Mark Blaxill Admits COI When His Undermining Began


By Jake Crosby

Mark Blaxill appeared on Linderman Unleashed Thursday to “rebut” my interview with Linderman last week (both interviews embedded below). Unfortunately, Blaxill avoided much of what I said despite admitting he’d had a conflict of interest with vaccine manufacturers while David Kirby was writing the book “Evidence of Harm.” Mark Blaxill also made tacit reference to my autism – and not in a positive way – near the end of the interview.

In Kirby’s book, Blaxill was quoted as threatening to resign from SafeMinds‘ board should the organization speak out against drug companies poisoning children – companies that he admitted at the time were clients of his then-employer, Boston Consulting Group. The period when Evidence of Harm was still being written also corresponds with when Blaxill and others from SafeMinds were secretly advising the Vaccine Injured Petitioners’ Steering Committee for the autism omnibus, where he trashed petitioners’ expert witnesses Dr. Mark and David Geier and said Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s work was “not well-supported by the epi data.” Blaxill did all this despite his connections to the vaccine industry. He claimed on the show that “no one worked harder” than he did in showing how CDC cheated with numbers using the Vaccine Safety Datalink, and yet, it was David Geier not Mark Blaxill who discovered the CDC’s early results showing thimerosal caused harm including autism.

It should  be stated that while on Linderman, Blaxill also denied possessing a conflict of interest any longer – claiming to not have one since 2006. Nonetheless, the troubling trend of his undermining advocacy against vaccines causing autism began during his employment with the Boston Consulting Group, which has vaccine manufacturers for clients.

The latest example of this trend can be seen in the congressional autism hearings in which Mark Blaxill has been consistently working to prevent CDC malfeasance from being exposed both before Congress and on national television via dishonest lobbying practices. While Mark Blaxill chaired SafeMinds’ Government Affairs Committee, SafeMinds succeeded in changing the topic of last November’s hearing so it would no longer be about CDC malfeasance as originally planned and organized by autism parent and scientist Dr. Brian Hooker. Blaxill and SafeMinds’ actions prevented Dr. Hooker from testifying.*

In a more recent example of such undermining, Mark Blaxill’s Canary Party released an action alert asking Congress to investigate the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program last April – a complete betrayal of trust to Dr. Brian Hooker. Just two weeks prior, Canary Party President Jennifer Larson had promised Dr. Hooker that the alert would ask Congress to hold the next hearing specifically on CDC malfeasance, which the last hearing would have been about had SafeMinds not changed the topic. Age of Autism – both sponsored and edited by Blaxill – covered up such revelations about the alert by refusing to publish my critical comment on the pretense it was “picayune.”

Yet in spite of these activities – SafeMinds’ lobbying, Canary Party’s action alert and most recently Canary Party President Jennifer Larson’s $40,000 contribution the PAC of Congressional Committee Chair Darrell Issa – Mark Blaxill insists any involvement of his in sabotaging the hearing is “a lie” and that he has “no power” over how the hearing topics are chosen or who is invited to testify. While Issa, other congressmen and their staffers have the final say, Mark Blaxill consistently avoids discussing his ongoing role in attempting to influence their decisions to keep exposure of the vaccine-autism cover-up out of the hearings.

Instead, he denies having any explanation for all the failures that have occurred concerning the hearings and similar initiatives – many of which he contributed to – and essentially blames his followers for not being rich and powerful enough to defeat DHHS or big pharma rather than his own largely self-styled and unwanted leadership. He told Linderman:

“To be honest, you know we’re fighting with pop guns, man, and the other side has tanks…but you go to war with the army that you got, not the one that you wish for. And the fact is, we’re not making enough change, and I don’t know what to do about it to be honest, other than to keep fighting and to keep fighting the best way that we can.”

