Gates’ Vaccine Mentor: “No Evidence That [My Vaccine] Causes Any Lasting Problem”

Stanley Plotkin

Wondering who influences Bill Gates to believe that vaccines are such a great investment? Look no further than Stanley Plotkin, who literally put the “R” in “MMR” (measles-mumps-rubella vaccine). He is truly the living MMR doctor. He of course said of the MMR vaccine on national television, “there is no evidence that causes any lasting problem.” He said that to the parent of a child permanently injured by his vaccine.

This is the guy influencing Bill Gates, who is trying to influence President Trump. Plotkin also feels entitled to tell the HHS National Vaccine Advisory Committee to revolt against the head of state and his administration despite not holding any federal appointment of his own.

So if he’s not a civil servant, who does he serve? His CV gives the answer:

He is now consultant to vaccine manufacturers, biotechnology companies and non-profit research organizations as principal of Vaxconsult, LLC.

Why should we be surprised that a consultant to vaccine companies feels entitled to tell NVAC what to do when NVAC’s functions are those of a vaccine manufacturer?

Studies and recommends ways to encourage the availability of an adequate supply of safe and effective vaccination products in the States.

Recommends research priorities and other measures the Director of the National Vaccine Program should take to enhance the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

Wanna solve the nation’s vaccine problem, President Trump? End the National Vaccine Program.

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14 Thoughts on “Gates’ Vaccine Mentor: “No Evidence That [My Vaccine] Causes Any Lasting Problem”

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  2. Hans Litten on April 2, 2018 at 12:29 pm said:

    Stanley , sir , William Thompson appeard to suggest there was evidence your vaccine has caused substantial damage to many many babies & children. Evidence that was then covered up Boyle\DeStefano\Gerberding.
    How do you sleep at night Stanley knowing what you have done ? And to so very many .

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