Mark Blaxill Publicly Attacks Critics

ad hominem alert

By Jake Crosby

On the 4th of July, Canary Party Chairman Mark Blaxill made his first public statement responding to revelations of his role in hijacking November’s congressional autism hearing. He descended into a litany of ad hominem attacks against his critics, including myself.

The catalyst for his statement was a critical comment in a discussion thread on Age of Autism – the blog Mark Blaxill both sponsors and edits – from philanthropist and Focus Autism founder Barry Segal, who summed up some of what I had already written online about Blaxill’s involvement in hijacking the hearings. I wrote how he had prevented autism parent and Ph.D. biochemical engineer Dr. Brian Hooker from testifying on the government’s vaccine-autism cover-up through the deceitful actions of a hired lobbyist who pretended to represent Dr. Hooker. It was Dr. Hooker who originally succeeded in having Congressional Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Chair Darrell Issa commit to holding hearings on autism causation and the vaccine program with other congressmen and congressional staff present. After Dr. Hooker’s co-organizer Dr. Gary Kompothecras – a wealthy chiropractor and autism parent of 1-800-Ask-Gary fame – spilled the beans about the hearing to Mark Blaxill at AutismOne, trouble ensued.

A lobbyist named Beth Clay was working on behalf of the Coalition for SafeMinds (Sensible action for ending Mercury-induced neurological disorders), where Mark Blaxill was Government Affairs Committee Chair at that time. It was Blaxill who ended up testifying instead, completely leaving any mention of vaccines out of his speech. SafeMinds also changed the topic of the hearing from the vaccine-autism cover-up to the “federal response,” enabling autism epidemic deniers to show up and give testimony. I had previously tried to leave comments raising these concerns on Age of Autism, only for them to be censored. Segal’s, in contrast, was allowed through.

Barry Segal formerly funded autism advocacy activities led by Mark Blaxill via an umbrella organization known as Facing Autism, which Blaxill chaired. Unhappy with the way his money was being spent, however, Segal withdrew financial support, culminating in Facing Autism’s dissolution. Immediately after saying he was opposed to “more friendly fire” Blaxill fired a barrage of insults at Segal including the following: “One way to be effective is never to ask for a nickel from Barry, I made that mistake once and don’t plan to repeat it.”

Blaxill did verify Tim Bolen’s claim that he had introduced him to Dr. Gary Kompothecras, who revealed plans of the hearing to Blaxill. He then claimed that he already heard about the hearing “through the grapevine” before receiving verification of it from Dr. Kompothecras at AutismOne. But as Blaxill admitted to me before his encounter with Dr. Kompothecras, Blaxill’s knowledge of the hearing was in the form of “rumors.” In any case, he did not hear about the hearing through SafeMinds.

Mark Blaxill continued by trying to deny having anything to do with oversight of SafeMinds‘ lobbyist, Beth Clay, only to later contradict himself. First he claimed he had nothing to do with her hiring or oversight, but later admitted to working on the SafeMinds‘ Government Affairs Committee with her.

Not only does Mark Blaxill contradict himself in terms of his professional relationship with Clay, but conveniently leaves out the fact that he was in fact Chair of SafeMinds’ Government Affairs Committee and therefore had to have worked with the lobbyist. Clay assisted him in writing his testimony, and he corresponded often with her on email threads.

Furthermore, Mark Blaxill did not deny that she misrepresented Dr. Hooker to congressional staff. In fact, Blaxill did not address that at all, stating:

“Lobbyists work behind the scenes always and since Beth is a lobbyist and SafeMinds was Beth’s client, I don’t doubt she worked to get SafeMinds placed on the panel.”

That does not explain the fact that Clay’s “behind the scenes” work to have SafeMinds placed on the witness panel effectively changed the topic of the hearing and prevented Dr. Hooker from being invited by the congressional committee to testify. Blaxill did, however, try to throw the following bone to Age of Autism readers:

“Brian’s exclusion was a highly unfortunate outcome, one I hope we can fix soon by getting him in front of Congress to represent his important work.”

