No Dr. Wakefield, Re-Licensure Should Be Your Priority


I will work on this when the time is right. Now my priority is the film. – Dr. Andrew Wakefield

He has become the zombie of the autism world, unwittingly eating alive any chance of federal child-poisoners facing justice. By promoting his new documentary film Vaxxed, Dr. Andrew Wakefield is single-handedly tarnishing credibility of Dr. William Thompson: the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) whistleblower who said his colleagues threw results linking autism to vaccinations in the garbage. That Wakefield’s film never even addresses the allegations against him while tainting the whistleblower story with his name makes him all the more damaging.

His film could be the best thing that ever happened to the vaccine industry – have the whistleblower from the CDC getting systematically dismissed simply because of who is promoting his story. Wakefield may think he is making progress because he is riling up his support base but that is all he is doing. He is not changing many more minds, and that’s because of who he is and has been subsequently held up to be by the media thanks to the revocation of his medical license. The only way to fix that is to immediately do what he said he plans on doing – get it back.

It is really quite simple, especially since the findings that got his license revoked in the first place were overturned four years ago. Every single person who wants people from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicted for their lies about vaccines not causing autism as much as Republicans want Hillary indicted for her lies about her emails should run far away from Wakefield until he actually goes through with what he said he will eventually do.

The credibility of those who cite the persistent lying of the federal vaccine program should not hinge on what one British doctor decides to do and on when he decides to do it. This issue is far greater than any one person. Besides, he’s not even the first person to conclude that vaccines do cause autism; it was someone from the CDC, making it all the more inappropriate for Wakefield to take ownership of that issue.

Shame on Wakefield for shirking re-licensure to continue to damage the credibility of the CDC whistleblower. And shame on pathetic excuses for vaccine safety websites like for continuing to encourage him. Every person who cares about this issue should pressure Wakefield into doing what needs to be done to clear his name, especially his donors.

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26 Thoughts on “No Dr. Wakefield, Re-Licensure Should Be Your Priority

  1. Lawrence on April 5, 2016 at 9:22 pm said:

    @Jake – you realize that for Wakefield to appeal, he’d be spending money that would be better spent maintaining his very high standard of living here in the US, right?

    I mean, he’s obviously better off soliciting funds from the likes of AoA to make more movies (in which he doesn’t have to account as to how much money was actually spent) instead of trying to do something constructive…..

    Why should he cut on the current gravy train, when his supporters have proven, over and over, that they’ll pay him?

  2. Eddie Unwind on April 6, 2016 at 2:34 am said:

    Jake, this does seem a weird post, albeit that I take your point. You’re talking about the British medical establishment – one which so far has managed to prevent the reputation of a man of lowest moral calibre, Brian Deer, from being brought to public attention – deciding to go against everything that they’ve worked for – through gritted teeth, I might add – to allow for due process and give Wakefield a free pass? Unthinkable, Jake, and Wakefield would know it. His option, self-defeating as it may be, is to try and humiliate them.

    I think Deer is most probably the weakest link in the chain. If his reputation plummets in the public eye, then Wakefield will achieve the credibility-related victory that I’d imagine he is seeking, with or without a license. But the British establishment giving him his license back?! No way. The Walker-Smith episode was probably as much a way for them to appear like they are casting a fair-play distinction – regardless of whether one truly exists – in order to eradicate the possibility of any parallel denomination being played out in a case for Wakefield.

    • Walker-Smith was not given his license back by the GMC, but the High Court. The GMC went to embarrassingly desperate lengths to try and justify its decision to revoke his license. That’s according to John Stone, who attended the appeal hearings.

  3. Media Scholar on April 6, 2016 at 3:33 am said:

    What exactly is Wakefield’s sense of purpose?

    He was destroyed in place long ago.

  4. Hans Litten on April 6, 2016 at 9:21 am said:

    is this the way to go Larry :

    Uganda passed a new law this month targeting parents who refuse to vaccinate their children.

