Mark Blaxill Didn’t Disclose Pharma Conflict at 2001 IOM Meeting


By Jake Crosby

In 2001, self-styled autism advocate Mark Blaxill failed to disclose his conflict of interest with pharmaceutical companies at the Institute of Medicine’s 2001 meeting on thimerosal and neurodevelopmental disorders. This non-disclosure would contradict what he would claim in a podcast interview 12 years later as Canary Party Chairman:

“The only time I had a conflict was when I was helping David Kirby and contributing to the Evidence of Harm book. And it’s even in the book, Curt; I have never hid the conflict. I’ve actually been public with people and open with people about the concerns I’ve had. So it’s not as though there is any great secrets I was keeping. And whatever concern I had, it is not operative any longer.”

But at his 2001 IOM presentation – discussed in “Evidence of Harm” –  Blaxill said, after being introduced by IOM Committee  Chair Marie McCormick:

“Thank you very much, Dr. McCormick. I am very pleased at the opportunity to present to the panel.

I had an easy time on the conflict of interest question. I am a parent, and I can guarantee you that the research that you will see has received no funding from anybody whatsoever. I also have an MBA, so I recognize that places me at something of a presumptive intellectual disadvantage. So be it.”

Other than identify himself as a parent, Blaxill revealed no conflict of interest whatsoever. He only stated that his research was not supported by any funding source as IOM requested that he disclose. What he did not reveal was that he was still in the employ of Boston Consulting Group, which still had vaccine manufacturers as clients. He would admit this in email to SafeMinds’ board of directors the following year and to omnibus attorney Mike Williams the year after that. Blaxill even consulted for Merck.

There is no evidence that his email to SafeMinds‘ board of directors in 2002 was made public prior to the 2005 publication of David Kirby’s book “Evidence of Harm”, in which the email’s contents were discussed. Blaxill’s email to Williams was not public until it was revealed last year on Autism Investigated. So prior to publication of “Evidence of Harm,” the only known public record of discussion concerning Blaxill’s potential conflicts was his non-disclosure of any such conflicts when he first presented to IOM in 2001.

Not disclosing his conflict of interest enabled him to win the trust of other parents present in the audience at that meeting. The following year, he would join SafeMinds‘ board of directors, enabling him to influence that organization’s agenda. When the rider to shield Eli Lilly and other thimerosal manufacturers was slipped into the Homeland Security Bill, Blaxill sent an email threatening to resign should SafeMinds slam the company for poisoning children. That was when he cited his own employer’s ties to pharmaceutical companies as his reason for threatening to resign from SafeMinds’ board . Remarkably, SafeMinds capitulated to Blaxill and he remained on SafeMinds’ board for another decade. His position further enabled him to do irreparable harm to the omnibus autism cases – denying justice to 4,900 vaccine injured children – and hijack the agenda of the 2012 congressional autism hearing as well as a tentatively scheduled 2014 congressional hearing.

Following public revelations of his 2012 hijacking, he left SafeMinds in 2013 but remains chairman of his own organization Canary Party that he founded in 2011. He continuously works to shield the scientific misconduct of CDC and its collaborators from exposure in a congressional hearing. Meanwhile, the evidence mounts that he was planted at the 2001 IOM meeting, as does the evidence for his “advocacy” being nothing more than carefully orchestrated infiltration by a man so unqualified to speak at the IOM, he even acknowledged that fact in his presentation.

Jake Crosby is editor of Autism Investigated. He is a 2011 graduate of Brandeis University with a Bachelor of Arts in both History and Health: Science, Society and Policy and a 2013 graduate of The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services with a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology. He currently attends the University of Texas School of Public Health where he is studying for a Ph.D. in Epidemiology.

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38 Thoughts on “Mark Blaxill Didn’t Disclose Pharma Conflict at 2001 IOM Meeting

  1. I wonder who helped Kirby write the Author’s Note to Evidence of Harm in which he announced that he was selling us out by stating that he would never endorse the methods we were using to cure our children by using words that sounded like they came straight from David Gorski’s blog. Blaxill didn’t bother telling Congress how we cure autism, did he?