And that would be, according to Mark Blaxill, with the analogous equivalent of pop guns fighting tanks while he thwarts yet another hearing and his vice president Ginger Taylor tells people my judgement is compromised by my autism. At the end of the interview (which began with my name being stated by Curt Linderman as the very reason for the interview), Blaxill clearly made another derogatory reference to my autism without naming me:

I think we need to love our kids whether they’re  low-functioning or high-functioning, and when they’re high-functioning and they’re not functioning the way we hope they would, we love them anyway. 

Yet just days after my first article on how SafeMinds hijacked the last congressional hearing went online, he unfriended me on Facebook. I guess I really must not be functioning the way Mark Blaxill hoped.


Mark Blaxill’s response

My interview on Linderman

*Linderman mistakenly asked Blaxill to verify if the Canary Party influenced the November hearing when it was actually SafeMinds’ involvement in that hearing that I had taken issue with during my interview. I had also noted that Blaxill’s base of operations later shifted from SafeMinds to Canary Party in his efforts to influence Congress.


Jake Crosby is editor of Autism Investigated and is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. He is a 2011 graduate of Brandeis University with a Bachelor of Arts in both History and Health: Science, Society and Policy and a 2013 graduate of The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services with a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology. He currently attends the University of Texas School of Public Health where he is studying for a Ph.D. in Epidemiology.


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67 Thoughts on “Mark Blaxill Admits COI When His Undermining Began

  1. White Rose1 on October 30, 2013 at 6:24 pm said:

    Mark Blaxill , why not respond to the questions here ?
    Ginger , why have you not continued dialogue here ?
    Dan Burns , thanks for talking yesterday , please do so again .

    Lets have it out on here , lets talk about the next congressional hearings .
    If we all want the same conclusions then no one has anything to fear .

  2. The undeniable evidence would be to bring kids who were cured by chelation with before and after videos and testimony. There are lots of these kids but it never dawns on anyone associated with Blaxill to show that evidence that proves beyond any doubt that mercury caused the damage. The lawyers in the Omnibus were also too stupid to think of this. Maybe they didn’t think of it on purpose so they could be certain to blow the case.

  3. Jake, I have Kirby’s “Evidence of Harm” beside me. Can you supply a page number where Blaxill is quoted as threatening to resign from SafeMinds‘ board should the organization speak out against drug companies poisoning children ?

      • Jake, the context here is the “Lilly Rider,” inserted into the Homeland Security Bill in 2002 in the dark of night to protect vaccine manufacturers from lawsuits. According to Kirby, the bill protected Eli Lilly, manufacturer of Thimerosal, by defining it as a component of vaccines, which were shielded by VCIP. The challenge for Safe Minds was to design and execute a strategy that would eliminate the Lilly Rider from the Homeland Security Bill. The decision that needed to be made was which strategy to pursue: go after Congress, or go after Lilly (EOH 238).

        If you had been Mark, what would you have advised?

        • You talk about going after Lilly and Congress like it’s one or the other, but it’s not. The politicians in Congress who sneaked the rider into the Homeland Security Bill benefited from Lilly’s campaign money and were on the take. It’s not one or the other because they’re one in the same.

          Were I Mark Blaxill, I’d probably do what he did – act in the best interests of my clients.

          • Yes, Jake, I agree that on this issue, Lilly and Congress are one and the same. Do you think that as Senior Vice President of Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Mark was acting in the best interest of his firm’s pharmaceutical clients to petition members of Congress to remove the Lilly Rider? Have you considered that Mark continued working the issue for years, using his statistical analysis skills to expose the mercury-autism link and risking his job to publicize it? That he was fired from his position as Senior Vice President of BCG in 2006, and was never told why?

            • No, I think he was acting in the best interest of his clients to threaten members of SafeMinds with his resignation should they go after drug companies that are poisoning children. He said himself that he couldn’t criticize clients publicly. Of course I am aware Mark continued working the issue for years – undermining the autism omnibus, using his statistical analysis “skills” to doubt thimerosal’s role in causing the autism epidemic based on uninformative California statistics and fraudulent Danish research and most recently with his ongoing undermining of the hearings. In fact, that’s exactly the problem – that Mark Blaxill continues to work the issue. I’ve heard conflicting accounts of his departure from BCG; I find it hard to believe that four years after joining SafeMinds and more than a year after David Kirby’s book was published, suddenly his employer had a problem with his activities and had him cut.

