Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Joins Thimerosal Cover-up


By Jake Crosby

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has made the fateful decision to remove chapters on autism in his upcoming book “Thimerosal – Let The Science Speak” (unedited version available) concerning the mercury-based neurotoxic vaccine preservative thimerosal. According to an article in The Washington Post:

Some of the most controversial sections — the chapters connecting autism to thimerosal — Kennedy took out at the last minute, though there are still references to a link to autism. Hyman convinced him that such claims were too combustible and would distract from the book’s core argument, that “the evidence suggesting a link between thimerosal and a large percentage of neurodevelopment disorders … mandates action.”

Except that autism is the most serious of those neurodevelopmental disorders caused by thimerosal. The person who convinced Kennedy – his coauthor Dr. Mark Hyman – is a profiteer of alternative “therapies” for autism. He has even discussed treating a child with autism for elevated mercury levels and has an obvious stake in attracting more patients like that to his practice.

Meanwhile, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. betrayed the very people he spoke about his book to at last year’s AutismOne conference. He kept them waiting for his book to come out while deliberately delaying publication for one year, only to remove the chapters on autism “last minute.” In doing so, he has in-effect joined the very CDC cover-up of thimerosal’s harms that he previously denounced by censoring incriminating evidence on the premise of it being “too combustible.” Thankfully, the unpublished, unedited manuscript of Kennedy’s book is also available.

Please click the following hyperlink for the Thimerosal_Kennedy book: unedited, unpublished and uncensored.

Distribute it to as many people as you can, and tell them of the censorship Kennedy has committed by sharing the following link:

Addendum, August 4, 2015: Kennedy is putting the chapters back in! Links to the unpublished manuscript have now been replaced with links to the Amazon listing of the “Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak” paperback edition, which will include the original omitted chapters on the autism link! For an uncensored version of Kennedy’s book, order the paperback copy!

Jake Crosby is editor of Autism Investigated. He is a 2011 graduate of Brandeis University with a Bachelor of Arts in both History and Health: Science, Society and Policy and a 2013 graduate of The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services with a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology. He currently attends the University of Texas School of Public Health where he is studying for a Ph.D. in Epidemiology.

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80 Thoughts on “Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Joins Thimerosal Cover-up

  1. Doug Troutman on July 18, 2014 at 11:02 pm said:

    I was wondering AO conference why doesn’t he just publish the book? The government is not going to come clean on this issue. There is really no need to soft pedal this issue,

  2. Carrie on July 19, 2014 at 4:48 am said:

    Someone expose Dr Mark Hyman for the fake that he is.

    • I’d say Dr. Hyman has already done that to himself.

      • Andrea on July 26, 2014 at 9:16 am said:


        I happen to think Dr. Hyman is wonderful…. I bought his 10 day detox diet book and have been following his advice on diet ever since and have never felt better. Other than a $19.99 investment in his book I have not bought anything else from him. He recommends supplements -not sure if he sells them himself. I follow him on Facebook and find his posts interesting and inspirational to continue eating in the manner he believes in.

        I saw him on Katie Couric discussing his involvement the film Fed Up which looks like a groundbreaking film about the food we eat in his nation and the politics involved. I’ve yet to see Fed Up but plan to.

        I’ve been reading Hyman’s Huffington Post blog posts for years and always fo6jd his posts on medical issues and autism insightful and on target. Functional medicine really seems like the way to go IMO.

        I like Mark Hyman and respect what I know of him. I have no problem with him encouraging RFK,jr. To remove “autism” and autism specific research from his book. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder. The big picture shows mercury in vaccines is causing many problems. I believe the fact the parts were removed and exposed made it newsworthy and people know about it. I don’t think RFK, jr is backpeddling nor do I think Mark Hyman is simply a profiteer and a fake. I hope to see RFK, jr. making the talk show rounds talking about his book and research which will include thimerosal and it’s effects on autism.

        • “I believe the fact the parts were removed and exposed made it newsworthy”


          • Andrea on July 26, 2014 at 5:43 pm said:

            The biggest focus on the book so far that I have seen has been the fact the parts about autism have been removed. Every article I have read has focused on autism/himerosal. Did Kennedy ever say that he no longer thinks thimerosal and autism are not related? No. He took that information out of the book and made a point to say why he did it-but the focus has been on the “controversy” of removing it. Autism is why he got into this in the first place.

            • No, he took them out because autism is “too combustible”; he’s in effect doing what CDC has done by censoring those chapters from his readers.

              • Andrea on July 26, 2014 at 8:02 pm said:

                Exactly. Autism and thimerosal comes up bang right out of the gate…and the conversation is over before it has gotten started.

                I see this as a tactic to start a conversation discussing a wider issue. The harm thimerosal does and the science I expect RFK, jr. has to back it up.

                If you read Hyman’s blog post you saw him mention learning disabilities, ADHD and autism. Autism doesn’t own the harm.

                As far as the relationship with the Clinton’s from what ai read it was Dr. Hyman who got Bill Clinton to change his diet and lifestyle and got him healthier after quadruple by-pass surgery. Lifechanging-that created a close relationship/friendship.

                I am not afraid to be critical of people “selling-out”. I said that a long time ago about AoA and Jenny McCarthy. All the shit they sell and peddle is a huge turn off. I don’t see it with Dr. Hyman.

