FDA Commissioner Cites Measles Importation Advocate Peter Hotez

Farmer Scott

SKINNY JEANS: Dr. Scott Gottlieb visiting farms and dressing the part. Twitter of FDA Commissioner

The FDA commissioner who told Congress that Danish fugitive Poul Thorsen definitively debunked the vaccine-autism link is at it again. Scott Gottlieb is now citing the work of measles importation advocate Peter Hotez.

We are already at a dangerous tipping point, thanks to toxic vaccinations. Gottlieb cited propaganda of vaccine developer Peter Hotez, who has encouraged the importation of measles by opposing President Trump’s immigration policies. Hotez called vaccine skeptics and anti-vaccinationists a “hate group” and has written in favor of compulsory vaccination. He is in denial of his daughter’s vaccine injury.

Even Scott Gottlieb knows immigration can spread disease. Here is what Gottlieb wrote in 2008 (despite wrongly saying mercury is in the MMR vaccine):

…measles can still be imported from countries where its incidence is widespread. (The Brooklyn strain was probably introduced by immigrants.)

Gottlieb cites a man who wants to eliminate American borders to spread measles and scare people into poisoning their kids. Meanwhile, look who Gottlieb is seated next to: the former Maryland Secretary of Health who led attacks against vaccine scientists. Gottlieb said he “made transparency a priority at #FDA under his leadership.”

Read that again:

We’re fully committed to continuing to embrace and promote transparency at #FDA.

No, you’re not.

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4 Thoughts on “FDA Commissioner Cites Measles Importation Advocate Peter Hotez

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  2. Hans Litten on June 18, 2018 at 8:30 am said:

    MF59 (Gulf War Syndrome my big left foot – vaccine poisoning with Squalene more like)


    Air Force says it will not court-martial a major who questioned the safety of the military’s anthrax vaccine and refused the mandatory injections.
    The major, Sonnie Bates, a 14-year decorated pilot, was believed to have been the highest-ranking Air Force officer on track to face a court-martial for refusing the anthrax vaccine.

    Instead, Major Bates has agreed to an administrative hearing by his commander at Dover Air Force Base that could result in sanctions ranging in severity from a loss of pay to 30 days of incarceration.

    Under the agreement, Major Bates will have no conviction on his record, and the base commander could decide not to punish him.

    Major Bates has been on administrative duty and grounded since Dec. 3, when he refused to be vaccinated. He initially was charged with disobeying an order, punishable by up to five years in prison.

    Maj. Frank Smolinsky, chief of public affairs, said the military had been proceeding toward a court-martial.
    On Thursday, the House Government Reform Committee was expected to release a report critical of the vaccine program.

    The Department of Defense wants to vaccinate all 2.4 million of its active and reserve uniformed personnel by 2003 against anthrax, a deadly biological weapon.

    The department said 383,000 military personnel had begun the six-shot series. Some 200 to 300 service personnel have refused to be vaccinated since the program began in August 1998, the Pentagon said, and several have been prosecuted.

    Major Bates said his concerns grew when he saw members of his squadron become sick soon after starting the vaccination series.

    The Air Force maintains the vaccine is safe, though manufacture of it was temporarily halted in December after the Food and Drug Administration found numerous violations in an inspection of the Michigan plant that makes it.

    Despite halting production, Defense Secretary William S. Cohen ordered the vaccinations to continue, saying it would be irresponsible to send soldiers into combat without protection.

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