Autism Investigated Announces Awards for 2014

Announcing Autism Investigated’s Awards for 2014, and the winners are…

Scientist of the Year: Dr. Boyd Haley

Dr. Boyd Haley is a chemist and international authority on mercury toxicity who has not been afraid to speak out against wrongdoing. Case-in-point: when Robert F. Kennedy Jr. chopped chapters on thimerosal’s role in causing autism out of his book hypocritically named, “Thimerosal: Let The Science Speak,” Dr. Haley pulled no punches. “Those were the most important chapters for the American people to see,” he said in an exclusive interview with Autism Investigated. Not surprisingly, much of Kennedy’s book drew from the work of Dr. Haley. Autism Investigated still values the totality of Dr. Haley’s scientific contributions and those of others like him, even though Kennedy no longer does.

Scoop of the Year: Kennedy’s Ghostwriter Defended Thimerosal

Freelance writer Adam Hadhazy (pictured above) was revealed as one of the ghostwriters of Robert F. Kennedy’s “Thimerosal: Let The Science Speak,” according to the file properties of an unpublished manuscript posted on Autism Investigated last summer. Hadhazy has a history of defending harmful vaccines and their ingredients – including the mercury-based preservative thimerosal – and of being an apologist for the CDC cover-up of those harms. Yet, he was hired to ghostwrite (write material for someone else who is the named author) Kennedy’s book that was intended to catalyze the complete removal of thimerosal from vaccines. The scoop on Hadhazy’s ghostwriting came shortly after The Washington Post reported that Kennedy removed chapters from his book for being “too combustible,” thereby not letting the science “speak” as his book title claims.

Quote of the Year: Whistleblower Confirms Wakefield Outed Him Without Permission

Whistleblower Betrayal

Shortly after he was outed without permission, whistleblower Dr. William Thompson released a statement confirming his allegations that CDC committed research misconduct in omitting associations of autism with early measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccination. But even more significantly, his statement confirmed that his identity was released online along with recordings of his voice without his permission by de-licensed British doctor Andrew Wakefield. Thompson’s voice was recorded without his knowledge by Wakefield’s colleague Dr. Brian Hooker. This too was confirmed in the following excerpt from the statement:

“I was not, however, aware that he was recording any of our conversations, nor was I given any choice regarding whether my name would be made public or my voice would be put on the Internet.”

More information about Wakefield’s betrayal of Dr. Thompson and its repercussions can be found below in the description of Autism Investigated’s “Event of the Year.”

Irony of the Year: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Joins Thimerosal Cover-Up

As previously stated, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has essentially joined the thimerosal cover-up of harms from the substance by chopping out chapters on its toxicity from his own book, despite naming his book “Thimerosal: Let The Science Speak.” He had even enlisted the help of ghostwriter Adam Hadhazy, who had previously defended thimerosal as described in Autism Investigated’s “Scoop of the Year.” It had been reported over the summer that Kennedy may add the chapters back in, though that has yet to happen after many months since then. In taking the chapters out, Kennedy has broken his promise at an autism conference in 2013 that he will publish his book if HHS does not fully remove thimerosal from vaccines. Well, thimerosal is still in vaccines but the chapters on autism are still out of his book.

Event of the Year: Andrew Wakefield Betrays CDC Whistleblower

Autism Investigated’s event of the year is also the catastrophic blunder of the decade. Andrew Wakefield has released the identity of CDC whistleblower William Thompson along with snippets of his voice recordings without his permission. Wakefield then lied to Autism Investigated by claiming he had obtained permission from Thompson, which was then completely dispelled by Thompson’s statement. As a consequence of Wakefield’s actions, any chance of widespread media coverage was killed since the story was prematurely scooped and tainted with his name. This may subsequently jeopardize the success or even the possibility of a congressional investigation or hearing into the matter. To deny Wakefield betrayed Thompson, supporters of Wakefield point to a purported apology Thompson made to him via text messaging. But if real, the apology was made under heavily coerced circumstances since Thompson knew that anything he shared that was subsequently shared with Wakefield could be prematurely revealed by him at will without any outside input.