                I and my husband have lost weight, feel better, eat better, and have more energy. I spent 20 bucks on his book just to read and learn the mindset behind the dietary changes that impact development of diseases like diabetes etc… I am impressed with him because of this.

                I am impressed with what he said about Michelle Obama in the movie Fed Up caving to the food industry and turned the argument from our heavily processed food that is loaded with sugar and making us sick and fat to “oh, we need to have our kids get up and move”.

                I am impressed with his work in treating children with autism. Functional Medicine should be the wave of the future not our present cookie cutter take drugs for everything approach.

                I wish you would reconsider labeling Dr. Hyman as the enemy. And RFK, jr joining the thimerosal cover up is just silly.

                • Andrea on July 26, 2014 at 8:10 pm said:


                  Family physician Dr Mark Hyman, is a four-time New York Times bestselling author and international leader in functional medicine. He has helped to cure children of autism and he claims,

                  “The real reason we are seeing increasing rates of autism is simply this: Autism is a systemic body disorder that affects the brain. A toxic environment triggers certain genes in people susceptible to this condition. And research supports this position.”

                  I know there has been controversy over whether vaccinations cause autism. Though, it’s not the only cause, the thimerosal or ethylmercury in vaccines do have an ill effect on a human’s body systems, especially the nervous system and brain function. A few years ago, pharmaceutical companies started to take this harmful preservative out of most vaccines, but it is still used in some, and flu vaccines.

                  If you bring up the autism-vaccine correlation, many people will stop you in mid-sentence and tell you there are studies that prove that correlation to be false and the case is closed.

                  But, here we go again “seeing what we believe instead of believing what we see.”

                  What I mean is this…

                  Every single one of those studies that people are referring to have been funded and written by federal agencies in charge of the vaccine program or large vaccine manufacturers. These studies which only have ever looked at the MMR vaccination have been misrepresented by public “health” officials who are trying to save the lucrative vaccine program. Dig further into the conflicts of interest and the criteria for how the studies were ranked to see for yourself just how much of a cover they were. I will leave you with one more thought on this topic… since the facts are often what speak the truth.

                  The current recommended (and in many states forced) number of vaccinations given to children is a total of 40 by the age of 18. In the 1980′s that number was 10. 

                  In that same time period, autism rates have gone from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 88 children, and it continues to be the fastest growing developmental disability in the US. 

                  I’m not blaming vaccines alone as the cause of autism. There are many causes and triggers, but vaccination tends to be the main culprit that pushes the child to that point.

                    • “Autism and thimerosal comes up bang right out of the gate…and the conversation is over before it has gotten started.”

                      Uh, no, not over – it is just getting started. Kennedy is not addressing the “wider issue” by removing the chapters on autism from his book. He is selling out on advice from a poorly informed and opportunistic doctor.

                      I’m happy for you that you feel his book has helped you and your husband, but honestly, he is nothing more than a parasite on this problem. He needs to just go away and find something else to hijack.

        • Dr. Hyman has no history writing about thimerosal, but he can write the preface to Kennedy’s book and tell him what to include and what not to include in it? Sorry, but Dr. Hyman’s a fake.

          • Andrea on July 28, 2014 at 10:48 am said:

            That is not true Jake -if you read my two comments above your last comment you would see that.

            And even if it was true (which it is not and you would see that if you did a little research on Dr. Hyman and his history treating patients with autism). But, what if people dismissed you when you first started writing about any of this because you never wrote about it before?

            It is so clear to me that this is an approach to show thimerosals role in not just autism- but many developmental disabilities, learning and behavior problems.

            • Andrea, I have read your comments and done research. Dr. Hyman has no history of writing about thimerosal. He may have written about patients he has treated with elevated mercury levels, but that is not the same. I’m not saying he should be dismissed because of this, but he shouldn’t act like he has more knowledge than he does. He has no background writing about issues specific to thimerosal and therefore to act as an adviser and authority on the matter to someone who does is a misrepresentation of himself.

              There’s no reason to exclude the chapters on autism to say thimerosal causes more than just autism. If they wanted to do that, they would have added in more chapters. This “approach” is simply one of cowardice – a means of censorship to avoid alienating more people. Well, it’s not working and only serves to normalize making vaccine-autism discussions even more off-limits than they already are.

              • Grace on July 29, 2014 at 9:04 pm said:

                I have spent all my adult life eating a very healthy diet and feeding it to my children, now grown up, only to discover on this worthy blog that I was poisoned by mercury before I can remember, and my children were in the womb, from my amalgam fillings, and then again from breast milk and from their vaccinations. Maybe we would have been slightly less healthy, and more ‘Aspie’ if we hadn’t had such a healthy diet, but I would much rather not have been poisoned in the first place! And it does rather look as if this Dr. Hyman is making a nice living out of the fact that people have autism.I

  3. Media Scholar on July 19, 2014 at 8:46 am said:


    It didn’t take long after reading into the document by Kennedy to recognize that he intended to portray this as a simple case of government ineptitude. This is very far from the truth in as much as a few cover you -ss letters from vaccine-manufacturing drug companies claiming the same “we can push Thimerosal-free versions right away” after the toxic cat was let out of the bag. None of us should excuse the vaccine marketeers from anything.

