How Dan Olmsted and David Kirby Helped Kill A Landmark Autism Lawsuit


By Jake Crosby

It may sound bizarre, but that is exactly what happened when journalists Dan Olmsted and David Kirby interfered with Coalition for Mercury-Free Drugs’ Reverend Lisa Sykes’ 2008 personal injury lawsuit against drug companies Bayer, Wyeth and GlaxoSmithKline. Incredibly, Olmsted and Kirby were persuaded to co-write a letter that took the side of the drug companies against Sykes’ case. Even more bizarre was who successfully appealed to Olmsted and Kirby to support Bayer: vaccine industry mainstay blogger Dr. David Gorski, via an open letter on “Science”Blogs. (He would later accept direct funding from Bayer: a 30,000-euro grant according to Gorski himself.)

It all began when “neurodiversity” blogger Kathleen Seidel of the now-defunct website was subpoenaed by attorney Cliff Shoemaker, who was representing Reverend Sykes in her case against Bayer and other pharmaceutical companies for injuries her son sustained from mercury exposure through vaccination and Rh-immunoglobulins. Seidel had quite a track record of pro-pharma activities. She had complained against scientists to their state medical board and to the FDA, and had also written in support of the CDC freezing outside researchers from accessing a federal database. These complaints by her would eventually culminate in a scientist being coerced by FDA into voluntarily withdrawing a product from the market, even though it met FDA’s safety standards. Seidel’s complaints would also lead to a scientist losing his medical license and his son being fined $10,000 by a medical board known for flouting fairness statutes meant to protect doctors. According to millionaire vaccine industrialist Paul Offit, Seidel falsely claimed to him that Generation Rescue co-founder JB Handley threatened her with a lawsuit which in turn led to Handley being libeled in Offit’s 2008 book. He would be forced to change the text in his book. Not surprisingly, Seidel had also attacked Rev. Sykes’ case.

So what is wrong with Sykes’ lawyer, Clifford Shoemaker, subpoenaing Kathleen Seidel in order to try and find out possible connections she may have to pharma? Well, according to the vaccine industry blogger David Gorski’s letter to Kirby and Olmsted: ”freedom of speech” and the “First Amendment.” Gorski also insisted Seidel was not connected to the pharmaceutical industry (as if he would admit that she was if he was privy to this information) and noted that she is not a defendant in the case, despite her persistence in helping those defendants by targeting their critics. Gorski did make one point to Olmsted and Kirby that was correct, however:

If both of you, who so strongly disagree with Kathleen’s conclusions, were to speak out, it would shame Shoemaker and his clients, the Sykes, beyond any condemnation that I or the rest of the blogosphere can provide.

Indeed, Olmsted and Kirby were in a unique position to undermine Reverend Sykes’ case against Bayer and other pharmaceutical companies given that both journalists are well known to be on the same side of the debate as Sykes. That is the real reason Gorski wrote them his letter as he stated himself. He even hilariously tried to make them feel sympathetic towards Seidel by saying that they wouldn’t like being subpoenaed by vaccine manufacturers, and ended his email with the following plea:

If a lawyer representing a plaintiff suing vaccine companies can get away with this, just imagine what abuses lawyer [sic] with the resources of a big pharmaceutical company or the government could perpetrate to silence blogospheric critics. Imagine what mischief they could cause by demanding the correspondence, e-mails, financial records, and contacts with religious groups from their critics. That would be you, Mr. Kirby and Mr. Olmsted.

Just think about it.



And yet, Orac, (blogging pseudonym for Dr. David Gorski) supports that very “mischief.” After Dr. Andrew Wakefield sued Brian Deer, Dr. Fiona Godlee and the British Medical Journal for libel in 2012, Gorski wrote Dr. Wakefield’s lawsuit:

…would allow them [Deer and Godlee’s lawyers] to subpoena all sorts of information…It might also, as I’ve pointed out, allow the defendants’ lawyers to depose all manner of Wakefield’s connections relevant to this libel suit, possibly even some of Generation Rescue’s luminaries and bloggers at AoA, given that it appears very much to me as though GR (Generation Rescue) and AoA coordinate their attacks on Deer and Godlee with Wakefield.

When Dr. Wakefield first filed his lawsuit, Gorski wrote that:

Communications between Wakefield and any AoA blogger might be subject to discovery.