But will he fix it soon? Blaxill’s Canary Party asked for the next hearing to be about reforming the VICP rather than focusing on the government malfeasance Dr. Hooker had been working to uncover. Blaxill then defended his speech that he gave before Congress that was totally devoid of the word “vaccines,” by admitting he “pulled a few punches.” That’s putting it lightly. His excuse, ironically, was to build momentum for the next congressional hearings. Never mind that his continuous interference is helping to lose that momentum and completely derail the hearings.

Mark Blaxill directs his final paragraph at me, calling my reporting “delusional.” He then flip-flops by stating I have “so much potential to do good work.” He also talks about wanting to “heal the rift between us” five months after unfriending me on Facebook.

Now, he plans to continue shutting off contact with critics like myself on the excuse that, “I have no intention of getting into any flame wars on this subject.”

Perhaps it’s time for Mark Blaxill to practice what he preaches.

Jake Crosby is editor of Autism Investigated and is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. He is a 2011 graduate of Brandeis University with a BA in both History and Health: Science, Society and Policy. He currently attends The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services where he is completing his candidacy for an MPH in epidemiology.

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16 Thoughts on “Mark Blaxill Publicly Attacks Critics

  1. Carlyle on July 8, 2013 at 5:20 pm said:

    Unhappy with the way his money was being spent, however, Segal withdrew financial support, culminating in Facing Autism’s dissolution.

    It also seems unlikely that he will be providing more cash to the Canary Party than Blaxill this year.

    • If you go on to Barry Segal’s Focus Autism website and click on “Partners” under “What We Fund,” you’ll get a list of the groups/people that his organization supports. Mark Blaxill’s Canary Party is not on that list.

  2. Ethel Mercurious on July 11, 2013 at 8:45 am said:

    Who is Beth Clay ? Can she answer these allegations against her ? Do we have a contact for this person ?
    Has Beth Clay been compromised by other parties ?

    • She is a paid lobbyist for SafeMinds who used to work for Dan Burton as a congressional staffer, and no she cannot. When I brought up what she did at the April IACC meeting, she tried to throw up a smokescreen by accusing me of “hate speech” for mentioning her ties to a Scientology front group on this FB thread.

      The most she can say is that I “misrepresented facts” and that she was “misquoted,” but won’t elaborate at all. I think she is compromised by having SafeMinds as a client as well as by her own desire to ensure that client runs the show by any means possible, even by stealing the limelight.

  3. Rebecca Fisher on July 12, 2013 at 7:29 am said:


    I appreciate that you feel the need to create a space for your writing, one where you can publish uncensored, but if you’re going to call it “Autism Investigated”, wouldn’t it be a good idea to write about the science behind autism, the issues faced by people on the spectrum and other actual news or issues, rather than simply moaning, and listing petty grievances in a “he said / she said” style? This piece reads like the whinings of a petulant schoolboy.

    I’m also willing to bet that your comment policy will be even more draconian than that at Age of Autism, and that this won’t be allowed through.

    Still, all the best for your new venture – although I see it’s already stalled. No new posts after the initial fit of enthusiasm.

    Kind regards,


    • “Becky,”

      Autism Investigated will cover all those issues, if it has not already.

      It’s a shame you, like Mark Blaxill’s supporters, launch ad hominem attacks against me rather than address the points I’ve raised. Obviously, the profanity at your blog would not be permitted here, but I do welcome all opinions.

      Speaking of your blog, I see there have not been any posts on it in over a month. Perhaps you should take care of that before commenting that AI has not had a new post in less than a week.


  4. Rebecca Fisher on July 15, 2013 at 7:18 am said:


    Thanks for reinstating my comment – and yes, you’re quite right that I’ve been a little tardy about updating my own site. Must do better.

    I’d like to pick you up on one point – I didn’t launch an ad homenim attack on you. An ad homenim attack would have been for me to dismiss all your arguments *because* your post sounded like a petulant schoolboy. In fact, I simply observed that your writings sounded like a petulant schoolboy, without passing any judgement about whether what you wrote was true, false, exaggerated or whatever.

    I actually care less than one centi-jot about the bickerings in the anti-vaccine community. What I do care about is pointing out and (where I can) correcting demonstrable untruths, misunderstandings, misdirections, exaggerations and fabrications perpetrated by those in that community as they endanger public health and do nothing to help those with ASDs, nor search for real causes of ASDs.

    Obviously I swear and rant quite a bit, but I do confine that to my own blog, and am very rarely anything other than extremely polite in other people’s houses. You have no need to worry on that score.