    Sure they produced letters to cover their backs in light of somebody finally exposing Thimerosal-containing vaccines as infanticides, but really.

    The Kennedy approach can not gloss over the full story. Those silly gooses over at the Council of Foreign Relations really get to a guy, I guess. They think they run everything and everybody. Bobby thinks that vaccines are awesome, eh? Almost on cue, Jenny McCarthy does, too.

    The Democratic Party is simply plastering a NON-lethal version of events in order to set the table for a Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

    The proliferation of Thimerosal-containing vaccines began when newbie First Lady Hillary Clinton FEDERALIZED the entire vaccine marketplace. She claimed success after she and Betty Bumpers, the wife of a Arkansas US Senator, created an every child by two vaccine strategy back when Ms. Clinton was first lady of Arkansas.

    Essentially, the only part of the ill-conceived ‘Harry and Louise’ – “Hillarycare” medical revolution that the United States Congress enacted was the Clinton vaccine program. Ms. Clinton filled the air with flak then bully-marched on state government houses up in arms using her status to declare that “too many children” were slipping through the cracks and her mass vaccination plan would insure that ALL American babies must be fully vaccinated “on time”.

    Thanks to Hillary Clinton, the number of childhood vaccines that had Thimerosal in them proliferated, and for the first time, children under the age of two would be her main target. For all practical reasoning by sound minds, Hillary Clinton is the mother of all Autism.

    Dr. Maurice Hilleman disclosed in the famous “1991 Merck Memo” that other nations, including Denmark, were already employing Thimerosal-free vaccines at that exact time. He noted that the US authorities expressed NO desire for the mercury-free vaccines, and even erroneously described Thimerosal as a phenyl-mercury compound instead of correctly noting it as ethyl-mercury, the second highest toxic mercurial form.

    It’s possible at that time, the US FDA did NOT fully know the exact number of doses Ms. Clinton’s Every Child By Two program would demand in the future.

    Also, it should be said, since this was a political ploy to gain approval of the general public, much of what Hillarycare did was tight to the vest, and behind closed doors. Even the vaccine manufacturers claimed ignorance to the incredibly large increases of doses of vaccines with Thimerosal in them came out of Hillary Clinton’s mass vaccination campaign.

    It’s not crystal-clear, but two things likely influenced the actual dose requirements of Every Child By Two.

    One, if the single vaccine did NOT have a very, very high seroconversion rate, in other words, the vaccine did NOT seem to create overwhelming immune-response indicators in the bloodstream, additional doses ignorantly became part of the Clinton schedule and….for all infants and toddler recipients. Obviously, we are talking about ineffectual vaccines that singly may or may not trigger some kind of immune system response, so they simply disregarded what additional doses meant to infants and toddlers, and decided to stack up sometimes three or four doses of each vaccine.

    The drug giants enraged Hillary Clinton further by under-cutting the order. She tried to vilify the drug giants as holding out on her -short-stocking the program and/or simply acting like greedy drug giants, but they countered that she calculated based on the cost per vaccine. They pointed out amusingly Ms. Clinton did not figure the cost all of the additional doses her vaccine mandate was demanding.

    The other possible reason for the proliferation of mercury-laced vaccines is in order to make the deal financially profitable for the drug giants, the additional doses were mandated to up the total price.

    Several former vaccine-manufacturing drug company brass say that they actually hate government vaccine contracts. While the anti-litigationists always claim that vaccine injury liability is to blame for makers quitting the vaccine business, the biggest hindrance to increasing profits is the entire US vaccine market was federalized by Hillary Clinton. By forcing them into low-ball, long term deals, they (believe it or not) feel that they can’t enough money. They believe they can make much more on the open market. In other words, the federal government is the great obstacle to making more profits.

    There is ZERO evidence to suggest that Hillary Clinton’s Every Child By Two mass vaccination program EVER included employing Thimerosal-free vaccines, which clearly were available world-wide prior to 1992-3. It has been suggested that Clinton originally called for Thimerosal-free vaccines, but had to compromise the standard to fulfill her own dose requirements. Switching from mercury-free vaccines to Thimerosal-laced one would enable more doses for about the same cost, but it seems most unlikely.

    Since there was NEVER a ‘Firestone Tire’ or ‘Tainted Tylenol’ type of urgent recall of ALL Thimerosal-laced vaccines from the Clinton White House, it is relatively sharp to conclude mercury was NEVER on the mind of Hillary Clinton.

    Remember now, this is the same Hillary Clinton that lashed herself and Al Sharpton to the Puerto Rico bombing range fence to protest US military practice flights. Among her chief concerns? Excessive amounts of mercury in the hair and fingernails of the local residents of the Vieques installation. Go figure her?!?!? Big Al spend three months in federal lockup for scaling the fence around the range.

    Hillary Clinton will NEVER fess up.

    In fact, at the time of the Public Health Service Thimerosal alert the Clinton White House suggested that all funds within the Vaccine Injury Compensation program be frozen then pulled back to be used to fight future Autism claims and to exonerate the Hillary Clinton vaccine program. We have locked horns many times with misguided, double-standard Hillary Clinton blind mice over the years.

