Listen to Jake Crosby on Linderman Unleashed


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Interview with Jake Crosby of Autism Investigated

Today’s interview will be eye opening for all of my listeners whether you are affected by autism or not. It is a story of corruption that is found in so many organizations. Jake Crosby is an investigative journalist and a respected member of the autism community who has in recent months been opening the eyes of many in the community to some corruption and shenanigans that I feel people need to know about. The vaccine/autism link is true…it’s real…it needs to be heard. This interview is about why the truth isn’t getting out. Join us at 2 PM EST at Natural News and check out the links for this show at our LU FB page or at 

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34 Thoughts on “Listen to Jake Crosby on Linderman Unleashed

  1. I listened to the show, good start at exposing the liars. I think Curt will see who his friends really are as he thinks more about this scenario.

  2. White Rose on October 23, 2013 at 9:24 am said:

    Will listen to this later today , and comment after that , in the meantime , digest this :

    However, the most insidious of all, I think, is the Epicyte gene patented in 2001, which can prevent human conception. It was ‘contraceptive corn’ developed by the biotech company Epicyte, which Monsanto and DuPont bought out and subsequently commercialized the Epicyte gene. What that gene does is creates human antibodies that attack sperm. So, in essence, what they came up with according to the then Epicyte president Mitch Hein was, “…a hothouse filled with corn plants that make anti-sperm antibodies.” [2]

    What that contraceptive Epicyte gene does is rather ‘amazing’ insofar as it induces a female’s body to make antibodies that attack sperm after coitus. Do consumers know they will get that ‘freebee’ after eating GM Epicyte-gene-laden corn? How does that fit in with the eater’s philosophical or religious belief system? Why isn’t the Roman Catholic Church backing away from GM food since GM food apparently is a contraceptive that flies in the face of that church’s very dogma on contraception and life?

  3. Good interview, Jake! I hope people listened in, because even when others READ your articles for themselves, they still choose to turn their heads the other way because the truth is too uncomfortable for them. They don’t want to make their so-called “leaders” upset, or the laissez-faire attitude of “Why do we have to fight? Why can’t we all just get along?” Blech.
    It makes me so angry, it’s this very same head-in-the-sand reactions that got us into this epidemic in the first place! Due to the actions of people like Mark Blaxill, SafeMinds, and Canary Party, etc. our children are being screwed over AGAIN.
    Keep up the good work, kiddo.

    • Thanks Kelly, glad you enjoyed it. It is ironic to hear Mark Blaxill’s supporters invoke unity when he has a decade-long history of working the divide-and-conquer strategy to his advantage. They best practice what they preach.

  4. Reading this may help autism parents understand why the lawyers sold them all out in the Omnibus Case.
    Judge Dale, The Great American Adventure, Secrets of America*WU*3hO5-kmJboHJd3q0mjXOyh*U3*Z7-80/RetiredJudgeDaleTheGreatAmerican.pdf

  5. Great interview, Jake. I know this interview wasn’t easy for either you or for Curt.

  6. @Jake – are you sure you should be associating with someone like Mr. Best? I went to that website he published above & all I saw was the craziest rants I’ve ever seen…..that person cannot be sane. If you want a future is this movement, I would suggest that you distance yourself from that crazy person.

    • I’m not “associating” with John Best; he comments on this site just like anybody else can, including you. I don’t endorse everything he says or posts, but I do appreciate his support when he offers it as I would from other commenters, also including you.

    • Larry, Did I write some truth about you under your real name or something?

  7. Letthembegot on October 23, 2013 at 10:03 pm said:

    I have listened and I have understood.
    Thank you for your sterling work. Can I just say that when this community is being suppressed by government, media and community infiltration you cannot be too fussy about your choice of information outlet.
    I am more concerned with the information and that it keeps coming to the fore. I may not agree with you on every single issue ( I mostly do !) however you have been fearless in your attempt to move things forward. Those who try to mislead and misguide the parents cannot be allowed to go unchecked.

  8. Very interesting, Jake. The thing that really bothers me most about the last Congressinal hearing was the fact of Ari Neeman being asked to speak at all. Recently, Forbes writes about an Australian fertility clinic that is actually going to offer sex selection of embryos as a way to avoid autism which should show the world just how dire this situation is getting -and yet Ari Neeman refers to autism as ‘just another way of being” and has voted against wandering codes. As someone who has worked with children with special needs this just disgusts me!

    • It’s funny how in his congressional testimony Ari Ne’eman tried to paint autism as solely a “services” crisis for which the solution is simply more handouts, yet his definition of those “services” is so narrow they do not even include what can mean the difference between life and death for those far less fortunate than him or me.