    “Anti-vaxxers” could face up to six months in prison in the central African nation of Uganda after claims by the Health Minister and others that a growing religious “cult” is preventing parents from having their children immunized.

    The new law was signed by President Yoweri Museveni on March 10, but it wasn’t announced until this week.

    The Immunization Act would require parents to have their children get shots for diseases such as measles, polio, tuberculosis and meningitis – or face jail time.

  5. Chris Preston on April 6, 2016 at 11:36 am said:

    Useful to point out once again that Walker-Smith vs GMC was not really about whether the Lancet paper was fraudulent or not, but whether Walker-Smith’s conduct met required standards to be registered with the GMC.

    Indeed the judgement in the case pointed out several particulars of the paper that were untrue – to the point of being research fraud. These were all attributed to Andrew Wakefield by Walker-Smith.

    In reality, the case made by Walker-Smith in his High Court appeal was that Andrew Wakefield done it and concealed it from his co-authors. Justice Mitting agreed with this contention.

  6. Taximom5 on April 6, 2016 at 11:44 am said:

    I have to disagree with you, Jake.

    In the last week, I have sent Del Bigtree’s statement along with the trailer to “Vaxxed” to a number of fence -sitting medical professionals.

    All, for the first time, have responded entirely favorably.

    No “good point, but….” responses this time. This time, the addition of the producer of a mainstream medical show QUITTING HIS JOB TO BE INVOLVED, was enough to get them to listen, and then to take it seriously.

    One of these doctors just emailed me that he is forwarding it to his daughters –and to colleagues.

    If you want to keep attacking Wakefield every step of the way because he’s not going about it the way YOU think he should, that’s fine. But what is your goal here? what are you really accomplishing? This is a complicated, difficult battle. Is the way forward as black-and-white as you think?

    In a perfect world, it would have gone the way you suggested, the High Court would have reinstated Wakefielded license, and the vaccine industry would have been left sputtering helplessly in defeat.

    If Wakefield had spent all his resources trying to get his medical license back –and failed (imagine if the High Court, like the GMC were bought off, or threatened, or if key players in London started turning up dead as they have in the US ), that would have closed a lot more doors than we are opening now.

    You’re suggesting that he make the exact same mistake that he made in 1998.

    You’re suggesting that he trust the system.

    • I’m not suggesting he trust the system; he can appeal, he can sue, he can do a lot. But first, he has to go through the system and apply for re-licensure to the GMC, and then he can pursue other options if they don’t give his license right back. If he were already exonerated, his film wouldn’t have gotten pulled.

      • Taximom5 on April 7, 2016 at 10:54 am said:

        If he were already exonerated, his film MIGHT not have gotten pulled. Or they might have still compared it to Holocaust denial and pulled it; they certainly ridicule Bob Sears, who still has his medical license. There’s a complete news blackout about Walker-Smith having gotten his license back. Recent reports of Dr. Gregory Poland appearing to offer 1,000,000 to government official succeeding in enacting legislation restricting vaccine rights have been scrubbed from the Internet, including Wayback Machine, so I really don’t see why you are so sure that this one move would have worked, and why you think he absolutely should have gone that route.

        It’s not that black and white.

        For all we know, if he had gotten his license back, he might have ended up on the same hit list as the doctors who have mysteriously turned up dead.

        • It would have been a lot harder for them to pull it.

          If big pharma was gonna wack Wakefield, they’d wack him before he could ever get his license back. Otherwise, he’d just look like a martyr.

          • Eddie Unwind on April 12, 2016 at 7:55 am said:

            I would have thought bumping off Wakefield to be an unlikely proposition. Absurdly, he translates as living proof that there is no causative link between vaccines and autism. His very existence somehow provides ample evidence against the need for any real debate on the subject, or for that matter any other in relation to vaccine policy.

            It’s a truly bizarre, highly tenuous, and thoroughly illogical situation.

