How Andrew Wakefield Alienated NAACP


By Jake Crosby

How did potential congressional testimony of a senior federal scientist blowing the whistle on omitted research showing an increased risk for autism from vaccination among African-American children devolve into race-baiting by black separatists, alienating civil rights groups? Even worse, how did it come to be that civil rights groups like the NAACP of California actually start supporting California Senate Bill 277 and Senate Bill 792 that would keep children from whom any required vaccination was withheld for any reason out of school and daycare respectively? The probable answer lies in the activities of one de-licensed British doctor: Andrew Wakefield.

His hijacking of the story about US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) whistleblower Dr. William Thompson went far beyond releasing his name and surreptitious recordings of his voice without his permission. It also went far beyond tainting the story with Wakefield’s name, thereby alienating potential media coverage and possible congressional subpoena.

Wakefield also manipulated the message in a way that would be very appealing to a black separatist group like the Nation of Islam and very repulsive to civil rights groups like NAACP. Most notably, he did this by invoking the notoriously unethical syphilis experiment on African-American men in Tuskegee, Mississippi. The Nation of Islam has since popularized the Tuskegee invocation tactic that originated with Wakefield to denounce the SB277 bill, only to earn of the scorn of civil rights groups.

As reported in The Root, those groups put out the following message:

“Unfortunately, recent attacks on the measure have been vicious, unfounded, and distort the science and history of childhood immunization within our community,” a statement from the groups says, according to the Times. “Our organizations denounce assertions that vaccination of black children would be another Tuskegee experiment.”

And those groups include the following, according to The Root:

“The groups disputing [Nation of Islam Minister Tony] Muhammad’s comments include the California State Conference of the NAACP, the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, the Charles Drew Medical Society, the California Black Health Network and the Network of Ethnic Physician Organizations, the Times reports.”

Previously, Wakefield’s hijacking led to SB277’s co-sponsor Dr. Richard Pan painting the CDC whistleblower as “another Wakefield fraud.”  Now thanks to the message that originated with Wakefield and its appeal to the Nation of Islam, Pan has won some civil rights backing for his bill that he otherwise might not have had.

How ironic that the Age of Autism blog’s editor Dan Olmsted expressed disgust at the Nation of Islam’s involvement when he helped Wakefield broadcast the message that sat well with the Nation and not with the NAACP. Age of Autism has also been helping Wakefield promote a documentary he is making that would presumably resort to the same race-baiting tactic from when the whistleblower was outed.

Andrew Wakefield can already expect rave reviews from Louis Farrakhan and none from the NAACP.

See on The Epoch Times.

Correction: This post previously named Assembly Bill 2109 as eliminating vaccine exemptions for daycare facilities; the correct bill was Senate Bill 792. Autism Investigated regrets the error.

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8 Thoughts on “How Andrew Wakefield Alienated NAACP

  1. Hans Litten on June 25, 2015 at 6:42 am said:

    The NAACP & the others are plain wrong to promote sb277 . And it sounds like that they are doing so for no other reason than to oppose the Nation of Islam ? That doesnt sound too clever to me , Jake ?

    The NAACP & other groups need to revise their decisions on this , and quickly .
    I dont see how Andrew Wakefield can have had any influence on these decisions ?

    Vaccines cause Autism , regardless of race . But we need all the black political groups to grasp the statistical significance of what was found and to start asking difficult questions .
    We need them on board to create the noise and opposition required to bring down the criminals .

    Dan Olmsted , yes agreed , he is an interloper , he is a spoiler , he is trying to weaken our resolve .
    Mark Blaxill and Dan make the strangest decisions which one can only interpret as working for Pharma .
    But I’m beginning to wonder Jake , what your agenda is ?
    When is the last time you took on Paul Offit ? Why arent you involved in opposing this poisonous bills ?
    You have the necessary leadership qualities – I’ve seen that .

    • It’s not to oppose the Nation of Islam, but rather to oppose the message promoted by the Nation that naturally would not sit well with civil rights groups. That message originated with Wakefield’s videos.

      My agenda is simply to get to the bottom of why instead of seeing a CDC scientist finally admit to wrongdoing under oath, we are instead witnessing the loss of the right to opt out of vaccination in the country’s largest state. Wakefield has a lot more to do with that than Paul Offit. It’s crazy, but true.

      Btw, I deleted your other comment posting a story spreading gossip about the death of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet. As I have told another commenter, I will not allow such comments through out of respect for his family’s request against rumor and gossip. A post on this will go up soon.

  2. A more likely explanation is that the NAACP is a subsidiary of the Democratic Party, which has made itself into the Vaccination Party (here in California, that goes double!).

    • Whatever relations it has with certain political parties, NAACP put out a statement supporting SB277 only after the Nation of Islam’s invocation of Tuskegee. It was Wakefield who first made the comparison.

  3. Maria on June 25, 2015 at 8:48 pm said:

    It’s because they want distraction. They spend a great deal of time creating distractions around the autism debate. They turn everything into another issue, or they play and set up sides so that no one can organize into one large group to do anything effective to change the fact that the drug companies and some government agencies know vaccines cause autism and still allow the vaccinations to continue.

    It’s easy to blame Andrew Wakefield…but seriously, big pharma pays for falsified studies, and the CDC looks the other way while taking hand outs from them.

    The cover up on vaccine damage is very deep and as long as people stay in divided camps arguing over the nitty gritty that keeps us all from organizing and doing anything effective about the real issue.

    • Thank you for commenting; I took out the speculative paragraph about Dr. Bradstreet out of respect for the family’s wishes to not spread gossip about his death. In the meantime, a fundraising effort has been set up by his brother to raise money for an investigation into his untimely passing. A post will be forthcoming.

  4. Narad on June 27, 2015 at 12:25 am said:

    The truly comical part is that nobody stopped to ask themselves whether NOI really had much influence in the Black community in the first place.

    Instead, the AoA commentariat wound up telling each other that the message was “spreading like wildfire,” and so on, even though not a one seems to have ever been in shouting distance of an urban Black neighborhood.

    And the fantasies about angry (read: scary) young. brothers spilling into the streets, L-rd. It’s as though they couldn’t tell the difference between the Million Man March of 1995 — which was ultimately about much more than NOI — and the Watts riots, neither of which is going to happen over this (although they’re making travel plans for Atlanta or something).

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