Canary Flies Over to Chili’s Boycott, Leaves a Dropping on Autism Investigated


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By Jake Crosby

Autism Investigated’s criticism of the National Autism Association (NAA) for giving “respect” to Chili’s decision to pull its fundraising was ironically attacked on a Facebook page titled “Boycott Chili’s.” The person behind the attack would reveal herself to be none other than Canary Party’s former Vice President, Ginger Taylor, who along with her organization have been an ongoing subject of criticism by Autism Investigated for hijacking the congressional hearings on autism.

Taylor posted the above-mentioned Autism Investigated piece on the group’s Facebook page, and added:

“Sad to see attacks on NAA from inside our own community. Wendy from NAA sets him straight but railing against common sense is just more fun for young Mr. Crosby, who has created nothing, helped no one, done nothing but tear others down. Sad.”

The next day, I commented:

“I find it ironic that a group that calls for a boycott of Chili’s for yanking NAA’s fundraising also endorses NAA’s statement of ‘respect’ for that decision. Tearing yourself down with such contradictory messages doesn’t make you a good judge of what constitutes as helping people.”

The entire post along with both comments beneath it disappeared very soon thereafter.

Then I discovered that right after NAA President Wendy Fournier showed up on the Facebook page and created a post thanking everyone for their support, the administrator of “Boycott Chili’s” outed herself by signing her name, “Ginger T.” in her reply to Fournier (click to enlarge):

Ginger Taylor runs Chili's Boycott

Taylor’s comment that I have “created nothing, helped no one, done nothing but tear others down” is contradicted by many comments she has made online, including some below:

“Jake Crosby has been dissecting autism research, writing about vaccine injury and exposing corruption and conflicts of interests in vaccine apologists for what, four years now?”

“Jake, your new nick name is ‘Digger.’ Cause man you can dig.”

“He has an AMAZING record of taking apart these bad faith players…”

And finally:

“Jake, if you are not getting any flack, you are not over the target.”

Apparently, I have been over the target for some time now.

Jake Crosby is editor of Autism Investigated. He is a 2011 graduate of Brandeis University with a Bachelor of Arts in both History and Health: Science, Society and Policy and a 2013 graduate of The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services with a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology. He currently attends the University of Texas School of Public Health where he is studying for a Ph.D. in Epidemiology.

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21 Thoughts on “Canary Flies Over to Chili’s Boycott, Leaves a Dropping on Autism Investigated

  1. Ginger and the Canary Party don’t even advise their followers how Congress commits treason every day. An honest political party would certainly expose treason by Democrats and Republicans. By keeping their mouths shut about this, the Canary Party tells us they are just as corrupt as out mainstream bribed politicians.

    • It’s even worse than that – Canary Party helps kill any chance of success from working with the few politicians who showed some willingness to resolve the problem.

  2. Dan Burton and the Dr from Florida who used to be a rep were the only two who ever wanted to do anything. The rest of them are all superb liars. It’s not the Canary Party’s fault that parents never heard of the Declaration of Independence. That’s their own stupidity. Every American should know what our founding document tells us to do.

    • No, Dr. Weldon’s successor Bill Posey is also a good representative, as is Carolyn Maloney. As long as there are people in Congress who we know are with us, we should never give up on them.

  3. You just keep telling the truth Jake. And dimwits like Ginger Taylor will bury themselves for you.

  4. Carolyn Maloney is dumber than most rocks. It doesn’t matter what these liars say. Any of them could introduce a bill to ban thimerosal. The fact that they won’t do that tells you they’re lying to you. This is a simple problem with a simple solution, ban thimerosal. Everything else is nonsense.
    The fact that none of your readers will admit to knowing what the Declaration of Independence says tells us that these parents will never learn to think for themselves. They are all going to sit there and wait for some corrupt liar in Congress to solve this problem for them. They will be waiting a very long time.
    All problems in the USA will be solved by firing Congress. Everything else is just a waste of time and energy.

