Mark Blaxill Defended Thimerosal With Fraudulent Danish Research


By Jake Crosby

Recently emerging emails from 2007 show that Canary Party Chairman Mark Blaxill has cited the fraudulent Danish research continuously used by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) to argue for thimerosal‘s safety, even after autism parent and scientist Dr. Brian Hooker explained to him exactly how it is fraudulent: Thorsen and his colleagues buried data showing autism prevalence and incidence were declining after thimerosal’s removal from Danish childhood vaccines. Not only that, but Blaxill even compared Thorsen’s “research” to more recent and similarly flawed data from California to further doubt the significance of thimerosal’s role in causing the autism epidemic. He wrote:


There’s no one more committed to the mercury argument than me. But there’s a hard bit of evidence here regarding the thimerosal argument. The rates in California never went down and as far as I can tell are still going straight up with no deceleration at all. And you’ve seen the Denmark numbers. As I’ve said many times, this can mean only one of three things: the theory is wrong, the numbers are wrong, or the issue is more complex than everyone thought. I vote for number three, but am open to any answer that gets closer to figuring out what happened to [his daughter]. Because something did.

Personally, I have chosen not to enter into the criminal side of this and to try to engage people on the facts and the data rather than the question of justice. That’s not to say I don’t believe there may be criminal behavior in here somewhere and that justice needs to be served; it must be. It’s just that I would degrade my own particular contribution by engaging in that way.”

Years after Mark Blaxill chose “not to enter the criminal side of this,” the principal investigator of such fraudulent research from DenmarkPoul Thorsen – was indicted on fraud charges and was added to the list of DHHS Office of the Inspector General’s list of most-wanted fugitives. In the weeks leading up to the November 2012 congressional hearing, Blaxill persistently tried to play down the significance of Thorsen’s role in the fraudulent research on group email threads for SafeMinds – the group that co-opted the hearing when Blaxill was still chairing the organization’s government affairs committee. He even went so far as to assert that Thorsen probably lied about being principal investigator in email to Dr. Brian Hooker. When confronted with the archived webpages of the website for Thorsen’s now-defunct NANEA website listing him as “Principle Investigator,” Blaxill admitted that he too had access to those very same webpages despite arguing against what they said.

During his 2007 email exchanges with Dr. Hooker, Blaxill was planning to participate in an environmental autism panel held by the IOM where he similarly refused to bring up vaccines: (as with his 2012 speech before Congress nearly six years later). Just three years prior, IOM put out a report rejecting vaccines’ causal role in autism after the institute secretly decided it would never come down that autism is a true side-effect of vaccination prior to reviewing any science. Concerned about Blaxill’s reliance on data that is ecological – inherently incapable of even showing whether children who received more thimerosal had higher rates of autism – Dr. Hooker commented in email to fellow autism advocates (boldface mine):

“Mark Blaxill is NOT a scientist and should not think that he can represent the science around the issue.  I’m frankly sick of him playing “cowboy” scientist acting as if anyone can do what a lot of us trained so long and hard to do. If I see another stupid ecological study or an argument about an ecological study, I’m gonna hurl…  From my email conversations with Mark, it is apparent he is going to conceed [sic] the whole thimerosal argument because the rates in California didn’t go down.  ‘Scuse me but he’s dangerous.


The following year, Blaxill practically did just that when he wrote in Age of Autism regarding autism in California:

“The continued increases in autism rates provide strong evidence against the idea that early thimerosal exposure, and only thimerosal exposure, is causing the increased population rates of autism.”

He would also repeat this same statement – in the 2010 book “The Age of Autism” that he coauthored with Dan Olmsted – in a way that eerily echoed the wording of a CDC press release urging patients to receive the thimerosal-laced swine flu shot. I alerted Blaxill and Olmsted to this problem months before their book release, warning them that the California statistics were likely no better than the fraudulent Danish autism statistics, but they included it anyway. This is in spite of the continued exposure of children in California to mercury from flu shots and the fact that autism prevalence was restricted to very young children – most likely driven by downward shifts in age of diagnosis. I had written an article for Age of Autism based on these observations months before. Little did I know at that time that Blaxill had himself compared the California rates to the Danish data in email to Dr. Hooker three years prior – not to point out how the California data is uninformative as I had done, but rather to validate it on the basis of Thorsen’s fraudulent research.

