Dr. Gary Kompothecras Helps Canary Party Hijack Hearings


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By Jake Crosby

Above is a photo of Canary Party Chairman Mark Blaxill and President Jennifer Larson with chiropractor Dr. Gary Kompothecras of 1-800-Ask-Gary fame on a yacht in Sarasota, Florida on April 30th, 2013 where they were meeting with congressmen, including Committee on Oversight & Government Reform (COGR) Chairman Darrell Issa. Jennifer Larson, in no ambiguous terms, made it clear whom she and Blaxill had to thank for meetings with congressmen in the above Facebook photo of her, Blaxill and Dr. Kompothecras:

“Thank you Dr. Gary Kompothecras. Dr. Gary made these meetings possible.”

Yes, thank you  Dr. Gary for making it possible for Mark Blaxill to hijack the congressional hearings. Dr. Kompothecras has considerable political influence and in recent years has given vast amounts of money to Congressman Issa’s campaign for Congress and those of other congressmen. Dr. Kompothecras’ political pull was key to having Issa commit to holding hearings on autism causation and the vaccine program in 2012.

Unfortunately, Dr. Kompothecras was also key in destroying what he helped launch. At the 2012 AutismOne conference, Kompothecras spilled the news of the upcoming congressional hearing to Mark Blaxill, who then undermined that hearing with the help of lobbyist Beth Clay, interfered with scientist Dr. Brian Hooker testifying on CDC’s research fraud and caused autism epidemic deniers Ari Ne’eman and Michael John Carley to show up instead, much to Kompothecras’ dismay. He was so angry about Ne’eman’s presence at the hearing that when Ne’eman offered to shake his hand, Kompothecras replied:

“I’m not gonna shake your hand you fucking clown!”

I cringed when Dr. Kompothecras bragged about this to me after the hearing. Yet his anger at Ari Ne’eman’s testifying did not stop him from giving Mark Blaxill a friendly pat on the shoulder at the hearing, despite Blaxill’s role in enabling Ne’eman to testify by having the hearing topic changed to the catch-all “federal response” on autism.

The disturbing details of how Blaxill hijacked the hearing did not deter Dr. Kompothecras from developing closer ties to Blaxill and Canary Party Dr. Hooker was pressured into “working with” Mark Blaxill by Dr. Kompothecras who made Hooker fear being cut off from COGR if he didn’t cooperate with Canary Party. That was when Canary Party put out an action alert that – unlike what Canary Party’s president promised to Dr. Brian Hooker – did not specifically ask Congress to investigate the CDC’s scientific misconduct.

Despite the false promise made to Dr. Hooker by Canary Party President Jennifer Larson that the Canary Party action alert would ask for an investigation specifically into CDC research fraud, Dr. Brian Hooker told me who the real architect of the action alert was:

“It was Mark’s doing. I called him on it after the action alert came out”

And in contrast to Mark Blaxill later claiming that it was Issa who wanted the next hearing to be about the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP):

“He [Mark Blaxill] said that he was merely representing the consensus of the community and that the community wanted the NVICP hearing first,” said Hooker.

Also contradictory to Blaxill’s claim that the action alert represented the “consensus of the community” was the fact that the alert emphasized NVICP and led the community to ask Congressional COGR to investigate it. When asked to make a correction to the alert, Blaxill replied:

“What’s done is done.”

After Blaxill, Larson and Kompothecras’ April 30th, 2013 meeting with congressmen including COGR Chairman Issa, Jennifer Larson gave $40,000 to the Darrell Issa Victory Fund in May. This in turn was followed by Issa’s sitting on a panel at the AutismOne 2013 conference held later that same month. Mark Blaxill introduced that panel.

After emails turned up in September of that year revealing Mark Blaxill’s role in sabotaging the omnibus autism proceeding – that both Drs. Hooker and Kompothecras are petitioners in – Kompothecras dismissed Blaxill’s actions as being from years prior. Yet the following month, Mark Blaxill said in a podcast interview that he was unapologetic about anything he has done. Small wonder that Dr. Hooker said that October, “I feel very betrayed by Dr. Gary” and has not heard much from him in the past year.

Then the congressional committee cancelled the December-scheduled NVICP hearing, noting the topic picked by Canary Party was overly divisive. Yet even after that, as well as revelations about Blaxill’s role in throwing the omnibus and his concealed pharmaceutical connections, Dr. Kompothecras still supports him and Canary Party.

According to a reliable source, the NVICP hearing is tentatively scheduled for July 15th, 2014; with Dr. Kompothecras’ help, the Canary Party is still undermining the congressional hearings that were meant to be about CDC research misconduct. In the mean time, Kompothocras has been having some legal troubles that range from him being investigated by the Florida Bar, to being sued by State Farm Insurance, and he  is suing Allstate Insurance and Bloomberg News.

Jake Crosby is editor of Autism Investigated. He is a 2011 graduate of Brandeis University with a Bachelor of Arts in both History and Health: Science, Society and Policy and a 2013 graduate of The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services with a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology. He currently attends the University of Texas School of Public Health where he is studying for a Ph.D. in Epidemiology.

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22 Thoughts on “Dr. Gary Kompothecras Helps Canary Party Hijack Hearings

  1. White Rose on March 24, 2014 at 3:57 pm said:

    What is the betting that all GaryK’s legal troubles disappear in return for cooperation with the further side tracking of our Vaccine Autism goals .

    Jennifer , for a little lady , that is an awfully large glass of red wine you have there .
    But I suppose you need all that alcohol to sleep soundly at nights with all the guilt ?

    $40,000 to Issa’s victory fund seems very generous ? Where did all tho$e dollars come from ?

