Hillary Clinton’s State Department Never Put in Paperwork for Vax Fugitive

Chelsea Clinton obsesses over a vaccine-autism scientist who met with the man who defeated her mom. Meanwhile, her mom failed to have a key player in the vaccine-autism cover-up extradited to America after he became a fugitive.

Poul Thorsen was indicted in 2011 when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. He was principal investigator of U.S. government-supported papers that sought to exonerate thimerosal in vaccines and the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine of causing autism. His MMR paper published in NEJM claimed:

There was no association between the age at the time of vaccination, the time since vaccination, or the date of vaccination and the development of autistic disorder.

This graph computed from Thorsen’s results by an independent statistician shows otherwise.

Similarly, his thimerosal study in Pediatrics conflicts with a later study on autism prevalence in Denmark after thimerosal’s removal.

(ICD-9 definition of Childhood Autism incorporated into registry in 1994, hence the disparity with ASD)

It may never be known what Hillary Clinton was thinking in relation to Thorsen as State Secretary. However, she sure made clear what her position on vaccination and Thorsen’s colleagues would be as president during the election cycle.

As president, I will work closely with the talented physicians, nurses, and scientists in our US Public Health Service to speak out and educate parents about vaccines, focusing on their extraordinary track record in saving lives and pointing out the dangers of not vaccinating our children.

“What difference at this point does it make?”

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7 Thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s State Department Never Put in Paperwork for Vax Fugitive

  1. Hans Litten on May 8, 2018 at 8:43 am said:

    Hillary is a thief. Thank god she wasn’t elected.

    The more we learn about vaccination the worse the picture becomes (on a daily basis) !

    The recent interview given by Dr Theresa Diesher for the HighWire was astounding.

    And I am very impressed with the leaders coming through in our movement (some very like you Jake) !

    Josh Coleman
    Gunnar Anderson

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  3. Hans Litten on May 8, 2018 at 5:34 pm said:

    Will a united Germany order Mandatory Vaccination on its people ? IG Farben ?


    They plan to take away EU choice- Ever heard of Nuremberg anyone ?

    Key high-level meetings are being held in secret.

    Storm clouds are gathering…
    First the solution—leave the European Union. Do it soon. Don’t knuckle under.
    Europe is moving closer to mandatory vaccination. The drive is spearheaded by a collaboration between the European Union (EU) and Big Pharma companies.
    Many citizens of EU member countries aren’t even aware of what is happening. Key high-level meetings are being held in secret.
    Those who are aware, and object to what is on the planning table, are being ignored.

  4. Hans Litten on May 9, 2018 at 9:37 am said:

    Fake news from the licence funded State Broadcaster – the BBC :


    HPV jab safe and effective, study finds
    I am unable to find the Cochrane Study they say exists !
    Presumably take-up is falling away – as word gets out.
    The HPV vaccine routinely offered to teenage girls in the UK is safe and protects against a virus that can cause cancer of the cervix, an independent review has found.
    The analysis by the Cochrane Group provides solid evidence that should reassure parents considering having their daughters immunised, say experts.
    It looked at 26 trials involving more than 73,000 girls and women.
    Serious side-effects following the vaccine were rare.
    Campaigners maintain the vaccine can cause harm and say this needs to be explored more fully.
    Some parents say their daughters have become unwell after being immunised.
    The European Medicines Agency, The World Health Organization and now Cochrane have looked at the evidence and say HPV vaccination is safe and worthwhile.

  5. D. J. Thompson on May 9, 2018 at 3:33 pm said:

    “They plan to take away EU choice- Ever heard of Nuremberg anyone ?” It’s already happening in the US. California–mandatory vaccination. The more devastating information that comes to the surface about vaccine failures and vaccine injuries–autism, SIDS, all manner of neurological damage, bowel infections, learning disabilities, brain swelling (encephalitis), which when it causes brain bleeding is falsely diagnosed as “Shaken Baby” (Biomechanical engineers proved that wasn’t possible, forcing a name change to “Abusive Head Trauma”) …the tighter the steel-girded tentacles of Big Pharma tighten their stranglehold around our collective necks. This is what’s coming: NEEDLE NAZIS MEDICAL HOLOCAUST

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