Andrew Wakefield Betrays CDC Whistleblower


By Jake Crosby

When I wrote the article SafeMinds Steals The Show, Literally… early last year, I never thought I would write a piece I would enjoy writing even less than I enjoyed writing that one.

I was wrong.

Andrew Wakefield has betrayed the CDC whistleblower by releasing his name without his consent. On the Autism Media Channel website, a video hosted by Wakefield is up announcing the whistleblower’s name and playing recordings of his voice. In the video is scientist and parent Dr. Brian Hooker, who had been in discussions with the whistleblower and made the catastrophic mistake of sharing his identity with Wakefield. Complicit in the betrayal is Age of Autism, which is promoting Wakefield’s video while repeating the whistleblower’s name.

In commentary to a small group of people later relayed to Autism Investigated, attorney Robert Krakow commented:

“I am very familiar with the information [whistleblower] offered. Disclosure of [whistleblower]’s existence and identity at this point in time is a colossal blunder and an inexplicable error in judgment that damages irreparably the opportunity to use [whistleblower]’s very valuable information and testimony effectively.  I know that Brian Hooker did not make the disclosure.”

It remains truly ironic that Andrew Wakefield – a man betrayed by the Lancet editor a decade ago – would turn around and betray the trust of someone who has come forward with valuable information about the fraud committed in a federal agency. Also ironic is that Wakefield similarly betrayed the trust of Dr. Brian Hooker, whose congressional activities have been repeatedly undermined by groups associated with Age of Autism.

More will be reported as this story develops.

Jake Crosby is editor of Autism Investigated. He is a 2011 graduate of Brandeis University with a Bachelor of Arts in both History and Health: Science, Society and Policy and a 2013 graduate of The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services with a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology. He currently attends the University of Texas School of Public Health where he is studying for a Ph.D. in Epidemiology.


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220 Thoughts on “Andrew Wakefield Betrays CDC Whistleblower

  1. Everyone please note – because the whistleblower’s identity was revealed without his consent, Autism Investigated will not post any comments that mention him by name or that link to any pages that out him.

    UPDATE: The moratorium on the whistleblower’s identity has been lifted now that he has released his own statement. See this latest post for details.

    • Andy Wakefield on August 22, 2014 at 5:25 pm said:


      May I simply ask how you know that I revealed his name without his consent?


      • From my sources.

      • If this is true – HOW COULD YOU?! How could you do this to us and to him?

        Is this is true – Did someone coerce you to do it?

        • For the record, my questions are to Dr. Wakefield.

          If someone nudged him (AW) to reveal the whistleblower’s name, THEY are throwing Wakefield and the whistleblower under the bus.

          • Whistleblower, according to Jon Rappaport, is safer with his name exposed far and wide. The CDC escorted him out of their building and he may be in grave danger. Perhaps this was all for the best that this individual is named.

            • Michael M. on September 4, 2014 at 12:19 am said:

              Unlike autism the information provided would limit the candidates for whistleblower.
              Anonymous is more likely to disappear along with the truth vis-a-vis Barry Jennings and loose end John O’Neill.

      • Lisa l on August 22, 2014 at 10:58 pm said:

        If it was released with out his consent why hasn’t the whistle blower said that ? Your source could also be incorrect

        • Maybe because he’s still trying to lay low.

          • Marsha on August 26, 2014 at 2:08 pm said:

            Why would he lay low? What is he afraid of if it’s the truth? Your team Jake has been so deceptive that your true colors shine through bright & clear & it’s not pretty. Cat’s out of the bag & not going back in. The science is not on your side & people paying attention know it. Prove it Jake. Prove it! Even if true the truth about vaccines is more important because this is the health & very lives of children at stake. Too many harmed for life or dead now. You vaccine pushers must stop this war waged against our children. 1 in 8 Jake, now affected in some way from mild to severe & even death. When will it stop? This is criminal & we the parents & their friends, like Dr. Wakefield said in the beginning of the witch hunt against him, are not going away.

      • You are my hero, Dr. Wakefield. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do… Always the voice of reason in a cesspool of corruption.

        • Not in this case.

          • Andrew Wakefield has only tried to save the lives of millions of children through his own actions, even jeopardizing his own career. And as said before, the whistleblower’s name is better known than unknown for his safety first of all, at least if the world is watching, he is less likely to be silenced. . You would hope at least.

    • Who is Robert Krakow? If he were representing the whistleblower I sincerely doubt he would be making any public comment. So why should we trust your sources Mr. Crosby? What purpose does this blog post serve in attacking Dr. Wakefield?

      • As I stated in the article, Robert Krakow is an attorney. I have not made any claims as to who, if anybody, he represents concerning this issue.

        You can believe whatever you want. Just remember that Autism Investigated protects its sources, which cannot be said for Wakefield unfortunately. I think honoring a whistleblower’s wishes is a damn good purpose of this post.

      • djangokat on August 23, 2014 at 12:29 am said:

        You’ve never heard of Robert Krakow?

  2. Crystal on August 22, 2014 at 5:06 pm said:

    Sometimes this kind of reporting feels egotistical and self serving. Congratulations for uncovering this if it’s true, and taking the attention away fro the important information contained in the article. Now people will focus on “Wakefield’s blunder” and miss the important information that happens to be true, regardless of who the whistle blower is.

    • It is unfortunate, but people need to get this story right. They won’t if given the impression that the whistleblower consented to the release of his identity this way.

  3. Sam Hall on August 22, 2014 at 5:11 pm said:

    Yep fine with that .

    If he did not agree to be named what is the likelihood that he will follow through with this ?
    I mean is he going to implicate other people further, will he continue to speak, be interviewed etc ?

    What is Brian Hookers view on all this and why bother bleeping his name out only to reveal it a day later (Autism Media Channel) ??

    • Wakefield’s betrayal will most likely hurt the likelihood of the whistleblower’s story getting picked up and disseminated throughout the media, thereby lessening its chances of having an impact.

      Before Wakefield’s leak, there was a huge conflict between him and Brian Hooker over it. He is undoubtedly upset at what Wakefield has done, but unfortunately does not seem prepared to speak out about it.

  4. It’s not like the CDC didn’t already know who it was. I don’t know if there was consent or not, but the name needed to come out. Maybe now it will get media traction instead of being ignored.

  5. Sam Hall on August 22, 2014 at 6:23 pm said:

    Andrew Wakefield, I really was surprised to hear it was you who revealed this guy, If you didn’t (which I am ok to believe) who did and why? They could have sent this guy to ground.

    Is this AOA again trying to bury this ?

    I happen to know that just over 10 days ago Bill Gates was at secret meetings at the guardian London.
    I assumed it was to control the Ebola stories – who bloomin knows but the media is yet again about to be manipulated here unless this fella either speaks out or others follow.

  6. As usual, there is no whistleblower. This is just another bit of psychological warfare designed to make the whole autism community look foolish, especially Brian Hooker. As we all should know, there was zero autism in MS, NH and D.C. until 1991. If the MMR caused autism, it would have caused some autism in these places in the 20 years that it had been used up to this time.
    We also know that mercury causes autism in 5 times as many boys as girls which jives with this study claiming to affect black males. The study did NOT look at how much mercury these boys had received before they received the MMR shot. It only talks about the age that the MMR vaccine was given. If the study HAD looked at mercury doses, I suspect it would have found that these boys had received plenty of mercury, especially since some of the years included happened after the advent of the HepB on the day of birth which was the single most important factor in causing the autism epidemic. The HepB was the thing that started causing autism in MS, NH and D.C. in 1991, where no autism had previously existed.
    I hate to conclude that Brian Hooker has been corrupted but perhaps he has been fooled. Our 100% corrupt government would certainly go to great lengths to discredit someone with Brian’s reputation. Perhaps he will consider my words here and rethink his support for this obviously bogus garbage from an alleged whistleblower.

    • Well according to someone from Atlanta Georgia commenting on, you are incorrect. Quote:

      “Update: [whistleblower] himself responds to e-mail showing support for his act of speaking out:

      Thank you for your kind words.
      Senior Scientist
      National Center of Birth Defects and Development Disabilities
      Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
      1600 Clifton Road, MS-E86, RM 3079
      Atlanta, GA 30333”

      Does not appear that he is upset about his name being revealed (feel free to delete the actual name Mr. Crosby, even though the whole world knows now.)

      • That does not mean he gave permission for his identity to be released.

        • The “whistleblower” and the CDC are laughing at everyone who believes their BS.

        • Why did that person who wrote to the “whistle blower” not include her/his message? We don’t know what the CDC person was replying to. It could have been something like “I have an autistic child, and I would like to thank you for your work at CDC”. And why is he still replying to his official emails if he was supposedly escorted off the CDC grounds? The first thing they would do is to cancel his official email.

          • Yes, he would certainly not have access to his “official email” nor would he refer to himself as still working for the CDC.

            Unless actual proof is submitted that this person, in fact, did anything, then I am not so inclined to believe anything that is put forth in his name.

  7. RM1204 on August 22, 2014 at 6:39 pm said:

    Why would you do this? What are your sources Jake? I TRUST YOU and now you’ve taken the focus off the importance of WHAT the CDC did to point the finger at Wakefield. WHY would you do that? WHY? I don’t care how his name came out. I truly don’t but now the focus will be on Wakefield. Thanks Jake. I am truly disappointed. Now every one will spend their time bashing Wakefield instead of focusing on what really happened. His name would have come out any ways. Who cares who did it. How convenient that the I Report on CNN links back to your page. WHY JAKE? WHY would you do this?

    • Well, I happen to care that a whistleblower’s trust was betrayed and his identity revealed without his approval.

      I have no idea why anything from CNN links to this page or how to find the link. I would appreciate it if you can show me where it is.

      • annarodgers on August 23, 2014 at 7:22 am said:

        You are making this into something far worse than it has to be..we should be talking about what to do next not this petty BS.

      • KathrynB on August 25, 2014 at 7:23 pm said:

        How sad, Jake, that in your immaturity and eagerness to insert yourself into the situation you have distracted from the message that this man deserves NO anonymity. If he is indeed responsible for the injury of a decade worth of black children then what you are asserting is indefensible. It smacks of a personal conflict and intensely selfish. Please try to control this urges because it serves no one and is destructive to many beyond yourself.

        • Revealing the whistleblower’s identity against his wishes is not punishing him for the fraud he was in on but for blowing the whistle on that fraud. It hurts him and us while helping the conspirators at CDC still in on the cover-up.

          • KathrynB on August 26, 2014 at 4:44 am said:

            You are too young to understand the historical significance of whistleblowing and the process. Rarely does it remain anonymous. The revelation of the identity serves a purpose and full transparency is always required for there to be any forward motion. You are dead wrong and refuse to even acknowledge the fact that you have been informed of the facts from Dr. Wakefield directly. That should be the end of it but clearly you have an issue with him that forces you to make poor decisions that hurt us all.

            Honestly you owe the community an apology for this extremely divisive and dishonest behavior. Are you incapable of seeing the gravity of your mistakes here?

