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New York Mafioso Mayor Bill de Blasio Declares Campaign for President

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks during a news conference declaring a public health emergency in parts of Brooklyn in response to a measles outbreak, requiring unvaccinated people living in the affected areas to get the vaccine or face fines, in the Orthodox Jewish community of the Williamsburg neighborhood, in Brooklyn, New York City, U.S., April 9, 2019. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has jumped into the presidential race. Two weeks ago, he said, “Anti-vaxxers are part of an insidious, well-funded campaign to take advantage of parents who just want to take care of their kids. We won’t let them hurt our families.”

De Blasio then linked to an op-ed in USA Today stuffed with the usual lies the vaccine people spout.

Mafioso Mayor de Blasio now wants the entire country to submit to his “leadership” that’s been a disaster for New York City. Fortunately, New Yorkers already hate him.

“Trace Amounts” Leaves a Trace: Oregon Kills 2nd Exemption-Killing Bill

Eric Gladen, take a bow. Your documentary is still remembered in the hallowed halls of Oregon’s statehouse.

Autism Investigated saw Trace Amounts four years ago just after the first vaccine exemption-killing bill was killed in the Oregon legislature as a result of its screening. Watching the film made it immediately clear how it caused the death of the bill. Autism Investigated posed the following question in its review of the film at the time:

What if the most effective argument is simply shining a light on the corruption within federal agencies responsible for immunization policies states mandate and on the greater greed – not the greater good – behind the “trace amounts” of one particularly toxic vaccine ingredient?

The systematic corruption behind the toxicity of vaccines is what this documentary argues. That’s what killed an exemption-killer in 2015, and that is just what has killed another exemption-killer in 2019. Unfortunately, state legislatures now considering mandates for the first time didn’t have the benefit of already seeing Trace Amounts. Just as Oregon has killed another exemption-killing bill, Washington has just killed its vaccine exemptions and Maine’s Senate has just passed an exemption-killer.

As more state vaccine exemptions come under threat, the story of Oregon should be a lesson to us all. Killing vaccine exemption-killers doesn’t happen by promoting the poison you’re trying to stop the mandating of or by preserving the government program covering up the poisoning. It certainly won’t happen by calling crooked politicians who whitewash the vaccine-autism cover-up as “genuine in getting to an answer” or by telling advocates “you are out of your fucking mind” for wanting the corrupt vaccine program to die. It happens by speaking the truth about the poison vaccines are and about the lies the vaccine people tell us. That’s what Eric Gladen’s Trace Amounts documentary does and that’s what we should all be doing.

Well done, Eric!

NATO Troll and Teenage PR Prop Team Up to Push Internet Censorship

Group selfie including troll Jessikka Aro and prop Ethan Lindenberger, Credit: Oscar Soria

Vaccine mandates are a very serious threat, but an even bigger threat than threats to state vaccine exemptions are threats to public conversation about vaccination. That threat is worldwide and is supported by some strange alliances.

A “journalist” with the state-owned Finnish Broadcasting Company named Jessikka Aro has teamed up with teenage vaccine propaganda prop Ethan Lindenberger. They united under the banner of a global activist group called Avaaz, which operates under a weird mix of politically progressive and militarily interventionist agendas. They have now petitioned major tech companies to censor conversations about certain issues on social media, citing “harassment.”

Jessikka Aro is known for her work exposing “Russian trolls” who allegedly create fake social media accounts. They presumably work out of Saint Petersburg, a city that was devastated by a horrific siege laid by Finland and Nazi Germany. Of course, GlaxoSmithKline uses trolls too. The fact that trolls are used to push agendas on the internet is nothing groundbreaking.

The difference is that the “Russian troll” narrative serves the agenda of those who want to deny the legitimacy of the 2016 presidential election. The architect of that lie is James Clapper, Obama’s Director of National Intelligence who Edward Snowden previously blew the whistle on for lying to Congress about mass surveillance of Americans. Snowden now lives in Moscow where he has sought asylum. No wonder Clapper hates Russia.