Despite Blaxill’s claim that autism in California was “…still going straight up with no deceleration at all,” changes in the overall autism caseload not limited to a specific age group were decreasing. Then in 2012, Mark Blaxill refused to bring up the first CDC-reported, statewide decline in autism prevalence in children born in 2000 – a possible connection to thimerosal’s removal – when he addressed a press conference held by Canary Party on the newly released statistics. In practice, Mark Blaxill has apparently been exercising the position of IOM – ignoring evidence favorable to thimerosal’s role in causing autism and publicizing evidence which purports to go against it, while never coming to the firm conclusion that autism is a true side-effect of thimerosal. This is in spite of the fact that CDC’s own epidemiologist concluded in email to colleagues that perinatal thimerosal exposure caused autism as written in “Evidence of Harm,” by David Kirby. Yet Blaxill had reportedly convinced Kirby to insist such proof does not exist, only “evidence,” hence the book title.

After Danish research was just recently published showing autism prevalence declining in years corresponding to thimerosal’s removal from vaccines, Age of Autism ran the following action alert: 2003 Danish Study on Mercury Fabricated? New Study Completely Different Results.” What the post did not say was that documents obtained by Dr. Brian Hooker through FOIA have already answered that question affirmatively. Moreover, Age of Autism only drew attention to Mark Blaxill’s public criticism of Thorsen’s work, but not Blaxill’s clandestine endorsement of it while ignoring Dr. Hooker’s email telling him exactly how it was fraudulent. AoA’s action alert also made no mention of the fact that Mark Blaxill’s Canary Party falsely promised Dr. Hooker that it would ask Congress to make the next hearing specifically about research fraud like that committed by Thorsen, but instead asked Congress to make the hearing be about something else.

No matter how much the evidence for the government’s thimerosal cover-up mounts, Mark Blaxill works to prevent that evidence from being exposed in the congressional hearings as much as possible in favor of his rhetorical and eternal question about the autism epidemic: “What’s going on?”

Jake Crosby is editor of Autism Investigated and is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. He is a 2011 graduate of Brandeis University with a Bachelor of Arts in both History and Health: Science, Society and Policy and a 2013 graduate of The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services with a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology. He currently attends the University of Texas School of Public Health where he is studying for a Ph.D. in Epidemiology.

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51 Thoughts on “Mark Blaxill Defended Thimerosal With Fraudulent Danish Research

  1. White Rose on November 8, 2013 at 2:03 pm said:

    Whats going on ………over at AoA

    Sounds like you should rename yourselves SOS .

    AoA representatives need to respond to this article . Ginger ? Dan ? whoever ?

  2. Jake – as a budding “journalist” you should make sure your sources are accurate….whatever Thorsen did, he certainly wasn’t the “lead researcher” on that paper… is always wise to get your facts straight, because otherwise, it makes everything else you write suspect.

    • I said Thorsen was principal investigator, which he was. He said so himself in email to Dr. Brian Hooker and Thorsen was also listed as “principle investigator” on his NANEA website.

    • Melissa R. Troutman on November 9, 2013 at 12:55 am said:

      LARRY- In a statement that was written by AARHUS University on January 22, 2010, it clearly states:

      “To whom it may concern STATEMENT
      Statement regarding Dr. Poul Thorsen’s involvement in Aarhus
      University projects
      Aarhus University has decided to issue this statement in response to a number
      of requests on the part of CDC Denmark project partners.

      Issue: The extent and nature of Dr. Poul Thorsen’s continued involvement in
      the CDC Denmark project for which he once provided primary scientific and
      administrative oversight, as well as of his continued relation to Aarhus University.

      Background: The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation
      (DASTI) has been a grant recipient as part of a cooperative agreement with
      the US National Center for Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities,
      CDC, since 2001. The grant has been administered by Odense University Hospital
      and Aarhus University (AU) under the direction of Dr. Poul Thorsen.
      The grant has multiple components and involves collaborators at other institutions
      in Denmark, including the University of Copenhagen and SSI (Statens
      Serum Institut). This successful collaboration has resulted in numerous valuable
      scientific results, and many more are forthcoming.
      Unfortunately, a considerable shortfall in funding at Aarhus University associated
      with the CDC grant was discovered. In investigating the shortfalls associated
      with the grant, DASTI and Aarhus University became aware of two alleged
      CDC funding documents as well as a letter regarding funding commitments
      allegedly written by Randolph B. Williams of CDC’s Procurement
      Grants Office which was used to secure advances from Aarhus University.
      Upon investigation by CDC, a suspicion arose that the documents are forgeries.
      DASTI conducted an internal investigation of the authenticity of the documents
      and have filed a police report with no specific person named in the filing.
      A police investigation is ongoing.