See on The Epoch Times.

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17 Thoughts on “Autism Investigated Announces Awards for 2014

  1. White Rose on December 31, 2014 at 12:43 pm said:

    Happy New Year Jake .


    State Of Wisconsin
    Circuit Court
    Fond Du Lac County
    CITY OF FOND DU LAC, Defendant.

    Case No. 92 CV 579

    Nation of India
    City of New Dehli
    A. K. Susheela, Ph.D., being first duly sworn on oath, under penalty of perjury, and with personal knowledge of the information contained herein, respectfully states to the Court as follows:

    1.I, Dr. A. K. Susheela, have spent more than 20 years doing scientific research in the field of Fluoride Toxicity and Fluorosis.
    2.I am a full Professor of Anatomy (Histocytochemistry) and Chief of the Fluoride and Fluorosis Research Laboratories, at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.
    3.I have held Faculty positions at the same Institute since 1969.
    4.I am a Ph.D from India, with Post-doctoral training under LORD WALTON (Neurologist) of U.K. and Dr. Ade Milhorut of the Muscle Institute, New York, USA, (which no longer exists).
    5.I was a Visiting Professor at the Allan Hancock Fn. at the University of Southern California during 1974-76.
    6.I am a Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Medical Sciences.
    7.I have won the prestigious Ran Baxy Research Foundation Award (Cash Prize) for outstanding research in medical sciences.
    8.I have been involved in teaching medical students of all levels and carrying out research and guiding research in the field of muscle diseases and Fluorosis for more than 20 years.
    9.My field of interest for the last 20 years has been Fluoride and Health Hazards.
    10.Numerous funding organizations have been calling upon me during that time for evaluating projects for funding in the field of Biomedical Research.
    11.I have been a member of several National Committees since early 1970s, where issues related to Fluoride are debated and discussed.
    12.I have convened an International Conference on Fluoride and Fluorosis research in India in 1983. I edited a book on Fluoride Toxicity during 1985.
    13.I have been invited to speak on my experience in the field of Fluoride Research at various scientific meetings held in: (1) Japan; (2) Denmark; (3) Switzerland; (4) Kenya; (5) U.S.A. (several times); and (6) Hungary.
    14.I have guided 6 Ph.D theses in the subject of Fluoride and Health Hazards. A 7th Project is ongoing.
    15.I have more than 80 scientific publications in leading Western and Indian Journals.