      How Ari Ne’eman’s supporters even found out about the hearing early enough to get both him and a thinkalike of his added to the witness list in time is a mystery in itself.

      • Ne’eman’s mother was an interpreter for Ariel Sharon. Ari is one of the Zionist elites and has been highly trained to act as stupid a member of Congress while he lies about autism.

        • While I agree that his mother’s ties to multiple Israeli heads-of-state helped him and his organization attain the influence they have, it is solely the fault and responsibility of our own government for giving him all this power. It was our own president who nominated him to the National Council on Disability and no one else.

          • Our own government is the same as Israel, just a subsidiary of the Rothschild banking family. After you bash your head against the wall long enough trying to make sense out of our corrupt Congress allowing babies to have their brains damaged for the last 14 years, it dawns on you that every elected liar in Washing ton, D.C. has been bribed to follow orders from a sinister force. No rational person would allow this to continue. They all know the truth. Ne’eman was placed there and Obama was ordered to hire him, Obama doesn’t make any decisions about anything. He’s just an actor.

  9. White Rose on October 24, 2013 at 8:36 am said:

    I am wondering how long Blaxill has been associated with this fight now . I think it is time he stepped aside .
    Mr Blaxill , thanks for all your efforts in this area , but please stand aside now . Well done ,

    As for Beth Clay , get the hell out of the way missus . Steam train coming through , you dont want to get crushed .

  10. Doug Troutman on October 26, 2013 at 11:09 pm said:

    Regarding the initial article on the Bolen Report: “SafeMinds Stealing the Show”, I find it interesting how Becky Estepp is concerned with the Geier’s sueing for compensation as expert witnesses. When the only people who have gotten paid were the attorneys who shuffled paper work for my son’s case and many others! I don’t see how that was a conflict. SafeMinds is actually the conflict to our interest!

  11. White Rose1 on October 28, 2013 at 11:15 pm said:

    “Sell out bstrds” , the whole lot of them . We are wholly infiltrated by Pharma Harma spies .

    Quite frankly I am outraged , Mark Blaxill you need to move on , and move on now . Autism Speaks will have a place for you .And at least we will know what you are about then …….$$$hush now .
    I’ll listen to your reply on Natural news Radio next thing but what can you possibly say .
    If you ever dare to talk about the original dozen again (1943 Kanner – how can this EVER be relevant anymore when we are now talking about millions of babies) , or EVER try to skip the “V” word again ,
    well I don’t know what to politely say to you . And this radio recording suggests there are a few problems in the Canary Party , so we are looking at a major purge here . I specifically asked Ginger Taylor to reply on here , and she didn’t or couldn’t , I was polite but what is polite about vaccine derived autism.

    Forget compensation , we demand prosecutions . And especially the infiltraitors (sp.)

    Livid , angry , off the scale , on the “Richter-autism” scale this evidence is a factor of 9 .

    And the November hearing sounds like a whitewash before its even started . Some people reassured me about the November hearings but it sounds like this is a total SHAM .

    We are certainly looking at the biggest crime of all time here ….Hg-enocide .

    Blaxill , Canary Party as it stands , have no future in this battle as our representatives .
    I’m not worried about schism’s , because we have nothing if this is the best that can be achieved .
    Our so called leadership is working for the Farmer Harma . Autism Tsar Blaxill no way …. NOT ever.

    • Having listened to Mark Blaxill’s interview with Curt Linderman multiple times, it’s clear the two men are outraged about different things entirely. Linderman was clearly outraged that Ari Ne’eman and his ilk were invited to testify before Congress among many such failures over the years, but Mark didn’t sound bothered by them and responded by saying that they were to be expected. His tone was markedly different when he discussed his own role in causing those failures to happen, however – all of a sudden, he sounds genuinely upset. Failure doesn’t phase Mark Blaxill, except when people point out that he caused it to happen.

  12. White Rose1 on October 28, 2013 at 11:48 pm said:

    Sorry Mark – your excuses do not compute for me . You are DEFINITELY compromised .

    We hope we can get another “hearing” you say . No I don’t , I say you go for it , like its the last , EVERY time .
    Children are being massacred here , across the globe .

    You want to reform the compensation councils in November . I want to stop the Hg-enocide .
    Don’t you see the distinction ? don’t DARE talk about the tragedy “in fighting” because we are no where .
    Vaccines are a FRAUD . Vaccines are a CRIME . This is a holocaust , this is Hg-enocide .
    Respectful protest my Ar$e .

    You say you are “all EARS” and are willing to listen to our ideas …well my message to you is to STAND DOWN , we want you OUT of it , (you are definitely reticent when mentioning the word VACCINE).
    And anyway else who has worked with you , to sideline VACCINE-POISON needs to go away also.