    • There has not been a proposed ban because most of Congress doesn’t know it’s unsafe; Congress has yet to even investigate the fraud CDC has committed in order to defend it.

      • Every member of Congress knows that thimerosal is the cause of autism. Most have been bribed to cover this up. Dan Burton showed them the truth in 2002. It’s obvious to me and it’s also obvious to all of the liars in Congress. They’re not stupid, they’re liars, all of them. That’s why they refuse to answer questions and that’s why they ban you from their Facebook pages for asking them questions. They’re just like Age of Autism. They ban you for telling the truth.
        You know they had to be bribed to do what they did with the Homeland Security Bill. This is why they will never investigate it. They are 100% corrupt. Every one of them has agreed to intentionally cause brain damage to babies. They intentionally rob every American with the FED and the IRS. They lie to us about the “war on terror” while they murder and maim babies in the middle East to serve bankers. They allow 179 lawyers to serve in Congress when article 1, section 9 and the real 13th amendment bans all lawyers from being there at all. They took away our freedom of speech by allowing Rothschild to own all of the TV networks 70 years ago. That’s why you and I can’t go on TV and tell the truth about mercury. They’re trying to take our guns away so we can’t shoot them for treason or defend ourselves when their abuse of all of us gets worse and finally provokes us to fight back. Everything that Congress does is fraud. Every budget is fraudulent. All taxes are theft. All dead soldiers died for bankers. Their lives had nothing to do with protecting the freedom that we lost in 1913.
        Congress are the criminals who give orders to the CDC, along with whoever the puppet Prez happens to be. They instruct the CDC to lie to us. Every member of Congress except McFadden and Lindbergh in the 1930s has lied to us for 100 years about the FED. Every one of them has committed treason by abetting our enemy, the same enemy who we defeated in the Revolution.

  5. Kerbob on April 14, 2014 at 10:34 pm said:

    Dave Weldon was never a friend of our children. In fact, his unwillingness to act appropriately has led to thousands and thousands of more cases of vaccine injured children.

    Read this from the Congressional Record:

    “… I appreciate the chairman’s and the committee’s willingness to include language in the bill recognizing the research on the MMR/Autism issue by Dr. Andrew Wakefield of London, England and Professor John O’Leary of Dublin, Ireland. I further appreciate their inclusion of language in the report directing the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to:

    ….. give serious attention to these reports and pursue appropriate research that will permit scientific analysis and evaluation of the concerns that have been raised through all available mechanisms, as appropriate, including an attempt to replicate the molecular evidence of persistent measles virus infection in children with autistic enterocolitis. This research should be pursued in a way that does not cause undue harm to the Nation’s efforts to protect children against vaccine-preventable diseases. …”

    As you plainly read…”This research should be pursued in a way that does not cause undue harm to the Nation’s efforts to protect children against vaccine-preventable diseases…”

    Weldon is just as much a creep as all the other vaccine-loving creeps.

    Thanks to Genocide-loving creeps like Weldon, the vaccine-manufacturing drug giants can mass-murder all they want.

  6. Jake,

    I have returned from a five day trip to find that I have been falsely accused on your blog again. I am writing to ask that you retract this article.

    I did not write that post on the Boycott Chili’s page. In fact, it is not my page. I was added as an admin on it because I was making the graphics. I didn’t know of the post until several days later when someone asked me about it while I was out of town.

    If you are not going to take it down, I ask that you post the retraction at the top of the page that you have falsely attributed quotes to me that I never made.

    The proper course of journalistic investigation includes contacting the person that you are writing about to confirm or comment on a story. You have not done that with any of the posts that you have written here about myself and my colleagues, and therefore your “reporting” over the last year is riddled with errors. It is a bad faith process, and this blog is no more accurate than some of the writers you have been attacking since you began publishing on Age of Autism.

