Mark Blaxill’s Early Interference In Autism Omnibus Revealed

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The following are excerpts from and links to 2003 and 2004 email exchanges between members of SafeMinds and Mike Williams – lead attorney for the plaintiffs in the Autism Omnibus Proceedings of vaccine court – disclosed to Autism Investigated from a confidential source that gave permission to publish these correspondences. Particularly telling are the exchanges between Williams and now-former SafeMinds director Mark Blaxill. Click the hyperlinks below to see the email exchanges in full.



10-6-03 Email from Mike Williams to SafeMinds Stating that He Considers Them Consultants & Thus Their Discussions Are Legally Protected

** This email is important because it establishes that SafeMinds folks are being considered consultants in the Vaccine Court autism litigation, and establishes that Mike Williams and the SafeMinds folks thought that all of their communications would be confidential. The email states, “One other thing: when I consult with you folks at Safeminds, the communications should be treated the same as if you were retained expert consultants. That way all of our communications between each other that I am on will almost certainly be privileged and never subject to non voluntary disclosure. Lawyers and parties to lawsuits are always allowed free and confidential consultation with experts of all types, and never have to disclose to the court or other side that such consultants exist, and have no obligation to disclose communications with them, until and unless that expert consultant agrees to become a testifying expert witness, which is extremely unlikely in this case. Such an understanding does not prevent you from expressing your ideas in any forum, so long as you don’t express mine.”

10-6-03 Email from Mark Blaxill to Safeminds Members & Mike Williams Stating, “Please recognize, though, that my firm has clients on the other side…”

** This email from Mark Blaxill to Mike Williams, Esq of the PSC states, “Unfortunately, since the activist side has so many possible divides…and so much passion, we have a very hard time bringing things together…

-genes vs environment
-penetrate the science vs. reject the scientists
-compromise on legislation vs hold out
-support litigation vs stay away from it
-anti-corporate vs shaping corporate
-focus on biomedical vs focus on therapy
-“sue the bastards” vs ask the bastards for research money
-alternative medicine vs drug therapy and “by the book” treatments
-etc. etc…

The issue I will confess to the most difficulty with is the “sue the bastards” model…Please recognize, though, that my firm has clients on the other side and so I cannot–in fairness to my partners–get directly involved in the quest for money. I only am interested in the quest for the truth….I would say there are a few lawyers I’ve run into that make my discomfort really sharp.”


11-23-03 Email from Mark Blaxill to Mike Williams – “…[the Geiers] can do our cause more harm than good.” – “I could rip [the Geiers’ Work] to shreds.”

** This email is from Mark Blaxill of Safeminds to Mike Williams, Esq of the PSC and other members of Safeminds. Mark Blaxill states, “As to the Geiers, I may be a bit of a minority voice here, but I worry very much that they can do our cause more harm than good. They are not very good scientists, write bad papers (both writing badly and reporting in sloppy fashion) and attract too much attention to themselves as individuals. In this last regard, they don’t show nearly as well as Andy Wakefield but they’re trying to play the same role. Frankly, if I were on the other side and were asked to critique their work, I could rip it to shreds. I’m surprised they haven’t been hit harder. So I think you are wise to diversify.”


2-24-04 Mike Williams Responds to Mark Blaxill’s Previous Email That Stated He is Not a Fan of the Geiers’ Work & of the Geiers’ Not Representing our Side Well & Sloppy Work by Thanking Him

** This is an email exchange between Mark Blaxill of Safeminds to Mike Williams, Esq of the PSC and other members of SafeMinds. Mark Blaxill states, despite the many peer-reviewed papers published by Dr. Mark and David Geier, “I have not been a big fan of the Geiers. I worry they do not represent our side well. They often do sloppy work.” Mike Williams responds to everyone by stating, “Thanks, Mark, very helpful.”

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36 Thoughts on “Mark Blaxill’s Early Interference In Autism Omnibus Revealed

  1. Doug Troutman on October 12, 2013 at 1:48 am said:

    Which side is Blaxill on, perhaps his firm’s clients ? I find it interesting that Dr. Geier was an expert on the Poling case and Hannah was compensated. Mr. Shoemaker did a fine job on this case and it would set a precedent for the other mercury damage cases. It appears that Safe Minds is always there to undermine the folks at CoMed. Why would they do that? I thought they were interested in the mercury injured children.