  2. Congress has been engaged in an act of war against our babies since 1999. Do you think I’m insane for making this statement or will you ask me questions to learn exactly how psychopathic our Congress is by engaging in this act? I don’t make this statement lightly. The New Hampshire Legislature is engaged in the same intentional act to harm our babies by damaging their brains with mercury in vaccines. (I can’t speak for other states but it seems that all, with the possible exception of California, are guilty of the same heinous crime.)
    In 1999, the CDC told us the truth about how mercury in vaccines turns normal babies into autistic zombies. In 2002, US Rep Dan Burton held hearings at which it was clear that this was true. The CDC and, I believe, the NIH had people testify at those hearings to lie about these facts. Aside from Rep Burton, the elected criminals in Congress ignored the facts and continued to allow the poisoning of our children. Congress was so blatantly corrupt that they added language to the Homeland Security Act to prevent victims of this mercury poisoning misnamed autism from suing the Medical Industry. Congress refused to act to remove the mercury from the vaccines. Congress knew that the vaccines could be manufactured without any thimerosal (mercury). They knew the damage it was causing to babies and they refused to stop this maiming of our children.
    In 2003, the CDC added the flu shot for pregnant women to their recommended vaccine schedule. This gave fetuses a dose of mercury that was minimally estimated at 200 times the safe dose for a fetus. The timing of this change to the schedule for pregnant women coincided with the reduction of mercury to trace levels in other vaccines which had previously been implicated as causative of autism and other neurological problems.
    Congress and the New Hampshire Legislature have been given these facts repeatedly and they have always ignored them and refused to take any action. This can only be an intentional act of war and treason against our babies when these elected servants know that injecting mercury into babies is going to damage their brains.
    Now, the problem is posed to you. Will you continue to ignore these facts while our own government attacks our babies? You have the power to stop this crime and many other crimes that our governments are committing against us. Will you join me and act against these psychopaths who rule our country? Will you “share” this note and encourage others to stop our deranged elected officials from destroying our children? The mercury in vaccines will not cause severe damage like autism in every child but it does kill brain cells in every child and reduces every IQ. It’s up to you to raise your voice and stop this. You can also stop the Federal Reserve from robbing you every day of your life by issuing counterfeit currency that all of us use daily. If this sounds bizarre to you, feel free to ask questions. It’s the truth that no member of Congress will ever admit.

  3. Ginger Taylor has responded on Facebook disputing the tentative hearing date. She claimed she left Canary Party, but now appears to have gone back to being its unofficial Facebook spokesperson.

  4. White Rose on March 26, 2014 at 9:33 pm said:


    the age of aluminium …. well worth watching , vaccinocide again .

  5. White Rose on March 26, 2014 at 9:43 pm said:

    To John Best , the very same thing is ocurring here in the UK . They have admitted to giving the mercury flu shot to 12M here in the last year or two , preganant women . pensioners , anyone stupid enough to fall for their lies . So this is a Western policy , the so called free democratic West .

    John , it isnt only the mercury . dont forget the aluminium , synergistic toxicity . Vaccinocide .
    Look over at AoA and all they talk about is the mercury , I’m suggesting this is all part of the plan to allow the killing to continue . And the rest of the ingredients , it goes on & on .

  6. white rose on March 27, 2014 at 9:42 pm said:

    Blaxill is doing a lot of sabre rattling over @ AoA today . 1 in 68 new cdc statistics just out .

    it is all an act ? a cover your tracks piece of b movie acting ? what is this man like ?

    • Asking an epidemic denialist-appointing president to fire someone who has acknowledged a real rise in cases is not even b movie acting, it’s d-level movie acting. Insel said he thought the rise in ASD prevalence was real, not that that has accomplished anything. The CDC could announce that the increase is real tomorrow and that won’t change anything as long as it continues to bury the cause.

      President Obama appointed Ari Ne’eman – who denied the epidemic under oath to Congress – to the National Council on Disability, and Ne’eman only got to testify because of interference from Blaxill. For him to ask Obama to fire Insel over epidemic denial is laughable.

      Little surprise the letter AoA and Canary Party are pushing avoids any mention of vaccines. It concludes asking for more research from a federal agency whose expressed purpose is to whitewash away any implication of vaccines.

  7. white Rose on March 27, 2014 at 11:24 pm said:

    All the major news agencies (except the lying sack of shi^te BBC) are running the story .

    30% rise in 2 years . This is huge , This has got to be it . The Berlin Wall is falling .
    This has to be it .

    Arie can go and shove it also

  8. White Rose on March 29, 2014 at 5:57 pm said:

    Ok so I wasn’t up to speed on who Ari is , but I am a little more up to speed now .
    I have said it before and I will say it again , the parents are the ones who are best placed to know whether autism is a good thing or not , and whether cures should be attempted or not .
    Neurodiversity via a surreptitious intravenous metal poisoning is entirely unacceptable .

    either way the industrialised deliberate poisoning of children is a nazsty crime against humanity .
    And I have not even touched on the flouridation of our public water supplies , which is the icing on the cake.

  9. White Rose on March 29, 2014 at 6:00 pm said:

    How can the likes of Ari be marginalised ? You have met the man ? How formidable is he ?

    • We can ask Congress to hold hearings on topics that aren’t so vague that Ari and his friends can show up, deny an epidemic and argue that more handouts are all that are needed to fix the problem.

      I have met Ari multiple times, including one time randomly on the street. He’s very slick and clearly a political opportunist, so he’ll take advantage of anything he could use to front his agenda.

  10. White Rose on March 29, 2014 at 6:07 pm said:

    Thank you very much once again Donald Trump , it makes a huge difference to me when noteworthy people speak out .

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