    • White Rose1, Mark Blaxill has co-authored a book, “The Age of Autism: Mercury, Medicine, and a Man-Made Epidemic,” documenting the link between mercury and autism. What are you doing to stop the Hg-enocide?

      • Hi Dan, thanks for stopping by – I think you may be the first contributing editor from AoA to comment here. Regarding Mark Blaxill’s book, when I first read one passage of it back in 2010, I was eerily reminded of a press release put out by CDC months before pushing the swine flu shot:

        “In fact, sadly, autism rates have actually gone up since thimerosal was taken out of childhood vaccines in 2001, providing further evidence that thimerosal-containing vaccines are not related to autism.”

        I had written a post refuting that talking point here, in a post Mark Blaxill ironically played a major role in editing:

        Yet, the book he coauthored said practically the same thing:

        “sadly, autism rates have not dropped”

        When I confronted Mark about this via email, he dodged by claiming he was trying to leave some “wiggle room.” But this is not showing an open mind, it’s clearly invoking a common talking point used by the vaccine industry. How does channeling a CDC press release pushing the swine flu shot do anything but prolong the Hg-enocide?

  13. White Rose1 on October 29, 2013 at 11:56 pm said:

    I know what I didn’t do : I didnt stop a Phd Biochemical Engineer from testifying in Congress on behalf of the vaccine maimed .

    “there is no conspiracy folks ….just get your damned vaccine” .

    • Jake, you should have read the whole book, starting with the subtitle. In The Age of Autism, Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill argue that mercury used as a seed disinfectant, lumber treatment, and vaccine preservative triggered the Age of Autism. What are you trying to prove by juxtaposing a quote from the book, taken out of context, with an excerpt from a press release by the CDC? Is the point you are trying to make the point that autism rates have NOT gone up since Thimerosal was phased of most childhood vaccines? The logic behind this juxtaposition, if it’s logic at all, may be clear to you, but not to me. Care to explain?

      White Rose1, you didn’t answer my question: What are you doing to stop the Hg-enocide?

      • “Is the point you are trying to make the point that autism rates have NOT gone up since Thimerosal was phased of most childhood vaccines?”

        Well yes, technically that’s right – the latest CDC prevalence statistics are from children born in 2000, in the infancy of the phaseout. Interestingly, that report produced the first statistically significant (a more than 95% chance of not being due to chance alone) decrease in autism prevalence in a state compared to a previous reporting year. Yet, before that report was even released, Mark Blaxill thought it wise to argue that the increasing prevalence in California’s non-surveillance, administrative database provided strong evidence for diminishing thimerosal’s role in the autism epidemic like the CDC press release claimed. Even though it was in very young children and was likely impacted by changes in the system that caused children to be diagnosed much younger, inflating the numbers in that very age group of children, Mark used that to doubt thimerosal’s role in the autism epidemic both in his book, on his blog and in those 2007 email exchanges he had with Dr. Hooker. You’d think Mark Blaxill would learn about the pitfalls of not falling for such numbers since Denmark. Yet in those very emails Blaxill also cites Poul Thorsen’s fraudulent Danish statistics to further cast doubt on thimerosal’s role in causing the autism epidemic – responding to an email from Dr. Hooker who explained to him exactly how the Danish data is fraudulent in that indicted fraudster Poul Thorsen and his colleagues had statistics showing autism was going down after thimerosal’s removal but chose to hide this information instead. Now that the latest Danish prevalence statistics confirm what Dr. Hooker told Mark Blaxill years ago, Age of Autism is portraying him as the number one critic of Thorsen’s sham research even though Blaxill’s correspondence with Dr. Hooker shows quite the opposite. Your readers deserve better; they deserve honesty, and I’m going to give that to them even if you won’t.

        White Rose1 is contributing to the discussion here, not trying to censor that discussion as would happen at your blog. Note that I don’t censor your comments, even though I cannot go onto your blog and offer a dissenting view without expecting my comments to be censored. You tell me which is effective in stopping the Hg-enocide and which does the opposite, discussion or censorship?

  14. How come the guy who founded AoA, JB Handley, keeps going on TV and conveniently neglects to mention that flu shots to pregnant women give fetuses 200 times the “safe” dose of mercury? Those flu shots with the full 25 mcg of mercury to unborn babies are the reason autism numbers never decreased. How can anyone like Blaxill testify to Congress and NOT mention that?

    • According to CDC statistics, autism numbers have decreased in at least one state. It would be interesting to see if that will continue and whether that may begin in other states as well; autism has declined considerably in Denmark although flu shots are probably not pushed as aggressively there as they are here. Complicating matters all the more is the latest DSM revision of autism.

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