CureGear Goes Full Crybaby Gear, Bans Autism Investigated

Yes, it has happened. Autism Investigated was banned from the Facebook page of CureGear for turning CureGear’s troll attempt against itself. CureGear obviously went into CryBaby gear after seeing:

CureGear’s “Vaccines Cause Adults” campaign drew the notable support of both fake news and Chelsea Clinton. But as with the vaccine lobby’s previous troll attempts, Autism Investigated shot back with some trolling of its own.

Naturally, CureGear didn’t like that and blocked Autism Investigated from commenting on its Facebook page. The photo-shopped “Vaccines Cause Incontinent Adults” pics that AI’s editor left on CureGear’s Facebook threads were also removed. Before they were removed, however, they garnered the usual unintelligible responses from the vaccine crowd which is known for using fake accounts.

“Vaccines cause anti vaxers to be dicks,” one person angrily replied to Autism Investigated’s photo-shopped image.

CureGear did not reply to Autism Investigated directly, but did show that all it wanted to do was troll:

This post has opened our eyes to the misinformation and paranoia out there. Thank you anti-vaxxers who chimed in, because of you we’ll work even harder to raise money and educate everyone we can about the wonders of modern science and vaccines! 

Except wonders that aren’t wonderful.


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3 Thoughts on “CureGear Goes Full Crybaby Gear, Bans Autism Investigated

  1. … and educate everyone we can about the wonders of modern science and vaccines!


    It’s been my belief for some time now, that no vaccine has ever prevented a disease of any kind.

    I would love noting more than to be proved wrong. And over the last several years, I’ve asked countless pro-vax zealots to simply show me some of the science, that they claim would so easily prove me wrong.

    And all I’ve ever seen in return, are personal attacks for having had the audacity to even ask. Or crickets, all around .

    • Whatever marginal effect vaccines may have had on the overall impact of infectious disease isn’t worth the unnecessary toll they continue to reap on children’s health and lives all over the world! This issue is never going to be resolved as long as we don’t systematically dismantle the lies underlying the undeserved reverence for vaccines.

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