The troll narrative also serves an agenda behind the denial of the 2016 election results: expansion of the Cold War-era NATO alliance and military intervention around the world. Avaaz notably supported NATO intervention in Libya as well as mass unrest in Syria; we all know how that ended…

Interestingly, Jessikka Aro’s “work” to expose Russian trolls began in 2014 just months after Finland signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” with NATO. The memorandum was signed just after Russia and NATO broke relations. Since then, major political parties in Finland’s government have adopted platforms of support for the country’s membership of NATO. Yet polls show Finlanders overwhelmingly oppose NATO entry, and why wouldn’t they? Who wants a buildup of Russian troops on your country’s border, especially given Finland’s history of war with Russia?

Though the Finnish public does not support NATO membership, powerful Finnish political parties that govern Aro’s employer do. Finnish entry into NATO would triple the length of Russia’s border with NATO countries, bringing all NATO countries into greater confrontation with Russia including the United States. Ethan Lindenberger is now a propaganda prop for more than one agenda detrimental to American interests.

REVENGE OF LARGE MARGE TALBOT: Dividing Robert Kennedy’s Family

From “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure”: “Be sure tell ’em Large Marge sent cha!”

David Talbot is the founder of, which published Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s landmark article Deadly Immunity. When the site pulled Kennedy’s article, Talbot rightfully slammed the move as editorial cowardice and caving to pharma pressure. Talbot is also the brother and brother-in-law of longtime pro-vaccine media power couple: Margaret Talbot of The New Yorker and Arthur Allen of POLITICO. Now Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s brother, sister and niece just published a screed in POLITICO Magazine attacking his criticism of vaccines. What a coincidence…

Allen began spreading vaccine propaganda in direct response to Kennedy’s Deadly Immunity, a 2005 article about the government’s cover-up of injury from the mercury-based vaccine preservative thimerosal. It was published in both and Rolling Stone, although would delete it years later. Allen’s wife Margaret Talbot meanwhile was a senior fellow of the New America think tank, funded by Gates, Soros and the pharmaceutical industry. She could not have been thrilled that the website her brother founded published Kennedy’s piece. According to one journalist who visited her and Allen’s house to interview him and was promptly kicked out by her to do the interview elsewhere, “She wears the pants in that relationship.”

She must’ve gotten some flak when her brother’s website published Kennedy’s article. As her own husband admitted when he flip-flopped, he had previously written about thimerosal with some honesty:

As the writer who first told the thimerosal story in depth in the New York Times Magazine two and a half years ago, I have been astonished to see how badly it has been handled since.

He didn’t write that sentence.

Hey Pee-Wee Allen, be sure tell ’em Large Marge sent cha! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

HHS Secretary Stumbles on President Trump’s Past Vaccine Skepticism

Donald Trump and Dr. Andrew Wakefield in 2016

Following President Trump’s recent vaccine-pushing remarks, his HHS Secretary Alex Azar has been desperately trying to downplay the significance of Trump’s vaccine skepticism during the 2016 election. According to Breitbart, Secretary Azar told the media:

“As you know, some years ago there was a debate about this issue that was partly fueled by data that has since been discredited.”

Undoubtedly, Azar was referring to the work of Dr. Andrew Wakefield. He met with Donald Trump during the election cycle.

Curiously, according to paraphrasing by Arthur Allen of POLITICO:

Azar said Trump’s statements during the 2016 campaign linking vaccination to autism were based on a “debate about this issue but it’s been settled.” 

So Azar’s way out is to say that there was still a debate in 2016, even though it was partly based on Dr. Wakefield’s “discredited” work. That doesn’t work when Donald Trump actually met with Dr. Wakefield during the 2016 election cycle specifically to discuss the autism-vaccine link. Both President Trump and Secretary Azar would not respond to Autism Investigated’s inquiries on Twitter.

That is because they both know the truth of what happened. The president has backed down from his campaign promises about doing something to address toxic vaccinations. Meanwhile, his 2020 opponents in the Democratic Party have doubled down on their support for them.

