COVID-19: Wishing Senator Rand Paul Another Speedy Recovery

Several years ago, Senator Rand Paul was wished a speedy recovery when he was assaulted by a neighbor over political differences. Now Senator Paul is being wished a second, speedy recovery.

Today this afternoon, Senator Rand Paul announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19. He is the first US Senator to test positive in a viral pandemic that has sickened over 300,000 people and killed nearly 15,000 people worldwide. So far, he is feeling fine.

Senator Paul’s diagnosis should serve as a reminder to all of us that we need to do our part to avoid the spread of this contagious disease. The more we work together and take personal responsibility, the more we can do our part to end the virus’ spread while protecting our civil liberties.

So wash your hands thoroughly (30 seconds, including the backhand, between the fingers and the fingernails). Stay home as much as possible. Work from home if you can. Cough in your elbow, and avoid touching your face. Never go out if you feel sick. If you feel sick and you’ve traveled internationally or have come in contact with someone who has COVID-19, seek medical assistance. Together, we can beat this thing.

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RIP Dr. Toni Bark, Physician and Fighter for Vaccine-Injured Kids

Autism Investigated has just learned that Dr. Toni Bark has tragically passed away of cancer. Dr. Bark was a physician who went against her profession by taking on the third rail of vaccine injury. She was never afraid to speak her mind, as can be seen by how she handled a reporter in the below video.

Dr. Bark also recognized problems in the vaccine injury movement. She spoke candidly to Autism Investigated in 2015 about how effective messaging was sidelined during protests against SB277: the legislative bill that would end “non-medical” vaccine exemptions for children in California.

She was a shining light both in a corrupt medical profession indemnified from vaccine injury liability as well as in the vaccine injury movement fraught with tension, compromise and backstabbing. She will be missed.

Information on Dr. Toni Bark’s memorial service can be found on Ever Loved. Now watch her destroy British Channel 4’s Cathy Newman.

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Jake Crosby, MPH, Publishes a Letter in Annals of Internal Medicine

The editor of Autism Investigated has published a letter in Annals of Internal Medicine responding to a study disputing the MMR vaccine-autism link that was published in the journal earlier this year. The full exchange between Autism Investigated’s editor and the study authors can be found in the online comments, which can be found by selecting the “Comments” option in the tab to the left of the study.


Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccination and Autism

Jake Crosby, MPH


Hviid and colleagues’ (1) results contradict their conclusion, a circumstance that also occurred with a study that Hviid coauthored in 2002 (2). The value that stands out in Figure 3 of Hviid and colleagues’ 2019 article is the hazard ratio of autism of 2.69 among children who received the MMR vaccine who have siblings with autism. Although the magnitude of this value is far greater than that of any other reported hazard ratio in this figure, it is not significant because of the small sample size of this group. A preferable alternative would have been to report the risk for autism associated with having a sibling with autism but not receiving the MMR vaccine and then the risk for autism associated with both having an autistic sibling and MMR vaccination. The increased risk in both groups would be both strong and significant, but the magnitude would be substantially higher in those who received the vaccine than in those who did not.

Hviid and colleagues’ results do support a link between the MMR vaccine and autism in the subset of children who have a sibling with autism, with a sibling history of autism serving as an important effect modifier. However, their conclusion states the opposite. The corresponding author of this study did not respond to my e-mail about these concerns.

After the publication of the 2002 study that Hviid coauthored (2), an unpublished comment by an epidemiologist at McGill University (3) suggested that the authors had artificially eliminated the association between the MMR vaccine and autism by adjusting for age. He proposed that age was an effect modifier and that the authors should compare age-stratified rates between participants 24 to 29 months after MMR vaccination and MMR-unvaccinated participants. His letter was never addressed, and his advice was never heeded. We can now count a sibling history of autism as yet another effect modifier that the authors have dismissed to ignore the very real link between the MMR vaccine and autism.


1. Hviid A, Hansen JV, Frisch M, et al. Measles, mumps, rubella vaccination and
autism. A nationwide cohort study. Ann Intern Med. 2019. [PMID: 30831578]

2. Madsen KM, Hviid A, Vestergaard M, et al. A population-based study of
measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination and autism. N Engl J Med. 2002;347:
1477-82. [PMID: 12421889]

3. Stott C, Blaxill M, Wakefield AJ. MMR and autism in perspective: the Denmark
story. Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons. 2004;9:89-91.

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Glaxo-Funded Vaccine Defender in BMJ Helped Spark Opioid Epidemic

The first major academic research to dispute a vaccine-autism link in the US was conducted by the same doctor whose 40-year-old letter is blamed for contributing to the opioid epidemic. Hershel Jick is the former director of the Boston Collaborative Drug Surveillance Program at Boston University, heavily funded by the pharmaceutical industry including GlaxoSmithKline. He was senior author of a 2001 study in BMJ that disputed a connection between the MMR vaccine and autism. The journal’s editor Fiona Godlee even cited the study in a presentation at the NIH 10 years later. She was speechless when Autism Investigated’s future editor confronted her about the paper’s failures.