    More than a year ago I contacted you and told you that I was really sad that you were attacking us, that I didn’t understand why, and asked that you call me with any questions or concerns that you had so we could work things out appropriately. You refused. When Mark Blaxill did the same, you wrote to him and said, you replied to the effect that you “had all the information you needed.” You then then proceeded to attack him with things that just are not even within the realm of possibility, and have never contacted him to see if it is true or if he had comment. Despite that standing invitation for the last year, you continue to write about me and my colleagues as if you had no access to us. We are right here, Jake. You have all our phone numbers and email. There is no reason to write these articles with all these false claims and leaps.

    You even turned down Jennifer Larson and Lisa Ackerman’s very generous offer to get you all the information you needed to feel comfortable that no one you were concerned about was working to harm our cause, our community or our kids. She publicly offered (at her own considerable personal expense) to fly you and anyone you had problems with out to California for mediation. Lisa Ackerman offered us her space to have a meeting that would be mediated by a member of a judge’s consortium that offers free mediation services (thereby assuring no conflict of interest). You would not even entertain the offer.

    Jake, the things you are writing on this blog are so egregious that they are legally actionable. Malice in this case would not be hard to establish. In addition, it is my understanding that you are failing to disclose relevant financial conflicts of interest and other information that would put into serious question your objectivity in the eyes of potential readers.

    And yet despite you continued bad faith, bad behavior, and abuse of the public trust, none of us are attacking you back. We tried to work in good faith, address your concerns and mend things with you for more than a year, and you have repeatedly refused to do so. By my count you have been approached by probably two dozen people, both those you are upset with and outside friends, to try to get you to approach this appropriately, and you have refused every time. Thus the rest of us have moved on with our work. And you are left to continue to harm your own reputation by printing things that just are not true. (and easy for others to verify that they are not true with a simple phone call.)

    Jake, you have become a bully. There are a long list of earnest activists who have been treated very badly by you, myself included, and who are hurt by your treatment. You are being cruel and unfair to people simply because they are not doing things that you want them to do. That is what a bully does. I urge you, again, to rethink the course you are on.

    I will remind you that the offer stands, that if and when you are ready to resume a good faith process you can call me. My phone number again is 818-402-9672. My email is But the battle you seem to be looking for… well no one is interested in wasting any more time or energy on this anymore. We have work to do.

    And to Jake’s readers, If you have questions about the accuracy of his reporting on myself or anyone I am working with, please feel free to contact me directly and I will be happy to answer what questions that I can. But know that I have a ton of work, a child to recover, and I will not be reading posts and comments here.

    • Ginger, you are obviously responsible for more than just the graphics of Boycott Chili’s, otherwise you would not have responded to Wendy Fournier on the Facebook page and sign your name at the end of your reply. Ergo, it is your page, and your claim you never even saw the FB post about me until days later is also not believable as it was at the top of the page when you replied to Fournier’s comment and made a whole new post out of it.

      There are times where it is necessary to contact someone for comment; in this case it’s not. You left a trail of Facebook posts that already gave yourself away, and your subsequent denial lacks credibility.

      As I’ve explained to you before, I have had many email exchanges with Mark Blaxill; they were not productive and ended with him refusing to respond to anything in my first article, opting to insult me instead. He then unfriended me on Facebook. I said that he could call me anytime, but he never did. If he were so willing to respond, then he should have no problem responding to what has been written about him at Autism Investigated, much less need you to defend him instead. You had been attacking me behind my back before I ever wrote anything critical of you, and you only bothered to contact me after I found out. Only months later did you finally come clean on what you were doing after previously trying to deny that, too. You know I’ve been thrown off Age of Autism and am no longer allowed to comment there. Many of my readers cannot comment there, either. Yet I allow you to come here and personally attack me, make vacuous legal threats against me and hypocritically suggest I have a financial conflict of interest when you have made $45,000 working for Canary Party in 2011 and 2012 alone. So I am not the one who has avoided dialogue.

      Lisa Ackerman did not make any mediation offers, those were solely made by Jennifer Larson. There wasn’t even any talk of a specific setting for the mediation to take place. She offered to hire a professional mediator herself in her same email to me where I was also accused of lying and slandering. So what do you expect me to do? Accept her offer so she can repeat those things to me in person in front of a mediator hired by her? No way.

