Relatives of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet Speak Out On Untimely Death

Brother and sister-in-law Thomas Bradstreet and Candice Lee-Bradstreet have spoken out on the recent and untimely passing of their relative: noted autism doctor, researcher and parent Dr. Jeff Bradstreet. In particular, they dispel a number of myths that have arisen following his death. Please support the Bradstreet Family’s fundraising effort to support an ongoing investigation into this tragedy.

From the description:

I am honored that the Bradstreet family sat down to talk with me about the beloved late MD; Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet.

I didn’t know how they felt when I wrote the first story about his tragic death when he was found  in a river, with a gunshot wound to his chest, 7 weeks ago.  Shortly thereafter, more holistic doctors were found dead, mostly here in Florida and mostly holistic, some of whom we knew well.  I wrote the stories as tough as it was and we’re still waiting for answers.

I’ve been fortunate to talk with Bradstreets for a while now and they are nothing but an honest, sincere caring family and I cannot imagine how they must feel. I cannot even begin to understand the depth of their pain.  I am just honored that they trust me and opened up to me for this first interview ever.  Here we talk about Dr. Bradstreet and the man they knew as Jeff.  We also discuss GcMAF and many other topics. Please click on the youtube video above to listen.

This is Erin Elizabeth on Weds. Aug 12, 2015

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25 Thoughts on “Relatives of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet Speak Out On Untimely Death

  1. Hans Litten on August 14, 2015 at 9:13 am said:

    I have seen two interviews that Dr Bradstreet gave shortly before his death .
    Both are available on YouTube \ Internet . One at AutismONE and the other by Robert Scott Bell or Gary Null .
    You could not meet a more composed ,calm, collected , well rounded , competent individual .
    He was laughing and joking , he was celebratory because his autistic son just graduated highschool .

    The Police\Feds\FDA say it was a suicide , that is a tough thing to believe , given what I saw .

    Back in March , entirely coincidental , the distributors of GcMaf in the UK were raided by the MHRC , and shut down . GcMaF is no longer available in the UK now (the reasons given for this , as far as I can see is nothing short of medical tyranny).

    • Actually, one of the myths cleared up in this interview was that the police determined Dr. Bradstreet’s death a suicide. In fact, no such determination was made, and the police investigation is ongoing.

      The supposed reason for his “suicide” – an FDA raid on his clinic – is nothing new for him. There was nothing new in his life that would have been a reason for him to want to end his own life, only new things that would encourage him to live his life and perhaps encourage others to want to take it…

    • According to Gorski, the raids are connected:

      “The problems with Bradstreet’s quackery led an Irish woman named Fiona O’Leary to begin investigating First Immune and complaining to UK health authorities. Her efforts led the authorities to act. The First Immune GcMAF production facility in the UK was raided by British health authorities earlier this year. They found that the facility did not meet Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards and expressed concerns over the sterility of the medicine being produced and the equipment being used, leading to further concerns that the product could well be contaminated. More than 10,000 vials of GcMAF were seized and production was halted.

      After O’Leary had complained to the FDA as well, four months later on June 18, the day before Bradstreet killed himself, the feds showed up at Bradstreet’s Buford, GA clinic, search warrant in hand. Had he been convicted Bradstreet could have faced up to 20 years in prison. Of course, we all know from a previous autism quackery conviction that Bradstreet would probably never have been jailed that long, given that sentences in these discussions are usually the maximum possible and seldom actually given under federal sentencing guidelines, but to see him in jail would have been sweet indeed, even if it were only for a couple of years. “

      • Eddie Unwind on August 18, 2015 at 12:45 am said:

        No, Gorski has merely elaborated upon part of a once well-known Irish joke. He left out the punch-line since to have included it would have been a give-away.

        • Eddie Unwind on August 18, 2015 at 1:40 am said:

          …but he should have made plain his embellishments instead of interpolating the names of real people involved in such tragic circumstances.

      • If you listened to the podcast, you would know that the FDA raided him in 2003 and nothing came of it. More importantly, they didn’t even find any GcMAF in his clinic when they searched it in June. But Gorski paints Bradstreet’s death still under investigation as a suicide motivated by a possible conviction that never was and almost certainly would have never been. But tell Gorski about what a CDC scientist says happened right in front of him, and he’s a “conspiracy theorist” like the rest of us. Anybody who doesn’t think Gorski and others like him in social and news media are not intentionally distorting facts to help the CDC cover up facts about vaccine risks is simply a fool.

