Vaccines: Tantrum-Based Medicine

If there is one lesson to learn about the industry of unsafe vaccines – or as I like to say, the vaccine industry – from Vaxxed cameraman Josh Coleman’s encounter with millionaire vaccine industrialist Paul Offit, it is that vaccines are a medicine based on tantrums, not science. Not only is such behavior the norm for Offit, but the entire vaccine industry he belongs to.

It tells people to listen to doctors, while trying to strip the medical license of any doctor that encourages caution when vaccinating. Likewise, the vaccine industry claims people should dismiss any evidence that doesn’t appear in “peer-reviewed” journals. But when yet another study showing vaccines to be unsafe is published such as the first peer-reviewed analysis comparing autism in vaccinated children to unvaccinated children, the vaccine industry throws a whiny, “throw your toys out the pram”-style fit on Twitter to get it pulled. So embarrassing was that campaign even for vaccine apologists that Discover Magazine had condemned it.

Enter the aetiology of Kent State biology professor and “Science”Blogger Tara C. Smith’s Twitter fit. She ordered scientists to boycott Frontiers journals as retaliation against its publication of the vaccinated versus unvaccinated study:

Yet after ordering scientists to stop submitting papers to Frontiers journals and to stop reviewing studies for them, this genius scientist actually complained that its journals are a “niche for science denialism” and that its peer reviewers are “unqualified”:

What nonsense. If her concerns with Frontiers journals really were scientific, the last thing she would do is discourage scientists from reviewing papers for them or submitting articles to them. What she along with the rest of the vaccine industry really wants is to whine, blog and tweet until every study that challenges her positions is retracted, every doctor who holds conflicting opinions is de-licensed, every critic is shooed away and every child who has not been subjected to the government’s iatrogenic vaccine schedule is barred from school.

Like its allies in the mainstream media, the vaccine industry has learned little from the results of this past election. The public loss of trust in vaccinations will only grow, regardless of how many studies the vaccine industry gets fraudulently retracted or how many fraudulent studies it publishes.

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12 Thoughts on “Vaccines: Tantrum-Based Medicine

  1. Doug Troutman on December 11, 2016 at 5:09 pm said:

    I think these so called science blogs are simply corporate pharma blogs. I think it is great Offit was on camera and I wish the Crosby Offit conversation was caught on tape also. Vaccine have occurred in the past and nobody was allowed to talk about them. They have lowered ages and massively increased the doses and expected no injuries. Why don’t the science cowards want to discuss this?

    • His NIH attack on me was caught on tape, as was his and expressing regret that it was “really too late” to have me removed once he spotted me in the audience during his talk.

  2. Lawrence on December 13, 2016 at 11:39 pm said:

    Oh, I’ve been donating vaccines in your name for Christmas – plenty of MMR and other vaccines going to the developing world in the name of Hans Litten.

    You’re welcome.

  3. Hans Litten on December 16, 2016 at 11:31 am said:

    CDC Wants MMR And MMRV Vaccine Comments By December 19, 2016

    The CDC wants feedback about the MMR apparently . Try not to laugh !

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