      Side 2/2

      In March 2009, Dr. Thorsen resigned his faculty position at Aarhus University.
      In the meantime, it has come to the attention of Aarhus University that
      Dr Thomsen has continued to act in such a manner as to create the impression
      that he still retains a connection to Aarhus University after the termination
      of his employment by the university. Furthermore, it has come to the attention
      of Aarhus University that Dr Poul Thorsen has held full-time positions
      at both Emory University and Aarhus University simultaneously. Dr Thorsens
      double Full-time employment was unauthorised by Aarhus University, and he
      engaged in this employment situation despite the express prohibition of Aarhus

      Conclusion: Aarhus University wishes to confirm that Dr Poul Thorsen no
      longer has any connection to Aarhus University, and that Aarhus University
      will not be able to collaborate with Poul Thorsen in the future. To the extent
      that other parties collaborating with Aarhus University wish to draw on Poul
      Thorsen’s expertise, Aarhus University will only accept such collaboration if it
      has the purpose of securing data or protecting the interests of participating
      researchers and funding agencies.
      Jørgen Jørgensen
      Managing Director

      So, with the above being stated…it is clear to me that he was indeed provided PRIMARY SCIENTIFIC and was the ADMINSTRATRATIVE Oversight” in the Denmark study….

      Also, just go here:
      where you can read for yourself exactly what the CRIMINAL INDICTMENT
      v. NO·1: 11-C R -194 states.

      Just sayin’…..

  3. mike sullivan on November 9, 2013 at 1:41 am said:

    there’s a crucial point regarding the differing degrees of toxicity between ethyl and methyl mercury that must be clarified: thimerosal breaks down to ethyl mercury, which penetrates the blood brain barrier much more readily than methyl mercury; thus, ethyl mercury accumulates in far greater concentrations in the central nervous system. because methyl mercury does not cross membranes and into organs, particularly the kidneys, as easily, it is not excreted as rapidly, leading to the oft repeated false premise proffered by vax injury denialists that ethyl mercury is supposedly less toxic than methyl mercury. this deception should, could, would easily be refuted, but…

    • Cherry Sperlin Misra on November 9, 2013 at 11:54 am said:

      Mike Sullivan, I totally agree that this is a very important point. I shall add that I saw, on youtube, an experienced mercury toxicologist (not Boyd Haley) stating that in his opinion, ethylmercury is the most dangerous form of mercury because it goes easily into the brain and then quickly changes into more toxic form of mercury. I am not giving the name of this person because I get the impression that he may wish to stay away from the Thimerosal controversy.
      I would like to add that the Thorsen study was pathetic from the get go because of its peculiar method of including only autistic children diagnosed in hospitals at the beginning of the study. Also, Dr. Boyd Haley has scoffed at this study altogether, saying that Denmark had such a low rate of autism to begin with that it was like going to Alaska to study Yellow Fever (something like that).
      If I am not mistaken, it would be accepted practise to exclude any research done by a person of dubious credibility, Therefore, it is high time to throw out the Thorsen paper altogether.
      In my opinion as a non scientist, it would seem that terms like Lead Researcher would not matter, in that what really should matter is what the people who did the leg work were told to do and by whom.
      I have never believed that the rate of autism has not dipped in California- but what does matter is which years one is talking about. The law in California , making it a crime for a doctor to give a child of less than 6 a mercury laden vaccine , only came into effect from 2006, so where is the cohort of kids born after that date? We could also look for a spike in the year of the swine flu, when they allowed the mercury filled swine flu vaxx to be given in California – well, that is, if anyone could be bothered or care to look. when I was in California this summer, I visited a local school that had a special ed room and the children of that age (born after 2006) seemed to be mildly affected for one, and it appeared that most , if not all, were from parts of India where people eat fish, and from Korea, China, where, of course people eat fish. I was very sad to meet a Chinese gentleman whose child had moderate autism and he said that his family ate fish nearly every day. I read once that autism has increased among the Mexicans of California. This could be due to the mercury in the water of the Central Valley, where many of them work, and to the fact that they would be more likely to give the flu vaccines as dictated by doctors. Some of them are also eating fish, and even doing their own fishing. i believe that California has been a godsend to the CDC (to give the impression that autism is not falling), due to some of the reasons that I have given here. It is to be remembered that there are huge populations of Indians, Chinese, Koreans , along with many other immigrants in Cal. Many of these people are eating fish every day and many of the mothers go back to their home countries after a baby is born , so that they get help with baby care. While back in their home countries they may give their babies vaccines with mercury .

