Paul Offit, Top U.S. Vaccine Doc, Misrepresents His Credentials

CBS News has called vaccine developer Dr. Paul Offit one of “the most trusted voices in the defense of vaccine safety”. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has called him the vaccine industry’s “principle spokesperson”.

But what about Offit’s official title? His personal website, his Wikipedia page, his linkedin profile, his Autism Science Foundation bio, a new medical textbook he co-edited and an endless array of both mainstream and social media sites state that he is the “Chief of Infectious Diseases” at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). There’s just one problem: he’s not, nor has he been for the last three years.

According to CHOP’s website, Offit has been demoted from “Chief” to “attending physician.” It also clearly shows the role of “Chief” belonging to someone else. Yet Offit’s bio on both the homepage and “About” page of his own website call him “Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases” at CHOP, as does his resume linked from his homepage. How long has he misrepresented himself? Dig deep enough, and the story comes to light.

Buried in his second resume – a 32-page CV downloadable from his website -Offit is listed as “Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia” for the years 1992-2014. That means Paul Offit knowingly misleads visitors to his site about his current role at CHOP. Few would find the news of his demotion buried in his CV, but virtually everyone visiting his site would see his bios prominently misidentifying him as “Chief of Infectious Diseases at CHOP.”

Even worse, the creation date of his CV is November 21st, 2016. That means that for more than two years after he lost his title, there was absolutely nothing on his site that contradicted his bio falsely stating his CHOP role. Archived webpages show that the title of “Chief” was the very first title listed in Offit’s “About” bio on his website. Then in early-2015, Offit temporarily removed the “Chief” title from his “About” page bio (his homepage bio never changed). But then sometime in late 2016 or early 2017, he added the title “chief” back into his “About” bio where it remains as of this writing.

The implications of Offit’s fabrication are far-reaching. Reports falsely saying Offit is the “Chief” of infectious disease at CHOP continue to be cranked out: CBS NewsNBC NewsCNNThe New YorkerThe Washington PostPBS FRONTLINEThe LA TimesThe Philadelphia InquirerScientific AmericanC-SPANForbesAlterNetThe Daily BeastThe Huffington Post and Politico to name a few of dozens.

Several times, Offit was introduced on video with his former title of “Chief of Infectious Diseases,” yet he did not correct the people introducing him. When the president of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia introduced Offit as “Chief of Infectious Diseases” on C-SPAN2 in 2015, Offit simply said “Thank you for that kind introduction.”

He did not react the same way, however, when he had to sit right next to the moderator for Scientific American who stated Offit’s false credentials, just prior to his talk as part of a videotaped lecture series. That time, he was visibly uncomfortable being introduced as “Chief,” and even struggled to get words out initially when it was his turn to speak. But just as with the C-SPAN video, Offit failed to correct the person who introduced him.

The misrepresentations have continued as recently as last summer. In an article for STAT News dated August 21st, 2017, Offit was described as the “head of infectious diseases at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.” Offit still has not corrected anyone and why would he? He has gotten away with it for three years.

What he has gotten away with for much longer, however, has been his unchallenged misrepresentations about vaccine dangers and the media’s culpability. He relies on studies he privately admitted were garbage to declare the debate on vaccine safety over. To deny that vaccines cause autism, he actually claims that autism diagnoses cause children to be vaccinated. And of course he has infamously stated that an infant can safely handle 10,000 vaccines, later upping the number to “closer to 100,000.”

One of the big ways Offit has been able to lie with such impunity about vaccine dangers has been to flaunt his supposedly impeccable credentials. Perhaps that’s why he lied about being the “Chief” of infectious diseases at CHOP long after he wasn’t.

Credentials, not integrity, are all that matter in Offit’s world. They matter so much that it’s even worth lying to claim credentials he no longer has.

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28 Thoughts on “Paul Offit, Top U.S. Vaccine Doc, Misrepresents His Credentials

  1. Dawn Loughborough on October 23, 2017 at 1:28 pm said:

    He hasn’t worked with children with autism either.

  2. Walter on October 23, 2017 at 6:54 pm said:

    A fraud representing fraudulent ‘science’. Is anyone surprised?

  3. Stefan Barnes on October 23, 2017 at 9:20 pm said:

    America’s doctor Mengele.

  4. Paul “Off His Rocker” Offitt is a #Vaxhole. He does not understand #VaccineInjury. I had good laugh about the RotoVirus vaccine. Isn’t that the one that got pulled from the market?