    In general, the Autism awareness crowd are highly sensitive to any challenges to their ‘authority’ concerning knowledge of Autism. They have ALWAYS scoffed at vaccines being implicated as a causal agent in creating negative neurological status among infants and toddlers. It is important to remember, those that lack vindication tend to be vindictive.

    Apart from the highly divisive minions of Hillary Clinton living well after winning ‘a billion dollars’ for Autism Speaks condescending upon those who point out her leadership of the Autism-inducing mass vaccine program, there are any number of kooks unwilling to accept the fact that vaccines cause Autism.

    No better example of that was the Autism News Daily guy that scoffed at the Copenhagen Post news report announcing that CDC-fueled rockstar-like fraudster Dr. Poul Thorsen was a fugitive wanted by Danish Police relating to Autism research fraud. He quickly found the English translation of the article and pecked out a scathing comment declaring that there was zero truth to the report and other comments indicated this was all a conspiracy. This guy’s head must have exploded when the US indicted Thorsen as well.

    The fact that Aarhus University vacated all of Thorsen’s CDC research and quit Thorsen’s European workgroups hasn’t significantly sunk in. It’s amusing that vaccine court quickly rendered decisions based on Thorsen’s academically inappropriate and methodically-flawed research while it was still lily white. Almost was white as Paul Offit’s face was during his hasty webcam appearance when the Philly News and the Atlanta television station made the Danish Police investigation of Thorsen national news.

    It was a true miscarriage of justice for the vaccine court to drop their negative decision rather do the right thing and reverse themselves.

    • Interesting, I understand Kennedy’s coauthor Dr. Mark Hyman who told him to take the autism chapters out is very close to the Clintons.

      • Media Scholar on July 19, 2014 at 5:22 pm said:

        This book is rotten. It shows the same total disregard for American babies as any other.

        “Vaccines are unquestionably one of the greatest achievements in medical science. They have prevented countless terrible illnesses. We hope that the elimination of an unnecessary, mercury-containing ingredient will ease future doubts about vaccines’ safety. Restoring faith in the vaccine regimen is critical in the United States and especially in developing nations, ”

        Let’s just say anybody trying to be careful enough as to not throw the bath water out with the baby is worthless, selfish, and insensitive.

        Just stop vaccinating.

        • The problem is not as simple as taking that ingredient out; the whole program needs to be eliminated.

          • Just to clarify – by program I mean the program that recommends routine vaccination at the federal level, mandates them at the state level and assumes liability for them at the federal level. Lose the mandates, and leave the recommendations and assumption of liability to the doctors and drug companies. Replace the people charged with ensuring vaccine safety, and then maybe we can have a government that puts vaccine safety before vaccine promotion – as opposed to other way around as we do now.

  4. barbaraj on July 19, 2014 at 4:46 pm said:

    I think it’s somewhat understandable..the bombshell dropped by Dr.Seneff at the most recent conference does implicate thimerosal, however , she explains the synergistic effect of glyphosate with the metals in vaccines, both the aluminum and the mercury. The science she provided added that last puzzle piece to the mystery of regressive autism, which is explained by the ability of glyphosate to transport these metals to the brain, all the while acting to block necessary nutrients and absorption in the gut.,creating a disease where two major systems are damaged both the gastrointestinal and the neurological. It explains the unfortunate set up for other disease processes to hitch a ride, such as the introduction to an already compromised organ to the live viruses which will find no resistance and will explain the overgrowth of measles in the intestines of many of these very ill children. So, he’s right, it’s not and has never been just the thimerosal.

    • barbaraj on July 19, 2014 at 5:03 pm said:

      Why did mercury stand alone in some studies as the cause of autism? Perhaps it never stood alone, there are many chemicals out there, some may have what they need to carry on this synergy, it may be that thimerosal as a compound provides the synergy to transport the mercury. Maybe there are several avenues that need to be studied…a lot we don’t know.

    • But Kennedy is taking out the mention of autism from the chapters of his book.

    • Media Scholar on July 20, 2014 at 1:34 am said:

      The general culprit in Gulf War Syndrome seemed to be the obvious exposure to depleted Uranium and/or some kind of undocumented episode of chemical warfare. That was until Gulf War Syndrome in veterans who never saw combat during the Persian Gulf War became more pronounced.

      Thimerosal contains ethyl-mercury. This compound is perhaps the most volatile form of neuron-toxin there is. It’s highly improbable that it would need very much contact time or synergism.

      It appears that Bobby Kennedy misidentified the form of mercury responsible for the Iraqi mercury-poisoning episode.

  5. Deborah Z. O'Leary on July 19, 2014 at 6:10 pm said:

    Jake, the ultimate book to explain the alphabet soup epidemic of chronic illnesses in this generation of children and young adults is yet to be written. It is so much more than just Thimerosol. It is our food, water, all vaccine ingredients, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and herbicides and industrial chemical exposure. I always felt this book was years too late and now with you pointing out the surgical editing, I won’t be bothering to read it.

  6. Doug Troutman on July 19, 2014 at 11:18 pm said:

    I don’t believe that Thimerosal caused every case of autism but it is what fueled the epidemic. The Hilary vaccine program destroyed a lot children and families.

    • And leave it to a doctor of the Clintons to convince Kennedy to do what he did.

    • Media Scholar on July 21, 2014 at 9:59 am said:

      Unfortunately, this kind of thinking tends to disregard the cases that are caused by Thimerosal.

