Age of Autism Condemned For Banishing Autism Investigated’s Editor


Editor’s Note: Below is an email sent by an autism parent to Age of Autism complaining, in part, against my banishment as contributing editor to the site and ends by requesting that I be allowed to contribute again. While I enjoy my new forum, Age of Autism is nonetheless dishonest to continue listing me as a contributing editor when I can no longer contribute to the site. Though Age of Autism never published the email, it was then forwarded to the Bolen Report where it was first published online in full.

“I’m writing to all of you to tell you about my frustrations with the autism movement. I agree with Tim Bolen that right now we DON’T have an autism movement. We don’t have ANYTHING AT ALL. And it is time to change that. I looked at AoA and then the Canary party full of optimism. I contributed money. And what is the outcome? NOTHING to show of. The Canary party has made no progress whatsoever. And kicking Jake Crosby out of AoA is low and disgusting. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. You were supposed to be the glue that united all of us, but you’ve turned into one more…

So, what is the autism movement?

ARI, TACA, Generation Rescue, NAA, Autism Speaks (though I absolutely believe that this is big pharma in a sheep costume). and many, many others… all going in independent ways and nobody is accomplishing anything at all, we are too broken.

What is our message? We can’t even agree on one…

So, I understand (and welcome) Tim Bolen’s frustrations and harsh remarks. I think we need to listen to him. Let’s work with the Health Freedom Fighters and see if we can take this “autism movement” to some place…. From my side, I wanted to contribute some of my ideas, in case they take you to some place that you had not thought out. So, here are some of the top priorities in my opinion:

1. Winning the information battle regarding autism and vaccinations. This is a MUST.

We ABSOLUTELY need to change the social discourse on vaccinations. Big pharma keeps paying journalists to publish these bogus reports on how we are having measles outbreaks and those are horrible and the cause of them is the autism community (and Wakefield, of course). We need to stop just weakly responding to those statements and change the approach: we are the ones that need to keep publishing about how we have studies that vaccines cause autism, there are no studies to evaluate combinations on vaccines, big pharma wants to push for more vaccines because of money (and no risk to them), CDC is the marketing branch of big pharma, etc. So, we need to accomplish this through several actions:

a. Develop a list of journals and journalists that are on our side and can help us push these messages. We need to keep feeding them information and support them as much as we can.

b. Develop some standard messages with links to articles, etc where parents like myself can go and use to push specific messages to specific articles. Right now every parent has to make their own research to find all the links with articles, all the stories, etc. We don’t have that much time. But if we could have a central place (like the one on the 12 or 14 studies), that would be great. It would help us deliver more messages with less researching on content. And for you, the messaging would be much more clear.

c. We need to find a way to make it more “expensive or painful” for journalists to be on the side of big pharma. Right now, if they take the messages from big pharma they get the rewards from them with none of the responsibility. I think if we made a web page called “journalists encouraging autism” or something like that (with negative connotation) and we start adding the links to their articles and talk about how they are promoting more autism, eventually they may think twice about what they are writing as we are not going to forget who they are. I saw Trino Tsouderos evolution into prOfits best buddy. It still drives me crazy…

d. Once I thought about a game called: 6 degrees of freedom from big pharma (like 6 degrees of freedom from Kevin Bacon). The idea is to find how all the vaccine pushers are within 3-4 degrees of big pharma. If we could popularize such a game it could win us a huge battle in the world of misinformation (people would really start understanding how everything revolves  around the money of big pharma).

2. We need to make the US a place where our doctors can explore new ideas with our children without fearing about what happened to dr. Wakefield. So, this takes us back to my priority 1.

3. We need to get many more politicians on our side and for that, again, we need to succeed on number 1. And then we need to get the help of the politicians to help us stop the funding from big pharma into the CDC and FDA. I think that is a huge MUST. But we won’t be able to do it unless we win number one first. Which is why we need to change the social perception on vaccinations. Learn from what the LGBT movement has accomplished. We could certainly learn from them…

4. Another topic is a study of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children. This is another important area of need. And we should do crowd-sourcing for it. I think we need to identify the doctors and statisticians that can help us set up the study (so that it is really tight and big pharma cannot dismiss it). We can get the money through parent supporters like myself. But we could use crowd-sourcing for many other things if we could just identify the areas of priorities.

I do realize that this is a very long and harsh email. I hope you all read it though and I’m writing it because I don’t know how else to make some progress on our battles. I’m just the mother of an autistic child. But I’m sick of our inability to get the message across that vaccines are very dangerous. And for starters, this is how I have decided to contribute to the cause… As always, I will offer my help. And I hope you work with Tim Bolen and his people. By the way, you need to open the doors to Jake Crosby again. He still represents what our children could be. He deserves all our help and support.