    16.From my extensive experience, I state without hesitation and with a high degree of scientific certainty, the following evaluation of fluoridation.
    17.Fluoride destroys muscle structure, muscle function and depletes muscle energy.
    18.Fluoride destroys the bone.
    19.Fluoride destroys the teeth.
    20.Fluoride destroys the RBCs.
    21.Fluoride destroys the Blood Vessels.
    22.Fluoride destroys the lining of the stomach and intestine causing GI problems.
    23.Evidence that is forthcoming also strongly suggests that in some individuals it causes infertility (not in all, depending on their hormonal status).
    24.Substantial scientific evidences has emerged in recent years from studies conducted on Human Subjects and Hospital patients & those residing in areas/ regions/villages where fluoride content ranges in drinking water from 0.5 p.m to 38.5 ppm.
    25.Twenty years of follow-up studies have now been concluded and the important findings include the following.
    26.Gastro-intestinal complaints are the earliest manifestations of Fluoride toxicity and Fluorosis. The most common complaints include (1) Headache; (2) Nausea (Loss of appetite); (3) Pain in the stomach; (4) Gas formation in the stomach (bloated feeling); (5)Constipation; (6)Intermittent fermentation diarrhea.
    27.As a result of the above, GI complaints in endemic areas are considered as early warning signs of the fluoride toxicity and are used as a diagnostic parameter under field based conditions. See Fluoride Ingestion and its Correlation with Gastrointestinal Discomfort. (Exhibit____).
    28.Studies on human teeth have shown that fluoride alters a chemical substance in the matrix of the tooth. The mineralization process is abnormal, leading to changes in mineral content, and cavities or pitting are known to occur.
    29.In other words, Fluoride induces cavity formation, as well as discoloration of teeth. It is also evident that use of fluoride can lead to loss of teeth at an early age and one becomes edentulous. See The Status of Sulphated Isomers of Glycosaminoglycans in Fluorosed Human Teeth. (Exhibit____).
    30.Fluoride in circulation has an affinity to get deposited in tissues rich in calcium although some amount is excreted. In children, the fluoride ingested has adverse effects on kidney function. See Fluoride: Too Much Can Cripple You. (Exhibit____).
    31.During the last 20 years, six Doctorate Degrees which were carried out under my supervision and guidance have been conferred on theses on Fluoride Toxicity & Fluorosis.
    32.Thesis No.1 (Ph.D): “Muscular and Neural manifestations in Fluoride Toxicity in Rabbit and Man”. Submitted to All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi and conferred the Ph.D. degree to RAJ D. KAUL in 1976.
    33.Significant Findings emerged from studies on human patients of skeletal fluorosis. Degenerative changes were well defined at the ultrastructural level in the fluoresced muscle obtained from patients of Skeletal Fluorosis.
    34.Thesis No.2 (Ph.D): “Certain structural and functional aspects of bone with reference to Fluoride Poisoning”. Submitted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi and conferred the degree of Doctor of Philosophy to MR. MOHAN JHA during the year 1983.
    35.Significant findings emerged from the thesis and have added a new dimension to our understanding of fluoride poisoning and fluorosis. The thesis has reported a sensitive blood based test which has been developed based on the chemical defects occurring in the tissues as a result of fluoride poisoning.
    36.Thesis No.3 “Erythrocyte membrane abnormalities during Fluoride Toxicity and Fluorosis”. Submitted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and conferred the Doctorate degree to MR. SURESH K. JAIN in 1987.
    37.Significant findings emerged from the thesis, showing that fluoride inhibits the activity of enzymes of Glucose-6-Po dehydrogenase and pyruvate kinase in erythrocytes leading to impairment of carbohydrate metabolism.
    38.Fluoride adversely affects membrane bound enzyme (ATP – ase) and affects the transfer of calcium and magnesium ions in erythrocytes.
    39.Fluoride inhibits antibody formation in rabbits and may occur in human subjects as well.
    40.Fluoride inhibits protein and DNA synthesis in cultured lymphocytes.
    41.Fluoride reduces the number of lymprocytes in circulation by inhibiting their proliferation.
    42.Thesis No. 4 (Ph.D): “Fluoride Toxicity Studies on Glycosaminoglycans and its Sulphated Isomers in the Calcified Tissues” Submitted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and conferred the degree of Ph.D. to MR. KAMAL SHARMA in the year 1988.
    43.The findings emerging from the studies on both tooth & bone have made significant contributions to negate the belief that fluoride is good for teeth.
    44.Instead, Fluoride does more damage to teeth than any good. Prolonged use of fluoride leads to a decrease in the organic matrix of rabbit tooth but Dermatan Sulphate content is increased.
    45.High Dermatan Sulphate content appears to be the detrimental factor in causing dental fluorosis.
    46.Thesis No. 5 (Ph.D): “Effects of excess fluoride ingestion on calcification of bone with reference to Glucocorticoids”. Submitted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi and conferred the degree of Ph.D to MR. TAPOSH K. DAS during 1991.
    47.The above treatise has contributed significant, novel information in the understanding of the pathogenesis of skeletal abnormalities occurring in chronic fluoride toxicity and fluorosis.
    48.Reduced plasma cortisol levels in patients afflicted with fluorosis is reported for the first time. Fluoride treated animals also produced less cortisol and revealed adrenocortical hypofunction.
    49.The study also revealed for the first time, pituitary gland hypofunction which is possibly the reason for adrenal insufficiency in the production of steroid hormone.
    50.Fluoride toxicity was shown to impair cortisol production, thereby altering the bone matrix constitution both organic and inorganic, leading to defective and abnormal mineralization process.
    51.Thesis No. 6 (Ph.D): “Effect of fluoride on soft tissues – Structural and Biochemical studies”. Submitted to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi and conferred the degree of Ph.D to MRS. POONAM KHARB during 1991.
    52.This thesis focuses on the biochemical mechanism of ectopic or soft tissue calcification.
    53.Although the treatise was completely devoted to animal studies, it offers the message to both the developing and developed world, particularly in the prevention of cardiac problems. Aortic calcification, which is very frequently occurring, perhaps is a result of excess ingestion of fluoride through food, water, drugs, cosmetics like tooth paste/mouth rinses and fluoridated water.
    54.The disappearance of Dermatan Sulphate from soft tissue (which normally has high concentration of Dermatan Sulphate) is the beginning of nucleation for calcification of the soft tissue. This process is activated by fluoride.
    55.The impact of the above contributions in the Indian National scene has been significant.
    56.India launched a Technology Mission on “Safe Drinking Water” in 1986 (now re-designated after the late Prime Minister Sh. Rajiv Gandhi, as Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission) in which every drinking water source in the rural sector is checked for water quality, specially for Fluoride.
    57.People are keen to defluoridate the water due to gastrointestinal problems and are adopting indigenous technology for obtaining potable (defluoridated) water.
    58.Results include reduced abortions (as Fluoride is known to induce calcification of blood vessels of the fetus).
    59.Reduced still births (as Fluoride is known to induce calcification of blood vessels of the fetus).
    60.I am absolutely certain that large numbers of persons all around the world are suffering from Fluoride Toxicity, to one degree or other.
    61.The various and frequent health complaints, caused by fluoride ingestion, are often (or invariably) over-looked due to unawareness at all levels, which include the health professionals or, perhaps, due to the prevailing ill conceived, unscientific notion that “fluoride is good for teeth.”
    62.Fluoride is potentially a dangerous chemical and a poisonous substance, which does no good to the human body.
    63.With a high degree of scientific accuracy and certainty, I conclude that artificial fluoridation of drinking water is an ineffective means of improving dental health, and is in fact quite dangerous to those forced to consume it.
    64.I make this Affidavit in support of the Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgment

  2. Autism Investigated’s event of the year is also the catastrophic blunder of the decade. Andrew Wakefield has released the identity of CDC whistleblower William Thompson along with snippets of his voice recordings without his permission.


    So your event of the year, is the alleged tattling …. on a person who came forward to tattle on his own colleagues???

    • “tattle on his own colleagues”? Barry, I’m confused. Originally, you were mad at Thompson for not blowing the whistle sooner. Now you don’t like that Thompson blew the whistle at all and consider it “tattling”?

      • My son is permanently disabled because Thomson and his colleagues knowingly withheld information that would have prevented it. That is something that I can never forgive. And it has zero relevance to my point here.

        Although I’m glad that he’s kinda sorta doing it now, it’s not because it will help my son. Too late for that. But because it might just prevent this from happening to other toddlers .

        My point here is that when Thomson stepped forward to expose himself and his colleagues, he did so without ever getting permission from the colleagues he chose to incriminate along with himself.

        And although you’re perfectly OK Thompson having done that, it’s really no different than what you allege Dr. Wakefield has done to Thompson.

        And that’s a double standard that makes no sense to me.

        • “And although you’re perfectly OK Thompson having done that, it’s really no different than what you allege Dr. Wakefield has done to Thompson.” I’m perfectly OK with Thompson having done that because as you’ve said yourself, “it might just prevent this from happening to other toddlers .” Not so with Wakefield outing Thompson, that will do the polar opposite.

          • I’m perfectly OK with Thompson having done that because as you’ve said yourself, “it might just prevent this from happening to other toddlers .” Not so with Wakefield outing Thompson, that will do the polar opposite.

            Wikipedia defines a Whistleblower as ” a person who exposes misconduct, alleged dishonest or illegal activity occurring in an organization.”

            How is it even possible to expose a person, who’s made the conscious decision expose himself and everyone around him??

