Ask Tina Brown to Condemn Linking Autism to Child Porn


Editor’s Note: Above is a photo of Tina Brown and son, Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan Company

By Jake Crosby

With Temple Grandin now disassociating herself from her mother Eustacia Cutler’s fallacious article in The Daily Beast linking autism to child porn, attention now shifts to The Daily Beast itself, particularly site’s editor Tina Brown. In an article for the now-defunct Newsweek Magazine of which she was editor, Brown referred to her “adored” adult son with Asperger’s. It is then especially odd, given that she has a son with Asperger’s whom she adores, that she would allow a totally baseless article claiming autistic men are more likely to be pederasts. She remains silent on the topic even after being asked on Twitter how she could have published such a piece.

Tina Brown is responsible for articles published on The Daily Beast website. That means she should vet everything The Daily Beast runs, and it is possible she could have simply missed Cutler’s article. Nonetheless, it seems highly unlikely that the mother of a son with Asperger’s would have completely missed such a sensationalist and bigoted story by the mother of perhaps the most famous autistic person alive today and who ever lived.

In Brown’s piece where she discusses her son’s disability, she talks about the attempt of parents like her to “patch together a tolerably happy existence” for their offspring. Among the hopes she has for her son is “a safe sex life,” according to that article. Now everybody should have a safe sex life. However, the common complaint I’ve heard from other autistic men is simply the lack of a sex life – nothing about concerns for safety. Obviously, a sex life involving something illegal would not be safe.

If Tina Brown was aware of the article, does she relate to Eustacia Cutler’s article in some way? Perhaps she knows of somebody in the autism community who fits Cutler’s profile of an autistic male pederast? The only person I know of who might fit that profile is the psychologist mentioned in autistic blogger Jonathan Mitchell’s response to Cutler’s article, and that psychologist’s claim of an autism diagnosis is dubious according to Mitchell. Whether Brown does know of an autistic man who looks at child porn or not, it is still no excuse for painting the entire male autistic population with such a denigrating association.

While Tina Brown may be able to deny ever knowing about this article before publication – however unlikely that may be – she cannot deny having any responsibility for running Eustacia Cutler’s piece. Brown has an obligation to speak out against the bogus allegations Cutler raised.

Tina Brown owes it both to her profession as a journalist, and even more importantly, to the entire autism community. Send an email to, put “Attn: Tina Brown” in the subject line and ask that she condemn Eustacia Cutler’s article.

Jake Crosby is editor of Autism Investigated and is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. He is a 2011 graduate of Brandeis University with a BA in both History and Health: Science, Society and Policy. He currently attends The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services where he is completing his candidacy for an MPH in epidemiology.

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10 Thoughts on “Ask Tina Brown to Condemn Linking Autism to Child Porn

  1. Amen, Jake. Even if this piece did slip by Miss Brown’s so-called watchful eye . . . She can no longer be trusted. Is she or is she not the person-in charge? One can only imagine what other things would be allowed to get through the cracks. On the other hand, if this was approved by her, I’m disgusted that she would seriously think that about not only her own son, but for any male on the spectrum. I’m sickened by this piece.

  2. Kathleen Heltsley on August 12, 2013 at 5:18 pm said:

    What can be done, if anything to stop Ms. Cutler from expanding this “toxic” topic in an upcoming book? Do you happen to know who is publishing her book?

  3. Cherry Sperlin Misra on August 12, 2013 at 6:08 pm said:

    Could use some enlightenment here- Exactly what seems to be the purpose of the Daily Beast? One would imagine that the only reason for publishing such an article would be to sell more copies ??? And was Tina Brown an editor at Time mag when they published their malignant cover article on Alzheimers Disease without using the word “prevent” or “prevention” even once (at a time in history when certain eminent scientists can point to plenty of evidence that it is caused by mercury) and where was she when Time magazine published their absurd article about how swine flu was created when a bird sat on a pig in Mexico- or something to that effect. ? All of this reminds me of a five year old child in my nursery school, who, upon hearing another child say that his grandmother gave him cowpucky to eat, stated loudly, ” Well, If you believe that….. youre gullible”

  4. Given that the last news outlet Tina Brown founded was a commercial flop and that Newsweek went out of print when she was its editor, I suppose it’s not surprising The Daily Beast would go to such desperate lengths to stay in business.

  5. Ethel Mercurious on August 16, 2013 at 10:19 pm said:

    Autism is likely the major growth industry that the western world has ever created .
    And here in the UK , the Autism Treatment Trust of Edinburgh is closing ! R.I.P – how can this be ?
    The Breakspear hospital of Hemel Hempsted no longer treats autism . The vaccine autism resistance movements of the UK have been well and truly routed , we are 100% infiltrated by Government agents aimed at diluting the anti-vaccine message . I might very well be the last vestige of true genuine vaccine resistance in the entire country . I write on alone , undeterred and entirely resolute against the forces of coerced\enforced toxicity .

    By the BBC’s very own admission Ritalin prescriptions are up >50% in just 6 years . Are the masses really this stupid ? it seems so ! We are defeated , we are in crisis , we cannot trust those around us that we should be able to trust . We are divided but that part is ok , because the schisms could very well lead to more determined factions . Medicine , once a force to be trusted , has to be double and triple checked on all points , and possibly as it turns out , it should never ever have been trusted in the first instance .
    The reputation of science is likewise in tatters , turns out science can be bought , science can be manipulated , science (as always) can be used for evil – how did we ever forget this ?

    I despair . & I’m censored from AoA – what does that say ?

  6. Doctor Grandin had much to say about the article. You can read the interview on my blog,

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