Autism’s Gadfly on Why Nobody Wants to Fuck Us


Autism Investigated Note: After research shining light on the dykeness of female autists, Autism’s Gadfly blogger Jonathan Mitchell gives his take on why nobody wants to fuck autistic males.

yet another barrier to finding an “autistic girlfriend” 

The problems that heterosexual autistic males have with involuntary celibacy is something that I’ve written about on Autism’s Gadfly from time to time as my regular readers know.  It’s something you usually won’t hear about in any mainstream writings as the media wants to put a positive spin on this horrible disability and only promote success stories.  So John Elder Robison, Stephen Shore, and Michael John Carley and the relatively few other men claiming to be on the spectrum who have been able to marry have their books publicized while those of us less fortunate are relegated to the throw away slush pile. 
But it is something that definitely exists among a number of autistic males that I’ve encountered in person or on the internet over the years, myself included.  I’ve written previously how I felt autism has given me the gift of prophecy in that I can predict the suggested solution to this problem. “find an autistic girlfriend” is the inevitable solution. the nearly 10:1 ratio of autistic men to women in the higher functioning range (on average from various published reports) is somehow not an obstacle according to these people who give these words from the wise. 
Nor the fact that of the women claiming to be on the spectrum and promote the idea of “neurodiversity” may be undesirable for those of us who find this belief appalling. Nor the preference of any number of autistic women for “normal” men and the fact some of them are able to have a “normal” boyfriend or husband.  However, I was interested to see that there has been a  a new report recently published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders showing that homosexuality and/or bisexuality may be more common in adolescent autistic women than in a control group of non-autistic women that were surveyed. Not only was there a higher rate of homosexuality and bisexuality, but a higher rate of uncertainty in attraction among the young autistic females surveyed.I have just read the abstract so far and not the entire study. It was available without being paywalled for a few days, but I’ve been fairly sick this past week (i’m still not whole but recovered enough to write this blog post) so was not able to read the whole study or blog about it until today and unfortunately it is now paywalled.   Apparently there has been other research to suggest this too that I was not aware of, but they cite references for the interested reader. 
Aside from the extremely high ratio of mildly autistic men to women and the preference the more desirable autistic women have for “normal” men, the lack of heterosexuality in autistic women is likely yet another barrier  to “finding an autistic girlfriend”
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12 Thoughts on “Autism’s Gadfly on Why Nobody Wants to Fuck Us

  1. I think it’s a bit more complicated than that

  2. White Rose on March 28, 2017 at 2:43 pm said:

    ‘I was sterilised against my will’

    Vigo is just one of around 300,000 people estimated to have been sterilised against their will in Peru between 1996 and 2000, when then-president Alberto Fujimori embarked on a family planning programme known as Voluntary Surgical Contraception, part of an anti-poverty drive.

  3. White Rose on March 29, 2017 at 12:44 pm said:

    When the pro-vaccine forces can hide the fact a flu vaccine killed 93,000 elderly Americans in nursing homes in 1993, a flu outbreak that unexplainably lowered US life expectancy for the first time in eight decades, I began to wonder what else they are hiding.

  4. Hope you feel better, soon, Jake. I also want to tell you a little, sordid truth about some, but certainly not all, females. Some of them only care about a guy’s looks. Nothing else. Seriously. (Not that you would ever want a woman like that, mind you.) In all objective honesty, you are a very handsome, young man. I have every confidence that you will find a kind, accepting, intelligent, and beautiful woman with a sense of humor, when the time is right; someone who will admire your intelligence as well as your looks. Don’t settle for anything less. All the best to you.

    • Thanks for your concern, Beth, but not to worry. I feel great.

      If I’m gonna use my autism as an excuse for anything, it’s for the humor that wasn’t obvious enough in this post.

      • Beth on April 2, 2017 at 4:15 pm said:

        So glad to read your response, Jake. You are movie star handsome and, from all I can tell, a very kind and compassionate human being with high intelligence, so this post made me almost lose faith in all of woman-kind for what appeared to be their outrageous blindness and stupidity. I’ll try not to be so gullible, going forward. : ) (With all that is happening around us these days regarding an industry hellbent on stripping us of all informed medical consent rights, I seem to have a need to boost my faith in humanity; it is far too easy to see only the bad and the ugly. It’s not your fault at all, but thanks for helping me see that I need to alter my own perception.)

    • PS:

      “you will find a kind, accepting, intelligent, and beautiful” – and NOT autistic! 😉

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