          • Sam Hall on August 26, 2014 at 6:09 am said:

            You Are completely right Jake.

            CDC have time now to craft their cover up and it has started.
            If the man had come out on his terms he would be speaking out now……or at least the chances of that happening would have been significantly higher.

  8. Sam Hall on August 22, 2014 at 6:41 pm said:

    AOA are not publishing my comments – I am asking them was it mistake to release the name so early on in this. I am asking them if they released the name also. I smell AOA all over this again !

  9. vaccine.explorer on August 22, 2014 at 9:12 pm said:

    You lost what’s left of your credibility on that one.
    Did you ask for Dr. Wakefield’s response before going ahead and publishing this piece of junk bloggerism?
    Did you have a valid proof before going forward with this harsh allegation?
    Bad Jake…

    It seems as your ego is more important to you then getting the real villains..
    Continuing like this, Jake, you are going to end up alone.
    And Bob’s your uncle.

    • As a matter of fact I did try to get a hold of Dr. Wakefield, but he was unreachable.

      I have my sources, but I also protect them – unlike Dr. Wakefield who thinks he is entitled to release the identity of another person without that person’s consent, speaking of egos.

  10. Robbie on August 22, 2014 at 9:30 pm said:

    The Focus Autism press release says: “the CDC whistleblower informant – who wishes to remain anonymous – guided him.

    It is entirely obvious that Andrew Wakefield did to this man what he did to an English doctor a few years ago. Because media was ignoring the allegations, Andrew Wakefield broke the informant’s trust and betrayed his identity.

    It is simply not believable that a CDC scientist would destroy his career and possibly his and his family’s livelihood in order to pass information to Andrew Wakefield and Brian Hooker. If he meant to do that, he would have gone to the New York Times, which would have been all over him.

    I notice that Andrew Wakefield does not tell Jake that he had permission to release the name.

    Good for Jake. Be your own person.

    • It is entirely obvious that Andrew Wakefield did to this man what he did to an English doctor a few years ago.


  11. Not an MD on August 22, 2014 at 9:58 pm said:

    I hope that if it is true the whistleblower was removed from his position yesterday, that the whistleblower is in a safe location, and still in communication with others. I have no idea who used the name, or what inspired that person or persons to do so, but it may be that the name was revealed at the request of the whistleblower directly, due to what occurred yesterday.

    In this day and age, I would think it is impossible for anyone to expect to have private email or phone conversations with anyone else, especially if a person works in any kind of sensitive position. Whether or not the whistleblower’s name were revealed by AW or anyone else at all, it is quite clear that the employer would still easily be able to determine who sent the emails and who made those phone calls to Dr. Hooker. The employer would be perfectly capable of taking action against the whistleblower, regardless of whether or not anyone were to name that person publicly. Perhaps that is why the name was revealed today– so that we would know– and perhaps that is what the whistleblower thought might be safer at this particular moment in time. I wish the whistleblower had gone to members of Congress, as well as to AW and BH and whomever else, and had sent a huge packet of stuff to a multitude of people to ensure the security of the message. Perhaps that person did, for all I know. I am praying for this person’s safety.

    I think it is quite premature to blame AW, or anyone else, for revealing the name of the whistleblower. No one other than those directly involved know the true reason for the release of the name.

    • What you said.

      Once Dr. Hooker published his study using data the CDC was concealing from the public it was only a matter of time.

      And I think a professional journalist would have asked Dr. Wakefield to respond to the accusation before going ahead with this article.

      • I tried getting in touch with Dr. Wakefield before this article ran, but could not reach him.

        • Just to clarify, by not reaching him I mean he didn’t return my calls.

          • Specifically, Jake, can you not see that it could be better for this person’s safety that they were named?

            • Specifically, Jake, can you not see that it could be better for this person’s safety that they were named?

              This is riotously funny. Yes, the CDC is going go all Jimmy Hoffa on the “situation.” And the AoA brain trust is recommending that people call Poison Control to let them know that they’re not going to get away with disappearing this person.

              Because conspiracy nut John Rappoport is babbling about his being “in grave danger.”

              • Given that, as above, it looks as though this individual still works for the CDC (and there is no confirmation that he even is more than tangentially involved in this whole affair), I think the folks at AoA are getting lost in their own little world again.

        • OK. Maybe you could have waited a little, but OK.

          And here’s something I find puzzling. In the video Brian Hooker talks earnestly about acting as Dr. X’s confessor. Why did Dr. Hooker do this if not for the purpose of making this video? Is your beef with the timing of its release?

          My first time through ( when Dr. X’s name was bleeped), I wasn’t looking at the video; I was just listening to the audio. Even so, it was obvious to me that the whistleblower was an author of the paper mentioned, a male and not Frank DeStefano. That narrowed it down to…one person, as it turned out. So I hope that your problem is not just that the bleeped name was unbleeped in an untimely fashion because the identity was beyond obvious.

          • vaccine.explorer on August 23, 2014 at 5:16 am said:

            The identity of the whistleblower was obvious. I, as many others have done, I’m sure, had guessed it once I saw the video. Releasing that video effectively gave up his name, Jake.
            There’s no way the CDC didn’t figure it out who that person was after the video was first released (if they haven’t before).

            Stop being a jerk, Jake. Stop stabbing in the back people that fight for the same cause as you do. This story is huge. And all you have to contribute is stabbing Dr. Wakefield in the back. Nice one, Jake.
            Next time, take a long breath, and be patient.

            • Wakefield had control over when the video was released and how it was edited, not Brian, though he completely screwed up by participating in it and trusting him.

              The person who has done the backstabbing here is Wakefield.

              • vaccine.explorer on August 23, 2014 at 11:22 am said:

                Whatever went between Hooker and Wakefield – this is hardly the time to discuss it. Obviously there’e a lot to this affair that you are not aware of, Jake, so echoing someone’s individual perspective of the matter is unwise (even if it’s Hooker himself).

                In any case, you know what – the identity of the whistleblower is far from being sacred. This guy was a big part of the scam. He’s a criminal. I hope he does have remorse and that he’ll fix up what he did (though I have a feeling he won’t go all the way) but still, there’s a bigger picture here – the big scam and the suffering of many millions. Enough said.

                We are not aware who did what exactly, who made mistakes and who didn’t. One thing is certain: your publication made that revolting blogger Geekski happy and many of your supporters unhappy. Do your math.

              • Sam Hall on August 24, 2014 at 6:28 am said:

                The timing of the release was not good. Friday could not be a worse day. CNN iReports has already been removed. If you want to bury a story release it on a Friday.

    • Prince adam on August 23, 2014 at 4:41 pm said:

      The bottom line should read –
      Now let us stop damaging babies – by any means – fair or foul.

  12. White Rose on August 22, 2014 at 10:01 pm said:

    To John Best – good to have you back on board – at last .
    Its still vaccines , the whole lot of them , no need to really focus on any ingredient , vaccines are a fraud .
    There is no reason why this whistleblower couldn’t be genuine , afterall a holocaust has occurred on a worldwide scale , perhaps 50 million children hit .

    It looks to me like we are getting too close for CDC comfort . The confusion and arguing and panic could be their deliberate strategy . Its clearly very confusing whats going on .

    But as usual the actions of AoA look highly suspect . Always scuppering , always spoiling .

    Not many people mentioning the VERY significant events of the 21st of August where Bill Posey tried to subpoena the CDC into disclosing information to congress , to which the CDC refused point blank ,
    Has this event been deliberately smoke screened ?

    • Sam Hall on August 22, 2014 at 10:40 pm said:

      Agreed more diversionary tactics, smokescreen.
      We should soon be moving on to the question of what next? How does this now play out ?
      Are we looking at prosecutions for Coleen Boyle for one ?

    • They made a big deal out of Snowden but I don’t think Snowden mentioned the name “Rothschild”. That meant he was just a distraction. This thing didn’t mention mercury, just another distraction. It’s painful to see Dr Hooker played for a dupe here.

      • John Best is an influential voice in America’s anti-vaccine movement. He once ran for President.

        • Lawrence on August 24, 2014 at 12:30 pm said:

          John Best believes that the Rothschilds and the Illuminati rule the world, not exactly a beacon of sanity in this discussion.

          • The Rothschild’s do rule the world. They even hire trolls to call people names who tell the truth about the Rothschilds.

            • The Rothschild’s do rule the world. They even hire trolls to call people names who tell the truth about the Rothschilds.

              What was the nature of the settlement in 1:2012-cv-11647, John?

  13. What was there to gain from a release of name by doctor Wakefield? Why would a man who has given so much do what you are saying? I guess I am not buying this? You should of talked to Dr Wakefield first.

  14. Jake,

    Why would you accuse Wakefield of doing something so underhanded, when you know that he is smart enough to understand that he would lose the trust of parents if he actually did what you accused him of.

    Furthermore, since you believe that your actions in causing a greater divide within the community can go unchallenged, and you do not have to show remorse for setting back justice for our children, I believe it is only fair that since you come from an extremely affluent family, we should all submit our medical and bio med bills to your family for reimbursement and payment in full.

    How does that sound to you? I think its is extremely reasonable.

    • Because he did it; he even tried to justify it here.

      • I disagree. He made clear that he was perplexed as to ” why he should merit anonymity on his terms” but that the whistleblower gave him “his permission to do what “I felt best” with the uncensored video.”

        Full text of Andy Wakefield’s comment below.

        “Jake, in light of your serious allegation that I “betrayed” the whistleblower by disclosing his name without permission, I asked you how you knew this. You replied “my sources”. There are no sources other than the whistleblower himself that would know whether or not this was the case since this matter was discussed between the two of us, in several of our conversations. I did, as a matter of fact, have his full knowledge and his permission to do what “I felt best” with the uncensored video.

        Although it is a moot point, I remain perplexed as to quite why a man who participated in a prolonged scientific fraud – one that likely resulted in harm to many children – should merit anonymity on his terms. The misinformation you have put out has spread through an already divided community. Your reporting on this matter does you no credit.

        Your actions won’t deter us. But we can all still forward you our medical bills if you’d prefer to accept responsibility for obstructing justice for our children.

  15. In keeping with comment policy here, I did not post the comment that linked to the Health Impact News Daily article since it named the whistleblower. However, I must quote the following sentence from that blog post:

    “…there is one man who deserves honor, and to whom the mainstream media owes a huge apology: Dr. Andrew Wakefield.”

    So there you have it – Brian Hooker’s work hijacked – again – this time by none other than Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Meanwhile, Hooker is not even mentioned.

    People who use this article’s sharing on A Shot of Truth’s Facebook page to say Brian Hooker was okay with what Wakefield did also don’t understand that the page is managed by a social media team at Focus Autism, not Hooker. Regardless, it has no bearing on the fact that there was a huge conflict between Hooker and Wakefield over releasing the whistleblower’s name.