        • I was not quoting Gorski for the truth of the matter, if that’s what you think. And I found his comments about Bradstreet deserving prison time to be appalling.

          I long ago gave you some information about Gorski which you thanked me for. Believe me, I won’t be doing that again.

        • Eddie Unwind on August 19, 2015 at 3:48 am said:

          It’s funny, I’ve never called anyone a ‘conspiracy theorist’ even when sensing that they are interlinking events in a remarkably pessimistic way. Perhaps one reason for that is that somehow the charge itself carries an air of over-identification, as though the only way to put a wall between any potential understanding might be to say it, and quickly, in case to go on listening might be taken as a form of identification and consent.

          It seems likely to me that those so quick to point the finger in this way do so in order to distinguish their position, at least as much to reinforce their own sense of socially-adjusted superiority as to be perceived as such.

          But regardless, the main reason I avoid the charge is that I’m particularly aware that it’s a pseudo-intellectual cop-out used merely for effect, granting one a kind of schoolyard team-status. It’s something which any fool can say to appear intelligent (at least to the rest of the ‘team’) and when it comes to it very few of them are able to resist saying it, since they don’t want to lose their chance not to appear foolish.

          That Gorski employs it constantly simply betrays intellectual weakness on his part, by virtue of his being unable to come up with something less hackneyed, or intellectual cowardice, by virtue of his being fearful of what others might think if he leaves it out. Or both.

          • According to Gorski: a death not determined to be a suicide is a suicide, and feds searching a clinic for a substance they didn’t even find is a possible prison sentence. But a conspiracy described as such by one of its own conspirators is still a conspiracy “theory.” An ignorant observer might say he suffers from what he loves to say we all suffer from: cognitive dissonance. Fortunately, I know him well enough to call him a liar.

            • Eddie Unwind on August 19, 2015 at 7:00 am said:

              Having happened upon a couple of his recent posts I do seriously wonder whether Gorski himself is not suffering from ‘cognitive dissonance’. For example –

              “Indeed, Cassandra demonstrates magical thinking at every level. She thinks that there really is another effective way to eradicate her cancer “naturally” or with homeopathy. There isn’t. Would that there were! I mean, seriously. If there were, doctors would be falling all over themselves to use them, because we don’t like having to give patients drugs that cause severe toxicity and then dealing with that toxicity and watching our patients suffer.”

              Taking into account what Gorski mentioned earlier, that…

              “Sure, homeopathic treatments for cancer will be a hell of a lot less toxic. In fact, unless they’re contaminated, they’ll be nontoxic because they’re basically water.”

              …this is hilarious! Falling over themselves!! Plain water and big bucks don’t mix too well. And doctors may certainly not like seeing their patients suffer, but suffering is nonetheless something that they are accustomed to seeing; they can stand it. Does Gorski sincerely believe, with a straight face, that doctors are somehow exempt from one of the most fundamental truths of any profession, famously summed up by Upton Sinclair?

              “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on him not understanding it”

              If he does, then he is indeed astonishingly out of touch and suffering acutely from his very own brand of ‘cognitive dissonance’. If he doesn’t, then he is still out of touch to the degree by which he treats his own readership with boldfaced contempt.

              • Eddie Unwind on August 19, 2015 at 9:58 am said:

                Of course there are exceptions to Sinclair’s statement, Suzanne Humphries being an example. And did she cop it. It has been cynically suggested – many times over – that she did it for the money(!!). It goes to show how many people simply cannot bear it when someone acts with integrity, summoning the courage to defy Sinclair’s statement.

  2. Eddie Unwind on August 15, 2015 at 10:11 am said:

    Intriguing. I have to say that, at least at the outset, I was not particularly inclined towards any conspiratorial angle in relation to this issue. However as Noam Chomsky himself noted – a student, no less, of the frequently cited Bertrand Russell – political conspiracies (as one example of such means to an end), far from being the fanciful delusions of social lefties, are in fact a common occurrence and one of the concrete realities of political life. And it goes without saying that politics are generally inextricably linked to such curious circumstances as those you’ve outlined here.