    • Dan, You should read the Author’s Note too and see how Kirby sold us out there.

  4. White Rose1 on October 30, 2013 at 10:09 pm said:

    Dan , I did write you a lengthy reply , to answer your question of what I have done in terms of anti-vaccine .
    But I decided not to post it up . All you need to know is I’m quietly getting on with it .

  5. White Rose1 on October 30, 2013 at 10:13 pm said:

    Just watched YouTube :Shocking Testimonies About Vaccines! NWO Depopulation Agenda

    Mark Blaxill clearly says out loud : “26 vaccines , we don’t know what the outcome of these injections is , positive or negative” . He is definitely muddying the waters , he tries not to utter the V word all the time .
    How can he not know , if he purports to be what he says he is . I’ve done 6 years of solid sole research , I have the evidence , I have the pictures , how can Mark not know ? How is that possible ?

  6. Jake,

    Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for all you’re doing to expose characters like Mark Blaxill.

    I remember the day when I first came to realize that my sons so-called autism, was really nothing more than vaccine injury. Beyond the fact that my paradigm had been shattered, I was literally sickened by the crushing sadness of knowing that it didn’t have to happen. Had I known the truth about how dangerous vaccines are, none of this harm would have ever befallen my son.

    Until last November, I firmly believed that A of A was one of the few remaining ‘good guys’. Unlike Autism Speaks, I actually believed that AofA’s advocacy was real and sincere. And while your article was enough to change my mind on that, the way they treated you because of it removed any remaining doubt.

    Because of your work, I now realize that A of A is an even bigger fraud that autism Speaks. Because although Autism Speaks is being led by people who don’t give a damn about autistic children, A of A is being led by an excuse for a person, who doesn’t give a damn about his OWN autistic child.

    • I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say Mark doesn’t give a damn about his own autistic child, but he certainly doesn’t give a damn about the thousands of autistic children in the autism omnibus for whom he denied justice.

      • This guy gives a whole new meaning to wolf in sheep’s clotting. He is protecting people who have knowingly injured countless thousands children, and of one of those children was his own. All the while ensuring that what happened to his child, is going to happen to someone else’s child tomorrow.

        Mark Blaxill doesn’t give a damn about any vaccine injured children.

        • Agreed Barry, I have also heard him say that he never witnessed a regression in his own child following vaccination. He might not even consider her vaccine-injured.

          • Doug Troutman on November 2, 2013 at 2:37 am said:

            If he never witnessed his own child regressing after she was vaccinated…then could someone explain to me WHY is he involved in this in the first place?

            Everybody clamors for more studies when they should be wanting forensic work done on the previous studies! That would be like me, a CPA, asking for more Financial statements from the client when I know all the other ones were fraudulently prepared from the client!

            • It is still possible to be convinced that your child is vaccine injured without noticing a clear-cut regression, though Blaxill still does not act very convinced. The real mystery is why a person seemingly lacking in such conviction, who admittedly does not know what to do other than the equivalent of fighting tanks with pop guns and who knows full well how his ongoing interference in the congressional hearings is jeopardizing their chances of a successful outcome is still as determined as ever to maintain tight control of the hearings.

              I like your analogy – although I would say much of the forensic work has even been done already. It’s really just a matter of informing the masses, which these hearings have strong potential to do minus Blaxill’s involvement of course.

  7. Doug Troutman on October 31, 2013 at 12:01 am said:

    Thanks Jake for the EOH reference. He wants to blame those who designed the program rather than the individual manufacturers. I don’t share his point of view and I wish he would have resigned back then. Those big Pharma Corporations that Mark likes to protect have been poisioning people for generations. Lilly knew this stuff was bad from the beginning. You make excellent observations on how Mark uses his words. I must admit I used to think he was on our side but he is quite skilled at talking out of both sides of his mouth.