    • vaccine.explorer on August 23, 2014 at 5:23 am said:

      So, you are fighting for Hooker, Jake?
      If you are so HONEST why don’t you tell us the entire truth? This is an ego fight between Hooker and Wakefield and you side with Hooker? Already, the battle for credit is on and you are a soldier?
      Disgusting, Jake.
      How about fighting for credits after we had won this war?

      BTW I, for one, know that Hooker has tremendous credit for what he’s done over the years, and certainly on this whistleblower thing. So, rest easy, Jake and stop the backstabbing.

      • No, it’s more like a fight of ego versus releasing the whistleblower’s name when he actually agrees for it to be released.

        • Deckie Wootem on August 23, 2014 at 9:41 pm said:

          I think the previous commenter was correct. I read the report about the “whistleblower” a few days before his name was published. I think it is pretty obvious that Dr. X provided enough information in his statements to have been easily identified. But, if Wakefield identified the whistleblower without his permission, that’s pretty bad. I just hope it doesn’t jeopardize any progress we hope to make on this issue.

  16. Reader on August 23, 2014 at 2:45 am said:

    Sorry, Jake, and thank you for explaining why you blocked my post.

    If the whistleblower was taken into custody (SPECULATION) and not simply escorted out of the building as described by an unverified report, I could understand the justification for urgent release of the whistleblower’s identity.

    I happened to watch this on Netflix last night: Here are helpful experts:

  17. Sam Hall on August 23, 2014 at 6:21 am said:

    Jake the attacks are a distraction. Wakefiled did or didn’t its about what happens next.

    This fight is bigger than any individual AW and way bigger than AOA. If there were who the purport to be they would post my comments which question their actions as you do here …….but AOA censor everything. They are a waste of space. You are being extremely open here and getting slammed for it…you cant win. Most of this is driven by controlled opposition – its so obvious you can start to predict AOA ‘s activity.

    All these folk on AOA are celebrating before anyone knows what the next move is……sheeple

    I am only interested in what happens next ?

    • Sam Hall,
      You are so correct about AoA. Many of my posts were censored/not posted. Olmsted used to be a good investigative journalist. I don’t know what happened to him. As to KS, well let’s just say we had issues and never really saw I2I.

  18. annarodgers on August 23, 2014 at 7:14 am said:

    I find it hard to believe that releasing the name wasn’t in the plan when in discussion between Brian Hooker and whistleblower..there would have been discussions on what to do next what would make him safer and its definitely not keeping him an unnamed source. Dont shoot Andrew Wakefield for this makes you just as bad as the lancet..your judging a situation through a “source” yet dont know what was said and planned between them all. Highly doubtful many ppl would know of these plans. Highly doubtful the source would know! At the end of the day we need names! Unnamed source always looks dodgy..we have to expose the cdcs fraud and to protect our kids

  19. Sam Hall on August 23, 2014 at 7:36 am said:

    As I said you can predict the next action of AOA. Lets bury the biggest story since congressional hearings and the Italian court case (against MMR) with the weekly media update !!!!!!!!!!!! Jokers !

    Controlled Opposition.

    The CDC whistleblower story is the only story today.

  20. Sam Hall on August 23, 2014 at 8:42 am said:

    CNN ireports, over 43,000 views

    If he is named or not people want to know about this.
    Also this news is on BabyCenter and Mothering forums. I cant think of a more fitting place to rock a few people awake.

    Dorit Reiss has gone into panic mode logging over 20 comments (3 or 4 an hour) on Ireports CNN.
    She has been reported numerous times for flooding.

    Now will a mainstream news outlet pic this up, Big question ??

    *Editor’s Note: Link to page disclosing whistleblower’s identity edited out post-approval.

    • lol, you gotta give Dorit credit. She’s really earning her money. On just one page that I saw she left 10 out of 24 comments.

      • Sam Hall on August 23, 2014 at 5:33 pm said:

        Great work if you can get it !

        • Anonymouse Parent on August 23, 2014 at 6:44 pm said:

          The CNN page has been taken down.

          I’m sure this will be swept under the rug unfortunately.

          *Editor’s Note: Link to page disclosing whistleblower’s identity edited out post-approval.

          • I can only imagine why…

          • Now that the link has been restored, the URL has been edited out of both comments in keeping with the rules here. I have added an “Editor’s Note” to each comment explaining this – just FYI.

            The following note now accompanies the iReport:

            “CNN PRODUCER NOTE CNN iReport is the network’s user-generated news community. This story was initially pulled for further review after it was flagged by the community. CNN has reached out to the CDC for comment and is working to confirm the claims in this iReport.”

            • Sam Hall on August 26, 2014 at 6:18 am said:

              after 24 hours iReports on CNN has had 136,000 views, 44,000 shares.
              People care about this- now imagine if the media reported it ?

              Perhaps taking our time with releasing the whistleblowers identity ensuring he was ready to speak out would have had the highest impact after all ?

  21. kathleen on August 23, 2014 at 10:28 am said:

    I do trust Dr. Wakefield. Always have….And I simply believe there is more to this story than accusing him of releasing a name without permission. By his question in the comments I believe he did have permission. It is good that you trust your sources…But I trust Dr. Wakefield.

  22. Andy Wakefield on August 23, 2014 at 2:22 pm said:

    Jake, in light of your serious allegation that I “betrayed” the whistleblower by disclosing his name without permission, I asked you how you knew this. You replied “my sources”. There are no sources other than the whistleblower himself that would know whether or not this was the case since this matter was discussed between the two of us, in several of our conversations. I did, as a matter of fact, have his full knowledge and his permission to do what “I felt best” with the uncensored video.

    Although it is a moot point, I remain perplexed as to quite why a man who participated in a prolonged scientific fraud – one that likely resulted in harm to many children – should merit anonymity on his terms. The misinformation you have put out has spread through an already divided community. Your reporting on this matter does you no credit.

    • Wakefield Supporter on August 23, 2014 at 4:12 pm said:

      Thank you Doctor Wakefield for being so brave and going ahead and showing the world what is going on behind the scenes at CDC. Jake would probably have done what you did if he were being pressured to reveal the true identity of the whistleblower. Journalistic ethics be dammed when the lives of so many are at steak!

      Jake, get off your high horse and join the program or nothing will get done to get the THIMERSAL out of the MMR and other vaccines!!!.

      • Thimerosal was never in the MMR vaccine.

        • Wakefield Supporter on August 23, 2014 at 4:44 pm said:

          More lies Jake! If there is no THIMERSAL in MMR then why does it cause autism? Id its not in MMR then why has DR. Hooker worked on thimerosal. Wouldn’t it be a waste of time to look at the one and not at the other one?

          Enough with the spin Jake. Lets pick something that will stik. This evidence of fraud by cdc is damming and we should all stick together even if it means that Dr Wakefield should have had some black kid in his study back then. Sorry, Dr Andy but it would have saeved us time if you had 🙂

          • Erik N. on August 25, 2014 at 3:02 am said:

            Wakefield Supporter, the MMR is a live virus vaccine… and thimerosal would kill them. MMR never had thimerosal. Thimerosal is NOT the only trigger for autism. Autism is triggered in a one-two punch of heavy metal toxicity and viral infection. MMR is often administered in close proximity to vaccines that contain a lot of aluminum… and some that may still contain traces of thimerosal. The flu shot certainly does. Anyhow… I believe that mercury and aluminum cause damage and inflammation to the nervous system… then you get a live virus to trigger autoimmune reactions. I believe the measles virus attaches itself to the scarred myelin in the brain and gut (scarred by aluminum/mercury, etc)… and so that’s where the immune system attacks, damaging nervous system tissues further.

            • @Erik – if such a thing was possible, it would leave distinct biological traces…none of which have ever been found. You don’t make up a conclusion & then desperately try to find an appropriate mechanism – you have the Science bass-akwards.

            • It’s funny to see how you tried to sound scientific when you have no scientific background relevant to the topics you were discussing just before you suggested I didn’t deserve a response from Dr. Wakefield due to my age.

        • Jake – the most honest thing you’ve ever said…and an example of the lack of education of the typical anti-vax person.

        • If the MMR shot caused autism, it would have caused autism in MS, NH and D.C. between 1971 and 1991. It didn’t. Case closed.

          • @John – while I take issue with you saying that there were no cases of autism in those three areas, I do agree with your statement that the MMR doesn’t cause autism.

            Good for you.

            • Larry, If you could find records from the Dept of Education, you could see the results for yourself. I don’t know how to find them now but that’s what they showed, no autism in any of those places. Since everyone involved with serious autism research knows that mercury is the only thing that can cause autism, we know that everyone who makes other frivolous claims is lying. Our government is highly skilled at lying to us.

              • I remember Jonathan Mitchell disputing thimerosal’s role in causing autism because there was gradual rise in ASD in California during that time period. I explained to him that that could have been due to the gradual introduction of mumps, rubella and MMR vaccines during that time, and of course the Hib vaccine first recommended in 1985 that contained thimerosal.

    • Andy,

      When a whistleblower comes forward exposing fraud committed by him and his colleagues, he should not be singled out for punishment by betraying his trust. Instead his identity should be released as he chooses and his trust honored; you’ve betrayed that trust.

      Whatever “permission” you say you’ve had is contradicted by the fact that there was an agreed-upon time for how the video would be released that you violated. And the only reason why there was any such agreement in the first place was because of your own coercion – you really are in no place to be lecturing anyone about dividing the community.

      • Sam Hall on August 23, 2014 at 5:37 pm said:

        One thing I will say is FRIDAY was never a good day to go public with anyone’s name.

        However what’s done is done and so lets get moving on the rest of this we have work to do ?

    • Vaccines cause autism on August 23, 2014 at 5:20 pm said:

      Dr. Wakefield, given your reputation with the media, you should have never attached yourself to the story. Piling on with Tuskegee and Nazis further undermines the story. That’s a hell of a way to garner media coverage. Another wasted opportunity.

    • I’m sure that most of us agree with Andrew Wakefield that a man who commits scientific fraud which resulted in harm to many children should not be anonymous. That’s pretty much the premise of the Autism Media Channel, right?

      • That’s pretty much the premise of the Autism Media Channel, right?

        You mean the one whose Web site disappeared on August 21?

    • So do you think what you did with the uncensored video was what was “the best” you could do?

      It wouldn’t have been better for Hooker’s study and the anti-vaccine agenda if it were handled differently?

  23. Jeff C on August 23, 2014 at 3:35 pm said:

    This really looks pathetic. If the whistleblower or Dr. Hooker were betrayed then why aren’t they speaking? Instead we get attacks on Dr. Wakefield based on “sources”. Sorry Jake, that is not good enough. Dr Wakefield has tremendous credibility within the community for a reason. The man has sacrificed nearly everything he worked decades to attain in a valiant effort to expose the lie. That in and of itself speaks to the character of Dr. Wakefield, an attacking post couched as anonymous hearsay and gossip doesn’t cut it.

    If there is concrete evidence Dr. Wakefield knowingly and maliciously revealed the name when specifically told not to, then please present it. Otherwise, this piece is yellow journalism.

