Tell Congresswoman Baloney She Deserves To Lose Her Seat

Office of Congresswoman Carolyn B. M(B)aloney

NY PostA campaign spokesman for Rep. Carolyn Maloney said the congresswoman now “does not believe there is a link between vaccinations and autism.”“Congresswoman Maloney believes in the efficacy and safety of vaccines. She was at the forefront of efforts to protect funding for vaccines in the Affordable Care Act,” the rep said.

And subsequent Post editorial:

It’s a small win for science that Maloney’s admitting the truth[AI note: as if!]. It’ll be a bigger one if she (and others who did the same) apologizes for promoting a deadly myth.

Will wonders never cease? Actually, it seems they just did. The mystery appears to have been solved by a NY Times reporter, of all people.

The last time Autism Investigated asked readers to contact her office years ago, you were all told to be polite. Don’t worry about politeness this time. Express yourself however you deem fit (no threats, of course).

Call Congresswoman Baloney’s DC office, mention the NY Post article and tell them she deserves to lose her seat in the Democrat primary: 202-225-7944

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3 Thoughts on “Tell Congresswoman Baloney She Deserves To Lose Her Seat

  1. Hans Litten on March 16, 2018 at 11:34 am said:

    She needs to go .
    72 and still no backbone .
    Meanwhile the deviousness behind Global Slow Kill & the Turnbulls knows no bounds :

    Australia could RUN OUT of meningococcal vaccines as parents fear their children will be put at risk of contracting the disease
    GlaxoSmithKline is experiencing a short-term supply constraint of Menveo
    It is due to a recent manufacturing disruption combined with high demand
    The company doesn’t expect to supply to normalise until 2019
    GSK is prioritising supply of Menveo to state and territory-based programs
    Parents advised to visit Therapeutic Goods Administration website for updates
    Looks like the plan is to clear Australia – be fair though – it will make a great nature reserve\ safari park.

  2. Barry on March 17, 2018 at 9:22 pm said:

    “… It’s a small win for science that Maloney’s admitting the truth…”


    A win for science, would have been to conduct that study of vaccinated and un-vaccinated populations. And use the results, to disprove any link between vaccines and autism.

    What Maloney just proved, is that the NIH is terrified of doing any such study.

    And that she is a complete and utter fake, who just spent 11 years pretending to champion the most important issue of our time.

    That is pure evil.

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