    • Well we know David Kirby co-wrote a letter supporting Kathleen Seidel after David Gorski urged him to. Whether someone else may have also influenced Kirby is a matter of speculation, but Mark Blaxill also uses words and arguments that sound like they came straight from places like Gorski’s blog. Blaxill didn’t bother discussing Poul Thorsen’s research fraud before Congress either and went to ridiculous lengths to play down his role in research to other SafeMinds’ board members before the hearing. Yet now over at Blaxil’s blog AoA is a post from SafeMinds correctly calling Thorsen the principal investigator and complaining that he is still at large three years after the indictment. I can’t even point out the obvious way Blaxill helped contribute to that in the comments of AoA without getting censored.

  2. WHAT?! “When the rider to shield Eli Lilly and other thimerosal manufacturers was slipped into the Homeland Security Bill, Blaxill sent an email threatening to resign should SafeMinds slam the company for poisoning children. That was when he cited his own employer’s ties to pharmaceutical companies as his reason for threatening to resign from SafeMinds’ board.”

  3. Anonymous Concerned Parent on April 17, 2014 at 7:18 pm said:

    I have been watching the facebook climate for a few years now, and I was skeptical when Canary Party showed up and started actively recruiting parents to put yellow bird pic badges on their profiles. Then I started reading your posts about Blaxill on this site and it begins to make sense. Its like every so often a new organization pops out of the wood work that’s “going to finally stop this” and then…..well they don’t. They do manage to glam it up on the internet, recruiting lots of parents to their cause in the interim. Making nice distractions to healing our kids. This brings me to wonder where TMR came from. And what their eventual goal actually is. This is another group that came up out of no where and gained the attention of the masses on facebook and then through their anonymous bloggers. When I looked at their website, they are not a non-profit org. Hmm?

    Maybe I’m just over suspicious but it seems like any movement that has power to gain attention is also corrupt somewhere

    Perhaps they intend to do good, maybe they are on the up and up, but its any wonder how you can get a book on the shelves at Walmart when you have to pay to print it, edit it, and royalties to 12 or so contributors and you do this in less than a year. That’s a pretty amazing feat without some outside cash flow. And most of the contributors to this book do chelate to get mercury out of their autistic kids, but no mention in the book about it.

    I wonder if there is any evidence that Kirby was paid to write the EoH book?

    Of course there was no mention that chelation/biomed is curing autism by Blaxill . If he had mentioned that taking mercury out of kids was working, well then the cat would be out of the bag.

    I am having a hard time sorting out who isn’t on the take in the autism organizations. People contact me all the time asking for real information, real proof and where exactly can they go read?
    I’d love it someone compiled a list of who is who and who is paying them.

    (by the way I’m loving this site)

    • There is no evidence David Kirby was paid. He had noticed that New York Times columnist Bob Herbert interviewed SafeMinds’ Lyn Redwood back when the Lilly rider was sneaked into the Homeland Security Bill and took interest. Kirby was himself a contributor to The New York Times then. So I suspect that’s why he focused heavily on SafeMinds and on Lyn Redwood in particular throughout his book.

      Btw, glad you love this site.

  4. Bayareamom on April 17, 2014 at 8:39 pm said:

    Anonymous Concerned,

    Liked your post. JMHO, but I feel most organizations, whether intentionally or not, are infiltrated at some point. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but that’s my gut feeling. The ONLY groups I would suspect that do not have these type infiltrators, would be Autism One and Generation Rescue (but I could be mistaken, who knows).

    Our son does not have autism, but was vaccine injured as an infant. We quit vaccinating him at six months of age, and I am absolutely beyond convinced that had we not quit vaccinating him, he’d either be dead at this point, or on the extreme high end of the autism scale. I contacted both the two groups I’ve mentioned above and they were extremely helpful as to how to help our son when our mainstream/allopathic pediatrician was absolutely clueless (telling us our son would simply ‘grow out’ of his symptoms).