  4. Letthembegot on November 9, 2013 at 9:46 am said:

    And to bring us back on piste – Larry I think it actually matters not a jot what Thorsen was or wasnt. But it turns out Jake as usual had the details quite correct.

    What matters is that the parents of vaccine injured children have been led a merry dance by a man who purported to represent their views. He in fact was representing his very own views which at best were so watered down they could never break through the CDC walls of defense and look rather like they were never intended to. At their worse the views and actions of Mr Blaxill appear to actually derail the activities of so many parents and activists desperate for both acknowledgement and justice for their plight. Many years and opportunities wasted because parents backed the wrong man. After all the lies and deceit the parents have already had to endure……………. a disgrace.

    • I actually do think Thorsen’s role matters, especially given the way Blaxill tried to convince everybody on the SafeMinds’ group email thread I was on that Thorsen was not principal investigator despite having access to webpages proving that he was. If there was ever a time when pharma would feel pressured to play down Thorsen’s role in that research, it would be in the weeks that came after he became a most-wanted fugitive and before the 2012 congressional autism hearing.

  5. Angeli on November 9, 2013 at 3:39 pm said:

    It doesn’t matter if mercury is taken out of vaccines. Vaccines themselves can do a lot of damage. All the focus on mercury has lead people to believe that mercury free vaccines are safe. Just be glad you didn’t get the vaccines with aluminium in them when you were a child.

    • Absolutely right Angeli, it’s VACCINES that cause autism.

      And I’m come to despise anyone, especially self professed autism ‘advocates’, who have intentionally framed this argument in the context of mercury only. Just so they could come back later, and use statistical trickery to exonerate it.

      Parent of a vaccine injured child my ass.

    • I agree there are other issues with vaccines, but must disagree on it not mattering whether mercury has been removed. We are already seeing autism prevalence decline in Denmark and in one US state monitored by CDC corresponding to periods attributed to thimerosal’s removal. Aluminum is a neurotoxin that is also a concern, but mercury is still way more toxic.

      • Just to be clear, I’m not trying that argue that mercury shouldn’t be removed from vaccines. It’s one of the most neurotoxic substances on the planet , and the fact has been widely understood for more than a century.

        Arguing about whether mercury is more toxic than aluminium, is also a waste of time. Because they’re BOTH extremely neurotoxic, and NEITHER has any place whatsoever in a vaccine…. especially not a child’s vaccine!

        My argument, is that VACCINES should be removed. Period.

        • Letthembegot on November 10, 2013 at 6:54 pm said:

          Barry, I could not agree more. I heard a statement from Mary Holland this past week which said that she was not anti vaccine but that vaccines need to be made safer (I dont have an exact quote to hand but she was in DC this last week) – I just do not believe that compromise of any kind is a good way forward. All vaccines are unsafe and mercury and Aluminum do not capture the whole problem. And just to be clear, I am against all vaccines.

          • Jake Crosby on November 10, 2013 at 8:19 pm said:

            I would be fine with vaccines existing within a framework where the government does not promote vaccines or assumes liability for vaccine injury, just ensures their safety.

        • Hi Barry, I was actually responding to Angeli – just FYI.

  6. Doug Troutman on November 10, 2013 at 12:09 am said:

    I have been in several ABA therapy centers and the 8 years and younger children are not as severely affected ( i.e., non verbal, head banging). The mercury has not been removed, but lowered in some of the vaccines. The flu vaccine was introduced to replace the mercury that was reduced or lowered in the childhood vaccine schedule.