    • It sure seems that way. Since Mark Blaxill has formally left SafeMinds, much of the undermining is now being done in the name of Canary Party, which he founded and chairs.

  2. Letthembegot on October 12, 2013 at 7:32 am said:

    The things Mark Blaxill says he had a hard time bringing people together on……………I have nothing but clarity on. He offers the reality of what parents think versus what I believe to be a dumbing down alternative, We the parents are way more united than Blaxill conveys. What we have lacked is leadership which as many others also believe could be due to the spoiling tactics of infiltration.

    BTW the suing the B*astards option quickly focuses the mind and brings people to a common cause……………..funny how he dislikes that so much.

    • He dislikes it so much, he’ll even accuse another autism parent of being primarily motivated by the prospect of vaccine injury compensation. For someone who tries to pass himself off as such a sincere advocate, he is awfully willing to invoke even the most insidious pharma talking points.

  3. Concerned Dad on October 12, 2013 at 3:30 pm said:

    I’m sure there is much more information that would support SafeMinds taking the entire Omnibus Autism Proceedings south such that Williams and Powers “threw” the test cases. This type of despicable behavior can no longer be tolerated by the autism community. Every one of the petitioners in the 4900 cases that got tossed from the NVICP without even a hearing should be up in arms.

  4. Busy mom on October 13, 2013 at 9:33 pm said:

    Thank you Jake for your awesome work in this. It’s a sad day to realize that not only are we parents having to fight the real bad guys, but we have bad guys among us working against us as well. No wonder we’ve been treading water all these years. How can our kids every get justice with the deck so stacked against them? This is an outrage and a slap in face to every vaccine injured autistic child!

  5. Mom In The Know on October 14, 2013 at 10:54 am said:

    As a long time advocate who has tried for 10 years to get autism community “leaders” to question Mark’s motives, conflicts and strategy, I can tell you this is but the tip of the iceberg. Thank you, Jake, for your courageous reporting and commitment to truth. When his full deception and corruption is finally revealed, the community will fully understand that he actively played a huge role in denying our children justice. His sabotage of our efforts weren’t just a happenstance occurance due to his being torn between his “commitment to the autism community” and his “work obligations” as he tries to portray in the email. Please remember this man’s expertise is STRATEGIC PLANNING and his “clients” were/are Pharma and their “stakeholder” partners. Keep investigating, Jake. You are on the right path and we owe you a debt of gratitude.

  6. White Rose on October 14, 2013 at 1:08 pm said:

    Particularly fr Mark Blaxhill and all other commenters on here .

    I speak for quite a few parents who say we dont want compensation , the authorities can stick that up their VICP , we DEMAND prosecutions . We know the full facts , we have the science , the authorities have the media , and it looks very much like they have the Autism leadership (but maybe not for too much longer) .

    I want to see prosecutions of the guilty , I can name them all here now , if anyone wants me to .
    Every single one who attended SimpsonWood is a good starting place . And we know all the very top names too , the architects of these conspiracies .

    Let this be a warning to all those fledgling immunologists waiting in the wings who think they are going to get rich like Offit . We are not going to forget this vaccine carnage you have plagued on us .

  7. White Rose on October 14, 2013 at 3:51 pm said:

    ‘No Monsanto!’: World marches against GMO food
    Published time: October 12, 2013 19:06
    People hold signs during one of many worldwide “March Against Monsanto” protests against Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and agro-chemicals, in Los Angeles, California October 12, 2013. (Reuters / Lucy Nicholson)

    Agriculture, Anissa Naouai, Corporate news, GMO, Health, Politics, Protest, Scandal, Science Thousands took to streets across the world’s cities on Saturday to protest the use of GMO products, with Giant Monsanto being the main target. Over 50 countries have been taking part in the march for world food day, and across 47 different US states.

    Berlin, Strasbourg, Chicago, London, Sydney and Mumbai are just a few of the 500 cities worldwide involved in the rallies, with each one drawing hundreds.

    The demonstrators have been calling for the permanent boycott of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and “other harmful agro-chemicals,” according to March Against Monsanto’s official webpage. Protesters wielded large banners denouncing GMO products, and donned fancy dress: In Washington DC a group dressed as bees to highlight the impact of insecticides on bee populations.

