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The purpose of this site is to investigate the who, what, when, where and why of the autism epidemic (in that order!), particularly the role vaccines play in causing it as well as the governments’ role in covering up that cause. Vaccines are inherently harmful because of the dishonesty of people who push them. Any benefit attributable to vaccination is because of safety standards passed into law by anti-vaccination pressure. Vaccination is one of the biggest public health disasters in modern history. GlaxoSmithKline stole medical records from vaccine-injured children in the seminal 1998 autism-vaccine study. This is the unvarnished truth that Autism Investigated tells.

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Autism Investigated’s position on routine vaccination practices is that they are for doctors and patients to decide and advise on, and that government should play no role in the absence of an infectious disease outbreak. Unfortunately, that has not been the case since 1962 when President Kennedy signed into law the creation of the federal vaccine program. Then President Jimmy Carter campaigned for mandatory vaccination in all 50 states. The result has been a government that has completely put vaccine safety second and vaccine promotion first, followed by mortality and morbidity resulting from unnecessary vaccine side-effects. But instead of fixing the problem by dissolving this destructive program, Democratic politicians and a reluctant President Reagan took a turn in a different direction by deciding to give pharmaceutical companies and doctors total immunity from liability for vaccine injuries. From that point forward, the federal vaccine program was expanded to manage any case of alleged vaccine injury for which compensation was demanded. The government now decides which vaccine injuries to compensate for while also being the defendant in such cases. As a result of their current liability, federal agencies such as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have fought hard to cover up the fact that vaccines cause autism; they have even quietly compensated dozens of cases of autism that were caused by vaccination. The cover-up extends to other countries as well, which collude with US federal agencies.


Proof of a link between vaccines and autism has been both discovered and denied by government agencies. Dr. Thomas Verstraeten, who concluded thimerosal multiplies the risk of autism 7-fold in a study for the CDC’s Vaccine Safety Datalink Team, wrote in a Dec. 17, 1999 email, regarding infants who had received the vaccine preservative “…all the harm is done in the first month.” Yet Dr. Marie McCormick, Chair of the CDC/NIH-sponsored Immunization Safety Review at the Institute of Medicine (IOM), stated on January 12, 2001, regarding vaccination: “…we are not ever going to come down that it [autism] is a true side effect…” The IOM then issued a report in 2004 that is the basis for falsely denying that any evidence implicating vaccines in autism exists while claiming that dishonest studies like Verstraeten’s are credible. Anybody who claims that no evidence for a link exists is either lying or doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Since the 2004 IOM report, some states have reported moderate decreases in autism following thimerosal’s removal from childhood vaccines. However, in 2004 the CDC cynically recommended that all pregnant women get a flu shot in pregnancy regardless of trimester. Influenza vaccines still contain thimerosal, and CDC’s own research showed that prenatal exposure to thimerosal multiplied one’s risk for regressing into autism by 9-fold in children who received no mercury exposure from vaccines given after birth. In Denmark where no such influenza recommendations were made, the decline in autism has been substantial.

The CDC has even destroyed hard copies of its own results linking vaccinations to autism, and they have become so desperate that they have now resorted to making claims about vaccines and autism that are analogous to saying that eggs lay chickens. See the great documentaries Trace Amounts for details on the cover up of thimerosal causing autism and Vaxxed for details about the destruction of documents related to vaccine injuries.

But setting aside the covered up science linking vaccines to autism, there is a substantial body of genuine, published research linking vaccines to autism as well. Vaccine-strain measles have been found in the guts, blood and cerebrospinal fluid of children who have regressed into autism following routine measles, mumps, rubella vaccination. Children with autism were also found to have had a higher body burden of mercury. And while only humans are diagnosed with autism, thimerosal has induced autism-like symptoms in other animals. Finally, statistical associations between thimerosal and autism have been confirmed by non-government researchers, as well as for other vaccines.



Donald Trump, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Mike Pence

Among the many specific safety concerns that need to be changed about current vaccines and vaccination policy is a total ban on thimerosal from all vaccines. However, there is an underlying systematic problem with government agencies that also must be addressed as well.

Autism Investigated believes the federal vaccine program must be dissolved and de-funded, that the money wasted on such a program should instead be diverted to the autism families who are hurting and that the people behind this mass poisoning program belong in prison (these ideas were inspired by the immigration policies of President Donald Trump – who Autism Investigated endorsed – which are to build a wall, make Mexico pay for it, and deport the illegals respectively). Finally, pharmaceutical companies should assume liability for all future vaccine injuries.

Autism Investigated wants publications wrongly retracted for linking vaccinations to autism restored as well as the retraction of publications that fraudulently lie that vaccines are unrelated to autism. Additionally, doctors such as Andrew Wakefield and Mark Geier who have lost their medical licenses over work that was supportive of a link between vaccines cause autism should have their licenses restored.

Donald Trump and Andrew Wakefield

AI also supports President Trump’s calls to curb the press, which has not reported honestly about this issue. For example, Salon.com pulled its landmark article “Deadly Immunity” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The decision was described as “editorial cowardice” by the site’s founder. Similarly, the editors at Huffington Post systematically remove articles skeptical of vaccine safety and editors at Daily Kos ban commenters for linking autism to vaccines.

As a result, comments containing links to any of those sites are not allowed. Furthermore, AI specifically endorses Trump’s plans to open up libel laws against a dishonest media that has systematically lied about this issue and many others and supports his campaign’s revocation of Washington Post’s press credentials.

To add even further insult to injury, there is now a pernicious new movement afoot called “neurodiversity” led by a combination of high-functioning autistic people and people who claim to be autistic. These folks shame parents of severely afflicted children for trying to help their children, even if that help involves stopping them from wandering off and drowning. They shame non-like-minded people with autism for voicing a desire to not have autism. They have also claimed that autism is not a problem and that it even creates some form of special brain power. Neurodiversity activists have further suggested that calculating the costs of caring for people with autism amounts to eugenics, denied an autism epidemic and denied that autism is caused by vaccines or anything environmental like mercury. They also support autists with impaired decision-making abilities mutilating their genitals to go “trans.” AI staunchly opposes this new movement, what it stands for as well as its intrusion into government policy, academia and major autism conferences.


Ari Ne’eman, spiritual leader of the neurodiversity movement

So long story short: the covered up science as well as the genuine, published science show that vaccines cause the autism epidemic.

Jake Crosby, M.P.H.

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Jake Crosby is editor of Autism Investigated. He is a 2011 graduate of Brandeis University with a Bachelor of Arts in both History and Health: Science, Society and Policy and a 2013 graduate of The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services with a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology. For nearly five years, he was contributing editor to Age of Autism where he eventually encountered resistance to his investigations into the activities of several of the blog’s sponsors (one of which is also an editor) and was ultimately blocked from writing for the site. He was dismissed from the Ph.D. Epidemiology program of the University of Texas School of Public Health, due to academic misconduct by the school’s administration. He later reconciled his differences with Age of Autism’s late editor Dan Olmsted, just days before Dan tragically took his own life.

Dan Olmsted, RIP

Jake Crosby first became aware of the vaccine issue after watching a news report on television as a teenager and later felt compelled enough to speak out several years later in college due to a cancerous “social justice” movement known as neurodiversity. Follow him on Twitter.

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