    • I honestly don’t see those who designed the program any differently from the vaccine manufacturers themselves, as the latter might as well have designed the former. It’s all part of the same industry – some of it is privatized, some of it is federalized, but ALL of it is built on profit from vaccine promotion at the expense of consumers and taxpayers respectively. If Mark really wanted to abolish this inherently unfair system, he wouldn’t have denied justice to the thousands of autistic children in the autism omnibus who were already at a disadvantage by not being able to have their cases heard in a genuine civil court.

  8. White Rose1 on October 31, 2013 at 10:15 am said:

    I’m not into character assassinations , I’m basically a kind and just person .
    However AoA put out a recent release about vaccines saying “there may be a case for arguing in favour of the rubella vaccine” , again diluting the message .
    So I did some high level research , and its everywhere , about the significant side effects of the Rubella vaccine , and there is no way that AoA cannot know this . The CDC knows it , everyone does :

    The Rubella vaccine causes 15% of recipients to get chronic arthritis , God knows what it does to the children therefore .

  9. @White Rose – while interesting, I don’t see any follow-ups that actually prove that the Rubella Vaccine causes Chronic Arthritis….I am also concerned that you would be against a vaccine that does “prevent” cases of autism, since Rubella is one of the actual known causes for the onset of Autism.

    Not to mention that during the last major outbreak of Rubella back in the 1960’s, it was responsible for the death or permanent disablement (through birth defects) of tens of thousands of babies both here in the US & Europe.

  10. Jake, where did Mark use statistical analysis to doubt Thimerosal’s role in causing the autism epidemic? Can you point me to your source on this?

      • That link points to your previous claim. My question is, on what evidence do you base your claim? For example, where in his book does Mark doubt Thimerosal’s role in the autism epidemic? Can you give me page numbers?

          • The Age of Autism, pp.340-343
            In this section, Mark and Dan address a core issue for those of us who believe that mercury triggered the Age of Autism. As mercury-free vaccines were phased into the market, why did autism diagnosis rates continue to go up? The diagnostic increase was a disappointment for those who expected rates to drop, and sad for the parents of children who continue to be damaged.

            To that question — why the apparent increase — Mark and Dan proposed a hypothesis: ethyl mercury in vaccines is sufficient, but not necessary, to cause autism. In other words, Thimerosal-containing vaccines triggered the Age of Autism, but now other factors have come into play, including the aggressive marketing of mercury-containing flu shots for fertile women, airborne mercury from coal combustion (Ding ding! Dissertation alert here), and the expansion of the childhood vaccination schedule.

            Lurking behind the sufficient-but-not-necessary hypothesis are two more unanswered questions: Is the incidence of autism still increasing? And are recently-diagnosed cases truly classical autism … or has a new form of the disorder crept in as the timing, route, and chemistry of the brain-crippling toxins changed?

            But here’s my question to you, Jake. Whether autism rates are increasing or not, how does Mark’s analysis cast doubt on Thimerosal’s role in causing the epidemic?

            • Before you even asked me that question, you had previously answered it yourself in that same comment without even realizing it.

              How does Mark’s analysis cast doubt on thimerosal’s role in causing the autism epidemic you ask? Simple, by using what are most likely artificially inflated numbers due to decreasing age of diagnosis in a state system not even designed to track autism prevalence to claim that whatever is driving any continued increase is due to factors mostly unrelated to either vaccines or mercury. This is just a subtler version of what indicted fraudster Poul Thorsen and his colleagues did in Denmark.

              As you could read in the earlier comment of mine that I linked to, Mark Blaxill also cited Thorsen’s sham research to further doubt thimerosal’s role in causing the autism epidemic in email correspondence to Dr. Brian Hooker after Dr. Hooker explained to him how that research was fraudulent. And now with the latest report showing autism prevalence declined in Denmark, suddenly Age of Autism and John Gilmore are trying to draw attention only to Blaxill’s public criticisms of this tobacco science when in actuality he talks out of both sides of his mouth.