That would include “Mr. Kirby and Mr. Olmsted,” not to mention me and potentially anyone else who has ever contributed to Age of Autism and corresponded with Dr. Wakefield. Obviously, Gorski would support the Merck and GSK-funded British Medical Journal, its editor Fiona Godlee and writer-for-hire Brian Deer serving Olmsted and Kirby with a subpoena. Gorski’s ploy is not surprising at all, given his complicity in the CDC’s thimerosal-autism cover-up and IOM’s subsequent whitewash.

What is devastatingly surprising, however, is Kirby and Olmsted’s response that came just three days after Gorski’s letter that blatantly stated: “I am appealing to both of you to use your influence and position in the autism biomedical movement to protest this shameless action by Mr. Shoemaker.”

In a complete betrayal to the autism community, Olmsted and Kirby did use their influence to protest Shoemaker’s subpoena, but they only sent their letter of protest to David Gorski. It appeared on his blog and nowhere else:

We both take this matter very seriously, and strongly oppose any effort to subpoena the records of Ms. Kathleen Seidel. We have also clearly expressed our feelings to Mr. Shoemaker. While we may not agree with her opinions, we consider Ms. Seidel to be a colleague. Rights to privacy, and to free speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment, must be upheld for all. We urge Mr. Shoemaker to reconsider, and drop this action against Ms. Seidel.

David Kirby

Dan Olmsted

Perhaps the most shocking part of the letter is their reference to Seidel as their “colleague” – a colleague who has no journalism credentials, who complains against scientists to their state’s medical board, the FDA and medical journals while advocating for outside researchers to be frozen out of accessing a taxpayer-funded, federal database. That is the “colleague” Kirby and Olmsted profess to support on the basis of “free speech” – a “colleague” whom by Gorski’s own standards as applied to Dr. Wakefield’s case – would be more than appropriate to subpoena.

It gets worse, however, much worse.

Less than two weeks after Kirby and Olmsted’s signed letter of support for their “colleague” Kathleen Seidel invoking the first amendment, Seidel gained free legal support from a Washington, DC-based consumer advocacy group called “Public Citizen.” More specifically, she was receiving support from Public Citizen’s “First Amendment Team.”

Dan Olmsted is connected to Public Citizen through its Health Research Center director/cofounder Dr. Sidney Wolfe. Dr. Wolfe’s involvement in Public Citizen spanned nearly four decades. Did Dan Olmsted provide Kathleen Seidel with free legal support? Whether directly or indirectly, the letter of support for Seidel he cosigned with Kirby could have only helped.

Within a day of David Gorski boasting about Public Citizen’s support for Seidel on “Science”Blogs, Shoemaker’s motion to subpoena was quashed. Less than two weeks after that, the Sykes dropped their case against Bayer and other pharmaceutical companies. The following month, the Sykes’ lawyer Clifford Shoemaker was professionally sanctioned.

As this was all happening, Olmsted and Kirby’s support for Seidel drew the ire of one notoriously cantankerous Age of Autism reader – autism father and Hating Autism blogger John Best. He tried to complain about Olmsted and Kirby’s support for Seidel – and by extension Bayer – in the comments of Age of Autism, only to be censored. Eventually, Best was banned from commenting on Age of Autism altogether. Apparently, Seidel’s right to free speech is more important to Age of Autism than that of its own readers as well as the scientists whose reputations she worked to destroy and whose research she worked to stifle.

John Best is not the only person who did not receive a satisfactory explanation from Kirby and Olmsted regarding their support of Seidel. David Kirby did not respond to my inquiry for this article. (I merely asked him if anyone other than Gorski had pressured him to write the letter.) Age of Autism editor Dan Olmsted has informed me that he refuses to communicate with me altogether. When we were still communicating, however, he figuratively claimed:

John Best wants to shoot me, and I’m a good guy!”

At that time, I had no idea that this “good guy” helped quash a thimerosal lawsuit against Bayer – much less that that was what Best had been complaining about and been censored from Age of Autism over. Then in 2011, David Gorski disclosed taking research funds directly from Bayer. I would love to know what role Olmsted and Kirby’s letter invoking “free speech” may have played in helping secure direct pharmaceutical funding to Gorski – a blogger who ironically considers them worthy of subpoena by vaccine industry-backed litigants.