    You’ve done great work in the past Jake, including some of your more recent stuff exploring the motivations of those that claim to speak for our children. This one however is over the top. Dr. Wakefield has earned the respect he holds, please put up or shut up.

  24. 1 Mom (not Jake's) on August 23, 2014 at 3:54 pm said:

    Passive aggressive much Dr. W. ? You should have told him in private YESTERDAY before it got so out of control. You not setting the record straight at the appropriate time gives you no credit. You not correcting misinformation yourself gives you no credit. Jake still has more credibility than anyone in this fight. You want to help him, then help him. Don’t trash him for something you could have nipped in the bud a long time ago. You set him up for failure. How dare you point your finger at him now.

    • Sam Hall on August 23, 2014 at 5:42 pm said:

      Jake is a good person as I am sure Andrew Wakefield is.
      Mistakes have been made possibly by a few here but lets move on.
      Luckily they are not catastrophic, overall this is all good progress.

    • Erik N. on August 25, 2014 at 3:04 am said:

      1 Mom, Dr. Wakefield was not obliged to clear his actions with a 20-something blogger. Dr. Wakefield is an ethical and honorable man.

      • What Dr. Wakefield was obliged to do was to withhold the whistleblower’s identity until its release on the whistleblower’s terms. But Dr. Wakefield clearly doesn’t believe in his obligation as he made clear in his comment, so he didn’t.

        • Whose side are you on, Jake??? People who were once your friend, or at least admirers, are all scratching their heads over what you’ve become. So many I’ve spoken to earlier think it’s sad that you’ve gone down this road.

          • Last month, you came here and commented: “Jake, Andy had permission. I asked him point blank.”

            But as we now know, that is not true. Andy lied to you just as he lied to me here in the comments. You were obviously concerned about the whistleblower-outing enough to ask him “point blank” in the first place. How come your initial concern doesn’t even matter anymore, not to mention that he lied to you? And since I’ve been proven right, what am I still doing that has you and supposedly others “scratching their heads” about me?

  25. Please take this post down! Our community needs to be united at this time. Your allegations against Andy Wakefield are taking away from where our focus should be……spreading the word on what the CDC did, how many children this has affected in the last decade, etc. Autism advocates across the US should be united on a matter of this magnitude!

    • No, please keep this post up – it betrays the fractured and very dis-unified nature of the anti-vax groups.

      It also highlights that egos are certainly more important than actual Science.

  26. Sherry on August 23, 2014 at 4:00 pm said:


    This is a shameful and disappointing post!! Now after all these years we finally made a breakthrough and you start accusing one that has suffered the most for the truth? OUR truth?? Even if Wakefield had released his name that is just fine, otherwise we would be told that we are making thus all up and Thomson has committed a crime after all for which he has to pay, although I am very grateful that he still has a conscience and came forward! We can afford any senseless division now!!

  27. Erik N. on August 23, 2014 at 4:58 pm said:

    Jake, Andy had permission. I asked him point blank. You’re burning bridges everywhere. What’s going on with you, anyway? WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON? I’m thinking you’re not helping ANYONE. You’re divisive and vindictive. If I had any shred of respect for you, it’s gone now.

    • I’m thinking you’re not helping ANYONE.

      As compared with FAIR?

      • Erik N. on August 25, 2014 at 3:07 am said:

        FAIR helped 50,000 families in New York get a better autism insurance bill! And helped thousands of families find resources they needed to help their kids! FAIR has been dormant a few years, but is under a reorganization process, being reincorporated in New York state by the board chair, Mike Smith. He has my full confidence. I’ve moved onto helping children communicate by co-creating Avatalker AAC for the iPad. So what have YOU done to help people, Narad???

        • FAIR helped 50,000 families in New York get a better autism insurance bill!

          With a YouTube channel?

          FAIR has been dormant a few years

          After being involuntarily dissolved by the State of Illinois.

          • 220WIT on August 27, 2014 at 1:19 am said:

            Also, it was a well-known fact that one of its founders consistently stole money from the foundation for personal use.

          • “Involuntarily dissolved” because the chairman decided to reincorporate it in New York. So we didn’t renew its incorporation in Illinois.

            And to 220WIT, would you care to elaborate?? Nobody took money from FAIR for personal use. That’s nuts.

            • Erik – in case you were unaware, your credibility here is dead.

              • Erik N. on October 7, 2014 at 7:03 pm said:

                Well of course, your page, your rules. You declare it so, and that’s the last word. Unfortunately, the digital confines of this little blog are the limit of your influence and your credibility. I know very few people who agree with your actions. You see the world in black and white. No room for human nuance, subtleties in political strategy or any different perspectives. It’s YOUR WAY and that’s it. If people disagree with you, you take your toys and go home. How did that work for you in school?? How is it working for you now? You can’t help stop this epidemic or fix the corruption in the pharmaceutical industry and health agencies when you start civil wars in your own camp. Credibility? Look in the mirror, Jake. Ask yourself the hard questions. Or just call me an asshole.

                • Well Erik, you clearly know the wrong people then. You also judge way too much. I do believe in nuances and subtleties in strategy; I also happen to draw the line with things like the outing of a whistleblower without his permission and being lied to about it. You obviously don’t.

                  Case-in-point: although I am now proven right, Wakefield is shown to be a liar and you a fool as I pointed out in my comment below which you have yet to respond to, I am still seen by you and presumably others as instigating this civil war. All I have to say to that as well as to being told to look in the mirror and ask myself the “hard questions” about my credibility is to speak for yourself, Erik.

        • “FAIR has been dormant a few years…” – That’s an amusing euphemism for neglecting your own website, Erik.

  28. So, which is it – that only African-American males are at risk from the MMR & Autism?

    Or is all the data so hopelessly illegitimate that no one should be able to make assumptions about any risk at all?

    Because what Hooker is saying, is that the rest of the data presented is 100% accurate.

    • Not an MD on August 23, 2014 at 7:04 pm said:

      Jake, I want you to know that I think you are a highly intelligent person, with an extraordinary talent for remembering key details about many important events and conversations. You are well spoken, too.

      Gratuitous compliments aside, you are on the right side of this issue, and so is Dr. Wakefield, and so is Dr. Hooker, and so is Kim Stagliano, and many others at AOA, too. There are hidden people, too. The ones who meet with their legislators, yet claim no credit, nor seek any attention for any successes at a local or national level. My point is that we all have the same ultimate goal, whether or not we agree on the particulars of every situation, or even on how to proceed.

      For the sake of our children, we all need to unite, and I must state that I don’t give a rat’s behind who wants to take credit for anything. I don’t care if anyone’s ego gets bruised along the way. I don’t care if anyone wants to interject him or herself into the picture to pose for the cameras, no matter who that person or those people might be. Let anyone who wants to take credit take the credit. The end result of those collective efforts are what matter. Everything else is completely irrelevant.

    • Samuel L on August 27, 2014 at 12:07 am said:

      You’re right, Hooker’s study essentially verified DeStefano’s original work. The subgroup of African American males that showed a higher risk of autism was far too small to take into consideration (we’re talking about a group likely between 10 and 20 people, although the actual n value wasn’t noted). The claim that this group is more susceptible to autism via the MMR vaccine simply cannot be taken seriously.

      Can we please get past this debate? Vaccines do not cause autism, and even Hooker’s study (when read appropriately) supports that fact. Can’t we consider that a success? That mankind was actually able to do some good for itself, for once? After almost two decades of very thorough studies conducted by dozens of multilateral institutions and independent researchers, the science actually supports good news for a change. Can we please just take that and be done with it?

  29. AutismParent on August 23, 2014 at 6:54 pm said:

    As a parent who really would like the truth to finally come out, I find it impossible to decipher who or what is trusty worthy in this fight. There is so much arguing among various groups and people that you can’t really make sense of who is really on board to stop this. And I think that’s exactly the point. They know if we can actually band together, we will ruin them. So active efforts are made to keep that from happening. They do this by dividing and conquering and getting everyone bickering over this or that.
    I was personally disappointed to read this post since I felt the uncovering of the fraudulent study could have helped. It isn’t the parents of affected children that need convincing, its the rest of the world. Its not for me to be judge and jury over the whistle blower and whether or not this or that should happen to because of their role in the fraudulent study. I’m just glad they finally had the gall to speak up.
    Perhaps a day will come when common ground is found and we can finally stop the mass poisoning of our young with vaccines.

    • Samuel L on August 27, 2014 at 1:57 pm said:


      We’re not trying to divide an conquer. We feel that the question of whether vaccines cause autism has been answered very definitively by the studies undertaken over the last couple of decades. Obviously this is something that most people on this site do not believe, but that should be answered with courteousness and reason on our part, when it is frequently not. Please trust me when I say that we want what is best for your children, just as anyone else does, we have just come to a different conclusion on what is and what is not dangerous to their health.

      We believe that the body of evidence shows that the MMR and other standard vaccines are far safer for your children than allowing the greater risk of contracting sometimes fatal preventable diseases. Naturally this inflames passions on both sides of the argument. What we shouldn’t do, however, is allow this discussion to supersede the health and safety of our children. As it stands, the link between vaccines and autism has not been established. Hooker’s study does not prove a link, Wakefield has not proved a link. This does not mean there is no correlation yet to be unearthed. By all means, Dr. Hooker and others should continue to study the subject if they honestly believe a correlation is still hiding in the data. If their science is valid, and cannot be refuted by other studies, then we can move towards identifying the mechanism that would cause such a side effect. Until that day comes, however, we cannot make the assumption that there is an underlying correlation, and it is best to recommend that all children in good health receive vaccines as per the recommended schedule.

  30. Jeff C on August 23, 2014 at 7:01 pm said:

    It’s high time those involved in this come clean. It appears as if Dr. Hooker is feeding this stuff to Jake because he’s upset that others are trying to take credit for his hard work. I hope this is not true as I deeply respect Dr. Hooker and his tireless efforts regarding vaccine safety. While the concerns regarding the congressional hearing were understandable to some extent, now implying Dr. Wakefield is some sort of Johny-come-lately glory-hound is absurd. No one has paid a higher professional and personal price in this whole sordid mess than Dr. Wakefield. Being so, the burden of proof is on those making the charges. So far all we’ve seen is shameful tabloid-style innuendo.

    An open message to Dr. Hooker – We’re grateful for your work on behalf of our children and appreciate your determined, methodical pursuit of the truth. Do you condone what Jake has written? For better or worse, much of the stuff Jake has written of late revolves around your relationship with the community. Do you agree with it? Please set the record straight (whatever it may be) rather than allowing it to fester. We need to know the truth so we can get this behind us.

    • @Jeff – if Mr. Wakefield has paid a high cost, it certainly hasn’t affected his pocket book. His property in Texas alone is worth a heck of a lot of money (not to mention the salary he has been paid over the past 13 years).