Similarly in 1980, Jick authored a letter in New England Journal of Medicine denying the addictiveness of opioids. Since then, it’s been cited nearly 400 times. Over the following decades, the number of opioid prescriptions dramatically increased. Now the number of overdose deaths have spiked. Jick now regrets the letter:

“The letter wasn’t of value to health and medicine in and of itself. So if I could take it back — if I knew then what I know now, I would never have published it. It wasn’t worth it.”

Will he regret publishing his study defending the MMR vaccine?

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California Governor Gavin Newsom Signs SB276 Into Statewide Law

Governor Newsom has signed SB276 into law. To all those unfamiliar, here is what that will mean for the people of California from the bill’s architect Richard Pan:

Senate Bill 276 will require physicians to submit information to California Department of Public Health (CDPH), including the physician’s name and license number and the reason for the exemption, which CDPH will check to ensure they are consistent with the Center for Disease Control’s guidelines or stand of care.

While the law only applies to the state of California, it explicitly has its origins in the federal vaccine program. Instead of taking on that program directly, opposition to exemption-killing bills in California has instead operated as a “health freedom” movement fronting libertarian slogans. That path was not effective four years ago, and it is not effective now.

The vaccine propaganda that led to the bill’s passage is summarized at the conclusion of Pan’s press release:

The hesitation to vaccinate on the part of a growing number of parents stems from misinformation such as the now retracted 1998 study that falsified data to purport a link between autism and the measles vaccine. The study was authored by Andrew Wakefield who was later found to be lying. Also, numerous subsequent studies worldwide involving hundreds of thousands of children have proved that vaccines are safe and do not cause autism.

SB276 offered another opportunity to highlight the fact that US vaccine policy is based on a foreign panel’s decision to explicitly punish a doctor for accurately publishing about vaccine injuries. That opportunity has been blown.

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August is National Immunization Victims and Injuries Awareness Month!

Jeremy, who died of his vaccine-induced seizure disorder just two weeks ago. He was 19.

This August, the Department of Health and Human Services is promoting National Immunization Awareness Month. So Autism Investigated is answering back with the National Immunization Victims and Injuries Awareness Month. Remember all those who were killed and injured by vaccines and be sure to remind people like HHS’ GlaxoSmithKline-aligned secretary and our promise-breaking president too.

Let’s also help 2020 candidate Marianne Williamson understand that you can be for vaccine mandates OR for a government free of conflicts of interest to protect us from vaccines. You can’t be for both.

The way you talk about what’s wrong with vaccines is by talking about what’s wrong with vaccines, not about what’s wrong with other drugs.

And let’s all be aware that it’s not just American or first-world kids that are suffering and dying. The World Health Organization, led by the US, is killing kids in Africa with the DTP vaccine. Hopefully that will get through to Williamson as well.

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CHELSEA’S REVENGE FOR 2016: Vimeo To Censor Vaccine Injury Videos

Election night at Wellesley College

According to Vimeo on June 26:

Starting today, we are providing a 30-day grace period for documentaries that contravene our policy on vaccination content so that creators can voluntarily remove those videos. At the end of the grace period, we will begin removing anti-vaccination videos that haven’t been voluntarily removed. Videos that violate the other two prohibitions will not be given any grace period.

Sitting on the board of directors for Vimeo’s parent company is none other than Chelsea Clinton.

And who can blame her?

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RIP Jeremy – Age 19, Vaccine Victim and Son of a Longtime Follower

Twitter, NeverGiveUp

Autism Investigated is deeply saddened to announce the passing of Jeremy, a vaccine-injured teenager who suffered from autism and epilepsy. Jeremy was also the son of a longtime Twitter follower of Autism Investigated. He tragically died from a seizure on Saturday. Here is the direct message from his parents.

Please go and tweet your condolences to NeverGiveUp. His parents need all the support you can give. His tragic death reminds Autism Investigated of a similar tragedy: Elias Tembenis, son of longtime reader Harry Tembenis. Elias’ death was actually an acknowledged result of vaccination by the infamous vaccine court. And last year, Autism Investigated mourned the death of Colton Berrett who was left permanently disabled by the HPV vaccine.

Jeremy’s death is a dire warning that just because vaccines won’t kill a person during the initial injury, doesn’t mean the damage done won’t kill down the road. 19 is far too young to pass away. Vaccination stole Jeremy’s life away from him, as it continues to do to countless other children no matter what the vaccine people like Meghan McCain tell you. By all means, keep talking about measles President Trump!

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GARDINER’S REVENGE: Disgraced ex-NYT Reporter Erased HuffPo Vaccine Injury Stories

Lydia Polgreen likes Gardiner Harris’ tweet congratulating her on replacing Arianna Huffington.

After Autism Investigated’s future editor had New York Times’ vaccine propagandist Gardiner Harris kicked off health stories and dumped in India, he began working with future Huffington Post editor Lydia Polgreen. That’s the same editor who just deleted dozens of articles on vaccine injury on the site.

