CA SB277 Bill Mandates Harm From CDC Cover-Up



By Jake Crosby

What if the state could fraudulently deny susceptibility of many patients to adverse vaccine side-effects and then force those same patients to subject themselves to unnecessary harm by getting vaccinated? That is exactly what California Senate Bill SB277 does by eliminating “non-medical” exemptions – exemptions for safety concerns dishonestly denied by the state.

Yet the bill has already passed the Senate Health Committee vote and has been endorsed by The LA Times and Sacramento Bee. Reporters from both newspapers have seen the documentary “Trace Amounts,” so both newspapers know that talking points like the “overwhelming scientific consensus” supporting the safety of vaccines are fraudulent. As the film made clear, it’s not just the presence of mercury in vaccines that is the problem – the complete removal of which in Denmark preceded a fall in autism prevalence. The dishonesty of the vaccine program in denying harm from that substance and other vaccines utterly destroys the credibility of federal immunization policy and should destroy any statewide attempt to make it mandatory. Chillingly enough, LA and Sacramento “journalists” support the bill anyway. That means they are not journalists, but propagandists for the cover-up who should be investigated as such.

Meanwhile, the politicians who vote in favor of the bill despite not having seen “Trace Amounts” should be voted out for failing their constituents. The bill’s architect Richard Pan should further lose his medical license for coercing people into subjecting their children to harmful immunization policies defended on lies.

See on The Epoch Times.

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13 Thoughts on “CA SB277 Bill Mandates Harm From CDC Cover-Up

  1. Sam Hall on April 10, 2015 at 6:34 am said:

    Hey Jake, this has taken on such a sinister turn I am at a loss , I am wondering what is to be done.
    It is just frightening now, we the people are about to be poisoned by the government……………..didn’t this happen once before in history somewhere ? Astonishing !

  2. Hans Litten on April 10, 2015 at 8:51 am said:

    Everyone should read the columns and the comments on Dr. Bob’s Facebook page. It looks like the link to the page with the transcript of the testimony at the Senate hearing yesterday was deliberately tampered with (to keep the public from finding out how all that moving testimony on the vaccine injuries of the witnesses’ children was thrown overboard by the bought legislators still hanging on to memories of a childhood playmate who got polio, rather than getting with the picture NOW!)

    This is what’s going down to prepare for the hearing before the Education committee, from a comment on the page:
    “V. L. T. Action plan, pls read: For parents in this group: I just had a meeting with a high up Democrat who gave me some strategy points for stopping this Bill in Education.
    Schools get paid for attendance. They will lose lots of funding. This needs to happen starting today as if this builds steam BEFORE the vote next week that is sending a very big message to the schools. This could be a major storm for them and bring the entire system into upset. That is what we need. If it’s coming from the schools to the Committee it’s another avenue to stop it. As we saw yesterday it became about people vs. institutions. Very few Pro SB277 but the ones there were from organizations, boards, etc. So getting the schools very worried is a strategy that creates much disruption in the system.
    Schools | Districts — Steps to Take BEFORE the vote on Wednesday April 15, 2015
    1. Write your school, school district, and Board of Education
    2. Call all the same people
    3. Subject line: Notification — Removing (name) from School if SB277 passes
    4. One page letter from parent – very thoughtful – not emotional or frantic – to explain that in opposition to SB277 they will be taking their child|children out of school. This letter serves to alert you so that you are prepared that my child will not be attending ….. school if this passes. Explain that this is not a positive bill for your child|children – tell them why – and that you will be pulling them from school. No threats, no homeschool issues, just tell them you are pulling your child. Short and sweet with key points will get the job done.
    5. Parents who write letters — please call and send to 5 other parents in your child’s school who would also send a letter to the School.”

    Posted by: cia parker | April 09, 2015 at 08:59 PM

  3. Hans Litten on April 10, 2015 at 9:21 am said:

    You’d think AoA would be trying to rally the protests in California . Wouldnt you ?

    There are devils at work over at AoA .

    • In a sense, AoA helped cause this. It released Thompson’s identity in tandem with Autism Media Channel’s video outing him, which AoA also publicized. If the story was given a real chance to be covered in mainstream media, I doubt we’d have to worry about this bill or others like it.

  4. Hans Litten on April 10, 2015 at 12:56 pm said:

    Dont wory everyone – Dan Holmsted will save us & deliver us from Evil .

  5. Sam Hall on April 12, 2015 at 7:21 am said:

    Hilary Clinton announces and then just when I thought things couldn’t get much worse this, the removal of benefits in Adelaide AUZ for declining to vaccinate….could not make this up.

    This is just astonishing – forced medication of a population and no-one protests ?
    Society is so ill informed and so dumbed down they don’t even know what is being done to them.
    Simply bewildering , speechless !

  6. Sam Hall on April 12, 2015 at 9:46 pm said:

    This bill CA SB277, the Australian situation referred to above, is this all being accelerated because the whole programme is at risk of being undermined by the work of Doctor Hooker and Whistle blower William Thompson ? because nothing else makes sense to me.

    There is no medical crisis in America with scores of folk dying from childhood diseases, it aint happening/
    This feels like purely preserving the vaccine programme at all costs and yes you are right – there are no journalists left there are all propagandist’s as you suggest.

    What about the Nuremburg code, this is like a vaccine holocaust, forced medication – plain and simple.

    America is not the land of the free.

  7. Hans Litten on April 14, 2015 at 7:55 am said:

    Jake – what is the actual situation in California ? Is the subject lost ? Has the bill any chance of rejection at this stage ? And if so , how can it be overturned ?

    And likewise the Australia situation – has the decision tying wlefare to vaccines been made ?

    Meanwhile Dan Homsted is reminiscing on AoA about roadtrips he took with the wild man of betrayal Blaxman.

  8. Hans Litten on April 14, 2015 at 10:55 am said:

    Here is hoping they make vaccines mandatory for middle aged people with small dogs , then maybe DanO will take this internationally coordinated infringement of our human rights a bit more seriously .

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