      And to any readers actually thinking of contacting Ginger Taylor – needless to say, do not take her word as fact. However, I would suggest you not even bother for reasons that should hopefully be obvious to you by now.

    • Ginger Taylor, You have a standing offer to confront me in public and try to lie to me about why you removed the picture of my car from the Canary Party Facebook page. You can also explain why you threw me out of thee Canary Party. All I did was encourage people to fight. Would you care to explain why you discourage parents from fighting back against Congress and the drug companies?
      You’re a despicable, inhuman excuse for a mother. You cause more babies to be poisoned into autism with your dishonest “leadership”. You’re a liar and the worst sort of hypocrite, attacking Jake, a man with Asperger’s , with your thoroughly dishonest and cruel rhetoric. Jake has every right to say whatever he wants to you and about you. You are a God damn disgrace!!!

    • Narad on April 17, 2014 at 2:03 am said:

      I did not write that post on the Boycott Chili’s page.

      Given that the subsequent post was signed “Ginger T. (and Holly B.),” one may reasonably infer that there are only two admins.

      I was added as an admin on it because I was making the graphics.

      Both of them?

  7. Bayareamom on April 15, 2014 at 9:48 pm said:

    Comment by Dr. Kenneth Stoller:

    “As someone who lives in Marin County and who was trained as a pediatrician, and who was board certified for over two decades, I think I have some standing to comment on the completely one-sided NPR story.

    Why if the measles vaccine is effective do outbreaks happen in populations of 99.7% vaccination? Where is the herd immunity so prized by vaccine advocates?

    The number of flu infections are distorted by combining it with pneumonia, which is irrelevant in anyone but the most elderly, while mainstream media parrots CDC press releases about flu deaths in children that had other, far more serious simultaneous infections.

    Whopping cough is “back” due to herd immunity rates dropping? The truth is that pertussis is cyclical, immunity to it cannot be defined, and researchers at Johns Hopkins knew even 20 years ago that herd immunity to whooping cough could never be achieved through vaccination.

    Vaccines can be effective at increasing antibody levels to certain aspects of pathological organisms, but the truth is that antibody production only tells half of the immunity story.

    Vaccination is not equal to natural infection, and even the FDA admits that aluminum adjuvant vaccines cannot produce cell-mediated immunity, which is the basis of herd immunity.

    We are told vaccines are safe but does that include developing a deadly peanut allergy, or anti-NMDA encephalitis? We are told vaccines don’t cause autism while the research literature reports on how to make autistic mice in the laboratory by creating a viral infection in pregnant mothers.

    Yes those same cytokines they don’t want pregnant mom’s to have explode if they get the flu still explode if they get the mercury laced flu vaccine.

    And while on the subject of mercury, Merck admitted in 1991 they were exposing children to 87 times the toxic levels of mercury that should be eaten, and the FDA didn’t intervene for almost a decade.

    But no need to be concerned about mercury anymore because amounts are now only trace in only certain vaccines.

    Trace… the deadliest non radioactive element on the planet… it is like saying “don’t worry there is only trace amounts of cyanide in this punch.”

    Injected aluminum in the two-month vaccination schedule exceeds the amount of aluminum allowed intravenously by a factor of 20.

    Are we to trust that the current the vaccine schedule is safe even though the schedule has never been tested for safety – not in 1980, not in 2010, not ever!

    Herd immunity is an unproven theory and while it sounds good on paper immunity is not always what vaccines create… they create antibodies to certain aspects of the organisms being vaccinated against, but not necessarily actual immunity.

    As a physician I am disgusted that vaccines are fast tracked for approval without proper safety trials. That Andrew Wakefield was drawn an quartered for his paper that suggested their may be a possible link between childhood vaccines, intestinal inflammation, and neurological injury in children even though it has been replicated and proven time and time again and how his partner Professor John Walker Smith was
    exonerated of all charges, proving that the allegations of fraud propagated against Dr. Wakefield were unfounded.