Jake Crosby is editor of Autism Investigated and is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. He is a 2011 graduate of Brandeis University with a BA in both History and Health: Science, Society and Policy, He is completing his candidacy for an MPH in epidemiology from The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services.

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49 Thoughts on “How Dan Olmsted and David Kirby Helped Kill A Landmark Autism Lawsuit

  1. White Rose on August 29, 2013 at 12:29 pm said:

    AoA needs to comment and answer these allegations . Particulary after what just happened with Brian Hooker . This request shouldnt be upsetting to anyone (but I’m sure somehow it will be taken as such).

    I also appear to be banned from commenting on AoA . On the one hand they want identities revealed in all cases and at the same time a prominent AoA person warned me of the possible repercussions from Govt in all of this (I find that double standard a bit hard to stomach).

    • The closest Mark Blaxill has ever come to addressing what Beth Clay did was to deny having anything to do with her oversight only to then admit to working with her on SafeMinds’ GA committee without saying that he was in fact the chair of the committee.

  2. White Rose on August 29, 2013 at 12:54 pm said:

    By the way I consider this to be “proper” autism reporting Jake . Kudos .

    Unfortunately there are 10’s of millions of us now worldwide, who know only too well all about the tragedy & sympathy story – we see it everyday, the low verbalism if at all ,the missing eye contact , the gut issues , the screaming , the all over immune system health deficit chaos ….. but continually running sympathy stories , where does that get us ?

    Maurice Hilleman “Vaccines can be considered the bargain basement healthcare solution of the twentieth century” ….& he should know . Bargain basement in vaccines case means complete rubbish .

  3. Jeff C on August 29, 2013 at 2:25 pm said:

    I’ve admired your writing and style over the years and continue to do so, but this story has me scratching my head. In hindsight, it would seem that it was a mistake for Olmsted and Kirby to write the letter. Okay, we all make mistakes. Are you saying there is something bigger going on here? If so, what is the end game?

    So what do you think is going on with Dan Olmsted (and also Mark Blaxill though he’s not mentioned in this article)? I read your stuff along with that of Tim Bolen and want to know what is motivating these apparent blue on blue attacks. I can only come up with four scenarios; that you think the leadership of the AoA branch of the autism movement is:

    a) so incompetent that they are harming the cause
    b) in this for their own self-promotion and don’t really care about the cause
    c) actually trying to undermine the cause for some reason (i.e. closet pharma shills)
    d) in a personal pissing match with you guys for some reason unrelated to the cause

    At face value, c) seems ridiculous, and b) seems unlikely. If there is evidence showing otherwise, the community should see it now.

    As to a), this seems misguided. Like many others, I’ve been frustrated by the slow progress in advancing the cause. That being said, we are seeing progress as more parents turn to biomedical, vaccine opt-outs continue to increase, pharma is being forced to greater disclosure (albeit by unlikely ally Ben Goldacre), and improvements in educational access continue for those affected. It’s way too slow, but it is happening.

    That leaves d), which is a very unsettling possibility.

    Your writing is a huge asset to the community. I can’t help but think it would be better to focus on those who deny the epidemic’s existence or those trying to further bloat the vaccine schedule rather than friends. Just my opinion and I do appreciate your hard work and dedication.

    • I don’t think explanations a-c should be off the table, but neither Dan Olmsted nor David Kirby for that matter were in a “pissing match” with Cliff Shoemaker or the Sykes in 2008. Olmsted and Kirby just picked a side, and that side also included Bayer, Wyeth and GSK, without informing AoA readership while censoring critical comments from at least one reader.

      Such undermining by “friends” is far more destructive than whatever attacks Gorski and other pharma-tied bloggers can dish out. He said so himself in his letter to Olmsted and Kirby. That’s why Gorski sent it.

    • Then again there is always the possibility of e) some kind of threat was involved (implied, real, imagined…)

  4. Letthembegot on August 29, 2013 at 3:52 pm said:

    Yep….. have been accused of all sorts by AOA and have had comments removed and censored. If we are in this together then what on earth do any of us have to hide ? Clearly some of us are in this together others appear to be in it for themselves. And to echo whats been said I admire your tenacity for unearthing the truth Jake and hope that you are able to shield yourself from the fallout as this work can get dirty – we know, we have seen it !
    When we suggest the very idea of infiltration – we are banished yet this would look awful like it could well be in that category no ?

