Contact Lancet Family 11: Richard, Aida and Vahe Demirjian

The summary of each key member of the Demirjian family is as below.

Richard Demirjian, father 11, lives at 11 Canyon Terrace, Newport Coast, CA below. Call him to share your the story about your child and urge him to take back his false accusation that The Lancet paper is fraud. His number is 949 718 0180.

Aida Demirjian (photo credit: Palisades Tennis Club of Newport Beach), child 11’s mother, apparently escaped the notorious serial killer nicknamed the “Bedroom Basher.” Could this explain why Richard Demirjian (call at 949 718 0180 to share your story, but be civil) was paranoid enough to believe Dr. Andrew Wakefield fabricated his son’s records despite also believing his son is vaccine-injured? Read PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA vs. GERALD PARKER (a.k.a. the Bedroom Basher). His death sentence was just upheld by the California Supreme Court.

Vahe Demirjian (photo from Facebook profile) is child 11 in The Lancet paper, son of Richard and Aida Demirjian. It is Vahe’s case that was allegedly fabricated, but it wasn’t. Despite Richard Demirjian’s claim that the paper reported Vahe’s autistic symptoms as beginning one week after the vaccine, the paper describes the first symptoms associated with exposure as “viral pneumonia.”

Vahe Demirjian can be reached at He is an adult and knows how his medical records were used for lies. Please contact him too.

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5 Thoughts on “Contact Lancet Family 11: Richard, Aida and Vahe Demirjian

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  2. Posting contact information for a woman who once escaped a serial killer? Classy.

    • Apparently, her escape from a serial killer almost 40 years ago enables her to shirk all responsibility.

      • Suggest you review cyberstalking laws, especially since your stated goal is to hold her accountable.

        In addition to that, what’s to stop pharma trolls from harassing this family in the guise of vaccine safety advocates? But perhaps that’s the point.

        • Oh so I’m a pharma troll now? First you suggest an unfortunate attack she was a victim of decades ago somehow makes her off-limits to discussion, and now you pivot to cyber laws and suggesting I’m on the other side. This sort of commenting really makes me question your motives, Carol.

          Btw, I’m not a vaccine safety advocate. There is no safe vaccine; I’m an anti-vaxxer.

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