      • Not an MD on August 24, 2014 at 4:24 pm said:

        That Dr. Wakefield had to give up his entire medical career in England and move to the US, and yet he is still capable of financially supporting himself when he is continually vilified and demonized in the press, and in medical journals, and yelled at on air on CNN by the likes of horrible people like Anderson Cooper, is nothing less than miraculous. Should he live in the street, Larry? Is that what you would wish for him after he sacrificed his lucrative career in England? I sure hope not. I wish Dr. Wakefield every single moment of happiness and success that he can possibly experience. He has already sacrificed far more than any other individual I could name. Where are the other medical doctors that have sacrificed their own medical careers for the good of the vaccine injured children anywhere in the world? Where are they, Larry?

        • Well, given that the kinds of vaccine injury you claim don’t exist, the number of doctors who “sacrificed” their careers is vanishingly small (I can only think of two off-hand, Wakefield and Geier, both of whom lost their licenses to practice medicine).

          Wakefield has made hundreds of thousands of dollars – doing not much at all over the past decade…..besides making a few videos here and there.

          Unlike some medical researchers who are responsible for vaccines that have saved hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives.

          • Not an MD on August 27, 2014 at 6:47 pm said:

            Larry, you are so very, very wrong. Vaccine injuries most certainly do occur, and they occur with much greater frequency than is being reported to VAERS, a reporting vehicle for the harms caused by vaccines that very few people even know exists. Dr. Wakefield may not be able to practice medicine in England, but he is still a doctor.

            Better sanitation, and better nutrition are what have saved hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives, Larry . Have you seen the pictures in, or read any of Dr. Suzanne Humphries book Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History? It would be impossible, I would think, to live a healthy life free of communicable diseases back at a time when 17 families were sharing only one toilet, and people lived in small, dark rooms without a single window, and they threw buckets of their excrement and urine into the streets and in between their shanties and tenement buildings. You could take all the vaccines in the world, Larry, and inject them into people living without running water, toilets, clean, nutritious food, and proper shelter, and it wouldn’t make a dent in their experience of disease.

  31. Doug Troutman on August 23, 2014 at 11:39 pm said:

    This is just one study that the government clearly cooked up. The government somehow lost the data sets on the big Verstatten study. I would like to know the names of the higher ups who ordered this Junk science to done in the first place.

    • Yes, this man was with CDC from a time that the schedule really ramped up- hep b at birth, etc. I believe he was with CDC from 1994?

  32. Media Scholar on August 24, 2014 at 4:15 am said:

    Well? It appears the guilt is beginning to set in.

    Not a word was said, there was no cry of shame when the Combating Autism Act ushered in the CDC anti-litigation money-laundering campaign.

    Not once, that I am aware of, did Andrew Wakefield cry shame over the fact that Congress, with the help of major Autism charity interests with ties to pharmaceutical giants, passed a bill channeling a billion dollars’ worth of the best research money could buy, and also have enough left to buy the silence of so called Autism rock-stars.

    The nobility of Andrew Wakefield is best expressed in his own condescending condemnation of a man who had been providing poor helpless families with bits and morsels of information the best way he could for years and years.

    So? What about Mrs. Toast? What about the woman at the US Centers For Disease Control assigned to monitor the pair of US CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATORS hired to have a independent look at the Vaccine Safety Datalink?

    If anybody can replicate the so called lost data sets, she can. Mrs. Toast shut the door and ran scheme after scheme each showing the Geier’s the causal role Thimerosal-containing vaccines have in creating Autism and ASD-like disorders.

    She got the name Mrs. Toast for when she agreed to meet with David Kirby to blow the whistle, her CDC superiors put a halt to her interview. When US Rep. Dave Weldon, M.D. found out she reneged, he declared, “THAT WOMAN IS TOAST!”

    So why hasn’t Andrew Wakefield tossed and turned through sleepless nights until David Kirby, Dan Olmsted and the rest of the Combating Autism Act beneficiaries have seen to it that the most likely person on the face of the earth to prove the causal relationship between vaccines and “Autism” was exposed?

    Doesn’t Andrew Wakefield understand the piety of David Kirby has meant years and years of needless suffering to our families? How many thousand cases have been thrown out of vaccine court because of Kirby’s sanctimonious protection of the ORIGINAL CDC VACCINE-INJURY WHISTLE-BLOWER? If she told Kirby, that’s whistle-blowing.

    Each time the Autism hush money becomes a budget renewal consideration these so called Autism rock stars tremble. Only this time it seems the guilt is finally beginning to set in.

    Are we still talking about this?

    We sure are.

    And some wouldn’t have it any other way.

  33. Robbie on August 24, 2014 at 7:47 am said:

    Jake has got it right. If anybody here thinks that [whistleblower] is skipping through the daisies with Andrew Wakefield, they are out of their mind. Quite obviously what happened – and Brian Hooker says so – is that this guy opened up to him with all his anxieties about the nature of epidemiology, and probably also the office politics of it at CDC. Nothing in Wakefield’s video gives any hint of him doing more than that. If Thompson had said: ‘Our research was fraud’, you think it wouldn’t be in the clip? You don’t figure Brian Hooker wouldn’t have said for the tape recorder: ‘So how widespread is fraud at the agency, [whistleblower]?’ and recorded the answer?

    I cannot believe that he knew he was being recorded, and I cannot believe that he sees himself as he is presented at Age of Autism. If he was a ‘Snowdon’ figure he would not have gone anywhere near Andrew Wakefield, who is the kiss of death to being taken seriously by the media. Anybody with Google and one good finger would know that.

    Had [whistleblower] genuinely wanted to whistleblow, he would have gone to Gardner Harris at the NYT or, heavens above, to Brian Deer at the London Times. Either of them would kill to break a CDC whistleblower story, and would not give a damn about who that upset or what it meant for the vaccine program.

    Deer would be better, and anyone who has followed this whole thing as [whistleblower] must have done, would surely realize that. In fact, word in Atlanta is that Deer interviewed one of the paper’s authors on Friday morning. If he got anything damaging to CDC, he would spend another five years on the college lecture circuit and awards ceremonies as the guy who nailed both sides. That’s where Snowdon would have gone.

    What is more, Harris or Deer would trigger a media firestorm. Whistleblowing through Andrew Wakefield would kill the revelation like a rat in the road. I mean Tuskeegee, for Christssake?

    So what Wakefield did was have a conversation with Thompson that likely went along the lines of ‘If you don’t come forward, we will name you’. to which [whistleblower] said something like ‘You must do as you think fit, but I’m not being blackmailed.’ Wakefield then uses that as having been given permission.

    What Jake has spotted is that, in this whole thing, nothing is as it seems. Maybe some time he will go into the Omnibus hearings and find out why the families stood no chance of winning from the start. Two words: Andrew Wakefield.

    *Editor’s Note: Whistleblower’s identity edited out post-approval.

    • Or better yet, the Geiers or the other host of discredited and disreputable researchers they put their faith in…..(who still got paid, by the way).

    • Not an MD on August 24, 2014 at 4:49 pm said:

      You think Brian Deer ( a man who wouldn’t even acknowledge pictures of children with diapers full of diarrhea might have actually shown proof that those children had gastrointestinal problems) who was hired to destroy the truth of AW’s research might care about any evidence the MMR vaccine might be in some way connected to autism? Really?

      You believe that Gardiner Harris might actually cover any kind of CDC whistleblower account where vaccines are not presented as magic potions for longevity? Really?

      I disagree. These hired journalists are paid to debunk every single possible connection between any and all vaccines and autism. These “journalists” would not be permitted by their superiors to cover any story about a CDC whistleblower if it might do any harm to the vaccine program.

      • Brian Deer was planted to “find something big” by an editor whose father sat on a government committee that approved MMR in the UK knowing it to be unsafe.

        Gardiner Harris violated the ethical guidelines for COI disclosure of The New York Times and was later dumped in India after it was pointed out to the editors.

        Such “journalists” just report the lies of federal agencies as if they were fact while omitting the fact that they covered up vaccine side-effects. What they write is pharma PR with a newspaper logo over it and should not be protected as journalism under the false pretenses of a “free press,” especially when actual journalists can’t cover this story without risk to their careers. Any investigation of the cover-up committed by federal agencies should also involve full investigations of “journalists” like Harris and Deer.

    • Jeff C on August 25, 2014 at 1:20 am said:

      Wow, this piece has really brought out the “concern trolls”. You know the type, some commenter no one has ever heard from before says something like, “I’ve long been an advocate for vaccine safety and have a child/friend/acquaintance that has autism but this situation has me concerned because (insert long list of pharma-shill talking points here). Give it a break Robbie. You were somewhat credible until you brought up Harris and Deer, did you just forget to mention Tsouderos? Oh that’s right, she’s no longer a “journalist” but a paid PR flack for pharma.

      Folks, we have something akin to a family squabble here. Please don’t let the pharma shills act is if they are part of the family as they aren’t. They are the enemy.

  34. Congratulations for changing the subject.

    This does seem like you have your own axe to grind.. now the media can focus on the “Wakefield named a whistle blower” aspect of it rather than the “CDC PROOF VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM”. Thanks for that.

    We have been waiting YEARS for this to come out and you do this. Disgusting.

    • Lawrence on August 24, 2014 at 12:35 pm said:

      @Cat – because the folks at AoA have spent years poisoning the well – attributing anything and everything to vaccines (up to and including accusations of genocide) and destroying any credibility they may have had, why would anyone take them seriously today?

      • Sam Hall on August 24, 2014 at 7:30 pm said:

        Larry Lawrence you are not influencing anyone here so I suggest with respect that you jog along to a different discussion.

        • @Sam – how else would you explain the lack of any recognition of this event outside of your own little circle? Why would anyone in the mainstream pay attention to people who have floated some of the most outrageous conspiracy theories around?

          As far as going anywhere…well, talk to Jake about that.

    • “now the media can focus on the “Wakefield named a whistle blower” aspect of it rather than the “CDC PROOF VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM”. Thanks for that. ” – Cat

      As soon as Wakefield named the whistle blower, Wakefield himself did that, Cat. One would think that he would have already been through quite enough than to do anything that could remotely sabotage this…?

      I want to know who encouraged him to do it.

  35. So, where is the whistle blower, if he exists? Why are there no real stories on google news about this? All those stories, like the CNN iReports are not real news stories, they are venues that anyone can put things up on. I agree with Jake – the name of the whistle blower should not have been revealed unless he was ready to speak. And it certainly should not have been released by Andrew Wakefield on a Friday afternoon. But I am starting to believe that none of this is real.

  36. Media Scholar on August 24, 2014 at 10:47 pm said:

    So Wakefield deliberately named the CDC whistle-blower to purposely TAINT the story, and, all the information which the whistle-blower provides is somehow going to be radioactive?

    That’s enough to stir the interest of, oh, just about everybody.

    The CDC whistle-blower worked with stale data which NEVER ventured beyond a prescribed date in time. Nothing beyond a certain date in this computer age is laughable and hints strongly the fear of the future.