    • The whole situation is very fishy. Obviously, Gorski wouldn’t have gone to the effort of writing such a letter if he didn’t feel Olmsted and Kirby would give the desired response. By the same token, it’s hard to believe Gorski could have persuaded them to write such a response singlehandedly while keeping it from their general readership. Kirby has not responded to my question as to whether anyone in addition to Gorski may have influenced him. Dan Olmsted cut me off altogether. So what may have motivated them to do what they did, besides Gorski’s letter, is anybody’s speculation.

  5. White Rose on August 29, 2013 at 5:17 pm said:

    Jeff C – my child was maimed by a government sponsored poisoning – they continually deny that vaccines have caused the autism holocaust (which has to be one of the greatest lies ever to have ever occurred) , and furthermore their vaccineWMD programs are accelerating and they busy themselves with trying to presecute the parents and families who resist – however justice is non negotiable .

    Why was Brian Hooker not the person to testify (a Phd biochemical engineer)? No-one at AoA has ever answered that despite repeated requests to do so ? Beth Clay has never responded as to what happened ?

    I dont care if this whole so called movement implodes into a million pieces because we are doing nothing tangible in my eyes .The situation is critical , the situation is an emergency , and we cannot manage any kind of meaningful co-ordinated protest . Yes I say we are infiltrated . No doubt about it , And this new article to my mind suggests c) to be the correct answer , Sorry but that is the way it is .

    And to mention Ben Goldigger as being a person of integrity is quite amusing to me . Did you see the man on the BBC Newsnight during the faked Welsh measles “epidemic” . But he does hold 2 degrees , do you know !

  6. Jeff, I was reading your comment and when I got to your list of A – D, I laughed. All I could sit and say was Yes, Yes, Yes aaaaaand Yes.
    You just summed it all up, my friend!

    Things just aren’t what they appear to be when it comes to AoA.

    Thanks for the great work, Jake. Once again, you’ve knocked it out of the park.


    • Thanks Kelly, they sure aren’t.

      However, I am not in any pissing match with Olmsted and Blaxill. I’m just trying to report the facts as accurately as possible. Neither Olmsted nor Kirby were in a pissing match with Lisa Sykes and Cliff Shoemaker either, but that didn’t stop either man from interfering with this lawsuit in support of pharma.

  7. Doug Troutman on August 29, 2013 at 11:11 pm said:

    That lawsuit should have went forward and it would have been a game changer. It always seems like AOA and Safeminds undermine CoMed and the rest of us. Brian Hooker shoud have testified and questioned Boyle not Blaxill. The scientific evidence cleary showed Thimerisol caused the mercury poisioning epedemic. The is no need for anymore government studies. It sounds like Gorski, Dan, and Dave have a good little gig goin on along with Seidel. Did Safe Minds undermine CoMed on the Mercury treaty ? No one commented on that on AOA. I was a lot more interested in that info than the Ken and Barbie scenario.

    • SafeMinds definitely undermined the mercury treaty leading to thimerosal’s exemption from being banned, then commented the mercury treaty “did not get off to a flying start.” No kidding – it was a crash-and-burn failure thanks in no small part to SafeMinds.

  8. White Rose on August 30, 2013 at 2:34 pm said:

    I love this piece because it ties nicely with what Dr Buttar (genius) of North Carolina has said about mercury and how it interacts with enzymes :

    Potential Autism Trigger Found in Brain Growth Enzymes
    By Michelle Fay Cortez – Aug 28, 2013 6:31 PM
    Some cases of autism may be related to damage in a key set of enzymes that are critical during brain growth and development, possibly helping narrow the search for causes of the condition, researchers said.

    The enzymes known as topoisomerases work like scissors and glue when brain cells known as neurons are being copied or expressed, said Mark Zylka, an associate professor in the Neuroscience Center at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine in Chapel Hill. When studies linked mutations in the enzymes to some patients with autism last year, the researchers sought to determine what exact effect they had on the brain.

    The study found the enzymes are essential for the proper functioning of some extremely long genes, including dozens of those that have gone awry in patients with autism, Zylka said. The researchers inhibited the enzymes with a generic cancer medicine and found they effectively silenced about 50 genes linked to autism, according to the study published today in the journal Nature.

    “Our study shows the magnitude of what can happen if topoisomerases are impaired,” Zylka said. “We think there are probably other drugs or chemicals in the environment that can have this same effect. We believe this is just the tip of the iceberg. We are doing additional research to see if other compounds like this exist, and we have hints there are others.”

