CNN Opposition Researcher Supports Vaccination Injury Cover-Up

Note that Autism Investigated does not refer to CNN as “journalists,” because they’re not that. They’re political operatives doing their corporate master’s bidding. Take Andrew Kaczynski, who threatened to dox a Reddit poster for superimposing the CNN logo on the face of WWE CEO Vince McMahon in a video of him getting body-slammed by Donald Trump. Before joining CNN, Kaczynski made a name for himself as an opposition researcher for BuzzFeed.

When news broke that the wife of the White House’s new communications director holds anti-vaccine views, Kaczynski pulled no punches.

CNN’s top opposition researcher is so determined to censor vaccine injury stories in social media, he’ll target someone’s wife. Kaczynski and CNN are truly an “enemy of the people” as the president so aptly called mainstream media. Anti-vaccinationists and vaccine skeptics should recognize Kaczynski, CNN and other mainstream news outlets for what they are.

If they want to talk to you, it’s for their benefit and not yours. Don’t give them the oxygen they desire.

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3 Thoughts on “CNN Opposition Researcher Supports Vaccination Injury Cover-Up

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  2. White Rose on July 14, 2018 at 2:41 pm said:

    By purposefully and willfully hyperactivating the human immune system over 100 times with broad-spectrum adjuvants that force the immune system to go after potentially every infection in the body that a person inherited or has been exposed to in their lifetime, MERCK can maintain a condition of varying degrees of prolonged systemic inflammation and immune hyperactivation, resulting in elevated levels of stress hormones, which trigger and turn on the ATF3 Gene, which turns off immune cells. High titers of EBV and other retroviruses, Mycoplasma, EXTREMELY LOW CD57 Absolute Counts, and 25(OH)vitD <25ng/ml are commonly noted in these children. Virtually all of these girls and boys were living in perfect balance of pathogen balance (Homeostasis), but the unnecessarily over-powerful can purposely disrupt this critical balance of the immune system, and can potentially remain in the body for decades. This translates to the generation of girls who received Gardasil potentially having sicker children with an increased number of both cognitive and physical delays and disorders, similar to the 1 in 38 children with autism as a result of mass vaccination in South Korea. In 2009, the World Health Organization announced that Measles was eradicated in South Korea, but in 2011, Yale Medical Researchers found 1 in 38 South Korean schoolchildren had autism. MERCK will not only make many Gardasil Mothers sick and require more pharmaceutical drugs from MERCK, along with their babies, but it will also mask the fact that MERCK's MMR and other vaccines are responsible for virtually all instances of autism. How can I prove such a statement? The 1993 Canadian Ice Storm Study of expectant mothers proved that offspring of mothers under stress were sicker and more delayed, and in 2014 McGill University Medical Researcher found a genetic signature in the DNA of these children. Now we have DNA evidence that MERCK is willfully and knowingly programming vaccines to make the public require more and more Pharmaceutical Drugs.

    MERCK has both the technology and opportunity to use vaccines as a Trojan horse to carry a genetically modified substance, typically a bacteria or possibly other pathogen that can splice into human DNA, and instruct your DNA to do something else. There are currently no known laws against this act. By so doing, MERCK possesses the power of God to quietly alter and "program" some or all or your human genes. If vaccines are mandated for everyone, MERCK, in the same manner MONSANTO Genetically Modifies seeds for agriculture, has the ability to control genetic switches within the human body that could turn on or off certain genes in the immune system, thus causing slow growing cancers, including brain cancer by coating nanoparticles with Polysorbate-80 which is the same technology they currently use in today's Gardasil HPV vaccine. This DNA splice could cause the human immune system to become activated against normal and healthy proteins in the human body, and cause the immune system to hunt down and slowly or quickly destroy or mutate certain human human cell lines, or cause cancers and autoimmune disease. In this manner, MERCK has the power to hold human genes for ransom by providing an extremely expensive antidote in the form of a drug that would would then cause the immune system to restore the body back to normal and "cure" you. Sound like Science Fiction? The technology is already in use and is called CRISPR.

  3. White Rose on July 15, 2018 at 9:36 am said:

    After Gardasil vaccination, a 16 years old Australian (Little DT, 2012) and a 18 years old French Jennifer Sellier (Carrère d’Encausse M, 2015) developped a premature menopause and sterility. Four more Australians were further reported (Little DT, 2014). In September 2015, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reported 95 irreversible cases among 104 early menopauses. This number did not reflect the reality, as only <1% to 10% are declared, owing to the fact that menopause is unknown from the general practionner as a Gardasil complication (NVIC). Therefore, in reality, there is 10 000 cases of sterility, a number which will grow continuously with time.

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