  5. Michael Potvin on October 24, 2017 at 5:51 am said:

    A falsified resume typically leads to job termination or a rescinded job offer for the little people. Offit can’t get out of this lie. No he won’t. I trust you, and not talking heads on TV. You’re not controlled by advertising.

  6. Hans Litten on October 25, 2017 at 7:59 am said:

    Welcome to the brave new world of eunuchs . Globalists and eugenicists at work .
    Birth Control Injection For Men Almost Ready

    If they can get this accepted on a mass scale then the industrial poisoning of peoples children might not be necessary. Maybe its things like this that will cause the fraud of vaccination to become obsolete .

  7. Hans Litten on October 25, 2017 at 12:46 pm said:

    VIDEO: Schoolchildren stampede, scale high fences at school to escape alleged forced vaccinations

    I predict I will see this in Europe in the coming years !

  8. chemtrails = haarp

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  10. Hans Litten on October 26, 2017 at 8:22 am said:

    Senators ‘Stunned’ To Learn US Has 1,000 Ground Troops In Niger
    Presumably the CDC/EIS is there . What are they up to now ?

    Must read for anyone who is looking to educate him or herself about this very controversial topic.
    Offit is concerned about ONE THING only……his profit!!!!

  12. Virginia Crawford on November 8, 2017 at 11:31 pm said:

    The Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases is currently Theoklis Zaoutis, MD, MSCE

  13. Nancy Kennedy on November 17, 2017 at 9:06 am said:

    VIRTUALLY none of what you said is TRUE.
    I am almost 69 years old. Early in my career I saw a couple of kids from the same family died of pertussis a two year old and a 14 month old , Basically choked and suffocated to death.
    I helped deliver baby who mother was seventeen-year-old who would had rubella in her first trimester of pregnancy. The baby was deaf and blind and had about 2 or 3 congenital heart defects. I could go on you people are dangerous.

    • So Paul Offit’s still the chief then?

    • we hear your panic….yes, it’s true – pertussis and rubella can be scary especially with compromised immune systems. However, if you would use your brain and LEARN what vaccines are and how the govt has been instrumental in using vaccines to damage the immune system and create MORE dangerous diseases. pHARMa-based medical schools, textbooks, govt control, control of media has tried and been quite successful in suppressing the simple truths of true health. You’re are obviously a victim of that system as is the very lazy majority of the country. If you are curious enough – you can learn about TRUE HEALTH – go to (unless, of course, you’re getting paid to spread your panic messages).

  14. Melissa on February 5, 2018 at 9:14 am said:

    Nancy Kennedy is a paid big pharma disinformation comment writer, and not even a good one.

  15. Melissa on February 5, 2018 at 9:18 am said:

    Nancy Kennedy, the biggest danger to children world wide right now is big pharma and their death vaccines. Part of a larger eugenics program to knock the world’s population down to 500 million, per Agenda 21, and the Georgia guidestones, but I’m not telling you anything you don’t know hu, since you work for them and all. What’s the matter you couldn’t get a more important job, like say, crisis actor, so there you are at the bottom of the barrel, a tank cleaning sucker fish, writing comments.

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  21. Kate Martin on February 27, 2019 at 12:31 am said:

    What are you trying to say here? Are you trying to say because Dr Offit is director and not the chief he can’t be trusted and is a charlatan? Maybe he wanted less of a work load. I don’t know. Did you call the hospital and ask why? I think you will take any sort minutia and extrapolate it to meet your particular narrative. I honestly do not understand where you antivaxxers are coming from. When I started my personal research 4 years ago I was totally unsure which side of vaccine safety I should believe. I have read 1000’s and 1000’s of studies these last 4 years. I studied statistics in college so I that really helped me. I didn’t want to take ANYONE’S word for anything. I wanted to go over ever study I could find concerning vaccines. Every single one of us has a confirmation bias whether we want to believe it or not. Stepping outside of that bias is TOUGH!!! I believe I did do that to the very very best of my ability.
    I have seen some of the babies that have contracted whopping cough and one of the babies I saw died from it. My sister runs the emergency room at our local hospital and I volunteer there. If you saw the children like I have that either were unvaccinated or caught something from their unvaccinated siblings you would not hold the view point that you do. I can still see the faces if the parents whose tiny baby died of whopping cough. I am sometimes haunted by the pitiful sound of that baby trying to get some air through their mucus filled airway.
    Don’t believe every thing you Google. Take the time to do REAL research. Please

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