To Boost Vaccines, Texas Doc Calls for White Genocide

In a panel discussion at the National Meningitis Association’s annual conference, infectious disease doctor Carol Baker called for getting “rid of all the whites” in America. Her reasoning was that people who refuse vaccines are often white and well-educated. Sitting on the panel with her was Dr. Paul Offit, vaccine developer and former member of the US Centers for Disease Control’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). Another panelist was Alison Singer, who runs a fake autism charity dedicated to white-washing the vaccine-autism link.

As InfoWars’ Paul Joseph Watson writes:

Imagine a situation where people in the black community were refusing to undergo a certain treatment or medical procedure. Would anyone ‘joke’ that a good solution would be to “get rid” of all the black people?

This is yet another example of how casual anti-white racism has been allowed to become mainstream by dominant leftist cultural institutions.

Carol Baker has no shortage of ties to major medical institutions. She is liaison representative to ACIP for the Infectious Disease Society of America as well as a faculty member of Baylor College of Medicine. Baylor is also home to vaccine developer and Stockholm Syndrome-suffering autism parent Peter Hotez. Baylor College of Medicine is part of the Texas Medical Center Corporation, the world’s largest medical complex which also includes Texas A&M College of Medicine, the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

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17 Thoughts on “To Boost Vaccines, Texas Doc Calls for White Genocide

  1. Hans Litten on September 26, 2017 at 6:19 pm said:

    She needs to lose her job for this . Its an outrage .

  2. Can’t she and her colleagues lead by example?

  3. White Rose on September 27, 2017 at 8:28 am said:

    Are any of you brave enough to view these pictures to see what vaccines can do ?

    Turnbulls for prison !!

  4. Rebecca Fisher on September 27, 2017 at 10:53 am said:

    Oh dear Jake. Sense of humour failure?

  5. Hans Litten on September 28, 2017 at 9:08 am said:

    Did you see the pictures Rebecca ? of Isabel Olesen (god bless her for Pharma never will)

    Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) …… Turnbull-Turnbull Syndrome more like (TnT) more like

  6. Hans Litten on September 29, 2017 at 12:57 pm said:


    “The CDC is guilty of incompetence and gross negligence,” says Mark Blaxill, vice president of Safe Minds, a nonprofit organization concerned about the role of mercury in medicines. “The damage caused by vaccine exposure is massive. It’s bigger than asbestos, bigger than tobacco, bigger than anything you’ve ever seen.”

    MarkB , seriously , I can see you !!!! All the time . Banned from Age of Collaborators (bothered) .

    • “incompetence and gross negligence” – Incompetent? Seems they’ve been pretty damn competent at covering up evidence, which is what they’ve been getting away with for almost two decades now. What did his quote add to Kennedy’s article apart from weakening its message?

  7. cHERRY MISRA on September 29, 2017 at 2:39 pm said:

    This lady is extraordinary. The first time I watched her I thought she was just whacky, but after I heard tht she is a person of “positions”, I took another look. Perhaps she can be best described as a bubble human. Those are the humans, often doctors, who live inside bubbles which are never penetrated by any parents of autistic kids/books about dangers of vaccines/ any youtube videos of vaccine injured children any VAERS list of adverse vaccine reactions. And does she have early Alzheimers disease? She needs help- she needs something. Does she teach classes. Dont you shudder to think of having to be her student?

  8. Hans Litten on September 29, 2017 at 4:22 pm said:

    The Massachusetts Nurses Association is again suing Brigham and Women’s Hospital to try to block a policy that requires employees to receive flu vaccines.

    The Brigham notified 18,000 employees last week about the new policy, which mandates that all workers be vaccinated annually, with exceptions for medical or religious reasons. Employees who go without the flu shot must wear face masks when they’re around patients.

  9. This is yet another example of how casual anti-white racism has been allowed to become mainstream by dominant leftist cultural institutions.


    I’m in full agreement that a white person speaking this way about other whites, is mind numbingly stupid. And frankly, kinda weird. But I personally write those comments off to Carol Baker just being an idiot.

    But can we really refer to it as anti-white racism, when a white person is doing it?

    I mean, black people refer to themselves by the n-word all the time. And for some reason, that’s never referred to as anti-black racism.

    Small point really, but just sayin’

    • I get your point Barry, but it is wrong for several reasons.

      First of all, when minorities use slurs directed at themselves it’s to disarm the power of those slurs. There is nothing here to suggest it is done to “disarm” anti-white racism. It sought to make a serious but wrong (*cough* Somalis *cough*) point that whites are vaccine shy while immigrants want to get vaccinated the most. It was a false statement aimed at drumming up animosity towards a particular race, while she is a beneficiary and purveyor of a system that openly discriminates against whites.

      That feeds into my second point that just because she is white does not mean her statement was not racist. She even benefits by being a willing accomplice in discrimination against whites. American universities practice affirmative action that openly discriminate against white and Asian students to the advantage of black and Latino students. As a professor she would never have to worry about being denied admission or a scholarship on the basis of her race. However, she benefits from such practices every time she cashes checks from a university that denies scholarships and admission for exactly that reason. She probably participates in it directly.

      So regardless of her race, she is in no position to engage in anti-white racism and not be called racist because she benefits from a system that discriminates against people for being white while not having to face that same kind of discrimination. In fact, she most definitely wouldn’t have had the platform to make that remark were she not on her university’s payroll.

      And those might not even be the only reasons, but they’re the most obvious.

      • Moron what does that affirmative action myth have to do with vaccines? Most “African Americans” are almost always US born while most Asians are immigrants or the descendents of recent immigrants along with many whites being descended from more recent immigrants so they damn right have an advantage if that were true. Anything to make a racist statement huh. ‘Latino” is not a race an ethnicity it is just someone who speaks Spanish an possibly Portuguese as their first language like people in Porto Rico or Guam which are part of the US. There are a lot of Whites and Asians among the so called ‘Latinos”.

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