    • Generation Rescue is the reason Blaxill has de facto control over AoA now – he was made “editor-at-large” yet made no contributions to its precursor Rescue Post. If infiltration is one of pharma’s tactics, I’m sure Age of Autism/Rescue Post would be high on the list of targets to infiltrate.

      • Bayareamom on April 21, 2014 at 4:30 pm said:

        Infiltration has a lot of meaning(s), Jake. It can mean ‘mindset,’ as in put out SO much information in the way of pro-pharma/pro-vaccine, that this then becomes the social mindset of most of the populous. Infiltration doesn’t necessarily mean ‘as in bodily form.’ There are many ways within which to infiltrate a society to brainwash it (or whatever you want to call it), to do one’s bidding.

    • Anonymous Concerned Parent on April 18, 2014 at 12:16 am said:

      I’m glad you liked my comments. Perhaps we are all fellow conspiracy theorists because I feel the same way. And the posts I’m seeing here seem to confer. Just watching the climate among the organizations over the years leaves me doubts.

      I have become more skeptical of AO over the last year or two. AO has had some very controversial presentations the past few years. Certainly giving sodium chloride enema’s to autistic children 3 times a week may spark some questions by most. Some presenters have been valuable, very truly indeed. But there is also an element that leaves it to be taken less seriously. Such as casino nights where parents or attendees get drunk, post themselves on Facebook partying. This makes it very hard to be taken seriously. Maybe they mean well, but it seems that the past few years its gotten fluffy from previous years. I also recall a political call to action at last year’s presentations which seemed new to me.

      Now GR, I knew about Handley selling it out. But as of lately I learned from an insider that GR sanitizes the information they offer on their website. Its run past a doctor before it can be approved. So lots of luck hearing about vaccines or mercury on there.

      Either way, I am glad they were both helpful to your family. We got the same bs from our doctor. Utter non-sense!

      Time will tell as I’m sure our good detectives on this thread and blog dig more into the issues.

  5. JB Handley started Generation Rescue and Age of Autism. JB went on TV before he started Generation Rescue and stated unequivocally that mercury caused all autism. BUT, the last four times I saw JB on TV, he made no mention of mercury and claimed that “too many, too soon” caused autism which is utter BS. Handley sucked lots of decent parents in to associate with GR to help other victims. I was one of the first to join up. Then he sold us all out on network TV as well as by giving Age of Autism to Olmstead who also sold us out. Handley did exactly what good con artists do, gained our trust, sold us out and now is hardly ever heard from.

    • When Olmsted took over Rescue Post and renamed it after his old “Age of Autism” column for UPI, Mark Blaxill was given the title “editor-at-large.” Yet he hadn’t contributed a thing to Rescue Post before that; he barely ever commented. Only when his editorial control began did he start contributing anything to it.

      • Who had the money to pay Olmstead? Would that be Handley, who seemed to be very wealthy? If Handley was corrupt himself, would he have known that Blaxill was also corrupt? I don’t think anyone suspected Blaxill at the time. Kim Stagliano told me Age of Autism was corrupt at end of 2007. Ask yourself how a dimwit like her could be hired by anyone unless she wasn’t really as stupid as she acts.

  6. Lujene Clark on April 18, 2014 at 1:56 am said:

    I think this new “Health Choice” organization is like the bastard love child of Autism Speaks and Canary Party. It can only spell further trouble for our children. I mean, seriously, they formed Age of Autism and then Canary Party to take the heat off of SafeMinds because people were finally catching on to Mark’s shenanigans. I’ve been saying for 10 years he has horrific conflicts of interest and ties to Pharma. Jake is continuing to bring forth evidence of those conflicts and intentional decisions that Mark implemented or convinced others to do so that have HURT our children and our quest for truth and justice. So now, after the latest Canary Party ~ Congressional hearing debacle they decide to form this new “Health Choice” foolishness with the same failed strategies and same corrupt, inept “leaders” because they think the community is too stupid to recognize it as Canary Party Lite? Pffft. If people in the autism community are stupid and clueless enough to support yet another “Merck Blaxo” sideshow then they will get what they deserve…more failure and yet another year where their child is denied justice, denied the highest possible quality of life and health.