    One in 50 U.S. children are diagnosed with autism or a related disorder, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Children with autism may be unresponsive to people, become indifferent to social activity and have communication difficulties.

    The findings should help investigators in their hunt for causes of autism, Zylka said. While in the past scientists had no idea what to look for, now they can quickly zero in on compounds that inhibit topoisomerases.

    “We can now systematically screen drugs for similar effects on autism genes,” he said, explaining that other compounds and chemicals may also cause damage. “That’s a real future direction that has the potential to identify environmental causes of autism.”

  9. Josh mazer on August 31, 2013 at 4:40 pm said:

    Hi Jake-

    What are your thought on retiring Rep Dan Burton? He reports that he witnessed his grandson regress to an eventual diagnosis of ASD after receiving numerous vaccines in one doc visit. Burton has sat on the House Govt Oversight Committee for many years- has chaired it as ranking majority member, and been ranking minority member as well. He has called over 20 hearings over his tenure to bring attention to iatrogenic vaccine induced brain injury.

    Despite his efforts- the hearings are as you know are stymied. CDC, NIH, IOM send in the same clowns wearing different labels- and the kids keep getting hurt.

    My view is that if the Committee Chair is powerless to overcome the pharma lobby, then that is effectively a dead end and a waste of time. I do not have any solutions, other than to suggest that perhaps a non violent passive resistance movement might be the next logical path to explore.

    • I think it should be obvious to you, after reading how “friends” like Olmsted and Kirby have undermined good initiatives such as congressional hearings and lawsuits like the one featured in this article, why there has been such a complete lack of progress. If any new resistance movement springs from this, it should be resistance to the undermining that continues to be done by such “friends.”

  10. Josh Mazer on September 1, 2013 at 2:17 pm said:

    It’s not so obvious Jake because I read Evidence of Harm by Kirby and read the Age of Autism series by Olmsted as the columns were being published. I think those are great pieces of work.

    Also confusing is the fact that some of the most penetrating and informed articles I have read on iatrogenic vaccine induced brain injury were written by you and posted on AoA. If AoA had not published your work, where would I have read it? I credit AoA with giving you a forum for your work.

    So, no, it is not obvious at all. I believe Kirby and Olmsted have made contributions that are important, and you make the case that they have made serious mistakes as well.

    • Josh, what they did was not a “mistake”; it was intentional. And were it not for their “contributions,” they would have never had the influence to undermine the lawsuit the way they did. It’s also hypocritical of them to do so on the pretense of “free speech” when their website censored out comments from at least one reader who was critical of what they did.

      Similarly, I can no longer write for AoA due to my criticism of its sponsors and their more recent undermining of the congressional hearings. Some readers here can no longer comment on AoA as well. So while the reason for the lack of progress may not seem obvious to you, to those of us who’ve witnessed the undermining by AoA and related orgs firsthand, dared speak out against it and then got censored for doing so, it is crystal clear.

    • Josh, Did you read the Author’s Note in Evidence of Harm where Kirby stated that he would never support methods we were using to cure autism? He used the same words that Orac the liar uses to demonize chelation. At the time, 2005, some kids had already been cured of autism. Kirby must have known this but he went ahead and advised people not to cure their kids with his dishonest appraisal of it. He scared people away from helping their children. Then he went on to lie about mercury every time he opened his mouth by stating that he didn’t know if mercury caused autism. I knew it in 1999 and so did a lot of other people but David Kirby decided to misrepresent us and say that we didn’t know what we were talking about and that we needed more studies. The last study that we needed was Amy Holmes chelation study from 2000. That was all we ever needed to know and now we have 13 years of pure nonsense misleading parents thanks to liars like David Kirby. (Feel free to invite Kirby to discuss this with me.)

  11. White Rose on September 1, 2013 at 6:28 pm said:

    I concur with Jake , I have asked John Dan Stone (a personal friend of mine – and a true gentleman)
    to please gather a response from AoA on all these allegations .

    Alas I am still waiting . I don’t want to believe there is anything anything wrong at AoA & at the larger so called vaccine autism movements but the facts suggest otherwise .

    I also am entirely censored from AoA …….& happy enough with that .

    I am optimistic about the TMR group but the probability is extremely high of further infil-traitors .
    All of this is hardly surprising giving the sheer magnitude of the international conspiracy .