            And how exactly does that alleged act by Dr. Wakefield, ‘ do the polar opposite”?

            • By exposing that person before he wishes to be exposed.

              I’ve answered your second question plenty of times – the answer is even in this post – I’m not going to explain it to you again.

  3. White Rose on January 5, 2015 at 6:27 pm said:

    Catholic Doctors Speak: Tetanus vaccination campaign is all about population control‏
    Latest News Official Statements MCI Publications Evangelization Medical News

    Catholic Doctors Speak: Tetanus vaccination campaign is all about population control


    “Let me authoritatively clarify the concerns raised by the Catholic Bishops on the just concluded tetanus vaccination by sharing extracts from the official position of the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association as below; feel free to share the article:

    Tetanus is an incurable disease that infects the body through broken skin or wounds. The umbilical cord stamp of newborn babies is a possible entry point and makes them especially susceptible. It is best prevented through immunization with the tetanus toxoid (TT) vaccine.

    We would like to assure the public that the normal vaccines available in both public and faith based organization in this country are clean. Generally speaking, the faith based medical facilities give the same if not more vaccinations than public institutions.

    Our concern and the subject of this discussion is the WHO/UNICEF sponsored tetanus immunization campaign launched last year in October ostensibly to eradicate neonatal tetanus. It is targeted at girls and women between the ages of 14 – 49 (child bearing age) and in 60 specific districts spread all around the country. The tetanus vaccine being used in this campaign has been imported into the country specifically for this purpose and bears a different batch number from the regular TT. So far, 3 doses have been given – the first in October 2013, the second in March 2014 and the third in October 2014. It is highly possible that there are two more doses to go.

    Giving five doses of tetanus vaccination every 6 months is not usual or the recommended regime for tetanus vaccination. The only time tetanus vaccine has been given in five doses is when it is used as a carrier in fertility regulating vaccines laced with the pregnancy hormone – Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) developed by WHO in 1992.

    When tetanus is laced with HCG and administered in five doses every 6 months, the woman develops antibodies against both the tetanus and the HCG in 2 – 3 years after the last injection. Once a mother develops antibodies against HCG, she rejects any pregnancy as soon as it starts growing in her womb thus causing repeated abortions and subsequent sterility.

    WHO conducted massive vaccinations campaigns using the tetanus vaccine laced with HCG in Mexico in 1993 and Nicaragua and Philippines in 1994 ostensibly to eradicate neonatal tetanus. The campaign targeted women aged 14 – 49 years and each received a total of 5 injections.

    What is downright immoral and evil is that the tetanus laced with HCG was given as a fertility regulating vaccine without disclosing its ‘contraceptive effect’ to the girls and the mothers. As far as they were concerned, they had gone for an innocent injection to prevent neonatal tetanus!

    Considering the similarity of the WHO tetanus vaccination exercise in South American with the Kenyan camping and with the background knowledge of WHO’s underhand population control initiatives, the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association brought the matter to the attention of the Bishops and together sort audience with the Ministry of Health with only one request; that the tetanus vaccine being used in this campaign be tested to ensure it was not laced with HCG before the 2nd round of immunizations in March. The Ministry of Health declined to have the vaccine tested.

    With great difficulty, the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association managed to access the tetanus vaccine used during the WHO immunization campaign in March 2014 and subjected them to testing. The unfortunate truth is that the vaccine was laced with HCG. This proved right our worst fears; that this WHO campaign is not about eradicating neonatal tetanus but a well-coordinated forceful population control mass sterilization exercise using a proven fertility regulating vaccine. This evidence was presented to the Ministry of Health before the third round of immunization but was ignored.

    When challenged in South America in the early 1990’s about the tetanus vaccine used in their camping being laced with HCG, WHO brushed off the claims as unfounded and asked for proof. When proof was provided by the Catholic based bodies in those countries, WHO claimed that the other components of the vaccine production process may have caused false positive results. When pushed further, they accepted that a few vaccines may have been contaminated with HCG during the production process. However, HCG is not a component nor is it used in the production of any vaccine let alone tetanus! It was only after antibodies against HCG were demonstrated in the women who were immunized with the laced tetanus vaccine that the matter was sealed. The immunized women have suffered multiple abortions and some have remained sterile. Do we have to wait until this point before action is taken?