  11. Letthembegot on November 1, 2013 at 9:39 am said:

    Many of the salient points have already been made here.
    If some folk cant decide how deliberate some of these actions have been and wonder could it be gross ineffectiveness ? I doubt it somehow.

    I too have a history in consulting and to reach Senior VP in any consulting company,you may have some flaws but you must at a minimum be able to articulate a “clear message” …..unless of course you are actually trying to mess it up.

    On you Jake….you are functioning just fine. Perhaps these guys just underestimated you.

    • The more the evidence mounts, the less likely incompetence seems solely to blame.

      I think whatever underestimation there might have been is mostly eroded if not gone entirely – just look at the impact your one critical comment had under Dan Olmsted’s piece. Within one day of your comment somehow getting past the site’s censors, the thread of that days’ old blog post suddenly got loaded down with comments defending Mark Blaxill written by his usual band of supporters from AoA and Canary Party beginning with one from Olmsted himself. That same day, AoA contributing editor Dan Burns began his ongoing comment spree here at Autism Investigated to also defend Blaxill.

      • Letthembegot on November 2, 2013 at 8:38 pm said:

        I was stunned they published my comment but decided not to continue the dialogue as I knew exactly what was going on. Someone decided to publish the comment so that they could show some solidarity for Mr Blaxill. Kind of silly of me not to spot that would happen.

        Very recently on AOA I was pretty much told tow the line or go away. I have decided to go away…… owns autism but I do want to associate with those who leave me in no doubt that they actually are on message with me.

        • I actually believe that your comment was never intended to make it through; AoA could have just as easily shown solidarity for him even if your comment never saw the light of day, but I don’t think such blatant comment-bombing would have happened if a need for it hadn’t arisen, e.g. your comment being posted.

          But I don’t blame you in the slightest for not wanting to associate with AoA.

  12. “The more the evidence mounts, the less likely incompetence seems solely to blame.”


    At ALL levels…

  13. Jake,
    Regarding mercury’s role in the epidemic, where does Mark claim that whatever is driving any continued increase is due to factors mostly unrelated to either vaccines or mercury? I don’t see that on pages 340-343 of The Age of Autism, do you?

    Regarding Mark’s 2007 email exchanges Dr. Hooker citing Thorsen’s sham research, have you published a link to them? It would be interesting to read the entire exchange.

    • Because coal combustion is unrelated to vaccines and the expansion of thimerosal-free vaccines is unrelated to mercury.

      Not yet – in time, perhaps.

    • Dan,

      No offence, but i’m a little confused by your tireless drive to find innocence in Mark Blaxill.

      If you’ve seen what the rest of us have seen , then you’re fully aware of his admitted connections to the pharmaceutical industry. And that he was a key player in the underhanded exclusion of Dr. Brian Hookers testimony from last years congressional autism hearings.

      As the parent of a vaccine injured child, what reasons could you possibly have for not wanting to see this low-life exposed??

    • Dan, When most of the country was heated by coal, there was zero autism. A lot more coal was burned before people switched to oil.

  14. Doug Troutman on November 5, 2013 at 2:10 am said:

    Jake I was under the impression that the emails show collusion among the various scientists but the actual data sets are somehow lost. This information must be made available. Why is Hannah Poling’s case sealed up because she has a such a rare mito disorder? These are simple questions to ask but they never get ask at the congressional hearings.

  15. White Rose on November 5, 2013 at 11:13 am said:

    You see how these schisms and differences strengthen our resolve :

    These defenders of Blaxill will have a difficult time in the future if any more “odd” occurrences go on .
    If there are anymore attempts to scupper the message of the parents . So either Blaxill behaves like he is supposed to , if he truly represents our opinion , that vaccines are a piece of shi^ite or else he moves on .

