RESEARCH: Autistic Women More Likely To Be Dykes


Autistic & Fatass Julia Bascom, Executive Director of Autistic Self-Advocacy Network (updated from previous photo)

From a recent study:

Ninety-four adolescents (73 males, 21 females) with ASD and 3454 (1685 males, 1675 females) without self-reported on sexual attraction and past sexual relationships. Females with ASD reported lower rates of heterosexual preference (adjusted odds ratio: 0.14, p < .001), higher rates of bisexuality (adjusted odds ratio: 6.05, p < .001) and uncertainty in attraction (adjusted odds ratio: 10.44, p < .001) compared with non-ASD females.

The results are not surprising in light of the fact that people with autism are already more likely to be “transgender” (gender dysphoric). It is also a known fact that children with autism have higher levels of testosterone, just don’t treat them for it unless you want to lose your medical license.

That autistic women are much more likely to be dykes is not a huge surprise in light of how Asperger Syndrome has an even more disproportionately higher male-female ratio than the autism spectrum as a whole. This fact is likely due to Asperger’s diagnostic criteria restricting its diagnosis to people with average or above-average IQs. Men vastly outnumber women in above-average intelligence.

Although these results may represent “Another possible barrier to finding an ‘autistic girlfriend'” according to one autistic blogger, the fact is that women with autism are probably even more difficult than normal women. So we should all be grateful that autistic women are more likely to be dykes. Let them eat and beat themselves to death.

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8 Thoughts on “RESEARCH: Autistic Women More Likely To Be Dykes

  1. Alain on March 26, 2017 at 3:59 am said:

    Yeah. Autistic people are more likely to be gay (I have always wondered about Jake Crosby).

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