Protest Daily Beast’s Bogus Autism-Child Porn Connection


Update, August 8, 2013: In response to an inquiry by Autism Investigated concerning Dr. Temple Grandin’s possible role in her mother’s article that associated autistic men with child pornography, a liaison of Dr. Grandin’s replied: “Dr. Grandin was not consulted on the article and was not aware of it’s publication until she saw it on the internet.” However, there is still no response from Tina Brown or anyone else at The Daily Beast.

Editor’s Note: It is appalling that The Daily Beast would run a damaging, unsubstantiated and offensive article falsely alleging that autistic men are more likely to look at child pornography than the rest of the population. The story was written by Temple Grandin’s mother of all people, who does not even have an autistic son – only an autistic daughter. She applies her false logic to autistic men but not to autistic women. Jonathan Mitchell, autistic author of the Autism’s Gadfly blog, wrote a great response re-posted below. However, I have removed the hyperlink to the article from his blog post because I do not want to publicize the Daily Beast story. Anyone who wishes to find it can do so. To make matters even worse, IACC member John Elder Robison publicized the article in the first sentance of his Psychology Today blog. I echo Jonathan Mitchell’s call to write the editors of The Daily Beast to protest this story at and also urge readers to protest this story to Temple Grandin herself from her personal website’s contact page: Daily Beast editor-in-chief Tina Brown has written in Newsweek that she has a son with Asperger Syndrome. She can be reached on Twitter @TheTinaBeast.

Are autistic men pedophiles? Bizarre stuff from Temple Grandin’s mom

I’ve just read a very offensive, at least to me, article written on the Daily Beast allegedly by Temple Grandin’s mother who implies that many autistic men are pedophiles who spend their time looking at child pornography and end up being registered sex offenders.  Nearly three years ago, I wrote about Nick Dubin, a neurodiversity activist who as a matter of public record was arrested by the FBI for downloading and looking at child porn.  Dubin, a licensed clinical psychologist and one-time director of a school for special needs children, has made the somewhat dubious (at least to me) claim that he himself is on the autism spectrum.  I’m not sure what happened to his case, whether he plea bargained, was convicted or acquitted.  Other than this I don’t know of a single documented example of an autistic pedarest (or wannabe child molester).  I wish Ms. Cutler would provide one but she does not.    

Ms. Cutler makes the entirely alleged (with the emphasis on alleged) claim that an autistic man brought his computer into a repair shop and the technicians found child porn on his hard drive.  No name is given, no link or documentation whatsoever is provided as to the veracity of this story.  

She goes on to make the bizarre and bigoted claims (with no evidence) that autistic men as a general rule have abnormal sex drives and need children to teach them to have sex and this somehow drives them to download child pornography yet does not give a single example (other than her alleged one) of this phenomenon in practice.  She claims to quote University of North Carolina professor Gary Mesibov who seems to somehow concur that as a rule many autistic men are pedarests and pedophiles.  She provides no documentation of where Mesibov has said this.  

I wish she’d give some sort of documentation of this or some sort of published study that claims that autistics have a tendency toward pedophilia.  Or if anyone else reads this blog and wishes to comment on an example I’d be interested in hearing about this.  

I hope people can understand why I find this most offensive.  I wonder if ASAN will get involved with this, since they seem to take offense at something like the Ransom notes campaign which would seem to be considerably trivial compared to this.  I’ve written an email to the Daily Beast urging them to retract this article or at least apologize for it.  I hope other people will do so also.  Somehow I think this is more offensive than some deragatory song lyrics or other (at least to me) lesser or more trivial matters that petitions have been started over. 

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23 Thoughts on “Protest Daily Beast’s Bogus Autism-Child Porn Connection

  1. Kelly on August 7, 2013 at 6:37 pm said:

    Words fail me. As the mother of a little boy with autism, I am sickened and disgusted by her claim. Unfortunately, those are the strongest adjectives I can muster right now.

  2. Somehow, people get their panties in a wad if we generalize and sterotype priests. But who thinks this is okay?! This is equally horrific, if not MORESO, because these autistic individuals may not grasp the social negatives this could pose to them. DISGRACE. DISPICABLE. UNBELIEVABLY IGNORANT. And really…..THOROUGHLY UNEDUCATED.

  3. Rosie Taylor on August 8, 2013 at 7:41 am said:

    I have scoured the net looking for replies to this appalling article. Very few in the autism community have come out to condemn what Eustacia wrote. I see Age of Autism haven’t dared touch it. (probably because you got there first) So sad. I guess you now have a self styled monopoly on all things autism as long as you get there first!

    Those with voices, who have established followings both online and in the real world have a duty to speak up when our kids are demonized. Just like Eustacia, who has her own reputation, others who have influence, must speak out. The political wrangling within the autism community is fierce, but this is a case of all hands on deck. Seems the majority have jumped ship on this issue. Is it that people/groups don’t want to come up against Temple Grandin’s mother no matter what b.s. she spouts because she is the mother of the great Temple? Is it possible the great Temple was shaped by this woman and her crazy meanderings and no one wants to go there? Does Temple hold the same beliefs as her mother in this regard?

    There are plenty out there fighting for the lives of their children – they combat big pharma, the education system and society in general. But Temple Grandin’s mother is a no go area? She has carte blanche to say whatever she likes with complete impunity? Rhetorical questions yes, but questions that need answered.