      As mentioned, Kennedy wrongly attributes the Iraqi incident to methyl-mercury. This is wrong. Dangerously wrong. The type of mercury compound responsible for not one, but two incidents of mass mercury poisoning in Iraq is ethyl-mercury, not methyl-mercury. Both Iraqi mercury poisoning incidents, though a decade apart, are directly charged to ethyl-mercury used in Granosan M.

      The first incident happened in the late 1950s to very early 1960s.

      Brit. J. industr. Med., 1961, 18, 303.

      Poisoning by a fungicide used for seed-borne diseases of cereals, ethyl mercury p-toluene sulphonanilide (Granoson M, Dupont), is described. It affected a large number of farmers and their
      families who used the dressed seed in the preparation of home-made bread. Many systems were
      involved, including the kidneys, the gastro-intestinal tract, the skin, the heart, and the muscles, but
      involvement of the nervous system was the most constant with disturbance of speech, cerebellar
      ataxia, and spasticity. Mental abnormalities were occasionally observed.

      Then came a call for help in 1972 as ethyl-mercury laced Granosan M was once again responsible for a much larger incident in Iraq.



      -We would like to draw attention to an outbreak of poisoning from the mercurial
      compound Granosan M (ethyl mercury p-toluene sulfonanilide), which has ravaged
      Iraq in the last two months. The poisoning occurred among farmers whose wheat grain
      had been dressed with the fungicide.

      The number of hospital-admitted cases exceeded 5,500, and the deaths reached 280.

      A similar outbreak on a smaller scale occurred in this country in 1961 and has been reported.

      The present outbreak is being thoroughly studied and will be reported in due course.

      It will be greatly appreciated if doctors from other countries with experience in this field,
      particularly as regards treatment, would correspond with the undersigned.-

      We are, etc.,
      Department of Medicine,
      Medical College.
      Baghdad University,
      Baghdad, Iraq


      There is no indication that mercury of natural origin and dispersion is converted to
      methyl mercury in dangerous concentrations, but mercury released by human activities in different forms can be so converted in amounts that have killed or crippled thousands of people.

      It is right that the hazards presented by mercury in our human environment should arouse concern, but equally they must be seen in perspective.

      While the deaths of 2,000 people in Iran recently from the effects of an earthquake were given publicity, little attended the deaths of several hundred and the crippling of many thousands of Iraqis to which reference was briefly made in our columns in an appeal for help.

      The deaths and disability affecting the Iraqis were due to a toxic substance made by man and
      introduced into that country as a seed dressing aimed at improving the yield from wheat or barley. Unfortunately, the seed grain was dressed with a mercurial compound known to produce irreversible injury in man.

      The human wreckage from the distribution of methyl-mercury is widespread in parts of Asia. The International Red Cross did a fine job in organizing the rehabilitation of 10,000 people paralyzed by triorthocresyl phosphate (Triaryl Phosphate) sold as edible cooking oil in Morocco in 1959, but the devastation in Iraq is probably less amenable to therapy and rehabilitation.

      There is a danger that hypothetical hazards will attract study while little is done to prevent real hazards, for it is easier to form pious resolutions than to stop people doing dangerous things. But the manufacturers and distributors of substances known to be dangerous can be identified and their activities controlled-though probably only by the concerted action of medical men.

      We read pious resolution after pious resolution each and every day.

      The only action we’ve seen from so called medical men in our day, is whacked out vaccine junkies
      jumping up and down on our vaccine-injured children like silly little girls taking selfies of themselves smashing turtles for fun, and when actually forced to remove Thimerosal from vaccines, these mercurial
      medical men took action to see to it that this crazy evil mind-blowing substance was put back into the bodies of America’s infants and toddlers.

  7. Kathleen on July 20, 2014 at 9:17 pm said:

    Ah well, I had been looking forward to reading this book…not at all surprised to be “let down” again…..cancelled my pre-order:-(

  8. White Rose on July 21, 2014 at 1:31 pm said:

    At least he has published smthg ! Isnt that some achievement ?
    We thought it was never going to happen at all .
    And there is no escape from the title . “Thimerosal : Let the Science Speak”

    The bottom line,” Hyman said to Mikulski: “We shouldn’t be injecting a neurotoxin into pregnant women and children.” Thimerosal should be taken out of the flu vaccine, Hyman and Kennedy argued.

    It is up to the foot soldier parents to win this war .

  9. Ironic how in the WaPo piece Mark Hyman cites the increasing CDC prevalence as if it diminishes thimerosal’s toxicity when one of the worst front groups that defend thimerosal doesn’t consider those reports reliable.

    I guess they are only reliable to the vaccine industry when it uses them to defend thimerosal.

    But as I have demonstrated, they can certainly be used to implicate thimerosal.

    I just don’t understand how someone as poorly informed as Mark Hyman who has had no experience writing about thimerosal can suddenly write the preface to Kennedy’s book and tell him what to include and what not to include in it. Meanwhile, Age of Autism writes about it as if it’s meaningless.

    • Media Scholar on July 22, 2014 at 10:32 am said:

      The asymmetrical approach is just another ploy to win confidence as being “open-minded”. It’s a smoldering set up for their next round. The fact that the Age of Autism even continues to exist relates to a belief they are considered a useful tool for the anti-litigation racketeers at Autism Speaks, the government’s favorite dumping ground for laundering CDC anti-litigation cash.