    • Sarah on April 20, 2014 at 2:37 pm said:


      When the same people are involved with different orgs over and over, it makes me wonder if there are really enough people who feel that this is a serious issue. It’s like there is such a limited pool of people to draw from that they have to recycle them 😉

      Does anyone know why JB Handley stepped back from this issue? He started GR, but then it renamed it “Jenny McCarthy’s Autism Organzation” and the site has been sanitized so that it barely mentions vaccines. What happened to his other websites? Fourteen studies hasn’t been updated for ages.

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  8. Doug Troutman on April 21, 2014 at 12:01 am said:

    I always wondered how MB was invited to present at scientific meetings when he has a masters in business administration. He always spoke and wrote about mercury being a huge problem but when it really mattered he checked up and really screwed everything up. He really wants to have controlled opposition. He must be a plant.

    • At this point it’s getting hard for me to believe he could be anything but that.

    • Sarah on April 21, 2014 at 1:10 pm said:

      MB was a long time member of the abmd (autism biomedical discussion) yahoo group. He was an early proponent of the theory that autism was caused by mercury poisoning from vaccines, and chelated his autistic daughter for a long time, if I recall correctly. However, she never improved, as far as I recall. Thus, it seems to me that he lost faith in the whole theory. He may still play lip-service to it, but I don’t think he believes it any more, because of his personal experience.

  9. Kerbob on April 21, 2014 at 7:52 am said:

    Er, David Kirby was hired collectively to author what would be dubbed Evidence of Harm.

    As the story goes the competition was between Kirby, a so called former staffer for the Thimerosal Queen – Hillary Clinton, and a guy named Arthur Allen.

    Kirby won out, and, Allen, who really wanted to write the book to help parents, eventually began stringing for the Pharmaceutical companies as part of their massive propaganda movement which capitalized on the the federal government’s CDC anti-litigation money-laundering scheme and about a zillion dimwitted, otherwise out of work “science bloggers”.

    It was odd that the socialistic collective, cult of personality Autism superstars hired a guy like Kirby, especially since he would specifically be keen to not want to tell the truth about the former first lady’s mercury mess.

    Hillary Clinton was the first lady that cried boo-hoo that children were slipping through the cracks and not getting “their” vaccines. She and some Arkansas politician’s wife nationalized the Arkansas state vaccine policy. It was the only part of “Hillarycare” that Congress ignited over, but obviously has meant disaster for America’s children.

    It was Hillary Clinton that pushed for all the vaccines that had Thimerosal in them. Her policy never required Thimerosal-free vaccines, which were widely available back in the early 1990s.

    Radio man Don Imus refused to allow Clinton on his program.

    Later the same morning, Imus made his now famous derogatory remarks about the ladies’ college basketball team. This was seized upon by Clinton’s minions and immediately used as a reason to throw him off the air.

    If Kirby’s true intent was not clear, it became clear. For when the first “test” cases finally reached vaccine court, rather than provide all those paying attention to the Autism-mercury issue with a steady account of the Cedillo case, he redirected attention away from the testimony to a non-existent rift between members of CDC anti-litigation point man, Bob Wright.

    Readers became disillusioned with Kirby as he claimed that Wright and his daughter were at war over the Autism-vaccine issue. Within a short time, every media outlet in the country ran the “rift” and ignored the Cedillo science. Yet, the entire Wright clan could be seen smiling time and having a great time in picture after picture.

    • Kirby was “hired”? How?

