Crooked Hillary – Trump’s Vaccine Safety “Dangerous”


My opponent in this race has consistently discounted scientific findings, from his comments about vaccines to his claim that climate change is a hoax. These dangerous positions not only put Americans at risk, but can have long term impacts on our country’s growth and productivity. – Crooked Hillary Clinton, Scientific AmericanSeptember, 13, 2016

Crooked Hillary Clinton has evoked the same language used by “journalists”, “scientists” and the government to excuse the ongoing cover-up of vaccine dangers and poisoning of babies and even said she would explicitly work with those implicated in the scandal to help it continue. However, it is hardly surprising coming from a candidate who would lie about anything and who would do it to anyone – from lying that she did not put the country’s security at risk, to lying to relatives of Americans murdered by terrorists, to covering up her husband’s abuse of women, to crookedly managing her family’s fake charity, to making the disgraced ex-DNC chair her “honorary campaign manager” and finally to lying about her own health. Although it was hilarious to watch her fall nearly flat on her face and then get dragged into a van, it goes to show just how far she will go to hide something as fundamental as her own sickness from the American people.

Meanwhile, she touts her sham “autism plan” that cites junked statistics to waste money on a study attempting to disprove the autism epidemic. Her foundation also takes millions in Saudi money despite the fact that that country imprisons autism parents for speaking out against the state’s neglect of children with autism. Worst of all, however, is the fact that she is intent on ensuring that the criminal activity of the federal vaccine program remains hidden from the public. In the same post at the Scientific American where she called Trump’s vaccine position “dangerous” (virtually every major “science” publication is now just a corporate front), she promised she would assist the Department of Health and Human Services in their ongoing lies and even congratulated them for doing such a good job of lying:

“As president, I will work closely with the talented physicians, nurses, and scientists in our US Public Health Service to speak out and educate parents about vaccines, focusing on their extraordinary track record in saving lives and pointing out the dangers of not vaccinating our children. ”

And yet, that will just be one of many scandals to her name. When many of the people close to her who have damaging information about her and her husband somehow wind up dead, it is pretty unsurprising that she will prolong the vaccine cover-up. Just after President Obama said that aren’t reasons to not get vaccinated, she sent out a tweet belittling any skepticism of vaccinations. She ultimately has him to thank for why she was not indicted for her criminal handling of classified material, and she has the pharmaceutical industry to thank for such generous campaign contributions. Crooked Hillary has also taken plenty of money from cell phone company-turned-pharmaceutical client Verizon, which now owns Huffington Post where articles both about vaccine dangers and her failing health have been deleted.

Crooked Hillary Clinton is a criminal, liar and deserves no respect regardless of how the upcoming election goes. Yet the Age of Autism blog which claims to support vaccine safety supports Crooked Hillary and posted a puff piece about the Democratic National Convention: “As a life-long Democrat, I was proud to watch the Democratic National Convention.  Hillary Clinton and its other impressive speakers were eloquent, optimistic and inspiring.” Age of Autism’s editor just recently said: “Just a friendly reminder, dear readers, that all voices are welcome here, including lifelong Democrats and those who think that given the options a vote for Hillary Clinton is a reasonable decision. Yours in choice, Dan.” Age of Autism – sponsored and edited by a man who is a mole for the vaccine lobby – should be shut down after these remarks. So too should groups run by the same people such as Canary Party (Cuckservative Party) and Health Choice.

Until the government does an honest job of regulating vaccines for safety and nothing else, the problem won’t just be mercury in vaccines, or the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine or even multiple vaccines at once – the problem will just be vaccines. Complete opposition to and rejection of vaccines should only continue until such time, which may not be for the foreseeable future. But only a vote for Donald Trump is a reasonable choice for ending this nightmare. Anyone who suggests otherwise is just operating for the iatrogenic vaccine lobby. So to Nico LaHood, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Rob Schneider and any other liberal-leaning person who cares about this issue as it relates to the outcome of this election – get on the Trump Train!

Update: Robert De Niro is also more than welcome to board.

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21 Thoughts on “Crooked Hillary – Trump’s Vaccine Safety “Dangerous”

  1. Eddie Unwind on September 17, 2016 at 10:32 pm said:

    “As president, I will work closely with tainted physicians, nurses, and scientists…”

    I think I read that right.

  2. Lawrence on September 17, 2016 at 11:55 pm said:

    What self-loathing……you really need therapy.

    • Eddie Unwind on September 18, 2016 at 6:20 am said:


      Jake has the honesty to say as much. But let’s be clear about this – I’ve not witnessed anyone so poisoned by hatred as the blogger at RI, together with the majority of his disciples, who – as is typical in such instances – are well-practiced at concealing the fact from themselves via all the disdainful transparencies known since the year dot.

      By simply being so up-front about it, it’s clear that you cannot compare Jake to that level of vitriol. That’s about as basic a tenet of human psychology as you can get.

      • Lawrence on September 18, 2016 at 12:27 pm said:

        Oh really?

        Perhaps I could point you to the Vaccine Resistance Movement, led by Joel Lord, where death threats are routinely posted and “liked” by dozens of individuals.

        Perhaps you’ve missed the vile insults routinely posted at AoA against anyone who appears to have pro-vax opinions.

        What about Mr. Crosby’s own posts here, where he describes a woman as a “bitch” and compares another woman to a human-sacrificing satanist?

        He can no longer claim to be any sort of journalist….and certainly his level of vitriol is getting worse.

        Again, it is obvious that his experience with the folks at AoA has taught him to hate himself, as his outward projection against any acceptance of the success of people with autism, shows just how much he hates himself.

        • I am a journalist; I hold everyone to a fair standard. People who I write unflattering things about may not like it, but they’ll just have to deal with that. I don’t sling mud and then play the victim, but your ilk does that all the time.

          If I am so influenced by AoA, why did I write that they should be shut down? Makes a lot of sense…

  3. Eddie Unwind on September 18, 2016 at 1:10 pm said:


    “Vile insults routinely posted at AoA”? I can’t say that I’ve routinely come across such statements over there, bar a few retorts. Nothing from there in any way compares with the low-caliber viciousness at RI. Sorry. No way.

    Of course there are nasty types on both sides, we are all human after all. In any event, how might one know which people register ‘like’? Any thinking person knows it’s not a good look, so better to not assume.

    Jake can most certainly fend for himself.

    As for his being taught how to feel by folks at AoA, perhaps you’re digging a little too deep, Lawrence? Is it really Jake that you’ve found all the way down there?

  4. Media Scholar on September 18, 2016 at 2:14 pm said:


    Donald Trump did NOT mock a reporter with disability as false reports continue to circulate suggest.


    Word is there is a person claiming to be the father of an Autistic child aiding in this FALSE narrative, as well.

    Clearly, Trump DID NOT mock the disabled reporter.

  5. Hans Litten on September 19, 2016 at 1:56 pm said:

    Excellent Article Jake . Superb .

    Robert DeNiro deserved a mention .

  6. Hans Litten on September 19, 2016 at 2:44 pm said:

    For every Parent of an autistic child :

    ‘If you think you are too small to make a difference , try sleeping with a mosquito’ -Dalai Lama

  7. Eddie Unwind on September 19, 2016 at 9:45 pm said:

    ‘Deplorable me'(!)

    That’s a lovely and telling moment in this whole lead-up. Having been insulted, to then make a simple show of not taking oneself too seriously through incorporating the insult itself is really poetic justice.

    A show of heart takes a lot of beating.

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