      The wrong side of this issue has to spend the rest of their natural lives trying to prove that ethyl-mercury in vaccines doesn’t cause Autism, or something Autistic-like. They have to pop up from behind the counter every time the bell rings and convince the customer that they run a wonderful cheese shop. The only thing is just as it was in the Monty Python sketch, they’re fresh out of cheese.

      How would Jake like it if every single day he’d have to wake up and declare the moon is made out of cheese?

      That would be as preposterous as declaring that ethyl-mercury is safe.

      • Barry on July 23, 2014 at 11:33 am said:

        Although Age of Autism is clearly about feigned advocacy, I believe that it’s real value to big pharma is that it keeps us parents talking.

        By doing that, they get an inside track on how we feel, what we know, and what we’re figuring out. That’s some pretty valuable info, for when they sit down and decide how best to release their never ending streams of propaganda.

        • I think the real value is just in misinforming readers, Olmsted writes:

          “As people attack RFK Jr.’s new book and say a link between ethylmercury (thimerosal) in vaccines and autism has been disproven, tell them this: the second child ever diagnosed with autism (1943) had a father who was experimenting with ethylmercury dust when he was born. What do they say about that and about Case 7, whose pediatrician mother pushed the first thimerosal-laced vaccines? Seriously, what do they say? That RFK Jr. is nuts?”

          No mention of course that RFK Jr. took out the chapters on autism. Then to prove RFK Jr. isn’t “nuts,” Olmsted cites what two kids’ parents did 80 years ago. If that really were RFK Jr.’s best evidence as Olmsted contends it is, I’d say it would be fair to call Kennedy “nuts.” Fortunately, the CDC has not been the best at hiding its research results and discussions implicating thimerosal from the public. When I tried posting links to those documents, Olmsted censored them – putting himself in the same shameful category as Kennedy. I guess Olmsted is too worried about the “free speech” of people like Kathleen Seidel than to allow free speech on his own blog.

          • Barry on July 23, 2014 at 10:15 pm said:

            It’s all a dog and pony show Jake. And right now, we’re playing right into their hands.

            Delaying RFK’s book was all about creating “dramatic tension”, and leading people to believe that RFK had some sort of bombshell about Thimerosal and it’s role in the autism epidemic. And now we have this last minute stunt, where our ‘hero’ suddenly decides to switch sides, and inexplicably decides to remove the chapters connecting autism to thimerosal. So …. we can all sit around patting ourselves on the back, and talk about how smart we are for having known this all along.

            I’m sorry , but just because they play us like fools, doesn’t mean we need to act like fools.

            When I was a kid, I remember a snowball fight where each side built a wall that they hid behind while the other side pelted them with snowballs. This seemingly pointless cycle went on for quite a while, until someone on the other side threw a snowball straight up into the air. While everyone on our side watched the flight of that lone snow ball, our opponents snuck over and pounded us when we couldn’t have been more vulnerable.

            It’s called the art of distraction, and THAT is what the Thimerosal argument has been about from Day 1. No-one can argue that mercury is the worst kind of toxin, but the reality is that mercury is just one of many toxins in the vaccines that children are being given.

            In the 15 or so years that we’ve gone in circles over thimerosal, the only thing we’ve accomplished is that mercury has largely been restricted to annual flu shots…. which are NOW being targeted to young children and pregnant mothers. And autism rates have increased from 1 in 150, to 1 in 50.

            The bottom like is that vaccines cause autism, period. And focussing on thimerosal creates the dangerous impression that vaccines would become safe if thimerosal was removed.

            And nothing could be farther from the truth.

        • 1 Mom in 2 Million on July 24, 2014 at 11:44 am said:

          That is very interesting (another gift from MB to pharma? ) and I won’t post any more of my valuable insights there again.

          I pre-ordered the book, though it was a punch in the gut to read that RFKj deleted the parts I was most looking forward to. I don’t believe he has sold out but if he has, then I feel no more hope for our plight. I don’t think it makes sense to diss a book one has not even read, btw.

          Perhaps the parents of the 1 in 49 who are not yet affected will be every angrier than we parents of the now affected ever were. We know the numbers that are coming. And perhaps, among those parents, those who can make a difference won’t turn complacent if they are afforded the opportunity to improve only the financial conditions in their own homes.

          As for Thimerosal not being the only culprit, does anyone have an opinion about that as it pertains to the vaccines of the 1990’s?

          • Unfortunately, it also pertains to the vaccines of the here and now. The reason Kennedy held off on publishing was to persuade HHS to remove thimerosal from all vaccines. Well, thimerosal was not removed from all vaccines, but all the chapters on autism were removed from Kennedy’s book.

  10. James Shaw on July 22, 2014 at 1:35 am said:

    Robert Kennedy Jr. may need to read a book by a certain family relative called Profiles in Courage! Mark Hyman M.D. may need to read the book even more than his coauthor. Leaving the chapters out relating to autism was a poor decision and unethical to say the least. I do think though that some of the truth getting out is better than nothing getting out.