    There is a difference between truth and propaganda.

    Don’t rely on what some paid Internet troll-whore to tell you what is reality and what isn’t. Read the package inserts for certain vaccines and you will see as one of the potential side-effects being “autism.”

    The truth is out there, and that is why the citizens of Marin County are very, very wary of vaccines. We are tired of being experimented on for the profit of others.

    I have testified, at the request of the US Congress, to talk about some of these issues in front of the Government Reform and Oversight Committee, and do you know what I have been told behind closed doors?

    I have been told that those in the US Government who know, and that is most of the upper level administrators of the FDA and CDC and a heck of a lot of Congressman as well – they all know vaccines, and environmental toxins like pesticides, are the cause of the autism epidemic… THEY ALREADY KNOW…. they just don’t want you to know.

    Think about it.”

  8. Bayareamom on April 15, 2014 at 10:02 pm said:

    “I have testified, at the request of the US Congress, to talk about some of these issues in front of the Government Reform and Oversight Committee, and do you know what I have been told behind closed doors?”

    “I have been told that those in the US Government who know, and that is most of the upper level administrators of the FDA and CDC and a heck of a lot of Congressman as well – they all know vaccines, and environmental toxins like pesticides, are the cause of the autism epidemic… THEY ALREADY KNOW…. they just don’t want you to know.”

    Think about it.”

    Jake: THEY ALREADY KNOW. This IS BIGGER THAN YOU WANT TO BELIEVE OR ACCEPT. I agree with John Best, up to a point. You can try to boot these guys/gals out of office, but the political system itself, is rigged. It’s corrupted from the top levels, down to the lowest levels in state/county levels of government.

    You replace these folks in office – who are you going to replace them WITH? It’s the SYSTEM that needs to be changed, not just the folks IN the system.

    My husband and I learned this the hard way when we advocated for our son when he was younger (he’s fine now, thank goodness). We saw the absolute corruption that was inherent JUST within our local/county district (IEP court/Judge – was all a sham).

    You’re young, Jake. Your youth, as once was mine, creates this sort of box within which you still cling to certain ideals. A belief in the system that you not so long ago, once learned about in school, that teaches you right from wrong and that good people are voted into our government TO SERVE THE COMMON GOOD.

    NOTHING could be further from the Truth, sadly. Political figures are NOT LEADERS, Jake, they are followers. They serve AGENDAS, the very agendas of those that fund their political campaigns.

    There are extremely powerful people at the very top of this vaccine food chain, Jake. While there MAY be those that sit on that Committee that truly DO care, they efforts – I can guarantee you – will be thwarted toward any meaningful endeavor to stop this crushing epidemic.

    When you understand what really makes this World Wag, Jake – AND YOU WILL AT SOME POINT – you will understand.

    I don’t have all the answers. The ONLY thing that my attorney husband and I can see is that NUMBERS MATTER. Thousands of boots on the ground, demanding truth and justice with this issue (and so many others), is what is needed.

    Any of you hear about the Justina Pelletier scandal? That’s but yet another example of the power and corruption on all levels of MASS state government. The levels of corruption and deceit FAR exceed that which most Americans truly understand, UNLESS/UNTIL you are unfortunate enough to be caught up within its morass. Then, when the ugly truth flies flat in your face with the reality that what you THOUGHT was the truth, isn’t the true reality at all, the layers on that onion come peeling off, revealing the horror that you now realize, is THE REAL TRUTH.

    Truth is elusive, Jake.

    You’ve just uncovered a small portion of it.

    Keep digging, but a little advice: Blaming ONE individual for the demise of this hearing, isn’t going to change the power and the corruption that is RAMPANT in our government. EVEN if you were able to sink this guy’s ship (and his minions along with him), he would simply be replaced with others who would perform likewise.

    But as I’ve said, Jake – you’re young. Our youth tends to get in the way of our better judgment AT TIMES. You’re not incorrect re: what’s been happening here, Jake, but what you’ve not yet realized is that the good guys you think can help you, may not be able to do so.

