No Response From The Author of The Ethan Lindenberger Hoax Story

Jane Roberts, MIT

The story of Ethan Lindenberger sold by mainstream media has been that a teenager got vaccinated against his anti-vaccine parents’ wishes. Autism Investigated proved that to be a lie: he was being used by his father to bash the mother, who the father is divorced from. Ethan Lindenberger has at least responded, the father hasn’t. Another person who has not responded was the author of the original article, Jane Roberts, deputy editor and “head fact-checker” of MIT’s Undark Magazine. This is all Roberts says about the father Joe Lindenberger in her entire, long article:

his mother, Lindenberger says, “kind of fell into this echo chamber, and got more and more misinformation.” His father, he says, espouses similar beliefs, but takes a more laidback approach.

It helped a bit, he says, that his father reacted less harshly. Despite being in the “same camp” as his mom, Lindenberger said, his dad told him “Hey, you’re 18, you can do what you want and we can’t really stop you.”

What little there is on Joe Lindenberger is based on what his son Ethan Lindenberger said about him. In other words, her entire story is based on the word of a teenager. Autism Investigated wrote the below email to Jane Roberts Friday afternoon.

Hello Ms. Roberts,

My name is Jake Crosby, editor of I have just written some posts about Ethan Lindenberger’s relationship with his father, Joe Lindenberger. For your Undark article, did you speak to the father at all? My understanding is that the mother reached out to you; did the father as well? Conversely, was there any effort on your part to reach out to Joe Lindenberger? Thanks in advance.


Jake Crosby

To date, there is no reply from this MIT colleague of vaccine shill Seth Mnookin. So-called fact-checker Jane Roberts has started a lie that has circulated throughout mainstream media and was swallowed whole by the Surgeon General, the CDC director and the US Senate.

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2 Thoughts on “No Response From The Author of The Ethan Lindenberger Hoax Story

  1. Grace Green on June 19, 2019 at 9:01 pm said:

    It looks like, among other things, Ethan wanted to go public with his story (should I say wanted to get paid for his story) while keeping quiet about the fact his parents were divorced, and the implications of that to the story, as you highlight. Cases where absent parents try to lay down the law on vaccinating their children, usually with the support of the courts, are increasingly common, and are often a way of exerting control on the resident parent, to the detriment of the children. I think Pharma probably realized that this aspect of the case wouldn’t show them in a good light.

    • Exactly, these people take advantage of divorcees, steal medical records, give fake names, bug phones and advocate suppressing medical information – all while they poison more kids. The vaccine people are garbage people!

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