Disgraced DNC Chair: “Any Risk” From Childhood Vaccines Is “Disproven”


Debbie Wasserman Schultz – soon-to-resign, disgraced chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) – told a Florida newspaper last year that any risk to children’s health posed by vaccines has been “disproven”. And under her leadership, the DNC had also viciously gone after Republican candidates for ever suggesting otherwise. Speaking to the Sun-Sentinel, Schultz asserted:

“…there is no proof whatsoever, in fact it’s been disproven, that there is any risk to the health of a child when they’re vaccinated.”

The remark came on the heels of contradictory statements Barack Obama made in an NBC interview, where he stated that there are not reasons to not get vaccinated while at the same time acknowledging some children could not be vaccinated due to immune-compromising medical conditions. Schultz was selected by Obama to chair the DNC in 2011 after her predecessor Corrupt Tim Kaine resigned; he has since become Crooked Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential running mate.

Throughout the Democrat primaries, Crooked Hillary has made clear that she would carry on Obama’s policies as president. Like Schultz, she also released a statement belittling vaccine skeptics just after his interview. But the DNC has gone even further than Crooked Hillary, directly attacking GOP candidates who expressed any kind of skepticism of vaccine safety or mandates including the Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Now emails released by WikiLeaks show that the DNC has stooped to even greater depths than what was known publicly – from planning disruptive protests against Donald Trump to rigging the Democrat primary process for Crooked Hillary all along. As a result of rigging the system, Debbie Wasserman Schultz will not even be speaking at her own party’s convention and has announced she will resign immediately after. Of course it doesn’t change the fact that the Democrat Party is still corrupt to the core, and Disgraced Debbie will now have a cozy job working for Crooked Hillary’s presidential campaign.

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9 Thoughts on “Disgraced DNC Chair: “Any Risk” From Childhood Vaccines Is “Disproven”

  1. Clearly this woman has NEVER read a package insert for a single vaccine, EVER, not to mention the numerous studies of vaccine adjuvants and chronic inflammatory disease, HiB relationship to onset of diabetes, #CDC whistle-blower and the 3.5x risk increase of autism in African-American males, nor any of the myriad other published studies.

    Let’s offer her Paul Offit’s 10,000 vaccines at once and see how she handles them, if they’re so entirely risk-free. I’ll bet she declines!

  2. I used to love her until I learned she was helping push vaccines. What a loser. Can’t even do proper research. #Vaxxed

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  4. But the potential leaks of hacking Clinton’s server sitting unprotected in her home certainly created greater risk than what the DNC leak did,’ he added, repeating the sentiment he expressed in his official campaign statement.

  5. She looks and acts just like that other clueless asshole Alison Singer.

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