Comment to Del Bigtree That He Out Lancet Liar Richard Demirjian and Son

Lancet Liar Richard Demirjian Libels Vaccine-Autism Science. Comment here, include contact info below.

My son’s autistic behaviors did NOT begin a week after administration of the vaccine, in fact they began several months afterwards with several medical complications occurring in between. The bottom line is that, if my son is indeed Patient 11, then the Lancet article made a false assertion set in immediately after MMR. -From letter by Richard Demirjian, Lancet Liar

That is who Del Bigtree is keeping anonymous. Demirjian is a fabricator. He knowingly lies that his son was misrepresented in an early vax-autism paper. Richard Demirjian does NOT deserve the title of Lancet Father. He is the Lancet Liar!

Here is what the paper really says about his son Vahe Demirjian.

Only “viral pneumonia” is mentioned, nothing about autism

Richard Demirjian knows what the paper says. Autism Investigated left messages. He blocked Autism Investigated from calling.

His son has blocked Autism Investigated on Facebook when shown the above table. Therefore, the Demirjians are evil people. They throw your kids to the fire.

Please comment underneath Del Bigtree’s new episode. Tell him to out Lancet Liar Richard Demirjian and his son. They don’t deserve to be hidden.

Share their contact information obtained by Autism Investigated everywhere you can so that other people can write the Demirjians. We need to tell them that the anti-vaccine movement will tell the world that they have no character. Therefore, they must retract their lies about vaccine-autism science and tell the BMJ to retract its attacks on the Lancet paper.

Vahe Demirjian’s online contact information:

Richard Demirjian’s phone number and address:

949 718 0180
11 Canyon Terrace, Newport Coast, CA 92657

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2 Thoughts on “Comment to Del Bigtree That He Out Lancet Liar Richard Demirjian and Son

  1. ednap on May 18, 2018 at 12:08 am said:

    I watched the Wakefield-Bigtree video that you linked. In a crucial segment (ca. 59 minutes) Wakefield is lying to you.

    Wakefield wrote: “In eight children [Child 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 11], the onset of behavioural problems had been linked [to MMR]. . . . In these eight children the average interval from exposure [to MMR] to first behavioural symptoms was 6·3 days (range 1–14).” Thus Wakefield clearly claimed that the first behavioral symptom of Child 11’s autism was noted within the range of 1 to 14 days of receipt of MMR, and both his calculated average time from exposure to onset and the data presented in Table 2 indicate that the onset of the “first behavioural symptoms” of Child 11’s autism (which Wakefield termed “regressive developmental disorder”) was “1 week.”

    Wakefield did not–or certainly should not–have noted “behavioural symptoms” related to, say, tooth eruption, diaper rash or respiratory illness–Wakefield very clearly intended the reader to interpret the onset of the first “behavioural symptom” to be related to the major thrust of the paper: the onset of “regressive developmental disorder”–that’s why it was highlighted in one of the only two tables in the paper, which presented the most pertinent data. Anyone who has ever published a scientific paper or reviewed a grant proposal would understand that. Yet you’ve repeatedly doxxed Demirjian and accused him of lying for correctly stating that Wakefield wrote that Child 11’s “first behavioural symptom” of “regressive developmental disorder” was noted “1 week” after vaccination even though the “feature associated” with MMR was not behavioural at all, but was instead a respiratory infection.

    You can do better.

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