    • I think you’re extrapolating on that one. No one denies that political conspiracies exist, certainly not social lefties (Watergate, anyone?). By the way, why are you taking a jab at social lefties, then using an extreme social lefty to further your argument? Kind of undercuts your argument a bit.

      I do wonder what Noam Chomsky’s opnions are on the conspiracy theory that multiple U.S. government organizations and pharmaceutical companies are in collusion to put alternative practitioners out of business using murder as a vehicle.

      • Eddie Unwind on August 20, 2015 at 1:03 am said:

        Thanks for this, Ben. For the record although I’ve read a great deal of Chomsky I don’t actually like him that much nor adhere to all he says. He is however a prodigious academic mind, and he occasionally says some very insightful and important things. Insofar as him being a radical lefty, well, I don’t take such denominations too literally, certainly not in his case, no more than I might his influential teacher.

        • Eddie Unwind on August 20, 2015 at 2:33 am said:

          PS – My instinct is that Chomsky would take a very moderate, cautious approach to the issue you mentioned. He doesn’t have an axe to grind in that particular area…

  3. sam hall on August 17, 2015 at 8:36 pm said:

    Credibility and Gorski …..oh how I laughed ! I wonder if the woman from Cork was a pal of his too ……..

    Anyway, the family in this interview clearly dont believe it was suicide at all.
    I didnt believe it either. I think Dr Bradstreet had been battling against the tides for years and was probably quite prepared to go to prison fighthing had that really beeen in the offing (which I dont believe it was for one minute). Tough is how you have to be in this fight. You would never put your head above the parapit unless you were incredibly resilient which he was and had been for a great many years.

    He was making major progress and that is an increasing threat to so many in Government, Pharma, health and scientific research etc it is now only a matter of time of course as the numbers are too large to hide the truth now.

    • Eddie Unwind on August 18, 2015 at 3:21 am said:

      Credibility and Gorski (!), well said Sam. But I have to say that for sheer comic-book style entertainment Gorski retains a certain value.

  4. Hans Litten on August 19, 2015 at 12:51 pm said:

    Carol & Gorski & all others , prison was never a possible outcome for Bradstreet .
    For if it were , he would still be alive .
    Its because he knew only too well how to handle the FDA thieves that he is no longer with us .

    Shame on you Fiona O’Leary * how do you feel now ? Drimoleague isnt it ? Are you sleeping ok at night ?

  5. Hans Litten on August 31, 2015 at 2:33 pm said:

    Fiona O’Leary , an apparent volunteer (not paid) , talking about autism (and she even denies William Thompson’s revelations , senior CDC scientist) . She is obvious .Apparently in Bandon now (lol).
    She uses all the old trite , cliche’s . “Debunked” , “Correlation\Causation” , “Fear of disease\death” ,”Rise of Autism due to better diagnosis” . The only thing missing was “safe and effective” .
    She is a paid pharma opposition , for sure . Criminal . Murderer .

  6. O’Leary, who regularly speaks out against researchers in the anti-vaccine community, said she had reported the doctor to the FDA herself. Patients, however, have rushed to Bradstreet’s defense following his death.

  7. The entire scenario is a classic, obvious, stereotype murder cover up. Everyone knows that, any good detective agency would not have agreed with the shabby pretense of a suicide verdict. It was a poorly orchestrated, staged suicide. It is obvious that he was at this spot, lured there by his wife. It is obvious that she was part of the plan, but not the actual killer. Her partners in crime were the ones in waiting that caused the bodily damage and fulfilled the fatal shooting. (It is nonsense to think that he would wade out into a stream to shoot himself; using water is a murder cover tactic) Good detectives would have looked into Jennifer’s account and communications. It looks like power, money and evil won… but maybe it is not the end of the story. These things have a way of staying live and like Dr. Bradstreet predicted, he was a martyr for the cause of autism.

  8. Trudy Lundy on October 21, 2017 at 11:52 am said:

    This man was brilliant..
    I met him on LONG island ny and he explained everything in lay terms so all understood…he will be sorely missed…gone too soon…my heart n prayers go out to his family..may he RIP…..LUNDY FAMILY

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