  12. Cherry Sperlin Misra on September 2, 2013 at 5:59 pm said:

    Thankyou Jake for your work. We must keep our minds open to the truth , wherever it may lie, though I have to say that I would prefer to withhold judgement. I believe strongly that we need every person on our side that we can get and we cannot expect everyone to have the same ideas and function in the same manner.But, we need to articulate our goals and keep those in front of us at all times.
    I tend to agree with Josh Mazer- about turning to non violent passive resistance. I also feel Josh, that we need to rope in the people damaged by mercury from fish and dentistry. If you have not seen them, please look at the youtube pieces with Dr. Chris Shade and Dr. Boyd E. Haley. Take a look at the accounts of mercury damage done to adults by dentistry. Perhaps there are people who think that we have to stay with autism alone, but that makes no sense. Anyone who gets interested in mercury, will then say- Hey, I too have been poisoned by mercury- now where has this mercury in me come from?- and sure enough they will be on to vaccines very quickly. Out of every ten adult Americans Im sure that at least one has chronic health problems that they have no idea are due to mercury in their teeth. I notice that Dr. Russel Blaylock, in his wellness report, is coming out in a big way on the topic of preventing and halting and reversing Alzheimers, Parkinsons, related disorders. If his words get enough attention, there are going to be a lot of people getting aware of the mercury in flu vaccines, and a lot of people wondering why mainstream medicine has been lying to them about not knowing the cause of Alzheimers, when it has been known to the mercury toxicologists for so long. What is wrong with us that we should care only about the autistic children? We should care about every individual harmed by mercury, at least as a starter. I guess I am saying that many things need to be reassessed.
    To White Rose, What were the comments you made that were not welcome at AOA?- and what is TMR group?
    Sorry, but the story about 50 autism genes looks dubious. since when do we have 50 known autism genes. ? It has long been known that mercury is capable of affecting all enzymes in the human body , So if you have mercury in the brain, you are going to have damage of many kinds. We dont need to have a hundred studies of that damage- We just need for the mercury to stop going into children whether it is from mom eating fish, having mercury-silver dental amalgams, or from mom or baby being given mercury laden vaccines.
    On the topic of the failure at the UN mercury treaty, I would say that there are questions we would like answered. On the other hand, I personally, could never see how they could agree to phase out mercury or end it. With GAVI and BILL Gates, wanting to press full-steam ahead with all their useless vaccines for the third world- that is – vaccines for diseases that third world kids dont get or rarely get- how could the UN stop mercury in vaccines in the current situation. That is why we need to press ahead informing the public about mercury toxicity in all its forms, so that the climate of public opinion becomes overwhelming against mercury.

    • Thanks Cherry, regarding the UN treaty it was definitely undermined by SafeMinds. It seems the undermining from groups like SafeMinds makes up for any lack of direct influence the vaccine lobby may suffer from in certain political environments.

  13. Doug Troutman on September 2, 2013 at 10:12 pm said:

    Olmstead and Kirby appear like they didn’ t give a crap about Reverend Sykes and her family or other families for that matter. I wished the advocacy groups would work together to remove mercury from vaccines period. Many of the vaccines need to be eliminated all together but eliminating mercury would be the first place to start. Safe Minds now looks like a controlled opposition group.

    • No Doug, they most certainly do not. As far as SafeMinds being a controlled opposition group is concerned – look no further than Autism Speaks’ board to see SM’s president Sallie Bernard listed. Indeed, SafeMinds is most definitely a controlled opposition group.

  14. White Rose on September 3, 2013 at 10:00 am said:

    Looking over AoA just now and there seems to be a deliberate dumbing down of the site
    (an anti-militancy bias .)
    Apart from some of the excellent contributions by some of the superb readers , there isnt much to it .

    You wont sell out , will you Jake ?

  15. Jake – I’m still keeping my mind open because I think both Olmsted and Kirby have written good books and a good amount of people have benefited from them and you have obvious talents with your sharp memory and ability to write and continue to seek and share what you consider the truth.

    So, keeping an open mind, I ask haven’t reporters traditionally had to guaranty anonymity sometimes to people from whom they get leads and information? They had to protect their sources in many many cases, right? In the shifting sands of new journalism, what side do you come down on. As a bloggist/reporter, are you one to promise anonymity to someone giving you important information that they can’t do anything with themselves, or will you tell them that anything they say to you will be public? Or is it not that black and white and will depend on the circumstances?