  11. Media Scholar on July 25, 2014 at 12:47 am said:

    Jake is certainly right from a personal perspective, Kennedy’s least impressive concern is the fact that he, to some degree, is aiding in the obfuscation of mercury’s menace by his artful revisionism. He amazingly believes that vaccines are some sort of life-saving institution, a sort of solemn requiem, a special dispensation of the Almighty, to spare human life on earth.

    What I try to imagine, and it’s staggering to contemplate, is the enormous amount of money constituted in the name of public health services, which in reality, is simply money being used mostly to combat the deleterious side effects of mass vaccination policy.

    A vaccine-free America is much healthier than the present age of chronic illnesses, obfuscation, biologics terrorism, and outrageous outcome care.

    By simply ridding America of vaccinations, the health costs savings could mount as high as 10-12 billion dollars per year. The health care industry banking upon the large volumes of medically-induced diseases, syndromes, disorders, etc. those clearly iatrogenic in nature, would also be gone.

    Amazingly, simply stopping the vaccine industry in its tracks can save millions of lives, millions from life-long disabilities, and put an end to the present age of chronic illness.

    The savings could reach as high as 90 billion dollars per year.

    • The Vaccination Assistance Act that created the very vaccine program covering up the harms of thimerosal today was signed into law by none other than his own uncle. For over 50 years, we have had a federal government that places vaccine promotion entirely before safety because of this law, which should be nothing short of repealed along with the creation of NVICP.

  12. Bayareamom on July 25, 2014 at 1:42 am said:

    A vaccine-free America is much healthier than the present age of chronic illnesses, obfuscation, biologics terrorism, and outrageous outcome care.

    …”By simply ridding America of vaccinations, the health costs savings could mount as high as 10-12 billion dollars per year. The health care industry banking upon the large volumes of medically-induced diseases, syndromes, disorders, etc. those clearly iatrogenic in nature, would also be gone.

    Amazingly, simply stopping the vaccine industry in its tracks can save millions of lives, millions from life-long disabilities, and put an end to the present age of chronic illness.

    The savings could reach as high as 90 billion dollars per year.”

    Agree. Now peel away the onion layers and ask yourself why on earth they DON’T stop the vaccine machine – on a word-wide basis. But questioning this paradigm frightens a great many who don’t want to peer too far down that rabbit hole. It’s not just about the money.

    • Media Scholar on July 26, 2014 at 8:41 am said:

      Rabbit hole? Try the storm gutter.

      No one keen to the true intend of foreign-owned drug giants and their treasonous US Constitutional subversives will see a single question raised.

      There is absolutely nothing to stop a foreign-owned, state-sponsored vaccine-manufacturing drug giant from legally wiping out three-fourths of the US population within a twenty-four hour period. As long as the weapon of mass destruction is disguised as a syringe of vaccine, the US Supreme Court defies any person from questioning, much less preventing the administration of contents of said syringe.

      In fact, the US Supreme Court has placed a prohibition upon self-rule, effectively allowing foreign-owned vaccine-manufacturing drug giants the power to poison any and all US citizens. The White House nor Congress is permitted to so much as raise a challenge to the divine right of vaccines.

      Any science blogger fully knows that the foreign-owned vaccine-manufacturing drug giants are seeding the people of the United States each and every day. They are assaulting American infants and toddlers without question or mercy believing in the socialist society they are texting into existence.

      These two-bit spuds are mentally unstable and morally destitute enough to actively encourage and defend mass poisoning. They have no idea that when the real Marxists land in country, they’ll be the first to go. They know too much.

  13. White Rose on July 25, 2014 at 8:14 am said:

    Barry I agree with everything you’ve said .
    However its the total state censorship \ news blackout that I cant stand .
    The mis-information campaign I love because the promoted theories are all so ridiculous . Comic like .

    Regarding the mercury , they said they have taken it out several times . And yet its back in there .
    The mercury is important , because its the best .
    Nothing else is quite as effective for what they are really trying to achieve .

    The so called free west is outstanding for is complete corruption which goes all the way to the top .
    Madoff like – former chairman of the Nasdaq .

  14. White Rose on July 25, 2014 at 11:23 am said:

    As far as I’m concerned , the last honourable immunologist was Maurice Brody .
    My contempt for the rest of you is complete .
    Perhaps any of you so called scientists reading here could take a leaf out of this obviously honourable man’s book – who it is rumoured committed suicide because of the guilt of what he had done to perfectly healthly children with his experimental polio vaccine !,1416391

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  16. Andrea on July 26, 2014 at 6:18 pm said:

    Here is Dr. Hyman’s blog on the subject. I do not agree with his all vaccines are great stance. But, I do agree thimerosal is contributing to brain damage not matter what we call it.

    • “…to confuse this issue by debating whether Thimerosal causes autism, which has not been definitively proven.”

      Yeah, only CDC has proven it when its researcher said that thimerosal caused “harm,” including autism.

      Seriously, the Hyman has no background writing about this, but is now acting as Kennedy’s personal adviser for what he can and cannot include in his book. Hyman is a fake and a huckster; he should just go back to hocking his books and his “cures.”

      And who cares if vaccines eradicated smallpox 30 years ago? That has nothing to do with this. Anybody who brings that up during a thimerosal discussion is either stupid or wants to hide thimerosal’s harms by somehow trying to shame anti-thimerosal activists out of talking about them. But we can certainly draw a parallel between CDC’s carelessness with smallpox vials and its cover-up of the harm done by thimerosal.