    Calling the whistle-blower names like “Snowdon” suggests the author(s) of such comments really believe(s) he is some kind of traitor to the American people. The only people interested in tainting the CDC whistle-blower are the foreign-owned vaccine-manufacturing drug giants, the subversive British spies successfully operating within the US, and a band of Combating Autism Act beneficiaries ladened with guilt and corruption.

    As you can see below, why would anybody go beyond the level of redaction practiced by the CDC themselves?

  37. Independent Observer on August 25, 2014 at 1:58 am said:

    Mr. Crosby, why don’t you ask Dr. Hooker to help YOU do two things. First, have him provide the data so that you can use your skills as an epidemioloiggist to debunk the previous paper and show us how Hooker is correct,,, a sort of peer review on your blog?. Second, have him provide to you the audios clip and you put it up for all of us to hear [whistleblower]’s confesion. Let us hear it from the horses mouth so to speak?

    *Editor’s Note: Whistleblower’s identity edited out post-approval.

    • Mr. Crosby, why don’t you ask Dr. Hooker to help YOU do two things. First, have him provide the data….

      I would urge you to reread Dr. Hooker’s paper and to pay attention when doing so. The access policy is here. It does not include randomly handing around the data.

  38. It remains truly ironic that Andrew Wakefield – a man betrayed by the Lancet editor a decade ago – would turn around and betray the trust of someone who has come forward with valuable information about the fraud committed in a federal agency.


    Really?? You think THAT is ironic??

    This person knew back in 2003, about the relationship between the age of first MMR vaccine and autism incidence in children. And yet he CHOSE to be a part of covering that information up. He had an opportunity to protect countless thousand of innocent children from this horrible fate.. and he CHOSE to do nothing.

    The only reason he’s blowing the whistle now, is that he sees the writing on the wall. He knows that the truth is spreading like wildfire among parents, and that there’s no stopping it now. He’s just trying to get ahead of the wave, with the hopes that he save his own ass.

    The sickest irony of all Jake is that we, the PARENTS of the children he did NOTHING to protect… are suddenly rallying to protect him.

    • Yes, I do actually – extremely ironic.

      It is my understanding the whistleblower has tried to change CDC from within and, failing that, has now chosen to blow the whistle on his former colleagues. That is something he should be supported for, not singled out for.

      • My child was born in 2003. He was born perfectly healthy, and was ahead of every developmental milestone up to around the age of 1.

        At 14 months, he received his first MMR vaccine. At 21 months, he received his second MMR. By 24 months of age, my perfectly healthy son was gone.

        If I had known back in 2003, what this guy decided to hide from me, my son would never have received an MMR vaccine. And he would not have an autistic label today.

        It took 11 years, and an FOIA inquiry to make this guy grow a conscience. That’s way to little, way too late for me. And he’s not exactly telling us anything that we don’t already know.

        So you’ll have to understand Jake, that I’m not in the mood to hold a parade for him.

        • I understand perfectly, Barry.

          I can’t say I’m in that mood either, but he still has the right to release his identity as he sees fit without coercion or intimidation.

          • Jake:

            I think they call this “self-serving biased moralism”

            Equally, I had the right to vaccinate my child with full knowledge of the risks I was incurring. But, [whistleblower]’s cowardice (along with that of his colleagues) prevented me from doing that.

            You’ve chosen to draw a line that serves your interest of fighting with Andy, but subjective moralism applied in the self-serving manner as yours does here is not helping any kids.


            *Editor’s Note: Whistleblower’s identity edited out post-approval.

  39. FYI all – some comments disclosing the whistleblower’s identity made it through moderation accidentally. Out of fairness to other readers who have since replied to them, they will be allowed to stay up. However, the whistleblower’s name has been edited out and replaced with “[whistleblower]” along with note’s disclosing this at the bottom of each comment. Now that the CNN iReport is back up, links to it have also been removed from approved comments with notes saying so at the bottom of each comment that included a link to the page.

    Please remember that any comments disclosing the whistleblower’s identity or linking to pages that disclose his identity will not be allowed through moderation. From now on, any comments that may slip through moderation only to be discovered later will be deleted post-approval regardless of whether they have already been replied to or not.

    Thank you.

    UPDATE: The moratorium on the whistleblower’s identity has been lifted now that he has released his own statement. See this latest post for details.

  40. Jake:

    Chris Rock does a great piece about people braggin’ about doing stuff they’re supposed to do. He gives an example, something to the effect of “I take care of my kids” to which Rock replies, “You’re supposed to take care of your kids, you $%^#!!”

    I feel the same way about this “whistleblower.” I’m tired of hearing how stressed, troubled, and silent he is. Speak up, man! Your choice to not do the right thing for over a decade and then finally do the right thing does not win a lot of points from me. He was supposed to take care of OUR KIDS, and he sat on the shit for YEARS!!

    IMO, your piece and this whole angle appears childish to me, trying to play gotcha with Andy. I have no idea what Andy Wakefield and this whistleblower did/didn’t agree to, although Andy makes it quite clear that he had permission to out him.

    At the end of the day, I could care less. If Andy outed the whistleblower without his permission,, so what? That’s not the story. The story is the story: CDC employees being told to manipulate outcomes to hide the vaccine-autism relationship. I’m guessing Andy’s goal here is for FEWER CHILDREN TO GET AUTISM. Heck, maybe the whistleblower has been dragging his feet for years (I’m not an insider on this whole thing, just an exuberant bystander)….maybe Andy felt it was now or never? It doesn’t matter, what matters is the facts.

    I’m disgusted by the amount of infighting our community is demonstrating in the public realm. Frankly, with only limited time and energy, it’s turned me off from being very public the last 18 months. If I read your archives, have you beat me up, too? You seem to have a big brain and lots of passion, any chance you can re-direct it towards the real bad guys?

    Respectfully, JB

    • JB,

      When a whistleblower comes forward with valuable information about the fraud committed in a federal agency, you don’t betray his trust by releasing his identity against his wishes. You can’t justify it on the fraud he had previously committed but is now working to expose, because outing him doesn’t hurt any of his former co-conspirators, just him. It’s not punishing him for the fraud he committed, it’s punishing him for now trying to speak out against it. That would if anything discourage other potential whistleblowers from coming forward.

      Meanwhile, his outing helps his former co-conspirators because they now know who he is and because the story can no longer break in the media since the story has already been scooped. You call on him to speak out and get his message out there from your post on AoA, but Andy has made it that much harder. The whistleblower will be less likely to come forward sooner now that the media will be less likely to pick up the story due to what Andy did. He may deny it, but that’s what he did as I made clear in previous comments. There would be no need for him to justify it as he’s trying to do if he didn’t. You say this isn’t a story about him, but here he has hijacked it and tried to make it his story with his online video.

      I don’t like to write any of this. I’ve hosted a talk of Andy’s at my undergraduate alma mater, got kicked out of talks for defending him, written medical journals to restore his papers, stood up for him to the BMJ editor at NIH, stood up for him to the NIH director, exposed the COI of the judge who dismissed his case, written countless posts and blog comments in his defense and most recently quoted him calling out Kennedy for chopping his book. You have not done half the things I’ve written here. I would not have written this post if I didn’t have damn good reason; you have no reason to accuse me of playing “Gotcha” with Andy.

      But what reason do you have for including Manuel Casanova on your org’s advisory board and on the oversight committee for your summit this fall, even though he thinks Andy should be indicted? I didn’t see you on the comment thread of that blog post Casanova wrote trashing Andy where I defended him. And what was Jenny doing on “The View” pushing booster shots with the CDC’s former acting director, who led ABC’s smear coverage of him?

      You tell me to focus on the “real bad guys,” but the lines between who’s a “bad guy” and who’s not are being increasingly blurred. You’re not helping; I have criticized you once in my AutismOne talk for making the following statement in a comment on Rescue Post:

      “I don’t believe the singular removal of Thimerosal, which has yet to happen, will change the number of autism cases by itself…”

      You have to admit, that’s not exactly the kind of thing someone on “our side” would say, though I strongly suspect you were influenced by someone else.

      Groups like Canary Party and SafeMinds which are now circulating the whistleblower’s identity are also playing an instrumental role in keeping exactly the kind of fraud he confessed to from the exposure of a congressional hearing. Age of Autism’s editor thinks the identity of “CDC’s ‘Snowden'” is not nearly as sacred as the identity of potential funding sources for Kathleen Seidel. How can you call criticism of any of these people or groups “infighting” when their actions demonstrate they are not even on the side they position themselves as being on?

      • JB Handley on August 26, 2014 at 11:48 pm said:


        No one in the world influences what I think, believe, or say, except me.

        Your self-important rant above convinces me you’ve let your ego get in the way of being productive. Too bad, over and out, JB

        • Now that’s just hilarious – you call my comment a “self-important rant” and say my ego is keeping me from being productive right after you assert that, “No one in the world influences what I think, believe, or say, except me.”

          Clearly you were influenced on that Rescue Post thread since that quote of yours was said in response to a troll who used the same shoddy database to defend thimerosal that Mark Blaxill used to throw the omnibus cases against thimerosal and deny 4,900 children justice. Project much, JB?

      • JB Handley on August 27, 2014 at 6:40 pm said:

        Jake, here’s my full comment:


        Congratulations, you are the Rescue Post’s most prolific commenter!

        I have made it very clear what I think: the move from 10 vaccines in the mid-1980s to 36 vaccines today is the primary driver in the increase in the number of children with autism.

        Within the vaccines – mercury, aluminum, and live viruses seem like the 3 biggest problems.

        I don’t believe the singular removal of Thimerosal, which has yet to happen, will change the number of autism cases by itself, although NOT giving mercury is certainly an improvement and the right thing to do.


    • JB, You used to know that all autism was caused by mercury. Did the men in black remove that part of your brain and implant this bullshit about the MMR causing autism? Why didn’t the MMR shot cause any autism in MS, NH or D.C. from 1971 to 1991 when the HepB shot did start causing autism in those places? This garbage only misdirects people away from knowing that mercury is the true cause.

      • Yes, JB, you are on record to say that autism is misdiagnosis for mercury poisoning, and it could all be cured with 2 years of chelation. This is the problem with this autism community. Everyone believes autism is caused by vaccines, but all argue about which exact trigger that caused it. It’s like the community swings between mercury, MMR, general toxins, too many too soon. And everyone has their own pet theory and will defend it to the end.

        And we still don’t have any proof that the so-called whistle blower actually blew the whistle. Where is he now?

        • JB went from saying on TV that autism is just mercury poisoning to commenting that he didn’t even think removing all mercury from vaccines would have any effect on the autism prevalence. He’s gone from one extreme to the other.

        • JB went on TV at least four times that I saw and failed to mention that the flu shot to pregnant women was giving the fetuses 200 times the “safe” dose of mercury, or more. One would think a rich guy from Stanford could do some simple arithmetic to figure this out. Could he truly be so stupid that this fact never dawned on him? Should mothers who had that flu shot full of mercury and wound up with dead or autistic kids sue him for not warning them?