BACKING DOWN: President Trump says, “They have to get their shots.”

Well this election cycle didn’t last long for Autism Investigated. Yesterday, the Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden officially declared his candidacy. As vice president, Biden called on children to get an HPV vaccine with their MMR vaccine. Today, President Trump has called on people to “get their shots.” Asked about measles, he said, “this is really going around now.”

In 2016, Autism Investigated endorsed Donald Trump for president. At the time, both his primary opponents and both Democrat candidates were bought by the vaccine industry. One of those candidates is again running for the Democratic nomination, Senator Bernie Sanders. There is no one in the very wide field of Democratic candidates who express any skepticism of vaccines. Even President Trump’s only 2020 primary challenger was the running mate of a third party candidate in 2016 who endorsed vaccine mandates.

Without absolving President Trump of responsibility for his own remarks, the issue was mishandled from the very beginning. Despite repeated efforts by Autism Investigated to get infiltrator Mark Blaxill away from any involvement with Congress due to his 2012 hearing hijacking and instrumental role in the 2013 hearing collapse, he was part of congressional discussions during the transition period anyway. He played a key role in shooting down a proposal by then-Congressman Jason Chaffetz to hold a hearing on vaccine safety issues. Days later, Blaxill’s books coauthor and editor Dan Olmsted committed suicide. Blaxill also met with Donald Trump twice.

It wasn’t all Blaxill though, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. showed a blatant double-standard between President Trump and his Democratic predecessor Barack Obama. Under Obama, Kennedy delayed release of his book on the mercury-based preservative thimerosal for a year and then released a hacked version for another year before finally publishing it in full. Only after Autism Investigated leaked the full manuscript did he do the latter. Just one year into Trump’s presidency by contrast, Kennedy decided it was a good idea to bash him to a pro-vaccine paper. Just one month ago, Kennedy also called President Trump the “worst president ever” at a press conference at Yale.

Kennedy has also refused serious efforts at reaching out to the Trump Administration. Last year, Kennedy shot down a letter Autism Investigated proposed for him to send to the NIH director with President Trump copied. Days later, Kennedy launched a campaign premised on a discredited doctor’s false representation of himself as a government whistleblower. Lately, Kennedy has been ignoring the government’s cover-up of vaccine injury in favor of asking for “placebo-controlled trials.” Of course, his uncle created the vaccine program.

Then there is the fact that the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who appointed the special counsel is the brother of CDC’s vaccine director Nancy Messonnier. She lied to Congress about vaccine risks with Dr. Anthony Fauci last February. Just last week, Rosenstein joined the current attorney general at a press conference to announce the release of the special counsel’s now-completed report. Rosenstein was reportedly part of a decision not to charge President Trump with obstruction of justice.

Regardless of the reasons that led up to this point, Trump has made a clear departure from what he said two years ago. In 2017, he promised “I’m not gonna back down” from addressing problems with vaccines. In 2019, it’s now clear he has.

CREEPY JOE BIDEN: All Children Should Get HPV Vaccine With MMR!

Biden with Senate Majority Leader’s granddaughters, Photo: Jacquelyn Martin/AP/Corbis

It’s happened, former Vice President Joe Biden has released his third and highly anticipated presidential campaign announcement. His declaration makes him the automatic frontrunner to the Democratic nomination given that he has consistently dominated primary polling despite never officially being a candidate, but now it’s official. Joe Biden will be running to defeat President Trump in the 2020 election, but unlike President Trump, Biden has never entertained the idea of safety issues with vaccines. On the contrary, he wants all children to get the dangerous HPV vaccine with the already dangerous MMR vaccine!

In fairness, there is a legitimate reason for Biden to be so vocal about cancer. His son tragically died of brain cancer at the age of 46, although there is not even a prospect for a brain cancer vaccine among all the potential vaccines in the pipelines. But given Joe Biden’s problem with boundaries among women and girls, it almost makes sense that he would be so in favor of aggressively vaccinating against an STD in children.