    This vaccine issue is far bigger than you realize, Jake.

  9. Sarah on April 17, 2014 at 1:57 am said:


    Ginger is between a rock and a hard place on this one. She loved you when you exposed duplicitous people who she considered her enemies. But she can’t stand it when you expose her duplicity. Her problem is that she has two categories of people – those that always agree with her, who are her friends, and those that disagree with her in any way. The latter people are her enemies. A strong person, who was confident in her beliefs would be able to take a bit of criticism and learn from it. In her case, she doesn’t seem to be able to do this.

    She disavows saying “Sad to see attacks on NAA from within our own community.” and “railing against common sense is just more fun for young Mr. Crosby”. But in her own comments, posted under her own name, so that she can’t deny it is her, she says almost the same things: “More than a year ago I contacted you and told you that I was really sad that you were attacking us” and “Jake, the things you are writing on this blog are so egregious that they are legally actionable. Malice in this case would not be hard to establish.” It boggles the mind to see the contortions she puts herself through – claiming never to have said what have in the screenshot, but then repeating almost exactly the same thing again.

    I think this goes to the fundamental weakness of her position. It’s never good when you appear defensive. And she is certainly defensive.

  10. Kerbob on April 17, 2014 at 9:58 am said:

    More proof these so called Autism brands are nothing, but a bunch of self-promoters seeking to shake down any entity they can to benefit their own interests.

    Boycott Chili’s? Why on earth would anybody want to do that? It’s more likely the same old NPO sharks that back-stabbed our vaccine-injured children by jumping aboard the Sponge Bob Wright Autism Speaks anti-litigation supertanker really believe the rest of us are a bunch of know-nothing idiots willing to do totally stupid stuff so the angry birds can deposit just another check in their well-feathered nests.

    That a corporation refuses to contribute cold, hard cash to a bunch of sad sad sellout ninnies more worried about where the plane fare to their next drunken shindig is coming from is progress for the thousands and thousands of America children hit hard by the vaccine-loving germ freaks maniacal War on Germs campaign.

    Attention corporations spanning the globe: Do NOT engage these people coming to you in the name of Autistic children. They are not real people. They are neurotic dolts looking for specific self-interests. There’s nobody with an Autistic kid behind them and no reason to believe a single red cent is going to support families with a child diagnosed with Autism struggling to make ends meet.

    It is far better for any corporate effort to specifically focus within each community they serve. It’s far better to go direct with local efforts specifically with an eye to help the truly needy.

    It’s nice to think Chilli’s is large enough to understand there are thousands and thousands of families ahead of these Autism NPO sharks. All Chilli’s or any other concerned companies need to do is take a look around their own neighborhoods and start helping families directly.

    Otherwise, your donating booze money to a bunch of NPO sharks.

  11. Jake, This comment might be out of place but you should appreciate it. I once asked NAA to help me start a group home that would treat autism with chelation. I had the financial arrangements all set with a bank and I didn’t want anything from NAA. All I needed was for them to let me use their name as I needed to be associated with some charity, any charity, to fit into the program. As far as I know, there are no residences anyplace that use chelation to treat kids. These are the severe cases whose parents can’t deal with them any more and they get thrown into custodial care facilities, drugged into oblivion and left to die.
    I used to donate money to NAA when Jo Pike was running it and they always seemed above board, told the truth about everything and helped children. So, I asked this seemingly simple favor of NAA to try to help some of the worst cases of autism you can imagine. You know what their answer was? ( ) That’s right, the bitches wouldn’t even respond. That’s what NAA has become, a group of useless women who refuse to help autistic children.
    I got the idea for this after I was fired from an institution that “cared” for these severe cases because I bothered the guy who ran the place by trying to tell him how to cure autism. Several years after that, I learned that one of the autistic kids there had bitten off one of that guy’s fingers when he was trying to restrain the kid. Justice, gave me a good laugh. These horrible women like Wendy and Ginger will be paid back for their deception. I hope I hear about it when they get what’s coming to them.

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