      • Media Scholar on July 26, 2014 at 9:46 pm said:

        I care.

        People in the media that point the finger at Autism researcher Andrew Wakefield as a reason why the vaccine industry is fracturing need to check their own “mouths”. These dedicated followers of fashion actually enjoy the panic viruses they induce.

        Whenever the media launches a scamdemic, it simply means, like a turkey shoot at the stock market, they are inside traders with shares directly relating to the cure and will do whatever it takes to unload them.

        The Small Pox vaccine can not be credited with the decline in Small Pox. In many parts of the world, Small Pox cases multiplied with the introduction of Small Pox vaccine. Small Pox vaccine itself led to many historic outbreaks of Small Pox over time.

        Only ten percent of the world’s population was vaccinated for Small Pox at any time, and Small Pox went into remission on its own in parts of the world where the Small Pox vaccine was never distributed.

        Who can forget the 2002 launch of Monkey Pox Carried By Prairie Dogs Scare, the well-orchestrated, highly -scripted, media-led panic virus so called experts said would sweep the nation rendering millions of Americans dead if they did not get the Small Pox vaccine?

        How can one forget President George W. Bush ordered millions of health care workers be vaccinated immediate with Small Pox vaccine? He candidly stated he knew that ordering the vaccine would mean some would lose their lives.

        He ordered all military personnel vaccinated with Small Pox vaccine, and a half-million first responders to as well. When doctors began dropping like flies, his plans to vaccinate all 270,000,000 Americans was thwarted and he had to stock pile 300,000,000 doses of Small Pox vaccine.

        And the Monkey Pox carried by Prairie Dogs scamdemic was brought to an end.

        There are plenty of cases in history where a vaccine is developed and strategically deployed very late in the natural remission of the disease. You have seen the graphs where the left hand side is always date restricted and the right hand side seems to indicate the vaccine introduction led to a decline in mortality.

        These charts are cleverly constructed to avoid demonstrating the full picture.

        When Measles mortality is charted honestly, it is quite clear from the full picture the introduction of the vaccine had little of nothing to do with the remission of the disease.

      • Barry on July 26, 2014 at 10:21 pm said:

        Really? You think the CDC is trying to “cover up” the whole thimerosol thing?

        We’ve been chasing thimerosal for about 15 years now. And the biggest reason that any of us here are even talking about Thimerosal, is the Simsonwood fiasco back in 2000.

        Remember? The ‘secret’ meeting that was convened BY the CDC, to examine the possibility of a link between Thimerosol in vaccines, and the neurological problems in children who received thimerosal-containing vaccines ? A conference during which one of the attendees, a Dr. Robert Johnson, just happened to experience the birth of his first male grandchild. And who just happened the feel the need to explain away his absence with a personal comment that included the words

        “…… Our first male in the line of the next generation and I do not want that grandson to get a Thimerosal containing vaccine until we know better what is going on. It will probably take a long time. In the meantime, and I know there are probably implications for this internationally, but in the meanwhile I think I want that grandson to only be given Thimerosal-free vaccines.”

        As if anyone with a pulse would be that frikin’ stupid.

        They’ve been playing us for years guys, and we just keep on taking the bait. They’ve intentionally framed this argument on a single poisonous vaccine ingredient, because they have the power make sure the argument never goes anywhere. And that the fuss it creates will stall all other arguments indefinitely.

        The saddest part of all is that while we keep paddling upstream on this issue, children are still receiving poisonous vaccines. Drug company profits are continuing to soar. And the rate of autism among innocent, defenceless children… is getting worse, not better.

        • Media Scholar on July 27, 2014 at 12:38 am said:

          You want more cover-up? Here ya go!

          Simpsonwood Transcripts Page 28

          “Hepatitis B tends to be a bit low, and I think that primarily is because of capturing the birth dose. The hospital’s HMO birth dose some times didn’t tend to get into the data bases
          as well in the early years. ”

          Insert assorted bells, whistles, and other alarming noises here

          That’s check mate.

          • Barry on July 27, 2014 at 1:21 pm said:

            No, I don’t want more cover up. Why the hell would anyone want that?

            I want justice for my VACCINE injure child. And I want to prevent what happened to him, from happening to countless other innocent babies. Some of whom haven’t even been born yet!

            That’s never going to happen, if we keep engaging the other side one just one small part of a much bigger argument. A part they keep leading us to on purpose, because they’ve more than prepared themselves to fight us on it. Do you really think what we’ve accomplished in the last 15 years, makes it worth pursuing this for another 15 year? Or longer? Because I don’t.

            And I also don’t play chess.

            • Media Scholar on July 28, 2014 at 8:04 am said:

              It’s over tomorrow if the American people unite and stop vaccinating.

              • Barry on July 28, 2014 at 11:35 am said:

                I absolutely agree.

                Over the last 40 or so years, Illinois’s Homefirst Medical Services has amassed over 35 thousand never vaccinated children, who have never experienced even a single case of autism.

                And although that fact doesn’t surprise me, it kinda makes me wonder about two things:

                – what other health disorders have they not seen?
                – what have I never read an article in the main stream media, about how the medical community is following up on this incredible fact?

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