    • Every time Kirby opened his mouth, he told us he was selling us out, right from the start. He always said that MAYBE thimerosal caused autism. He kept claiming we needed more studies long after we knew for certain that thimerosal had caused the brain damage. In essence, he was saying that none of us knew what we were talking about. Some of us had already cured our kids by chelating the mercury out when Kirby was promoting these lies.
      Kirby made a complete jackass out of himself when he claimed that mercury floating across the Pacific from China was the thing that was causing autism in California after CA had banned thimerosal. At the time, thimerosal was still in the flu shots that were being given to pregnant women in CA. Kirby always refused to acknowledge this fact. This deception was absolute confirmation that Kirby was working to help the drug companies. The liars at Age of Autism helped him do this.

      • He wrote on HuffPo that thimerosal most likely did not cause the autism epidemic.

        No prizes for guessing who influenced him.

        • You need to start looking at people who are a lot more powerful than Mark Blaxill. Kirby came from the NY Times, a propaganda mainstay owned and managed by the likes of Rockefeller and his cohorts. Kirby helped them promote the gay agenda and Kirby would promote anything he was told to promote to serve their propaganda. This whole deception goes way beyond some corrupted parent who happened to be a Harvard puke and thinks he’s smarter than the rest of us. Poisoning hundreds of millions of babies worldwide goes way beyond Mark Blaxill. Staying stuck on this minor character keeps the autism community from addressing the major criminals.

  10. White Rose on April 21, 2014 at 6:48 pm said:

    Hillary Clinton ? really ? All I can say is wow (and not in a good way) …wow ?
    Thimerosal Queen ……crikey , & I thought Bill was the bad guy .

    Jake you are a God send ! What a difference a Crosby makes .

    AoA you are nothing less than a cover-up .

  11. Stacy on April 21, 2014 at 7:31 pm said:

    I as well as so many others are ” over” the canary party. Give it up. They have not and are not going to do any real good, all they really want to do is walk around in suits and have affairs. It’s pathetic. Their poor families. Get a grip!

  12. Kerbob on April 22, 2014 at 5:03 pm said:


    It appears the so called Autism rock stars conducted business employment interviews to hire somebody to write their story.

    The idea was to sell a block-buster current affairs book then sell the movie rights for profit.

    Here is a cut and past from back in the day…


    Bestselling Book About Mercury, Vaccines and Autism in Paperback this February; Author Named “Person of the Year” by Nation’s Leading Autism Magazine;

    Movie Rights Optioned by Hollywood’s Participant Productions

    NEW YORK – The New York Times bestseller “Evidence of Harm – Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic, A Medical Controversy,” continues to make news in 2006, and was just named the 5th best selling science book for 2005 by

    “Evidence of Harm” will be issued in PAPERBACK this February, with a new postscript that updates readers on every aspect of the growing controversy over the past year — including new science and new political developments. It also includes recent media coverage, and an update on the lives of the parent activists profiled in the book.

    Meanwhile, author David Kirby has just been named “PERSON OF THE YEAR” by Spectrum, the nation’s largest and most influential autism magazine. Kirby, who will appear on the cover of the February issue, will be honored by the magazine at a reception in Long Island, NY, this spring.

    Finally, “Evidence of Harm” has been optioned by a rising MOVIE COMPANY: Los Angeles-based Participant Productions. Formed to produce films on important current topics, Participant has released titles that earned strong buzz in 2005. Its movies have been nominated for eight Golden Globe Awards, including Best Drama for “Good Night and Good Luck,” Best Dramatic Actress (Charlize Theron) for “North Country,” and Best Director (George Clooney) for “Syriana.”

    Two respected producers have signed onto the Evidence of Harm project: Nick Wechsler, who recently produced “North Country,” and Ross Bell, producer of “Fight Club.”

    “Evidence of Harm” is the story of parents with autistic children who suspected that their illness sprang from unsafe levels of mercury in their vaccines. These parents take on Big Business, Big Science and Big Government in order to learn the truth. Ultimately, they uncover compelling evidence that Thimerosal could very well have played a role in the disease. Despite industry and government resistance, the parents, joined by medical, scientific, legal, and political allies, are getting closer to establishing their claim.