    Is it possible that both Olmsted and Kirby have been on the receiving end of information on politics in autism that has been helpful, that maybe wouldn’t have been given to them had they not promised to protect their sources? Could it be that someone was pointing it out to them, that if sources for the pharma side were revealed due to pressure from the courts, its possible that sources for the good side could also be revealed using the same court-based pressures, and in such a situation, they were forced to protect their sources and that maybe they were protecting good people, not bad people.

    My second question is, have you interviewed Rev. Sykes? Is SHE at odds with Olmsted & Kirby re: the situation? Does she regret the suit stopping or does she think things would be better today if the suit had progressed instead of stopping?

    • Jenny, sorry it took so long to approve your comment.

      You missed the point of my article. Olmsted and Kirby have used their “contributions”‘to help derail a lawsuit against several big pharmaceutical companies and support a woman who by all accounts appears perfectly appropriate to subpoena. That’s why Gorski wrote these two reporters, because any such support from them would be far more damaging than any retaliation the vaccine industry can muster. Even worse, Kirby and Olmsted kept their support from their general readership and censored critical commentary from at least one outraged reader. So much for their pretense of “free speech”.

      The vaccine industry’s claim that the subpoena of Seidel would create some sort of precedent that would make it much easier for bloggers to get subpoenaed was nothing more than a ploy to get Olmsted and Kirby to sign on in the first place. Gorski has now said he would support the disclosure of personal emails from anyone who has corresponded with Andrew Wakefield and written for AoA anyway. No surprises there, given that Gorski has proven to lie about his own undisclosed connections to the pharmaceutical industry as well as what would get him to consider that thimerosal might cause autism.

      With regards to Lisa Sykes, I have not spoken to her about this but I cannot believe she was content seeing Olmsted and Kirby interfere with her case and keep their interference from their general readership.

  16. White Rose on September 6, 2013 at 9:56 am said:

    Israel has announced an end to water fluoridation …..and end to poisoning their own citizens .
    The house of cards is falling ……vaccines next you bstrds

    Israel’s Supreme Court has ruled that water fluoridation in the country must end by 2014, according to news reports. This landmark decision goes even further than legislation by the health minister Yael German earlier in the year that would have ended mandatory fluoridation nationwide, reports the Irish publication Hot Press.

    Israel is one of the few countries that widely fluoridates, besides the United States, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. Fluoridation, the addition of fluoride to public drinking water supplies to reduce cavities, is the subject of intense controversy, especially outside of the United States. But opposition to the practice, on the grounds that fluoride has adverse effects on the thyroid, brain and bones, and is an unethical form of mass-medication, appears to be growing.

  17. White Rose on September 6, 2013 at 11:43 am said:

    & the Green Party of Australia , what a joke , green party my foot .

    Someone called Di Natale tring to make vaccines compulsory …….and attacking the AVN too . bstrds

  18. White Rose on September 9, 2013 at 11:18 am said:

    Strong stuff ………………………

    The Wall Street Journal news department was not involved in the creation of this content.
    July 12, 2013, 6:05 a.m. ET
    .Autism Epidemic Linked to Epidemic of Vaccine Induced Diabetes
    BALTIMORE, July 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The following release was issued by Classen Immunotherapies, Inc.

    A new peer reviewed study was published in the current issue of Open Access, Scientific Reports (Volume 2, Issue 3, 2013) linking the autism epidemic to the epidemic of vaccine induced type 1 diabetes. Growing evidence shows that a large percentage of cases of autism have an inflammatory or autoimmune component. The new data shows autism is strongly linked to type 1 diabetes another epidemic inflammatory disease where the epidemic has been proven to be caused by vaccines. The new paper is authored by immunologist J. Bart Classen, MD.
    “We have been publishing for many years that vaccine induced inflammation is causing an epidemic of type 1 diabetes and other diseases. Our new data, as well as the extensive data from others regarding the role of inflammation in the development autism, leaves little doubt vaccines play a significant role in the autism epidemic,” says Dr. J. Bart Classen, MD.
    Dr. Classen’s research indicates that the large number of vaccines given to patients is leading to an epidemic of chronic inflammation resulting in epidemics of autoimmune diseases, allergies, and a comprehensive inhibitory response manifesting as obesity and metabolic syndrome.
    “The best data indicates that vaccine induced chronic disease is now of a magnitude that dwarfs almost all prior poisoning of humans including poisoning from agents like asbestos, low dose radiation, lead and even cigarettes. Most patients don’t even realize that they are suffering from the adverse effects of vaccines. Even more concerning patients and or their parents are being harassed, accused of practicing poor dieting and exercise habits leading to development obesity and diabetes when in fact they suffer from vaccine induced obesity and diabetes,” says Dr. J. Bart Classen.