            • At this point, I would be willing to believe that big pharma planted Wakefield on this issue long ago so that he would play fall guy later. Too much of what he does makes no sense, like how Mark Blaxill ended up in Wakefield’s film after being caught secretly telling the chief omnibus attorney that he was wrong.

  7. M Johnson on April 6, 2016 at 1:27 pm said:

    Clearly no one in this thread or the author realize that the ONLY and VERY APPARENTLY motive is that the TRUTH and JUSTICE that this country are supposed to be born out of, are exposed. The CDC and the pharmaceutical industry OWN the politicians. They have THREE lobbyists for every member of congress. Who does that? Let’s just say it…but it’s so easy to figure out. The pharmaceutical industry makes money on sick people. If they can’t keep us sick, they cannot continue with their grandiose lifestyles.. Really, come on America! It is time to wake up to the bigger picture of the coverup of the CDC. They hid crucial information that would have kept many children from lifelong disabilities. That is a crime. When will these criminals be prosecuted?
    A crime that is going to bankrupt this nation in a few years. What will we do when the children leave high school and become dependent on government programs? The CDC should be exposed and held accountable for ruining the lives of these beautiful children and their families who had to change everything to accommodate them. Andrew Wakefield is one of the most humble, honest, and kind man I have had the pleasure of meeting. His interest is not money. He has poured out his life to help these children. His motives are exposure and truth. We want a safer vaccine schedule. Get your facts straight. The CDC covered up crucial information. How do we know what else they have lied about. If the media would actually ask Wakefield for his motives, and actually broadcasted the FULL interview, and the movie “Vaxxed, from Coverup to Catastrophe”, you would have the answers you seek. But every interview has been edited so that the opposing side(pharma) prevails. They are in bed with congress. Wake up America.

  8. Broken Link on April 7, 2016 at 3:52 am said:

    Jake, I think you recognize that AoA has a problem with logic. You see, and I see, that hitching your wagon to Wakefield, with his lack of media credibility, only exposes a lack of awareness of reality. So, don’t you sometimes wonder if the whole premise of AoA lacks logic and credibility? Surely, if they were sensible and strategic people, they would have tried to run the Thompson story without involving Wakefield, who is toxic. But what if everything they believe is also tarnished by this lack of logic?

    • Absolutely, AoA is trashing Trump who is who more sympathetic than any presidential candidate has ever been while praising Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders – both horrible politicians.

      • Danchi on April 7, 2016 at 2:17 pm said:

        I can tell you for a absolute fact Jake that AOA IS NOT trashing Trump. That issues has been extremely contentious among the site contributors and the commentators ever since the debates. Fortunately it’s not a focus of the site moderators as there are more important issues to discuss and reveal to other readers in the present moment. I know you will not agrees with me as it seems you are intolerant of other opinions often, so let me tell you this, as far as Trump & AOA I have been on the stinging end of his supporters over there-including article contributors ever since Trump announced that vaccine causes autism despite the fact that Trump states he favors vaccines-just spread them out. No one wanted to hear that over there and they let me know it.

        • They portrayed him as an ADHD and narcissistic modern-day Hitler.

          You are never going to find any candidate who will actually say he wants to get rid of vaccines – that would be tantamount to political suicide. Trump is the best presidential candidate we could have ever hoped for, and he is the Republican front-runner.

  9. Media Scholar on April 7, 2016 at 4:19 pm said:

    In the words of just about ANY Robert DeNiro character EVER, “C’mon!”

    What’s the deal? Oh, look another movie about pro-vaccine people pointing out they aren’t anti-vaccine.

    Right! Solid message! No cash cows to be seen. Not a single speck of $5000 dollar’s worth of ZONK.

    If you want to make a flick about Autism why not shoot some cell phone video of the tens of thousands of dollars parents fork out to people with NO SENSE OF PURPOSE other than milking moms and dads of vaccine-injured children dry.

    Pass that around the opium parlor.

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