Glaxo Cartoon Celebrates Theft of Vaccine-Injured Kids’ Medical Records

Below is a pro-vaccine cartoon with Autism Investigated commentary. (The all-capitalized letters are from the original cartoon.)


Sir Mark Pepys – GlaxoSmithKline’s Medical Record-Leaking “Superstar”

Brian Deer Became Opposition Researcher for Glaxo to Avoid Litigation

Mark Pepys Made Medical School and Journal Lie Wakefield was Conflicted

British Medical Board Charged Doctors with Criticizing Toxic Vaccines

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5 Thoughts on “Glaxo Cartoon Celebrates Theft of Vaccine-Injured Kids’ Medical Records

  1. Andrew Wakefield did not say all nor most of the cases of autism were related to the vaccines but the mainstream media took it to mean that way. He found 12 cases which there was a relationship. Sadly, The so called “alternative” media became anti-vaccine instead of demanding safer vaccines as suggested by many physicians and thus compromising Andrew Wakefield’s research. Vaccines used to save lives but not now thanks to big pharma they have risk. Let not forget about GMOs, air pollution (trigger warning), and other man made causes of autism and other disabilities.

  2. Grace Green on October 26, 2018 at 1:28 pm said:

    I think you’ve misread the 1998 paper (with the unpronounceable title). The twelve children were being treated at the Royal Free for a “novel form of bowel disease” in children with autism. In most but not all of the cases parents described the autism and bowel problems arising soon after the administration of the MMR vaccine. The medical team had asked them about the “patient history” which is what every competent doctor does. In the paper further research into a possible connection between the vaccine and autism was suggested as one avenue that should be followed.
    I’m sure all the other sources of harmful pollution you mention also need to be addressed, but I don’t think it helps to dismiss the most obvious relationship that’s been seen since cigarettes and cancer.

  3. The fact that Glaxo chose a cartoon as a medium to present ‘facts’…. says a lot about the rigor of their desire to tell the truth.

  4. Church of the Immaculate Vaccination on November 21, 2018 at 2:22 pm said:

    The irony of the final two panels is truly hilarious!

    “And that editors would assign Science stories to reporters who have a knowledge of the subject.” – unless it’s to defend vaccines…then it’s ok to just parrot whatever the pharma companies tell you.

    Since when did Brian Deer have knowledge of science? Is he trained in the field? Does he have a science degree?

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