    Copies of many of Dr. Classen’s papers can be found on the website

    Classen Immunotherapies, Inc.

    410 377 8526

    SOURCE Classen Immunotherapies, Inc.

  19. White Rose on September 12, 2013 at 3:32 pm said:

    It begs the question , why arent the Pharma Harma brigades suing Classen for defamation of their products ?
    Or at least to silence further examples of this kind of dissent ?
    Why doesnt Coca Cola sue to defend aspartame ?
    Why dont governments sue people who allege the fluoridation of water to be a deliberate poisoning of their own people ? (in fact the UK has passed a law in the opposite direction preventing them being sued for the fluoridation of water .)

    The situation is so serious , I’d call it a grave emergency.

  20. Hey Jake, Thanks for letting me know what Olmsted said about me. The coward never had the guts to respond to me at all so he sent Kim Stagliano to do his dirty work for him. I started writing about this deception in 2008. If you want to know where it comes from, go to Autism Fraud and find a post named How the Illuminati Controls Autism. There, you’ll begin to see how David Kirby planned to sell us out in 2004 and how he had a bunch of shills in place to help him pull of this coup to hijack the leadership of the anti-thimerosal parents. All of his deception was planned in advance. Give me a call if you have any questions (603)434-3928.

  21. Dear All,

    A comment from a reader who asked that his comment not be posted went up automatically. In retrospect, I should have warned you all in advance that comments from readers who have commented and had their comments approved before bypass moderation. I have now removed the comment in keeping with the commenter’s request.

    In the future, if any of you want to message Autism Investigated privately, DO NOT submit it as a comment underneath a post. Instead, send it as a message through the Contact page and it will be addressed as soon as possible.

    Jake Crosby

  22. Jake, Do you know that all of the “debate” about autism is a trap? It causes all of us to waste our time arguing with each other instead of addressing our 100% corrupt Congress. If we had any honest members of Congress, this would’ve been over years ago. I think we did have two honest members but they’re retired now. None of the other scumbags will ever tell the truth so it’s up to the people to throw them all out and take back our freedom.
    Yes, it’s useful to expose liars like Olmsted and Kirby but that’s also part of the trap. Where do you turn for leadership after you enlighten their victims? Is anyone else in the autism community acknowledging the DUTY that Thomas Jefferson gave us to “throw off such government”? Does anyone in the autism community understand the big picture of how all of our freedoms have been usurped? Do they understand that our Freedom of Speech was abolished by TV? Do they know that we have to unite the whole country to seize the TV networks from the bankers who own them so we can tell everyone the truth? Do any autism parents know how easy it is to do this if they can wrest themselves away from the control of the liars who lead them?
    Our Declaration of Independence does not tell us that taking back control of our corrupt government is an option that we can exercise if we feel like it. It tells us that doing so is our right as Americans. More important, it tells that we have that DUTY. That’s our job as citizens of this once free country.
    As long as parents listen to liars who never tell them these things, they are being led to lose. That’s what controlled opposition leaders do. They lie all the time, every word out of their mouths. They can tell you the truth about autism while lying like Hell by not telling you how to solve the problem. The solution lies in obeying Thomas Jefferson, the only man who ever defeated the Rothschild family. For those who might not know, the Rothschild family bought the USA in 1913 by blackmailing Woodrow Wilson and paying the blackmail for him of $40,000 to force Wilson to sign the Federal Reserve Act. Thee Fed than enslaved everyone in the USA with debt and bribed every member of Congress to keep their mouths shut. If you don’t believe this, you need to ask questions and do some reading. In the meantime, you can reclaim our lost freedom by promoting this and causing everyone to unite for freedom simply by signing their names.
    It’s just that simple and every controlled opposition leader will oppose this. That’s one way to tell they’re liars. If they won’t help promote freedom, they’re the enemy.

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