12-Year-Old Scientist Indicted for Vaccine-Autism Link Cover-Up


Photo Credit: FBI Archives

This post is a vaccine skeptic’s satirical response to a viral video made by 12-year-old Marco Arturo, who presented the “Evidence That Vaccines Cause Autism” as nothing more than blank sheets of paper in order to disparage people who acknowledge that vaccines actually do cause autism.

12-year-old US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) scientist Marco Arturo was indicted after committing fraud by covering up crucial evidence that vaccines cause autism when crafting his review, “Evidence That Vaccines Cause Autism.” The report – sponsored by the CDC and published by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) – concluded:  “The evidence favors rejection of causation.”

Findings omitted from the report showed that in African-American children, those who had an autism spectrum disorder were more than twice as likely to receive a measles-mumps-rubella vaccination before three years of age compared to their neurotypical counterparts. They also showed that children who received the highest doses of mercury from vaccinations in their first month of life were 7-times more likely to receive an autism diagnosis than those who received no mercury during that same time period.

But since the vaccine injury-liable CDC paid the researchers to say vaccines were “well, pretty safe,” according to IOM committee chairwoman Marie McCormick, those results were unacceptable. “We are not ever going to come down that it is a true side-effect,” Dr. McCormick said in a secret meeting. And so they didn’t, but the results were so daunting that scrubbing them was difficult.

“It just won’t go away,” Arturo’s CDC colleague Thomas Verstraeten wrote in email. Ultimately, they made the association between the highest exposure category for mercury and autism go away by combining that category with weaker categories. They then claimed they “lost” the original data so that no researchers could replicate it, but in reality they just threw it all into a big garbage can in Arturo’s backyard.

Unfortunately, he and his other colleagues were later ratted out by a senior CDC scientist who was initially in on the scheme with them. So Arturo took $2 million in embezzled CDC grants and fled to Denmark where he now currently awaits extradition from. If convicted, he faces a 12-year prison sentence: equivalent to his entire lifetime.

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15 Thoughts on “12-Year-Old Scientist Indicted for Vaccine-Autism Link Cover-Up

  1. Maurine Meleck on July 1, 2016 at 2:28 pm said:

    A good one, Jake.

  2. Lawrence on July 1, 2016 at 4:33 pm said:

    Jake – you’re actually smearing a 12-year old boy?

    Especially one who is on the spectrum like yourself?

    Even I thought you were better than that…..

    • Wake up, it’s a satire. He’s not actually being smeared.

      Also – not that it matters but is he really on the spectrum, or are you just speculating because you think he comes off as nerdy? Of course, if he really is on the spectrum then he almost certainly knows that the people he is mocking are families of children who are far more worse off than him.

      • Lawrence on July 2, 2016 at 7:28 pm said:

        He’s said that he’s on the spectrum…..

        Again, I had hoped that you were better than this.

        You’ve lost any and all credibility to criticize anyone for “bullying,” because guess what, you are doing exactly what you claim others have done.

        • Well like I said, it doesn’t matter.

          However, I think it’s hilarious watching you all whine that I’m insensitive after seeing your own parody that spits on people who are suffering suddenly get used against you – bunch of cry bullies is what you all are.

  3. Chris Preston on July 2, 2016 at 7:57 am said:

    I am imagining that this is supposed to be funny?

    Frankly it doesn’t come across that way.

    If you want to do satire, you need to take the position you want to satarize and exaggerate it. This is the sort of result you should be attempting to get http://thesciencepost.com/breaking-autism-outbreak-reported-at-disneyland/

    Fantasizing about a 12 year old being arrested because you don’t like their message is not satire. It is juvenile.

    • This whole post is based on exaggeration, you just completely missed it. It’s also based on real events in case you couldn’t tell, which unfortunately doesn’t involve anyone being arrested…yet.

      But I get it, you guys don’t like having your own parodies turned against yourselves.

    • SquidLips on August 6, 2016 at 2:47 pm said:

      I thought the article was very funny….I feel sorry for the kid as its pretty clear his parents have put him up to this, used him as a pawn in their propaganda war. The parents are the ones that are not funny! Anyone who doesn’t think this article is good satire really probably doesn’t have an sense of humor or sense of irony. They probably think fart jokes are funny!

  4. Doug Troutman on July 9, 2016 at 4:46 pm said:

    I think your satire is appropriate and this is a good article. I watched this kid on you tube and he cant find any studies. Maybe he could Mom and Dad to take him to see vaxxed. He might learn that the government studies show a link. I only wish there more conversations with Dr. Thompson and I hope gets deposed.

  5. Hans Litten on July 11, 2016 at 1:01 pm said:

    Pls read Kent Heckenliveys book “PLAGUE” .
    MMR obviously has the live attenuated virus – it also has a secret ingredient . A retrovirus which is Murine variant (mouse like but a Frankenstein recombinant) which is in turn also found in ME/CFS, ALS, AUTISM, Alzheimers,
    They get combined into our own DNA. Then upon a calamitous event when the immune system is severely compromised it can come into play…………autism, CFS\ME , cancer.
    Judy Mikovitz found that 30% of vaccines tested were contaminated .
    The technology is there to fix this which apparently filters the retroviruses out of the vaccines.
    She believes it is not deliberate (just another accident)……………….or wants to stay alive.

    gmo is such a problem……………no heinz, no cadburys, no kelloggs, —- organic only

    SECRET INGREDIENTS : HCG , nagalase , SV40 , XMRV what else ?

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