Crooked Hillary Swallows Sacked Autism Stats


Despite Crooked Hillary Clinton saying “I believe in science” at the Democrat Convention, yet more information emerges confirming she does not. These days whenever someone invokes “science” to make a point, very rarely do they have any real scientific backing to their claims. A highly publicized UK survey used to allege autism prevalence was as high in adults as it is in children in order to disprove the autism epidemic has now been trashed by the same government that conducted it in the first place.

Despite being widely criticized for invalid methodology from the time it was released in 2009, Crooked Hillary Clinton cited the study as being informative as well as to justify the implementation of a similar survey in the US:

When the United Kingdom conducted an adult prevalence survey, they learned valuable information regarding the needs of adults on the autism spectrum that has helped them craft and improve services. Clinton will instruct the CDC to conduct the United States’ first-ever population level survey of adults on the autism spectrum.

That statement could have been borrowed from 2012 congressional testimony of Autistic “Self-Advocacy” Network’s (ASAN) Ari Ne’eman – a group comprised of both high-functioning and self-identifying “autistics” –  who asserted:

The United Kingdom in fact conducted that study and found a comparable rate of autism in adults as in children. We should be doing that here, and regardless of the result we would gain valuable information on supports for autistic adults.

Ne’eman’s group was among the organizations that advised Crooked Hillary’s campaign on autism policy. His group subscribes to “neurodiversity” – an emerging movement seeking to normalize autism while generally diverting blame towards society for autism’s problems. Key among such beliefs is that autism’s huge rise as a result of vaccination is not real and that autism was simply ignored in the past, a position happily legitimized by Crooked Hillary and her crooked, vaccine injury-denying campaign.

Ari Ne’eman has now announced plans to formally step down as head of ASAN in December, perhaps in anticipation of a cozy spot within Crooked Hillary’s administration should she be elected president. We must do all we can to ensure she does not win by voting for Donald Trump, who acknowledges that vaccines cause autism, pledges to end the autism epidemic and will Make America Great Again!

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18 Thoughts on “Crooked Hillary Swallows Sacked Autism Stats

  1. Alessandro on August 14, 2016 at 4:17 am said:

    Hillary admitted sucking Bill’s cigar, but swears she did not inhale, [at least not when Bill was playing the whoremonica].

  2. Eddie Unwind on August 15, 2016 at 3:33 am said:

    It’s surely self-evident that the so-called neurodiversity movement’s claims that autism is something that doesn’t require a cure etc is, among other things, a means of achieving a compromise between claiming any causative link with vaccines – i.e. that “it isn’t even a disorder” – and the potentially horrendous payouts – again, “it isn’t a disorder” – which, given its epidemic proportions, would cripple insurance companies, as is implied in the following link.

    On a curious side-note, this week we had a Resentful Idiots-double appear at AoA. This was as transparent a prank as the eye could see – yet another attempt to have the ‘anti-vaxxers’ humiliate themselves by rejoicing in one who had supposedly defected. It fell flat as a pancake. Nobody at AoA really cared – they played it beautifully. The only ones who fell for it, apparently, were those devoted subjects at RI…

  3. Eddie Unwind on August 15, 2016 at 4:32 am said:

    For educational purposes, below are links to the comments at AoA and RI relevant to my previous post. The relevant comment at RI begins at #51.

  4. Eddie Unwind on August 16, 2016 at 11:11 pm said:

    Jake – if you will permit me to post the following in order to clarify matters regarding my two previous comments. It is surely highly relevant in that RI is one of those blogs that constantly works to thwart any genuine investigation into autism, such as yours.

    That RI’s poorly judged prank has left it with egg on its face is self-evident (link provided above). For starters, compare the following comments from RI and AoA respectively:

    (RI) ‘Avocado Aficianado’, #71:
    ‘Come on Dr. Chim. Let’s hear your best case for thimerosal. Did you know that the Hg binds with the -thiol groups on the proteins thereby mitigating its’ effect. Would you smoke weed out of a broken thermometer?’

    (AoA) ‘Narad’:
    ‘Look it up! Thimersal isn’t even an effective preservative since the Hg can bind with the -thiol group in the antigentic protein rendering it (Hg) less capable if bacteriostatic activity.’

    Why would the so-called impersonator ‘Fendelsworth’ give himself away so blatantly by producing the exact same argument unless it were to alleviate any suspicion surrounding the person he’s presumed to have been impersonating; namely, Narad? The misspelling is also probably strategic – the ‘Real Narad’ is a stickler for such things.

    The connection was emphasised with this. Predictably, it had to come from Narad.

    (RI) #78 (Narad)
    “Oh, AA is Fendlesworth?”

    ‘I’m puzzled that this wasn’t widely apparent from just the pseudonym; I didn’t even get around to its clockwork ejacυlations until quite a while later.’

    So the ‘AA’ device supposedly clears him from suspicion. Brilliant. From thereon it only becomes more ridiculous:

    (RI) #191 (Science Mom):
    “It’s rare so see somebody so ineptly and impotently butthurt as Fendelworth at #180.”

    ‘That’s nothing; you should see the crap he’s left on my site using yours, Narad’s and Chris’ ‘nyms. I deleted them but take my word for it; Fendelsworth has some issues.’

    Yes Science Mom, we should see what isn’t there, or rather, what never existed. What’s revealing is Avocado’s- therefore Narad’s – comments. Playing the devil’s advocate he really lets loose – check it out! It’s very liberating to adopt the other side’s perspective for a bit, especially when you know that they have plenty of potential ammunition.

    In short, the failed prank turned into an in-joke performed between Orac and Narad, including plenty of insider gay jokes to boot. But you can judge this on the evidence provided…

  5. Hillary, sadly, could not care less that her policies on vaccination/lobbyism are recklessly and needlessly harming YUGE numbers of children.

  6. Eddie Unwind on August 18, 2016 at 10:36 am said:

    Jake – Orac apparently deleted most of the RI link relevant to my post. Hence, my observations may no longer be verified.

  7. Lawrence on August 18, 2016 at 2:14 pm said:

    Your observations are incorrect.

    There was (and still is) a particularly odious troll who has been visiting numerous pro-vaccine blogs and websites as of late & assuming the names of several known commenters is part of this person’s MO.

    • Hans Litten on August 22, 2016 at 10:11 am said:

      how can you be anymore “odious” about the most “odious” people in existence (the pro-vaccine lobby).

      • Pheobe the Poodle! on March 3, 2017 at 9:15 pm said:

        You can’t!

        Nothing is more odious than the way Science Mom and Dorit Reiss placates concerned parents with CDC propaganda and straight-up lies.

  8. Hans Litten on August 23, 2016 at 8:30 am said:

    wow , wow , wow , wow , wow

    get this :

    California bill trying to pass new law AB 1671 to ban the film VAXXED !!!!

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  10. Elizabeth Gossi on September 21, 2016 at 10:21 pm said:

    Here’s a video of Hillary making fun of an autistic person….Forest Gump… a dinner. She calls herself Hillary Gump. She’s disgusting and everyone needs to see this.

    • I don’t believe Forrest Gump was autistic, and of course plenty of people have done imitations of him.

      If anything it’s just another creepy example of how she tries to relate to the average American but fails miserably. She has no natural humor and cannot connect to ordinary Americans.

  11. Darius Villa on October 22, 2016 at 1:08 am said:

    Are you saying that people with autism shouldn’t have the same rights and opportunities as non disabled people?

    • Yeah I’ve heard that one before – the idea that neurodiversity is all about equal rights. Time and time again, it proves that it is not and never has been about equal rights. It is about denying a problem that is exploding before our very eyes, and that harms all of us.

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