    There is now a great deal of scrutiny on the actions of the Canary Party & AoA & on anyone else who perhaps has worked themselves into a powerful position but isnt committed to the absolute truth .

    Somebody previously said , no-one owns Autism , not Wakefield , not Blaxill , not anyone .
    And our so called leaders need to be aware they can be purged at any time . They will do our bidding whether they like it or not , they are not working for the Pharma .

    • Well Mark Blaxill would certainly agree with you about Andrew Wakefield, otherwise Blaxill would not have told the lead attorney for the omnibus cases in vaccine court that Wakefield’s work is not supported by the epi data. Apparently, Mark Blaxill would agree with you about anybody not owning autism, except for Mark Blaxill.

  16. White Rose on November 6, 2013 at 4:01 pm said:

    And AoA enough of the 1930’s hair sample nonsense .
    What about the freezer failure at John Hopkins – and the 100 frozen autistic brain samples .
    What difference does the original 12 autistics make now ?
    Those poor mis-fortunates are all dead and gone .
    Now we are talking about millions of autistic babies\children and a 100% media news blackout on the subject .

    Why dont you give Morris Kharasch a call on the telephone and ask him what he thinks ?

    • Actually, some of the original Kanner children are still alive. Donald Triplett, for example, still lives in Forest, Mississippi.

      But you are right – what a few children might have been exposed to 80 years ago is nowhere near the best evidence we have. The best evidence we have is the evidence the CDC tried to cover up but was discovered in FOIA-obtained documents by scientists like David Geier and Dr. Brian Hooker.

  17. Dan Burns, How come you won’t answer me? Are you too stupid or are you afraid of me?

  18. Jake, I think Age of Autism is afraid of me and that’s why they tried to destroy my computer two or three years ago. I started writing about how David Kirby sold us out 5 or 6 years ago and nobody ever makes any comment about that. They like to pretend that I don’t exist.

  19. White Rose on November 7, 2013 at 12:26 pm said:

    Jake – I bow to your encyclopedic knowledge ! Tipping my hat .

    and I hope Donald Triplett lives to see the end of this holocaust .

    People who dont have autistic child or are intimately involved who are working on our side ……why ?
    I cannot get over why anyone would take up this battle who isnt either
    1. a affected parent who actually witnessed the actual event – the slide into autism post vaccine .
    2. an ASD affected person of such a high level intelligence & development to actually be superior than most neurotypical people I know . (Talking about you there Jake .)

    • Bad Apple on November 7, 2013 at 10:26 pm said:

      White Rose,

      When my oldest child was about four, we were told by her preschool teacher “she needs help we aren’t qualified to give her.” She was having all sorts of problems with her BMs, and when we first heard, from her GI specialist, that she could have autism, I wasn’t too terribly surprised. (Tho she was tested, she was never subsequently diagnosed with any ASD, thanks in part I think to a conversation I had with Dr. Rimland at that time.)

      Why wasn’t I surprised? It’s like those parents of the ADHD kids who, when their child is dx’d, they see where it came from. If you were to ask the people I went to school with as a child and teenager about me, about the only thing I expect you’d hear from them would be “Oh yeah, her. She was that kid who never talked to anyone.”

      As for putting two and two together and knowing that vaccines were causal from watching what happened with my child, I have to say that it didn’t happen, for me. If anyone had asked me what caused her behavior to go off of a cliff when she was four, I’d have said it was antibiotics. But that’s neither here nor there. It seems pretty obvious to me, now, that it was the vaccine, or possibly both.

      Why do I stay involved with this? Lol honestly I’ve asked myself that so many times. It’s rather like beating my head against a brick wall after all, isn’t it? But I have these memories of my child. When she was a newborn—and there is no hyperbole here – screaming as if somebody had stuck a fork into her, every waking moment. When she was four, and I was terrified that she could end up with severe autism, never able to speak or be toilet trained. I thank God that it didn’t work out that way, but that’s no thanks to pharma, the media, or my public health officials. There is just no way I am ever going to be able to put those things out of my mind.