    Though the Bishops are medically lay people, they have technical advisory teams of competent specialists from every discipline, including medicine. These teams are both local and international as the Catholic Church is global. The Catholic based and run health institutions form the largest private health network in the country and have been rendering medical services to Kenyans for over 100 years! Thus, when the Bishops speak on topical issue like the tetanus vaccination, they are talking from a point of knowledge and authority. It would be foolhardy to disregard their advice.

    We have performed our moral and civic duty of speaking the truth and alerting the government and the people of Kenya. It is now up to each individual Kenyan to make an informed choice.

    Kindly goggle “Fertility regulating vaccines”and “Are New Vaccines Laced With Birth-Control Drugs?”for further insight.”

    -Dr Wahome Ngare, Gynaecologist and Obstetrician

    For and on behalf of the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association.

    Shared by Dr. Robert Walley, Executive Director of MaterCare International

    Contact: Dr. Robert Walley will be in Kenya until Nov 11 and is available for interview at ph: (254) 0727373690.

    Source Contact-
    Address: MB Ch B, M. Med Mercy Medical Centre Jubilee Insurance House, Room 213 Wabera Street, P.O. Box 72071, Nairobi 00200
    Location: Nairobi
    Country: Kenya
    Telephone Number 1: 020-2240694
    Telephone Number 2: 0729-370022, 0733-376022
    Email Address:

  4. White Rose on January 5, 2015 at 6:35 pm said:

    2014: A Productive And Controversial Year For The Gardasil HPV Vaccine
    2014 has been an eventful year for the Gardasil HPV vaccine. It has been a year of development and controversy, according to media reports from the year.

    In June 2014, the European Commission approved the Gardasil vaccine to be allowed to be used “for the prevention of anal precancerous lesions and anal cancers causally linked to oncogenic HPV types,” according to a press release. Other great news for Gardasil’s manufacturers: The European Commission also granted Gardasil marketers permission to promote two-dose Gardasil for children between the ages of nine and 13-years-old, according to BioProcess Online.

    As 2014 came to a close this month, Sanofi Pasteur MSD (an equally-owned European joint venture between Merck and Sanofi Pasteur) was given another green light: in December 2014, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a press release recognizing the approval of the Gardasil 9 vaccine, an updated version of the HPV vaccine, which covers five more types of HPV than the earlier Gardasil vaccine was created to protect against.

    The new Gardasil 9 could potentially prevent about 90 percent of all anal, cervical, vaginal, and vulvar cancers, according to a report in Clinical Leader about the release of the new Gardasil vaccine. The FDA approved the Gardasil 9 vaccine for females between nine and 26 years old and for boys between nine and 15 years old. Karen Midthun, director of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research at the FDA, said that the new approval will provide greater protection against these cancers, calling the vaccine a “critical health measure.”

    Still, 2014 didn’t bring all good news for the Gardasil team. 2014 also brought Gardasil into an unflattering spotlight on a few occasions.

    Bernard Dalbergue, a former physician for Merck, was interviewed in April 2014 by the French magazine Principes de Santé and presented an ominous opinion of the Gardasil vaccine. Dalbergue’s interview statements were, according to Judicial Watch, “the most disturbing inside information exposed about the vaccine.”

    “I predict that Gardasil will be the biggest medical scandal of all time. Because at one time we will prove by A + B that this vaccine for technical and scientific prowess it has no effect on cervical cancer and that many cases of effects undesirable that destroy lives and even kill, are there for the sole benefit of the laboratories,” Dalbergue warned in the interview with the French magazine, as translated by Google into English. Inquisitr covered the details of Dalbergue’s controversial statements when the story first broke earlier in 2014.

