My Final Exchange with Dan Olmsted: Leaving Progressivism

It is with great sadness that Autism Investigated relays the announcement that Dan Olmsted – Age of Autism’s founding editor – has passed away. While I have had my differences with him and the Age of Autism site, I will be forever grateful to him for his friendship, advice and platform for my views. I’ve always respected him as a journalist and have never forgotten the excellent work he has done over the years, and I just had a very friendly exchange with him on the day of the inauguration. I will never stop missing him, and I offered my sincere condolences to the entire Age of Autism team. Autism Investigated devoted the entire last week to posts honoring Dan Olmsted, which ended with a proper obituary. Since then, Age of Autism has given Autism Investigated permission to post its final exchange with Dan Olmsted. It is now published here in full. May we all honor Dan’s life by ending the autism epidemic to make America great again! – Jake Crosby, MPH
Hello Dan,
How are you doing?
I’m writing you because the title of Anne’s post is: “Senators on key panel reject Donald Trump’s skepticism about vaccines” [Senators Reject Trump’s Vaccine Panel], even though there is no indication any of them did directly except perhaps Al Franken. She was probably confused by the wording of the title: Senators on key panel reject Trump’s skepticism about vaccineBut that “key panel” is the Senate HELP committee they serve on; the members were not asked to weigh in on Kennedy’s panel – only on their overall opinions of vaccine safety. It doesn’t mean they outright reject Kennedy’s panel. STAT News didn’t provide their exact questions, so we really have no idea what they asked the Senators or if they even mentioned Trump.
Obviously it’s your blog to do whatever you want with, but at this sensitive time I would say it’s best to correct that. 
Happy new year and president.
——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Re: Senators Didn’t Reject Kennedy Panel Idea
From: Dan Olmsted 
Date: Fri, January 20, 2017 9:46 pm

Thanks for writing Jake we will check it out and let you know
I join you in wishing trump well. My progressive affinities have moderated lately and I am optimistic, as I have to say you were before the election
 ——– Original Message ——–
Subject: RE: Senators Didn’t Reject Kennedy Panel Idea
From: <>
Date: Mon, January 23, 2017 12:30 pm
To: “Dan Olmsted” 

My pleasure, Dan. Good post on Trump, btw. I don’t know if you saw my Newt Gingrich post, but he now supports RFK’s commission!
I’ll admit, I was much more optimistic about Trump being a good president if he won than I was about whether or not he’d win in the first place! So glad he did! 
And please dump the SJWs; they’re crazy, and you always struck me as a classical liberal guy anyway.

Little did I know at the time that he would never get my final email to him. The following week, SJWs would burn Berkeley to cancel a talk by another gay journalist who had grown fed up with his community’s politics. Whether our opponents are wearing black ski masks or white lab coats, the best we can do to honor Dan’s life is to never shy from saying what needs to be said. It’s what Dan would want.

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18 Thoughts on “My Final Exchange with Dan Olmsted: Leaving Progressivism

  1. Thank you, Jake. Dan was a true mentor and friend. Kim

  2. Anonymous on February 3, 2017 at 8:35 pm said:

    Yes, these two (Dan and Milo) are very strong advocates. Both very different, yet brave souls fighting for truth.

  3. Boston-no thanks! on February 5, 2017 at 7:02 pm said:

    I liked Dan very much as well as Kim. I can’t stomach Blaxill. He’s nothing but a rich, phony snob. The only thing genuine about that idiot are his multi million dollar homes and narcissistic ways. I always was surprised Dan and Kim would associate with that idiot. Blaxill started out his life in Princeton, NJ and ended up in Boston. No wonder he’s repulsive.

    • Well I used to go to college near Boston, and that’s how I first met Mark. He was very nice to me; the issues that developed later on were never personal – as much as they might have seemed that way, or as much as he might have taken them that way.

      Whatever your opinion is of anyone at AoA, the fact is you would never see this exchange were it not for the permission of all the key people over there – Mark included. I couldn’t imagine what he must be going through now after losing his best friend in the autism world – if not the entire world – like this. Apart from Dan’s surviving family, Mark may be the person hurting the most. They were working on another book together when this happened. So please be respectful. Thanks.

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