  20. White Rose on November 7, 2013 at 12:31 pm said:

    Tim Berners Lee spoke out today against the internet monitoring by dark forces (UK\US) .

    Thanks for your support Tim , although you are not probably aware why I’m grateful , but it is because Bill & Melinda gave $100M towards autism research at the Univ. of Pennsylvannia :
    but to monitor the activities of the vaccine resistance – not to research or solve the issue at all.

    AoA continually complains about people posting under pseudonyms , we are all aware we can easily be identified by Bill & Melinda et al , we do not want to be identified by those whose level of vaccine understanding is so rudimentary that they do not understand what we are fighting for .

  21. White Rose on November 7, 2013 at 2:55 pm said:

    Fox News Reporters Fired For Truthful Reporting on Genetic Engineering in Milk and Monsanto
    June 23, 2007 in Agriculture, CENSORED, Eating Can Kill You, FDA, Food, Genetically Engineered, Genetically Modified, GM food, Grocery, Health, Insecticide, Monsanto, Pesticide, Politics, Shopping, Transgenic, Video | Tags: Fox News, Genetically Modified food, GM food, GMO, Reporters, Transgenic

    In 1997, the investigative reporting duo of Steve Wilson and Jane Akre, while working for Fox News, cracked a story about Monsanto’s conspiracy to push bovine growth hormone while ignoring the potential risks to its “end users.”

    The channel was extremely reticent, to say the least, to run the story after coming under pressure by Monsanto.

    After being fired, the couple successfully sued under Florida’s whistleblower laws.

    However, Fox won on appeal as courts found FCC regulations against news falsification was a “policy”, and not a law.

    Catch that? as per FCC Regulations, when Fox made the demand for these two reporters to falsely report the news, these two reporters were indeed required to follow through.

    Fox then countersued in 2004 for court fees and legal costs.

  22. White Rose on November 7, 2013 at 3:03 pm said:

    My point is we can forget the media , they will never tell the truth over Autism .

  23. White Rose on November 8, 2013 at 12:11 pm said:

    Bad Apple …….ditto , exact same experience . funny how there can be so much correlation in the symptoms of this condition , and yet mainstream medicine is able to offer next to zero to help us .

    So if you were in front of committees or congress or whatever , and you had a vaccine damaged child
    would you be able to say “the jury is out on vaccines , we just cannot tell if they are good or bad for people”.

    I hope your answer is like mine . The vaccines are the single greatest criminal event to have ever befallen mankind , and as for Edward Jenner – words can not describe what i feel towards you .

    • Bad Apple on November 8, 2013 at 3:08 pm said:

      White Rose,

      I’ve gotten a tad reluctant to say how I feel. It opens me up to charges of melodrama, hyperbole, hysteria. But the truth is, I see this as genocide.

      I’ve gone thru this more than a few times with people, and they will always say the same things. They’ll say “but it’s autism, not death”. And then I show them the dictionary definition (Merriam-Webster) that says ‘destruction of a race of people’. Not to mention the related SIDS deaths. And then, if they’re still listening (they’ve usually taken to calling me names, by then, if they are listening at all by now), I will explain to them that while I do think it is true that there is some small genetic component to the autism epidemic, I believe that it is minor in comparison with what is going on in the environment. (And btw, when it comes to autism, I do think the largest factor is probably the injected mercury and aluminum.) I explain that of course everyone reacts differently, depending on their genetic makeup, to an environmental assault. But to argue that injection with aluminum and mercury ISN’T environmental assault would be as absurd, in my opinion, as arguing that it’s fine to feed babies rat poison because only the genetically weak and susceptible will be harmed.

      At any rate, it’s always the vaccine apologists who are arguing for a genetic link, and so I don’t feel at all like I’m reaching when I say that then, in that case, what the government is doing is nothing short of genocide.

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