    In August of 2014, Gardasil rumors ran rampant for a little while after reports spread that 200 girls in Cambodia came down with a mysterious illness after receiving Gardasil vaccines, though CBS reported that officials speculated the illness was possibly a case of mass hysteria. Symptoms that were reported at the time included fainting, numbness through the hands, and headaches.

    Another blow in 2014 to Gardasil’s marketing successes was a statement issued by a member of the European Parliament this past spring.

    “Today in Europe, many young women, aged 18-24 years without medical history, are affected with very debilitating diseases that could be attributed directly to vaccination.” (Translated from French)

    Michèle Rivasi, representing southeast France in the European Parliament, requested a moratorium and implored the Minister of Health to establish transparent and independent studies of the safety and efficacy of the Gardasil vaccine, according to Lyon Capitale, which claimed Rivasi was especially moved by the opinion of a Canadian neurologist on the effects of the Gardasil vaccine when she issued the statement earlier in 2014.

    “Aluminium, a potent neurotoxin present in the vaccine, passes the brain barrier,” neurologist Christopher Shaw from the University of British Columbia said, according to Lyon Capitale, as translated into English by Google.

    Shaw and co-author Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic wrote in a paper published previously in the Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics that said that while “conflicts of interest do not necessarily mean that the product itself is faulty, marketing claims should be carefully examined against factual science data.” The pair stated that Gardasil was fast-tracked in its approval process and that Gardasil marketers are making unproven claims about the vaccine’s ability to actually prevent cancers.

    According to the Lyon Capitale report, Austria refused to include Gardasil in their national vaccine schedule, purportedly due to controversy. In September 2014, the Inquisitr reported that Japan was also still debating the Gardasil issue a year after it was removed from the list of required vaccines in the country.

    Given that in 2014 Gardasil still made headlines with news of both progress and controversy, has your opinion of the vaccine changed in any way?

  5. Hans Litten on January 14, 2015 at 2:37 pm said:

    Meanwhile over at AoA they write about Brian Deer STILL !
    An irrelevance of a human being if ever there was one (BD is not worthy of one sentence to us).
    And AoA is still talking about the original Wakefield ruling 1998 , and the Walker-Smith ruling (ok that was big at the time – granted), & 1943 and Leo Kanner & the original 12 . But all of this has been superceded now .

    I cannot tell you the last time time anyone at AoA mentioned a whistleblower who went out on a limb and risked his own life (for that is what he has done) to reveal the wholesale cdc criminal deception .
    That mans name is William Thompson . The Hg-enocide we call autism was and is a project that was always going ahead (with or without WT) . And it still is , right now .
    Dont you see that Barry ? WT has spoken out now – but since he has I’d estimate another up to 1 million children have been “poisoned autistic” by the international vaccine criminals since that date in august 2014.
    So far his bravery has achieved zero . The Media has collaborated with enthusiasm .

    AoA is stuck in a perverted sick timewarp . Brian Deer is of zero importance now .
    AoA should be writing daily about nothing other than the cdc whistleblower William Thompson .
    The reality is – AoA never does .

    AoA wrote little or nothing about the Kenya tetanus sterilisations .
    AoA wrote little or nothing about Bernard D’Albergue & Gardasil
    AoA wrote very little about Diane Harper & Gardasil
    AoA has written little or nothing about the Chile Themiserol situation .
    AoA has written little or nothing about Columbian Gardasil situation
    AoA has written little or nothing about the French Gardasil situation
    AoA does not want the parents to be fully referenced and armed with the facts .
    AoA hides away as quickly as possible all the real hard evidence of the Hg-olocaust\ Hg-enocide

  6. Hans Litten on January 16, 2015 at 9:32 am said:

    Jake – I think you need to change the name of this website –
    Autism has been investigated – we know what it is – its vaccine-Hg-enocide ,
    “Autism – Solved” and its an industrial scale criminal event.

    AoA’s purpose as far as I can understand is to endlessly debate the topic .
    As if there is still some question over whether vaccines cause autism or not ?
    AoA hides away the facts . We dont want any parents getting militant over this .
    AoA is just about keeping everyone going around in circles .