So Autism Investigated has a compromise proposal: only children around Joe Biden should get the HPV vaccine.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Wants to Preserve Uncle JFK’s Vaccine Program

The Vaccination Assistance Act was signed into law by President Kennedy in 1962. The ratification caused the creation of the CDC’s National Immunization Program and its Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appeared in a video in 2015 where at the beginning he stated that he wants “policies that encourage full vaccination for all Americans.”

What President Kennedy signed into law and what Robert F. Kennedy Jr. wants is exactly why America is now in this mess. Vaccine programs should not exist. They are deadly, government vaccine companies with regulatory powers. Talk about scary!

It’s only natural therefore to expect the government to assume liability for vaccine injuries as would eventually happen in the US and UK. Then when every state adopted vaccine mandates under Jimmy Carter, vaccine injuries exploded out of control. President Reagan inherited that mess, along with many other messes of the Carter presidency.

Reagan couldn’t repeal the Vaccination Assistance Act signed into law 25 years earlier because of the Democratic Party’s control of the House of Representatives through his presidency. So he signed into law the National Vaccine Injury Act sponsored by Democrat Congressman Henry Waxman. Had Carter not been voted out of office, he would have signed Waxman’s law at the beginning of his second presidential term.

Now Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is trying to distract from history by spreading lies about minutia like the number of reports HHS was supposed to provide Congress after the law passed. He surrounds himself with idiots, opportunists, and vaccine crime apologists. Now hear him say he wants to preserve the vaccine program that poisoned your children.

Del Bigtree of ICAN Can’t Read Laws. He Needs to Just Stop and Go Away.

“What we discovered through our lawsuit was that in the last—it was supposed to be every two years since 1986 and they never met with Congress once.” – Del Bigtree, WRONG

When the The Daily Beast needs to correct you, you know you’re in trouble:

At a March 2019 hearing of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-TN) said the reports were actually required within two years of the law’s implementation, not every two years.

And, Alexander said, “the HELP Committee has two reports from the Department submitted to Congress dated May 4, 1988, and July 21, 1989.”

Both reports were made public at Alexander’s request and can be viewed here and here.

Bigtree did not respond to a follow-up question about the existence of the reports.

Naturally, Autism Investigated’s editor couldn’t hold back.

What timing that this happened right after the editor sent the following message to ICAN and its support by thimerosal cover-up apologist JB Handley:

I know research skills-lacking, narcissistic baby JB Handley supports your show and is behind your boycott of me. I’m way more knowledgeable than Del and anyone else he’s had on! “We can do better”? What kind of nonsense is that? Muh placebos is totally gonna get people riled up. Nice Jewish star touch though, you’ve really made it clear you just wanna safer holocaust. Great consistency in your messaging…

Contact me when you decide to get serious.

Jake Crosby, MPH

Too late now!

Ethan Lindenberger Claims Insight of Fraud Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig

Teenage propaganda prop Ethan Lindenberger has now tweeted a piece by the college grudge-holding and fake econ-studying socialist Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig. So Autism Investigated responded by enlightening Lindenberger as to what a fake and phony she is. In his response to Autism Investigated, Lindenberger revealed that he did not like being criticized by Autism Investigated. Specifically, he did not like being reminded how he shared a meme that depicted parents like his of putting their child in an oven.

How funny for Lindenberger to lecture Autism Investigated about Bruenig’s motives when he never went to college with her or even met her, unlike Autism Investigated’s editor. Bruenig’s first article defending vaccines was as a college sophomore attacking the editor’s invited campus speaker. She never even attended the talk. Similarly, there is no indication she attended either recent congressional hearing about vaccines including the Senate hearing Lindenberger spoke at.

Yet she’s now an assistant section editor of The Washington Post of all places. It couldn’t have been hard for her to have gotten a press pass. If Autism Investigated were still based in Washington, Autism Investigated would have been at the hearings and seen Lindenberger speak. Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig didn’t even bother to show up.