    I am disgusted with some out there who have readership and an audience and who have kept quiet about this.

    The ‘Daily Beast’ is a fitting phrase for an article like this – our children are considered by many as “beasts”, potential pedophiles, rapists, murderers, drains on society, useless, mentally ‘retarded’, fakers who are seeking attention.

    Where are the so called Warrior moms and dads? The words written in this article are fighting words to me. Where is the army? Why aren’t they using their blog posts and other social media sites to combat this assault against all of our children?

    Warriors? Ladies baseball team more like.

    • Jake Crosby on August 8, 2013 at 7:12 pm said:

      Fortunately, Temple Grandin had nothing to do with the article, herself, according to her liaison (see update up top): “Dr. Grandin was not consulted on the article and was not aware of it’s publication until she saw it on the internet.”

  4. White Rose on August 8, 2013 at 10:23 am said:

    Crikey – are there no depths to which these Pharma Monsters will not stoop !
    Its actually incredible that first they neurologically maim our children , then they deny it , and then they insult us afterwards ……. crime of the effin century .

    Just to re-iterate to the brave ,dumb & stupid pro-vaxxers out there , we know vaccines have caused the autism holocaust , and people like me arent looking for compensation , we are looking for prosecutions .
    So continue to be brave – you will need to be !

  5. Kathleen Heltsley on August 8, 2013 at 5:43 pm said:

    Wow, this is appalling! I pray my son doesn’t read this or any other child who could easily internalize this &^$$ as even possibly true. Life is hard enough without believing that evil is also innate to the difficulties associated with being on the spectrum. For you to add that the editor has a son with Aspergers is even more painful! Sheesh, so many times a day I ask myself what this world is coming to……

  6. White Rose on August 9, 2013 at 1:14 pm said:

    Great news everyone . the Daily Mail has announced to the world the solution to Autism . And its genetic , 4 genes this time , and there is a blood test coming too .

    But the thing is , it doesnt explain the recovered children ? I’ve seen them .

  7. Cherry Sperlin Misra on August 9, 2013 at 6:00 pm said:

    To White Rose, I have seen dozens of kids recover from symptoms of autism- in my nursery school in New Delhi. Apparently the autism community- at least some people , are aware of this and refer to it as “autism lite”, which I think is a very appropriate name. And please note- These kids get absolutely no treatment at all. I think the difference between the U.S. and Indian vaccine schedules is the reason behind this. In India, during the years of high autism rate ( year 2004 to 2009 , in my school), kids would get a number of vaccines and around age one and a half all vaccines would stop until the child got another one at age 4. I think this gave the kids the chance to recover from the mercury of the early vaccines. My impression is that an American child would have continued to receive vaccines of one sort and another- flu shots , for sure- after age one and a half- Therefore the body had no chance to recover.This is just a hypothesis, I should say. Unfortunately, the great eye of the Great Pharma appears to be falling now on India. Each year at this time the media cranks up the fear of flu’s , and I have seen a van with advertising for Vaxigrip flu vaccine, so I think they have spotted a new and large market in India . I fear that autism rates will surge again, if they succeed .
    Regarding other websites not responding to this article by Temple Grandin’s mother, I honestly think it is so absurd that it hardly deserves anyone’s time. I know that this is my perspective and others feel differently, and I respect that. But by the fact that it is so absurd, one has to ask WHY it has been published. Certainly there may be an ulterior motive here.

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  9. Ethel Mercurious on August 14, 2013 at 1:32 pm said:

    Ktime70 , I’ve heard several doctors and medics state that so called mercury free vaccines are still testing positive for mercury ….please comment ?

    And also , please give us your views of the aluminium alternative ? your answer is likely to be amusing !

    And talk me through the health benefits of formaldehyde while you are at it ?

    and lastly the curious use in vaccines of polysorbate 80 , a known anti-fertility agent ?

    Please spell it all out to me because I don’t understand how these highly toxic chemical compounds can be intravenously injected into the blood of mere babies and infants and a positive outsome can be guaranteed ? And lets not even get started on the “safe” mercury as Helmet over at Slate tries to tell the world …..Themiserol ….. as far as I understand it the skull & crossbones on the bottle is not good . Some toxicologists suggest ethyl mercury injected intravenously and not causing serious harm to a human body would be nothing short of a miracle . Please reply , lets here your great insight ?

    Additionally , don’t mind me , what do I know , please keep all your vaccines fully up to date , for you and your entire family ….you can trust Pharma 100% , they never harmed anyone ever …..Vioxx

  10. Ethel Mercurious on August 14, 2013 at 1:53 pm said:

    BBC (aka the joke factory) reported this yesterday , proving just what various people had predicted , about the severity of the vaccine holocaust :

    CQC finds prescriptions for ADHD go up by 50%13 August 2013 Last updated at 23:15 BST

    An increasing number of children in England are being prescribed drugs for hyperactivity, according to the health care regulator.

    The Care Quality Commission says prescriptions issued for drugs treating ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – have gone up by 50% in six years.

    Branwen Jeffreys reports.

  11. Temple Grandin’s mother (Eustacia Cutler) has joined the parade of people who proclaim expertise about autism and use that “expertise” to suggest that Autistics have criminal proclivities.

  12. Doctor Grandin herself spoke with me about this in an interview. It is available to read on I really feel for her situaton.

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