    Msg For Lyn Redwood :
    Can I find out all the questions you have raised on our behalf at the IACC ?
    Perhaps as a New Years resolution you could make all this easily available for the parents ?

    • Hans,

      I totally agree with you about AoA.

      However, look no further than the About section to see where AI stands:

      “The purpose of this site is to investigate the who, what, when, where and why of the autism epidemic, particularly the role vaccines play in causing it as well as the government’s role in covering up that cause.

      This blog will dig deep to understand why the facts continue to be denied and obfuscated.”

      So while we know vaccines are causing it and that the government is covering it up, there is still room for greater understanding of both especially concerning why they continue to happen.

  7. Hans Litten on January 20, 2015 at 3:10 pm said:

    Jake is there a congressional hearing looming ? as rumoured on AoA ?
    Do you know ?

  8. Hans Litten on January 22, 2015 at 2:14 pm said:

    on the way to one billion tweets (the story the BBC & AoA dare not run)

    As 2014 came to a close, the mainstream media and CDC desperately hoped that a last resort media blackout tactic would put to rest their well-deserved negative attention. Yet today, with 750,000,000 (on the way to one billion) #CDCwhistleblower Twitter impressions, it begs the question why this major story has not been investigated and given proper attention by mainstream media, enforcement agencies, and worldwide medical oversight boards. The fact remains that in 2004, top CDC researchers saw a major statistically significant link to increased autism caused in their MMR vaccines trials and they blatantly covered it up.

    Due to the now infamous CDC whistle blower Dr. William Thompson’s press release admitting purposeful neglect, what started as a bump in the night has now grown into a vicious monster with teeth under the beds of complicit CDC officials and a purposefully silent media. Angry parents are still angry and children are still being vaccine injured.

    According to a report by Ben Swann filed in September of 2014, Congressman Bill Posey’s office claimed “we have received a very large number of documents and we are going through those documents now.” However, since then not even a simple press conference has been called to inform the public.
    What was left of the CDC’s public trust and integrity has been beaten up and trampled in the last five months by an MMR/autism research scandal, a botched Ebola response, and now an endless social media nightmare.

    In a recent interview Brian Hooker, PhD announced breaking information saying that he is in possession of “several more data sets that I have received from the CDC to reanalyze (papers) regarding thimerosal exposure and autism as well as thimerosal exposure and other neuro-developmental abnormalities.

    The CDC whistle blower has said and published twice that thirmerosal causes “ticks”. Now we need to emphasize that “ticks” are not a minor deal. Hooker goes on to say:

    “…by the way, incidences of “ticks” is much, much higher than the autistic population.

    That story the CDC has really tried to bury and if you go to their own website they talk about thimerosal being safe except for issues around the injection site. Using their own data and using their own results that is simply not true.”
    Regarding Hooker’s reanalysis of the new CDC data concerning thimerosal in his possession he states that “I am seeing statistically significant links across the board not only for autism and “ticks” but also for lower performance on IQ tests among individuals who were exposed to higher doses of thirmerosal in their infant vaccines and speech and language delays.”
    In closing, the CDC has just released its recent numbers on flu vaccine effectiveness for this season. According their own numbers, this year’s flu vaccine is only 23% effective.

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  9. Hans Litten on January 22, 2015 at 3:19 pm said:

    Msg for Dan Olmsted

    Regarding your praise for the cdc’s Ebola response in late 2014″

    So a couple of points there Dan :
    1. It was my understanding there would be 1.5M victims of Ebola by January – but it has abruptly stopped at 7,800 They did really well didnt they ? And as a betting man I was fairly sure that last patient at the Royal Free would survive & how right I was . What is your take Dan ? Good hoax by the cdc ?

    2. Dan are you able to confirm what test the cdc is using to confirm the identity of each case of Ebola .
    Because it seems no-one has any idea how they are able to confirm the 7,800 victim count in the complete absence of a verifiable ebola test . (Rappaport\Rasnick)

    Perhaps I’ve got it all wrong . Please confirm .

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