    DAVID KIRBY has been a contributor to The New York Times for seven years, where he covers science and health, among other subjects, and has been a writer for over fifteen years. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

    Kirby was warned to be careful about who he sold the rights to. With so many Hollywood activists involved in the vaccine endorsement deals it was pretty obvious they bought the rights to kill the story.

  13. Kerbob on April 22, 2014 at 5:34 pm said:

    If you would like to do more research on Hollywood’s role in creating the Autism epidemic and the cover-up of a generation of vaccine-injured children look into the Children’s Defense Fund, including their involvement with Hillarycare, and the pharmaceutical giants, who manufacture nearly all of the vaccines in the world for both real and shell companies.

    Crazy how Bill Cosby would jump onto the Autism Speaks ship.

  14. kerbob on April 23, 2014 at 8:10 pm said:

    Perhaps the most prominent point being missed is the self-emasculating, pusillanimous guy Mark Blaxill truly is.

    How dare he, in the name of his OWN child, declare the child is a conflict on interests when we all KNOW his true conflict of interests has always been his professional role as a vaccine strategist for the vaccine-manufacturing drug companies.

  15. Bayareamom on April 24, 2014 at 2:54 am said:

    Thanks, Kerbob, for that above post. You’ve just proved my point. There are, indeed, incestuous dealings with this entire vaccine issue! Shortly after Kirby’s book came out, I fashioned an email to him and surprisingly, he responded, rather quickly I might add. He stated to me, in short order, to expect big things out of this book and that, indeed, a movie was in the offing.

    For YEARS after that amazing email response to me, I kept venturing back to his website, looking for the blockbuster information on that blockbuster movie that was to come out.

    Alas, it was not to be. I do recall emailing him about that and if memory serves, I received a fairly innocuous reply, stating that the movie was still in the ‘offing.’ Never occurred to me that he may have sold the rights to the movie to people in Hollywood who had, perhaps, vested interest in killing the entire deal.

    Now THAT makes sense.

    My Dad, who worked with the government for years, that this entire vaccine quagmire to actually get me harmed (he wasn’t joking) should I make myself as brazen as I was, in certain circles, with all of this.

    If truth be told, there have been some very brave whistle-blowers who HAVE been murdered, to keep this entire cover-up from the reaching the light of sunshine.

    I say this with complete sincerity. This is, truly, an extremely close-to-the-vest issue for many at the top who absolutely DO know what’s going on with all of this. To think that anyone in our Congress, Senate or anyone else involved in any other political venue can actually stop this, is sheer fantasy.

    I really do believe that the only solution is to have as many (think millions) boots on the ground with this and take those boots and do with them exactly as Martin Luther King, Jr., did.

    THAT might work, but as someone once said, “gathering a group of autism parents to be those boots on the ground is like trying to herd a group of cats.”

    Blaxil said that, during an interview with Linderman.

  16. Letthembegot on April 30, 2014 at 8:54 pm said:

    Bayareamom I totally relate and agree with your post.
    This goes right to the top. And the only way is to unite and the single most harmful thing which the infiltrated groups have done is divide the people and prevent a cohesive message.

    I also like you believe it is actually dangerous to speak out and be as you call it too brazen…..however if the numbers were there that issue goes away.

    I am in full support of AI because there is some straight talking going on here and I have no illusions or false hopes of some bogus leader fixing this. We need the numbers and a cohesive message.

    I have not lost hope at all but AOA, GR, SM and Aspks….they guys are wasting my time and I discovered that some time back. I did not know about the David Kirby stuff but it makes sense as I did not understand how he was being published on Huff Po and yet he seemed to go to ground for very long periods of time.

    On another tangent I wonder what ever happened to Dr David Ayoub ? He went to ground too….no doubt in fear for his safety- you could not make this sh*te up !

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