    • Independent Observer on August 27, 2014 at 2:48 am said:

      Mr. Handley with respect, sir. You promises us a couple of years ago that your efforst were on the cusp of bringing the vaccine program to its kneees. Why are children in America still being vaccinate???!!! Makes me so mad that so much trust and money has been placed in the organisations you support and now this? You come to attack Jake who was your protegé for so long. Shame on you, sir. SHame! Shame! Shame!

      • I was never JB’s “protegé.”

        • Independent Observer on August 27, 2014 at 3:28 am said:

          I apologise. It must be sad for you to have spent much time with Age of Autism to have Handly, their leader, despise you so much now. Did not meant to hit sore point.

          • JB Handley on August 27, 2014 at 7:19 pm said:

            I dont “despise” Jake. Jake and I have never met or spoken. I despise Paul Offit, the CDC, the AAP, Autism Speaks, and Big Pharma.

            I disagree with Jake’s approach, and I think he’s let his ego get in the way of a shared goal we all should have, which is putting an end to the Autism epidemic.

            And, I’m not the leader of AoA, I’m a very occasional writer on AoA with no decision-making power, no authority, and no influence on what they do. I also think AoA is the best thing that ever happened to our community in terms of giving people a public voice for our side of the story and I hope, one day, Dan Olmsted wins a Pulitzer prize, he’s very deserving.

  41. James Shaw on August 26, 2014 at 4:57 am said:

    Anybody thought of the reason african americans might be at higher risk for complications from MMR vaccine. The somalians rate of autism was very high as well. G6PD deficiencey is more prevalent among african americans some sources saying the rate is as high as 1 in 10. This population should be tested for G6PD deficiency as well as allergies to vaccine components before deciding whether or not to receive vaccines.

  42. Sam Hall on August 26, 2014 at 6:35 am said:

    Respectfully @JB et al, directing effort at the bad guys is an increasingly more complex thing to do. Some of the good guys turned out to be not so good and in fact we are in some cases looking at controlled opposition and infiltration. We know that has happened in this community.

    The problem with the releasing of the name (and to some extent the video) was timing.
    It was released on a Friday – the whole weekend for the story to die and it did. It was not picked up by one single mainstream news outlet. By Monday morning the world has moved on.

    CDC has had time to construct a response and pull the man inline with their plan. To me its not about protecting the man but if he was not ready to speak we lost a huge chance for this one to count. Already the CDC are coming up with some drivel and cover up scenarios so what exactly has the release of his name and indeed the video achieved.

    This was all about timing, and the timing was wrong.

    • The world hasn’t moved on. This is in no way any less of a huge piece of news.

      • sam hall on August 26, 2014 at 3:50 pm said:

        @Jen I agree a huge piece of News…its what happens now that counts.

        We in the community know all about it but its those outside this community that we need to hear about it. That’s when we hit the tipping point.

  43. How many of the concerned parents here will stop kissing up to the liars in Congress and unite to fire the bastards instead? If you parents won’t do that, you lose.

  44. Kathleen on August 27, 2014 at 3:44 am said:

    Jake, I think you know from previous posts how very much I appreciate you and look forward to just about anything you write because I know there is passion and truth, and science backing you up. When the autism community went after you….I was crushed…I value your sheer determination to seek honesty and transparency….in an autism world filled with misinformation and misguided science. A world of honesty against the “paid for” shills that spend tireless amounts of time protecting “the big lie”. You are the breath of fresh air. That being said…please re-read your words…take a step back…and refocus your thoughts…

    “When a whistleblower comes forward with valuable information about the fraud committed in a federal agency, you don’t betray his trust by releasing his identity against his wishes….

    I agree that protecting a source is important…..but please look at this source…he allowed children to be damaged for over a decade before he found his backbone. OVER a decade worth of beautiful minds betrayed. I believe it is the betrayed minds of our children that deserve protecting…..and their minds that are worth fighting for…..and push come to shove…it was Dr. Wakefield who steadfastly stood by them. I GET your position…but you are at a point where you have to make the choice of who has more value…..our children have more value. They had no ability to stand up for themselves. They had no chance to turn the tide in their favor. They were completely innocent and completely at the mercy of those who chose not to stand and protect them. When you think of how many children are born each hour….multiply that by the number of hours in a decade…and while I am thankful this “source” decided to finally come forward…I fall desperately short of protecting him over any child anywhere. He is capable of making his own choice…he is capable of determining his future…I am the mother of a son who has been robbed of those choices….and maybe had he come forward a long time ago my heart would be softer toward him…but 10 years? Sorry….I can afford him little consideration for his privacy when he afforded none for my son…and that is shown by how long he was complicit, even if not whole-heartedly…he still was a “bad” guy.
    But Jake, I add this post with absolute respect for you. Always.

  45. Media Scholar on August 27, 2014 at 6:32 am said:

    Equally, I had the right to vaccinate my child with full knowledge of the risks I was incurring. But, [whistleblower]‘s cowardice (along with that of his colleagues) prevented me from doing that.

    What a total absurd gesture on behalf of the foreign-owned, vaccine-manufacturing drug giants. Only a vaccine-manufacturing drug giant insider would have a mind capable of framing such an unfair and outlandishly false statement seen above.

    Equally arrogant and ignorant, it’s as if everybody in the world does the required reading of obscure, most frequently unpublished scientific literature regarding vaccine safety and it ignores the unfair and inappropriate pressure applied to new parents by the vaccine-manufacturing drug giants and their zealots.

    US Rep. Dave Weldon M.D. was clear in the Congressional Record:

    “This research should be pursued in a way that does not cause undue harm to the Nation’s efforts to protect children against vaccine-preventable diseases.”

    [Congressional Record 106th Congress (1999-2000), [Page: H4308]

    What the CDC Whistle-blowers stand as is a prime-time proof that the truth is getting fierce.

    By becoming the beneficiaries of ill-gotten gain as a result of the passage of the Combating Autism Act, they took a big, fat check from a huge money-laundering scheme composed by the vaccine-manufacturing drug giants and their major Autism charity operators.

    The Autism rock stars have joined the others who have betrayed all vaccine-injured children. They could not betray their ties to the national vaccine market nor overcome their ignorant and arrogant pledge of allegiance made at the high alter of the orthodox medical religion.

    Fattened by the Combating Autism Act corrupt gain, they simply stand beside their vaccine industry allies and witness the slaughter of thousands of American families as if looking down upon the slaughter of a fort-full of innocent French Huguenots at the hands of a maniacal Spanish inquisitor.

    So who really cares if any of these anti-litigationist vaccine industry bedfellows think like Calvin Coolidge? For it was he who said, “Patriotism which is bought and paid for is not patriotism.”

    Boy, was he wrong.

  46. Well, this doesn’t bode well:

    “This article has been removed from the public domain pending further investigation because the journal and publisher believe that its continued availability could cause public harm. Definitive editorial action will be taken once our investigation is complete.”

  47. Actually, the language has changed – its even worse for Hooker:

    “This article has been removed from the public domain because of serious concerns about the validity of its conclusions. The journal and publisher believe that its continued availability may not be in the public interest. Definitive editorial action will be pending further investigation.”

  48. Robbie on August 27, 2014 at 5:28 pm said:

    I feel a little sorry for Dr Hooker. If he hadn’t got into bed with Andrew Wakefield, and respected the confidence of Dr Thompson, he might have kept his paper in the journal. Dt Thompson might have helped him towards other weaknesses in the CDC research, and he might have got a little series going.

    When will people wake up to Wakefield, who was originally funded by the drug industry, who destroyed the English MMR parents’ class action by betraying a whistleblower who pointed to the Urabe strain mumps problem, and instead made the lawyers pursue a totally wrong theory about measles virus in the GI tract. The same thing happened in vaccine court. Thousands of parents, led up the path by this Pied Piper. Millions to Wakefield in the last 20 years, millions to lawyers, nothing to kids.

  49. JB Handley on August 27, 2014 at 7:13 pm said:


    As many of you know, I’ve spent little time publicly fighting for the cause in the last 24 months. Some of the reason for this is the nauseating amount of ego-tripping and infighting that our community exhibits, Jake’s post condemning Andy above being one of many examples. That said, some of you were at one time in the past “internet fiends” of mine who shared a common goal of ending the Autism epidemic. For the benefit of that past “friendship”, I’ll leave you with a complete explanation of where I stand, and if you don’t like it, feel free to hair-split it to death to serve your own interests (as Jake did with a complete out of context reference to a post of mine from 7 years ago):

    – In 2005, when my wife and I launched Generation Rescue, I genuinely believed that “autism is a misdiagnosis for mercury poisoning” and that chelation would bring my recently-diagnosed son back to me, particularly after the early results of chelation were very positive. After 2 years of chelation, my son didn’t recover, and I continued to search for answers for how to help him.

    – Anti-viral therapy was also helpful, but he didn’t recover

    – Anti-fungal therapy was helpful, but he didn’t recover

    – Anti-parasite therapy, our present focus, has been far and away the most helpful, and he’s the best he’s ever been.

    The MMR-Thimerosal connection is perhaps the most confusing part of this whole epidemic. I have met SO MANY (thousands!) parents who claim their child went off a cliff after MMR, which of course doesn’t include Thimerosal. If MMR doesn’t include mercury, can we ONLY blame mercury for the epidemic? Not in my mind. Did the foundation of mercury make MMR more damaging? More than likely. Would MMR have caused damage if mercury hadn’t been introduced first? I have no idea!!

    So, 10 years into my son’s diagnosis with Autism, I’m less certain than ever as to what exactly caused my son’s Autism. I’m certain it was something in the vaccines, I’m certain too many vaccines too soon hurts many children, I’m certain a pregnant woman should never in a million years get a shot containing mercury, and I’m certain that having mercury and aluminum in vaccines is a horrible medical blunder that has caused tons of damage.

    Here’s a great example of how my beliefs have impacted my approach. If I thought “mercury-free” vaccines were safe, I’d give them to my own family. I don’t for a second, and no family member of mine has ever received any vaccines since the day of my son’s diagnosis. What if Autism is mercury+aluminum+live viruses+all the other toxins, parasites, and bacteria that enter the body AFTER that giant load of badness is injected into our kid’s system that makes it vulnerable to everything? Anyone who is CERTAIN it is just one thing is, IMO, completely full of shit. If you think I’m hypocritical because I changed my mind as I learned more, please look up the definition of hypocrisy. I spoke honestly and openly about what I believed then and I do the same now.

    Don’t like my views? Great. Want to pull up an old interview and say “I’ve changed my tune?” Feel free. My sole focus is my son. I’m 45, retired, and spend all my time with him or trying to find a way for him to recover. I refuse to have a one-dimensional view of what happened to him, I’m open to anything or anyone who may have an explanation for how to recover my son. If you would honestly like to have a conversation with me because you really care or would like to debate anything, email me anytime at jb at jamisonsquare dot org. If you just want to send hate mail, please don’t bother.