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17 Thoughts on “Age of Autism Condemned For Banishing Autism Investigated’s Editor

  1. Ethel Mercurious on July 24, 2013 at 11:14 am said:

    AoA has just published an article saying Autism might be due to dental amalgams (one mans theory).
    No doubt they are poisonous and contribute to toxic load but nothing works as well as mercury \ aluminium intravenously straight into an baby \ infant .
    Perhaps then , after 2020 and mercury amalgams are phased out , autism will disappear … hope !
    Vaccines – crime of the century – both centuries – boycott them all . Hg-enocide
    They are blocking all my comments now on AoA …… looks like I’ve made my bed then .

  2. Ethel Mercurious on July 24, 2013 at 11:19 am said:

    AoA is becoming irrelevant now anyhow . Thinking Mom’s Revolution has >13,000 followers on facebook .
    And there is no one on there trying to dilute the message thus far .

    Obviously farcebook will have plans to take down their site should it continue growing as it has .
    They did it once before when 20,000 had formed the proud parents of the unvaccinated .

  3. As an autism mom I completely agree with this! Some of these autism sites will block you if you even bring up vaccinations. The thinking moms revolution..I’ll have to check it out, thanks!

    • AoA’s comment moderation is nothing short of draconian. What finally got me tossed from the site was my revealing on Facebook that AoA editor Dan Olmsted censored a comment of mine for criticizing a Canary Party press release.

  4. Sam Hall on July 24, 2013 at 5:43 pm said:

    I could have written much of the content of that email. I feel exactly the same.
    AOA is becoming irrelevant as Ethel M suggests due to the dulling down effect over there.
    I feel the larger FB communities are much more straight talking and are about action rather than pouring over the same old info and expecting a different outcome.

    Yes it is about one voice and one message- just look at those who protest against Monsanto, they are managing to unite, Surely the stakes are way higher in this debate. It looks as though the fragmentation of the Autism community is no accident. It is also true there is a lot of fear about speaking out about the cause of autism but the numbers who agree on the cause are staggering now so its about shepherding folks together and creating a united message.

    • Exactly, Sam. Just contrast Age of Autism’s response to Jenny McCarthy joining “The View” to that of Autism Investigated. While AI actually delved into the background of Jenny’s detractors and sought explanations for their vitriol, AoA barely even called any of them out by name, posted a very badly-lit YouTube of Dan Olmsted lamenting how journalism wasn’t what it used to be and also posted a screenshot of Anne Dachel being called the c-word. That’s what you’re paying for when you donate to Age of Autism.

  5. Ethel Mercurious on July 26, 2013 at 9:58 am said:

    A message for those who monitor the thinking of the Parents of the vaccine damaged :

    You can close down Jenny McCarthy or Andrew Wakefield …..or in fact whoever you like .
    This is about our children and only our children , and we are going to keep coming at you ……relentlessly

  6. Ethel Mercurious on July 26, 2013 at 11:11 am said:

    Jake ….any chance of writing a piece about all you know about this person :

    Julie Gerberding was forced to admit that vaccines could trigger autism, although this has been conveniently forgotten:

    “….. if you’re predisposed with the mitochondrial disorder, it [vaccination] can certainly set off some damage. Some of the symptoms can be symptoms that have characteristics of autism.”.

  7. Cherry Sperlin Misra on July 26, 2013 at 7:55 pm said:

    In my opinion, we wont make much progress until we do more education and rope in the people who have been injured by mercury through fish and dentistry. There must be millions of individuals today, suffering some ill health from their dental amalgams with mercury, and totally unaware of it. And of course they are heading straight into the tsunami of Alzheimers as well. When people get interested in mercury from one angle, they will be willing to acknowledge that autism too is due to mercury. Next, lets look at the flu vaccines. I was in the U.S. this summer and within about two weeks I had met three people who suffered unusual illness after taking flu vaccines. Of course, not one of them made the connection. Well- Hello- You just got yourself injected with a substance that causes damage to the immune system and can injure the nerves . . Why has the autism community not educated these other suffering people as to what has caused their ill health.? considering that there are probably few households of 4 people in the United States in which no one in the home has felt the cold hand of mercury through vaccines, dentistry or fish, we would have a lot more people on our side if we got an information campaign going. Lets stir the pot and get it boiling. – If we can muster the resources.

  8. Ethel Mercurious on July 28, 2013 at 1:02 pm said:

    Is it true the Alzheimer rate amongst American seniors is now at 1 in 3 ?

    I’ve tried warning elderly friends and relatives about vaccines , in particular the fraud flu vaccine .
    They just will not listen , they defer like sheep to the higher authority !
    The Pharma Harma brigades are well aware of that fact , they know the masses trust them implicitly .

  9. Ethel Mercurious on July 28, 2013 at 1:04 pm said:

    I heard the total number of US Alzheimer sufferers was at the 14/15 million mark ?
    And in the UK is about to break the million ….. if these numbers are correct , and as likely , its due to mercury amalgams and fluoride and fraudulent flu vaccines , then wow ……

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  12. There are many great suggestions of getting the message out efficiently to as many people as possible. I applaud your fearless activism. As a Canadian, I wish there were more groups here with such passion and dedication to truly helping future generations. Thanks for all you do!!

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