Jill Stein: “I’m not aware of evidence linking autism with vaccines.”


Thinking of going Green this election cycle? Think again.

Presumptive Green Party nominee Jill Stein has just tweeted that she is “not aware of evidence linking autism with vaccines.” Her comments came days after a Washington Post interview where she punted a question about whether she believes vaccines are linked to autism, but it now appears that she has finally caved:

Her comments are not entirely surprising for someone who invited Bernie Sanders to take over her own presidential ticket. Sanders has said the evidence against a vaccine-autism connection was “overwhelming” and criticized GOP nominee Donald Trump for acknowledging a connection. In stark contrast to both Stein and Sanders, Trump is very aware of evidence for a connection that they won’t acknowledge exists – bringing out the issue not only in his tweets but also in a presidential debate for the very first time and continuing to speak out on the campaign trail as recently as four months ago. Trump has been outspoken about the issue for years long before running for president.

The choice in this election could not be clearer. Crooked Hillary Clinton mocked skepticism of vaccines and proclaimed in her nomination speech, “I believe in science,” to imply Trump does not. Also this summer, Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson called Barack Obama a “good guy” and Crooked Hillary “wonderful” – in stark contrast to saying he could never support Donald Trump because of “all the things he had said”. Even more nauseating, Johnson’s running mate Bill Weld described having a “bond” with her.

Of course, voting for a third-party candidate is basically the same as not voting at all and letting Crooked Hillary win anyway. Even still, there is only one candidate on the right side of this issue and his name is Donald Trump.

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8 Thoughts on “Jill Stein: “I’m not aware of evidence linking autism with vaccines.”

  1. Hans Litten on August 1, 2016 at 9:28 am said:

    Hillary Rotten Clinton has told so many lies , reversed so many positions held , behaved in so many clearly criminal ways , its hard to believe she is even being considered for the role.
    The truth of her past is going to haunt her throughout her tenure should she win .
    I can see her taking office , I can she the shadow govt forcing it through . but I dont think its tenable .
    I think the past will bring her down . Too much is known about the Clintons now .

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  4. Hey Jake,

    You and I met in Chicago years ago and I’ve been a big fan of yours.
    This is for posting or not.

    Why throw the baby out with the bath water?
    I’ve only been observing for 6 or 7 years and have no kids in the game.
    However, the gut-wrenching injustice is palpable. And I’ve invested
    countless hours trying to move the ball forward here and there.
    (My interest is via EMF as massive co-promoter)

    Donald Trump – at this date – has a 40% chance of winning. If he does, then
    he will run from the fight faster than Usain Bolt. In fact, he will deny he was
    ever such a strong advocate. That’s just who he is.. at core. If there is no money
    in it for him… if there is no Media in it for him… he would NEVER fight Pharma.
    I’ve met Donald Trump. He’s a great salesman, has possesses less than half the wit
    you possess and is a ravenous barracuda of self-interest the likes of which we have
    never seen. To describe him as a Narcissist of the highest order … is still
    an order of magnitude shy,

    You see how Carson changed his tune in this video?
    He’s unequivocal. He equivocates only long enough to gather up votes
    and bash big government. But ON the issue, he is black and white.

    The Green Party woman you are slamming here says, “I have a problem with the FDA [Food and Drug Administration] being controlled by drug companies.” And, “Vaccines should be treated like any medical procedure. Each one needs to be tested and regulated by parties that do not have a financial interest in them.”

    THAT is a great starting point! She’s being pilloried as an Anti-vaxxer for craps sake!

    The fact she is scared to voice any opposition at this point is reasonable.
    THAT is someone who would look at the Data and decided … but After any election.

    The TRUTH doesn’t matter,
    What Matters is what sells. If you can’t sell Congress on Investigating
    – starting with Thompson – then who cares.

    That has been the problem.. The selling of this hazard against the world’s most
    ruthless, effective and unethical marketers.

    And Trump?
    I mean I’ve seen people view things with “blinders” or “rose-colored glasses” but man,
    the knight in shining armor YOU see would be Less Likely to address the issue
    than Hillary Clinton … who would be forced or could be shamed into
    taking on Pharma.

    Sorry to tell you Jake
    but there is no Santa Claus
    coming in November.


    • Hans Litten on August 3, 2016 at 2:18 pm said:

      Perhaps you are right , but if Santa Claus isn’t coming in November , then its Satan coming in November – remember that

    • Carson never made Trump change his tune, did you look at his face when Carson was talking? Trump shook his head.

      I’ve only seen Trump at a distance, but I met Crooked Hillary during her carpetbagging campaign for Senate in NY. As a child, I could tell she was 100% crooked and put on an act with constituents. That woman will never be shamed into doing anything for the simple reason that she has no shame.

      The Green Party has no real political power and more prominent people in medicine and environmental causes have spoken out anyway – Dr. Healy and RFK Jr. ring any bells? Dr. Stein doesn’t rank anywhere near as highly as they did/do, and she’s a panderer anyway along with her “party.”

  5. Hans Litten on August 7, 2016 at 9:41 pm said:

    “It just wont go away”


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