Chelsea Clinton Defends Peter Hotez From AI Meme “Threat”

Autism Investigated Note: Watch Milo’s 12 Steps to Destroy the Alt-Rightand read his new book Dangerous for a solid background on the “Alt-Right” which Autism Investigated has nothing to do with.

Chelsea Clinton defended Clinton-tied vaccine developer Peter Hotez from a recent barrage of “threats.” One of those so-called threats was a meme created by Autism Investigated and then shared on Twitter.

Peter Hotez’s sharing of Autism Investigated’s meme of himself is what would culminate in recent “Vaxhole of the week” Chelsea Clinton coming to his defense on Twitter. Hotez’s initial sharing of the meme appeared to prompt some hate mail he received, which he would share on Twitter two days later.

Chelsea Clinton apparently took Hotez’s remarks about a “minefield” literally.

Hotez didn’t correct her tweet about “threats.”

So Autism Investigated’s editor confronted Chelsea Clinton with one question.

Autism Investigated will keep readers posted about any updates. Whether she responds or not, the Clintons are still beholden to pharma.

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7 Thoughts on “Chelsea Clinton Defends Peter Hotez From AI Meme “Threat”

  1. I would take any support or advocacy from a Clinton as a clear sign they’re dirty.

  2. Hans Litten on August 22, 2017 at 9:52 am said:

    Incredible times we are living in .
    It isn’t just the Clinton crime syndicate is it ? Who is she married to ? Another crime syndicate .
    marc mezvinsky soros (his uncles admitted actions during ww2 deserve investigation) .
    How do they continue to get away with it.

    And this Mika Brezensky is another one .Why aren’t more people calling these people out .
    Her fathers photo with Osama Bin Laden is priceless.

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