for Scientific Freedom” with himself as director. It’s just held its inaugural symposium. He lists two deputy directors of the new institute; one of them is Dr. Tom Jefferson who resigned from Cochrane in protest against Gøtzsche’s dismissal. Yet Jefferson continues to pay annual registration fees to the UK General Medical Council, even after it demanded two of his colleagues’ de-licensure for publishing critically about the MMR vaccine in the seminal 1998 autism-vaccine paper. Gøtzsche has not responded to Autism Investigated’s request for comment.

Jefferson may be riding Gøtzsche’s coattails to feign love of “scientific freedom,” but Jefferson has a history of doing anything but. In 2005, he coauthored a Cochrane Review determining that MMR was “unlikely” to cause autism conveniently published the month after the General Medical Council charged the two doctors. He even cited the fraudulent “retraction of an interpretation” by the paper’s 10 coauthors including one of the doctors charged.

Since then, he has refused an award from the National Vaccine Information Center because it also honored the lead author of the 1998 paper who lost his license for not cosigning the fraudulent statement. Jefferson has coauthored a letter with Gøtzsche to the European Ombudsman calling the 1998 research “fraudulent,” and convinced Gøtzsche to back out as keynote speaker of the just-held Physicians for Informed Consent conference with days’ notice. Initially, Gøtzsche had planned on using his keynote to pump the MMR vaccine. So his cancellation is for the best.

In the past months, Gøtzsche and Jefferson have raised over 200,000 Danish kroners (over $40,000 US) in crowdfunding on GoFundMe. They continue to raise money despite GoFundMe’s new policy of forbidding funding for anything critical of vaccines.

The “Institute for Scientific Freedom” is more like the Institute for Scientific Hypocrisy. Spend your money elsewhere.

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