But at the time Harris was re-assigned, she was also a correspondent for The New York Times in New Delhi like Harris was. At the end of 2016, she left the rag to become editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post when its founder Arianna Huffington stepped down. Two years after that, the curtains came down on Gardiner Harris’ New York Times career when he couldn’t contain his anti-Trump bias while writing about the UN ambassador. He was then rehired, appropriately, as a pharmaceutical public relations agent. Before Autism Investigated reported on his new job in May, Autism Investigated sent the below email to his new employer Foresite Capital in April:


I began the nine-year takedown of your communications director’s career at NYT.

I complained about him for his vaccine injury denial in 2010 and 2011, and he was taken off that beat. Specifically, I complained about his brother’s concurrent pharmaceutical connection while Harris was reporting on vaccines.

I’d like to know if Gardiner Harris has any comment on the fact that his employment with your firm further confirms my longtime contention of his pharma bias.


Jake Crosby, MPH

Not surprisingly, Harris’ new employer never wrote back. After the discovery of his brother’s ties to the pharmaceutical industry in 2010, Gardiner Harris abusively wrote an autism mother that she believes “wild conspiracy theories about the roots of autism.”

Even though Harris’ ex-colleague Polgreen has been Huffington Post editor for years, her decision to remove articles on vaccine injury only took a couple months. She only decided to do so after Harris lost his job, became a de jure pharma PR agent and was deservedly humiliated for it on Autism Investigated. Autism Investigated’s editor is far from the only person in the anti-vaccination and vaccine skeptic communities that Harris has had a problem with.

The night before Hannah Poling’s parents held a press conference about the government’s concession that vaccines caused her autism, JB Handley wrote Harris all the way back in 2008:

On an historic evening, before the world hears the tale of a beautiful little girl felled by 5 vaccines in one visit, I just want you to know that I will never forget what an injustice you did to our kids.

Gardiner Harris also denied, against documentary evidence, that the CDC director encouraged a comparison of health outcomes in vaccinated and unvaccinated children. “david kirby got his story entirely wrong,” Harris wrote in email about one of the journalists who reported the news. Kirby was also the journalist who broke Hannah Poling’s story. In contrast to Harris’ attack on Kirby, the CDC director did tell UPI’s Dan Olmsted in 2005 that such studies could be done and should be done.

Now David Kirby’s landmark story breaking the vaccine injury concession has been removed from The Huffington Post along with dozens of other articles. So too has Hannah Poling’s concession document from the government that Kirby reposted. David Kirby and Hannah Poling’s father have spoken out against the deletion in statements to Autism Investigated.

Gardiner Harris doesn’t like Autism Investigated, JB Handley or David Kirby. Fair enough, we hate him right back. But Harris has now taken out his anger over his own professional failures on a disabled girl who is a victim of the lies people like him still spread. It’s no wonder his son got asthma, which is also caused by vaccines.

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Hannah Poling’s Father Breaks Silence to Promote Libertarian and Conservative Ethics

Hannah Poling is the first child known to have been compensated by the federal government for vaccine injuries resulting in her autism diagnosis. Journalist David Kirby broke her story in 2008 on The Huffington Post, which has now removed dozens of “anti-vaccine” articles including the piece on her landmark concession. Autism Investigated reached out to her father, neurologist Dr. Jon Poling, for comment. This is what he wrote back:

Dear Jake,

Thank you for your letter and update on what’s happening. I think the only way to combat censorship is joining alternative platforms and calling out leftist authoritarians for what they are. I remember that when everything went public in 2008, social media really didn’t exist, and the Time website was a popular media source. Hannah’s case was the most searched and commented article for weeks straight but the powers that be determined to not put the article in the print edition. Ten years later, and the print edition of anything is pretty much irrelevant!

Vaccine choice and medical freedoms are just the tip of the liberal spear. It is much deeper a concern than just a few articles shedding light on the “vaccine court” shenanigans. My opinion is that only libertarian and conservative ethics will get us out of the mess because–Yes, individual rights do trump community need in the United States! Yes, individuals and parents have an absolute right to determine what goes into their (children’s) bodies! If the new left wing Democrats get Medicare for all, particularly without private options, our basic human right to sanctity over ones person and body is over.

With regard to vaccine adverse events and autism, I don’t pretend to have the answer, but I do know the questions not being asked for concern of the populous abandoning vaccines. I also challenge any epidemiology scientist to explain to me that if we cannot determine the true prevalence of autism numbers rising or not, how can you possibly tell me what does and does not cause it? (We are just going to skip arithmetic and move directly to calculus today class!)

I hope you are doing well and navigating this mine field. I don’t hold any animosity toward Rolf [Hazlehurst] for past agitations and understand he is just seeking justice for his son. I wish him well.


The Huffington Post has removed the article, “Government Concedes Vaccine-Autism Case in Federal Court – Now What?” In its place is the statement, “A previous blog post published on this site has been removed in the interest of public health.” What about the interest of Hannah Poling’s health?

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