    One final thing. I believe in solutions. What do we all hope will happen to make the autism epidemic go away? First and foremost, mercury should be removed from every single shot WORLDWIDE. It’s criminal that mercury has remained in the flu shot while authorities have claimed that Thimerosal has been removed from our vaccines. Secondly, I’d demand the shot schedule go back to 1983, before special interest co-opted the vaccine program. These would solely be my stopgap measures. We obviously need billions in research to find a safer way than injected vaccines to protect children from certain deadly diseases, the current risk-reward is untenable.

    If, after reading all this, you still want to accuse me of being a lying hypocrite or that somehow my thoughts and feelings have been corrupted by people, money, power, ego, or something else, than please feel free to kiss my ass. The only reason I do anything is to help my beautiful baby boy, Jamie Handley. Over and out, JB

    p.s. – Jake, I admire and respect people who take initiative (like creating your own blog), speak their mind (as you do), and stand firm in the midst of a lot of criticism. These are worthy traits. I’ve chosen not to publicly fight with people who I believe share my goals, you have chosen a different path, and I think efforts like these tend to hurt, rather than help, progress. But it’s a free country and you should say whatever you want, just know that the Rothchilds are always listening (that’s a joke, btw, for those of you lacking the humor gene)

    • JB, Did you use ALA with chelation? It took me six years and my son did recover, to a point. ALA is the only substance on Earth that will carry mercury through the BBB. The horrors of autism are long behind us now but some of the mental damage remains.
      Associating yourself with David Kirby was a huge mistake.

    • Oh, I missed your post above this, JB. Does Olmstead deserve his Pulitzer for supporting Kathleen Seidel while she libeled Mark Geier?

  50. Congratulations Jake – you were right.

    Wakefield has a huge problem on his hands now – not to mention that Hooker is going to get his ass sued off for recording conversations without permission.

    Lawsuits are a comin’!!!

    • Yes, I’m afraid I was. Andrew Wakefield outed the whistleblower without his permission. Brian Hooker’s legal standing is less certain, since it would depend on where he and the whistleblower were calling from.

      What upsets me most now is that Wakefield lied to me directly in the comments here, claiming he had obtained permission when he didn’t. Shame on you Andy.

  51. Bayareamom on August 27, 2014 at 9:55 pm said:

    I’ve wanted to stay out of this conversation for a variety of reasons. I am not an insider and had absolutely no idea what to think about all that has been shared, not only on Jake’s blog, but in other areas/forums of which I have visited of late.

    Having said the above, my INCLINATIONS were leaning toward what Jake had stated, based solely on intuition and what resonated with me. I had a rather in-depth conversation with my husband this morning about all of this. During that conversation, I explained that I felt that Dr. Wakefield’s assertion that he had ‘permission’ to share the content of this video ‘as he saw fit,’ or words to that effect, didn’t mesh with me. I told my husband that my ‘hunch’ was that this statement and the manner in which this issue with the phone conversation between Dr. Hooker, the CDC scientist, and Dr. Wakefield may have gone somewhere along the lines of, “We’ve got your information and we do plan on going forth with that information.” Note I said MAY…I have absolutely no idea whatsoever what may have been said, obviously, and what wasn’t stated between these three invididuals as to what/when/how this information would be dissected and proffered to the public.

    My stance on this (and a completely individual one, as I’ve not absolutely shared my opinions about any of this issue to anyone, save my husband), has been that this scientist was NOT a true whistle-blower, but that of a CONFESSOR. HUGE difference to my way of thinking.

    To my thinking, I would presume that any true whistle-blower would have gone to a primary source to reveal/release said information, i.e., a major news source/journalist, or what have you. This CDC scientist did no such thing. He expressed sincere remorse to an individual, Dr. Hooker, for his past behavior and involvement with this cover-up. That was the sum total of his involvement with so-called whistle-blowing, that I could fathom. It just didn’t jive with the behavior of a true whistle-blower, as we’ve all seen with the likes of certain NSA former employees who have blown the whistle on that particular entity.

    One does not LAY LOW when one becomes a whistle-blower. One lays all their ducks in a row, gathers momentum and information as to how to comport oneself during the period within which he/she is releasing information. In other words, there is PLANNING involved, something I just didn’t see with this particular CDC scientist.

    Here is the official statement of Dr. William Thompson:

    You will note he states he did not know he was being recorded, nor did he give his permission to release his name.

    Having stated the above, I still value, highly, the degree of effort put into this entire issue by Drs. Wakefield and Hooker. My heart goes out to all these gentlemen. Mistakes were made, perhaps, but I think emotions being what they are with this issue, it is no surprise that things went as they did with the release of this information. I think now we all need/should move forward with the information that is still forthcoming, thank God that we have some honorable men involved with the release of this information and hopefully, we will see an end to this cover-up and charade once and for all.

  52. Bayareamom on August 27, 2014 at 9:58 pm said:

    SORRY, Jake. Just re-read my above comment and see that I inserted the CDC scientist’s name in my statement. Honestly didn’t mean to do that. Please redact that prior to posting (which I’m sure you will).

  53. Bayareamom on August 27, 2014 at 10:51 pm said:


    Yeah, I realized that (duh) after I’d posted my comment. MY OWN EMOTIONS are running high with this as well.

    And Jake – what can I say? I have to say, when I first read the above, my emotions were running all over the place. Didn’t know what to think. Initially, my anger went toward you; then I flipped, then I flipped yet, again. Finally, as of yesterday, I flipped back to your side when I started intuiting that things just didn’t jive with the actions of a true whistle-blower vis-a-vis Thompson.

    One lesson I learned here (several, actually): To TRUST my instincts. I was actually thrilled when I read Thompson’s statement because my instincts, when I finally listened to them, told me that you were speaking the truth.

    Again, hopefully, we can all learn from this and continue in moving forward with this information. I trust NO ONE in our political arena to actually do something constructive with this information, but time will tell.

    You really took it on the chin, Jake. Hat’s off to you…

  54. Bayareamom on August 27, 2014 at 11:03 pm said:


    Have you viewed this lecture by Dr. Russell Blaylock?

    When Jeff and I were struggling with our son’s learning disorder issues, I was given the name of Dr. Blaylock re: info. on vaccines. For US, his lectures answered ALL of our questions re: what happens to these kids (and adults), post vaccination.

    Little Story: When our son was approximately two years old, we took him to a then pediatrician, a mainstream ped. affiliated with a major HMO in Palo Alto. This pediatrician knew about our son’s prior vaccine reactions. As he stood next to us, assessing our son, he turned around and said to us, “You’re NOT going to give him the MMR, ARE YOU?”

    Wasn’t a question…it was a statement.

    HE KNEW.

    And this guy is a genuine pro-vaccine pediatrician, down the line. YET, he referred us at that point, to Dr. Randall Neustaedter. And that was the end of the mainstream, allopathic mode of medicine for us. We’ve never looked back. Randy has been treating our son, and us, since Ryan was two years old.

    I would urge all families to listen to any and all videos/lectures by Dr. Russell Blaylock. Another hero to my way of thinking…

    Best to you, J.B.

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  56. Robbie on August 28, 2014 at 12:24 am said:

    What I like about this blog is that it’s random. Jake’s one of the few people around whose not selling something. He can just say what he likes, and this time he got it right.

    One person posting above said “it was Dr. Wakefield who steadfastly stood by them”. But doing what, exactly? He has not done any research since leaving his hospital job in England about 12 years ago. Since then, he has been pulling down about $250,000 a year, and has a fabulous house in Austin. But doing what, exactly? So he swans around the conference circuit and runs lawsuits. But just what does he do for kids?

    At least Brian Hooker is a parent who battles away trying to get information that nobody else has bothered to get. And when he achieves real success in bringing out flaws in a CDC study, exposing how the bureaucracy there finesses the papers, Wakefield swoops in and tries to turn it into something about himself: how this was the real fraud, and how he was right all along.

    And to attempt that, he has to betray an obviously decent government scientist trying to help Brian Hooker. It’s like he doesn;t care who he hurts, or how – as we now see – he sets back parents’ efforts, so long as he comes out in some kind of central role.

    I subscribe to his tweets, and I was really shocked to get one this afternoon, giving out congratulations for a twitter party. Congratulations? As if it’s all about him giving out the prizes.

    But who is he? What does he do? I don’t know.

    • @Robbie – Wakefield has been exposed for the scumbag that he is (in front of the “home crowd” even), but the “original sin” here is Hooker recording Dr. Thompson without his knowledge.

      Even Jake knows that this, at minimum, unethical behavior, and at worst, breaking the law (depending on the state). Also, recording a Federal Employee without his permission is most likely a Federal crime, and may result in serious charges filed against Hooker as well.

  57. MEDIA SCHOLAR on August 28, 2014 at 2:13 am said:

    Once again, a paper proving a connection between the MMR vaccine and neurodegeneration has been pulled from publication.

    Thanks to a blunder we see the terminology change from this:

    “This article has been removed from the public domain pending further investigation because the journal and publisher believe that its continued availability could cause public harm. Definitive editorial action will be taken once our investigation is complete.”

    TO THIS:

    “This article has been removed from the public domain because of serious concerns about the validity of its conclusions. The journal and publisher believe that its continued availability may not be in the public interest. Definitive editorial action will be pending further investigation.”

    As mentioned earlier, the foreign-owned vaccine-manufacturing drug giants have ruined our ability to facilitate justice. The foreign-owned vaccine-manufacturing drug giants can put any poison they want to in a vaccine vial and wipe out three quarters of the US population and there is nothing the US federal government can do to prevent it or punish it as the foreign-owned vaccine-manufacturing drug giants have the consent of the United States Supreme Court to do so.

    Just days after the US Supreme Court gifted ‘the divine right of vaccines’ they were paid a gratuity visit.

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  59. Media Scholar on August 29, 2014 at 5:33 pm said:

    It appears that Time has released so form of article relating to this issue just to follow up with the pre-fab assault on yet another paper that indicates CDC MMR research fraud.

    The fact that Time has done nothing short of prostituted itself in favor of the vaccine-manufacturing drug giants is well-documented throughout this period social change.

  60. White Rose on August 30, 2014 at 7:57 pm said:

    Larry Lawrence , Dorrit the ferret , and the other mercenaries appearing here in good numbers are validation , I’d say , that we are doing smthg right at last . (their job is to break up any meaningful campaign or understanding or protest – but I’d like to direct all you guys to the people over at AoA who claim to have been working for the children and for the end of autism for a decade now) .
    Why don’t you attack the Blaxman ? Its because you are working in conjunction with AoA .
    We are fully aware of the controlled opposition and the blatant infiltration .

    Erik N was correct on the cause of autism (anaphalxysis – Charles Richet) . Inflammation of the microglial .

    Was it true that Autism was listed as a side effect on the original MMR insert ?

    Jog on Larry . No-one is interested here (try your luck over at AoA- bet they never censor you !)

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