    Kind regards,


    • “You have no need to worry on that score.” – I should hope so.

    • I have to say… Being a mother of a vaccine injured son I have been censored and attacked at AoA. My fellow circles of mothers have as well. So Rebecca you have a dead point. I am new to this only blogging for 8 years so I do give a benefit of the doubt. Rebecca, Jake is taking the time out of his studies among other things to go and be PRESENT at conferences were lies are told and confront those lies with smart CALM answers… Now, not only has Jake recovered from his earlier years of full time aide etc but he is a HERO in most of the eyes of us mothers who are raising son’s just like him and wish we could stand with him on his ventures.

      Something stinks here granted but for Mark B. and others to come down on Jake who is willing to approach this issue as I would and many others, I feel the whole truth is not fully understood. I support Jake with all my heart as do all of my corresponding autism mothers and wish I had the time away from my own son’s rehabilitation to go with him to these propaganda conferences and confront these idiots on the harms they are causing.

      Jake, I was at the Autism One conference and came because I saw you were going to speak. I sat there for 20min while Canary party and AoA were standing around mumbling before they announced you were not going to show. Soon after this turmoil began. You have a following and support, I’m not sure what is happening because it seems like the full truth is still behind closed doors but what Mark B. said was unjust and that is very hard for me to say because I have supported the Canary Party from the very beginning.

  5. Ethel Mercurious on July 16, 2013 at 10:00 pm said:

    Rebecca, I’ll always love AoA but everyone of us parents has a million stories of tragedy about our loved ones . My own story includes , eyes spinning in my childs head (I don’t hear many parents mentioning this one incidentally), no eye contact , no speech , incontinence , anxiety , paranoia , all the classic symptoms of mercury poisoning in fact . Yes it was the vaccines , what else could it have been ….ok the BBC (joke factory)can make up a dozen bullshi^te reasons for the cause of autism (all to protect vaccine reputation) . Anyway my point is that AoA is not directed enough , where are the protests , AoA regularly pulls down the “killing articles” in favour of a sympathy story . AoA doesn’t put up the before and after pictures often enough . AoA doesn’t seem to mean business . How long is this holocaust going to continue . And quite frankly , Jake is the best I’ve seen bar none . All I hear is about polite protests , well not for me , no way .
    There is nothing in the least bit mannerly about poisoning babies , infants and children , and then denying that you have done just that . I want to see those guilty parties in front of juries , I want to see justice for these crimes , because there is no way that anyone can deny the obvious truths if the facts are allowed to be free of state censorship’s . Anyone who has looked at this sorry saga for any serious length of time , can only lead to one conclusion , for there is only one question in the end .
    It is that this cannot be an accident and somewhere somehow this is a Eugenics Vaccine project .
    You cannot have a 30 year accident spanning every developed country in the world and encroaching fast into every other nation on the planet . The sheer numbers of maimed children beggars belief .
    Who else is mounting a serious challenge to this gigantic crime ….Beth Clay ? If anything , she prevented that challenge occurring , and I have to presume she performed her duties to the letter . If I am wrong about Beth Clay , why doesn’t she speak up and answer the accusations . AoA friends have assured me that Brian Hooker PhD will be presented to congress at the next available opportunity . But why wouldn’t we have done that at the first possible opportunity (an expert biochemist no less but somehow we chose a parent campaigner – it doesn’t make sense to me – and it never will )? Our protests need momentum , they need to gather speed and when events like that occur , scuppered opportunities ,its the guilty parties who benefit , and our protests lose impetus , desperate parents despair and give up .
    My childs neurological health was never up for compromise or debate , but it has been stolen away by immunologist thieves in the night . Medicine reputation in my eyes is in complete tatters .
    There is only so much effort that should be devoted to Kanners original autistic dozen . If only the numbers of mercury\aluminium poisoned were still in the mere dozens instead of the many tens of millions . If you notice all the time , vaccine freedom and vaccine choice is being eroded via the collaborating media , so really time is running out quickly to resist this vaccine tyranny .
    Jake means business , he is uncompromising , just as he should be . As we all should be .
    It is not permissible to poison people’s babies , not ever . I hope for this site to be successful , for Jake to be successful , and for those guilty parties to be held accountable .

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