  8. White Rose on October 15, 2013 at 10:29 am said:

    So here is my analysis of the ingredients of this years Flu jab , and I was actually asked to sign off a waiver to say this was ok to put into my bloodstream , oh how I laughed .
    Thiomersal …. the zyklonB of the US-UK alliance , yes its still very much in use because its so good.
    Formaldehyde …. known as a carcinogen since time began & used all the time in vaccine .
    Betapropiolactone …. “reasonably expected to be a human carcinogen” (IARC, 1999).
    Nonoxynol-9 ….. is widely used in contraceptives for its spermicidal properties (it kills cells).
    Octoxinol-9 ….a detergent , why in the world would you ?
    Neomycin …. an antibiotic from 1949 Due to the inherent oto- and nephrotoxicity of these substances, systemic use has declined, as safer alternatives have become available.
    Polymixin …another antibiotic which is relatively neurotoxic and nephrotoxic[6] and are usually used only as a last resort if modern antibiotics are ineffective or are contraindicated.
    Latex …. because immunologists are a sick bunch of sadists I presume .

  9. White Rose on October 15, 2013 at 12:35 pm said:

    “Mom In The Know”

    Are you able to tell us more ?

    Clearly smthg is going awry somewhere ? that much is perfectly clear . Its typical Rockerfeller tactics actually .

  10. Congress is 100% corrupt. How will we ever have a fair hearing there? We have to eliminate Congress from the equation. It’s really simple to get rid of Congress and Obama but as long as you listen to phony leaders, you’ll never accept what I have to say.

  11. White Rose on October 16, 2013 at 9:18 am said:

    Does anyone have an explanation or theory for the success of Ultrasound waves pulsed onto the Thalmus in the treatment of Parkinsons sufferers tremors ?

  12. White Rose on October 16, 2013 at 11:16 am said:

    Houston we have a problem …..

    Subject: Facebook No of Likes figures;

    Vaccine reactions and injuries photo gallery 1,156
    Seriously concerned about Gardasil 2,019
    Vaccine Epidemic 4,666
    AOA 7,440
    My childs vaccine reaction 9,519
    Thinking Moms revolution 15,463
    Vactruth 22,672
    Vaccine Machine 32,495
    National Vaccine Information centre 61,875

  13. White Rose on October 17, 2013 at 9:06 am said:

    The BMJ-Merck alliance issued a statement today via the BBC saying Autism has plateaued in the UK via some dodgy little half wit survey that anyone with any knowledge of the subject knows is bogus , fraudulent and downright lies .

    Thanks Fiona Godless ..this is just making us Parents angry , you wouldnt like angry Parents , we make the incredible Hulk look benign .

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  15. Doug Troutman on October 25, 2013 at 10:46 pm said:

    I listened to Mark’s interview with Curt Sr. and Mark’s actions don’t seem to follow his words. I wish he would ask MB to explain the emails. From past history, wherever you find Kirby and Olmstead you will find MB. Curt is supposed to be interviewing him again and I am sure this will be enlightening.

    • Agreed Doug, and what nerve Mark Blaxill has to lecture listeners about how we should avoid infighting when he has a history of divide-and-conquer going back more than a decade. I also wish Curt Linderman would ask Blaxill to explain the emails, among other things I discussed in Tuesday’s episode that he completely avoided. I wish I had more time to talk about the letter David Kirby and Dan Olmsted signed undermining Rev. Sykes’ case against drug companies. I’m naturally suspicious of any as-yet-unknown third-party involvement that might have influenced them to write their letter, but as far as I know Blaxill will not be interviewed on Linderman again and neither will I.

  16. How come Curt isn’t going to have you back, Jake? Did he change his mind about telling people the truth?

    • Hi John – I think Curt wanted to cover the hearing fiasco, but not in the sense that it would become a continuous theme on his show. I’m sure he’s also under tremendous pressure from Mark Blaxill and Canary Party. To Curt’s credit, he devoted a full hour-long episode of his program to interviewing me and letting me talk about issues that Age of Autism won’t even allow in its comment threads. Mark spoke for half as long as I did, avoided much of what I discussed and admitted to possessing a COI when he first got involved. I don’t think he came across very well to listeners.

      • Curt was angry with me a couple of years ago for bashing the Canary Party because his wife was a member. He didn’t want to hear the truth then and defriended me for telling it to him. Some people just can’t handle the truth.

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  22. Narad on June 27, 2015 at 12:29 am said:

    None of those G–le attachment links seem to be working, BTW.

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