    The methyl mercury in the fish albeit unhealthy and toxic does not do the damage that ethyl mercury, AKA;
    Thimerosal/Merthiolate, and will not do the ACUTE damage that Thimerosal will and DOES do. The studies that have fraudulently prepared should not even be considered. Why does Blaxill keep referring to fraudently prepared studies? He is like the PIed Piper leading the sheeple off the cliff.

    • Mark Blaxill defended thimerosal with Thorsen’s fraud to scientist and autism omnibus petitioner Dr. Brian Hooker and trashed the Geiers’ research when advising lead omnibus attorney Mike Williams. I now remember that in the thimerosal test cases, the petitioners’ attorneys of all people called in testimony by a witness who both dismissed the Geiers’ research while calling the fraud committed by Thorsen good science. So attorneys take Blaxill’s advice and the omnibus collapses, but you won’t hear that at a congressional briefing held by Canary Party.

  7. Doug Troutman on November 10, 2013 at 9:13 pm said:

    I would be pro vaccine if they proven safe, effective, and cost effective. Oh, that’s right they don’t adhere to the law and do not have to prove they are safe and effective. The mercury part was a no brainer in all of this nonsense but do to Mark Blaxill’s interference we can’t even make a case for mercury in the Rhogram shot. Our attorney’s told the science just isn’t there for Thimerasol when I know there is plenty of science there.

    • Mark Blaxill owes you and thousands of other parents an apology for what he’s done, but said he was unapologetic about all of it. Why would he have remorse if the omnibus went exactly the way he had intended? Obviously, he is completely shameless.

  8. Jake,

    You may want to view the following, if you’ve not already done so:

    “Like other adjuvants, aluminum is added to the vaccine in order to boost your immune response to the antigen. The antigen is what your body responds to and makes antibodies against (the lab altered bacteria or virus being injected). By boosting your body’s immune response, the vaccine manufacturer can use a smaller amount of antigen, which makes production less expensive.”

    “Interestingly enough, according to Dr. David Ayoub, a radiologist and physician who has become a specialist on the additives and preservatives used in vaccines, says even our modern medical literature admits that exactly how this happens is still a mystery. And it’s not a consistent finding either. In our interview last year he mentioned a couple of studies on the more recent HPV vaccine, which found that the aluminum adjuvant had no effect at all on immune response. So it could be that adding aluminum to vaccines is not having the intended effect at all … but rather is causing unforeseen, and potentially devastating, consequences.”

    • Aluminum’s toxicity and synergy with mercury are why people should be concerned about aluminum, not skewed numbers and fraudulent research used to doubt the role of mercury in causing the autism epidemic as Blaxill suggests.

  9. As Dr. Boyd Haley has stated, mercury, combined with aluminum, becomes much more toxic.

  10. Melissa R. Troutman on November 11, 2013 at 1:29 pm said:

    People, it really doesn’t matter which is “more toxic”…it’s ALL bad!! The fact is, Mark Blaxill continues to use FRAUDALUENT studies to undermine, and STAB us (parents who are trying to make headway) IN THE BACK!! This is the point Jake is making here! Get off the “in fighting” of which is worse! It is a known scientific reality that Thimerosal/ethyl-Mercury is a known neuro-toxin, and that Aluminum is a known neuro-toxin….what matters here: Mark Blaxill has and CONTINUES to undermine ALL the steps forward we’ve made/tried to make, by preventing us from seeing those who have done this corruption to our children to pay for it let alone PREVENT those who are just now being conceived and in-utero a chance for a normal/typical life! He’s not just undermined those of us whose child(ren) is/are already affected, but millions of unborn babies as well! His work with Safe Minds as well as the Canary Party has allowed this atrocity to continue by working AGAINST those who are trying to get these KNOWN Neuro-toxins COMPLETELY out of the vaccines!
    I am ANTI-VACCINE. Why? They have NOT been proven safe and effective! They use adulterated components as well making them ILLEGAL by our own government’s standards, yet due to the hands up the proverbial puppets in charge…NO ONE is doing ANYTHING about it! Thank you Mark Blaxill, thank you for continuing the carnage! Thank you for laying your head down at night and apparently sleeping well knowing full well that the undermining you have done has prevented the known most neuro-toxic component to continue to be allowed in vaccines. With the money you are making, I truly hope it is worth it for you. I do NOT know how you CAN lay your head down at night knowing that what you have done and continue to do is injuring more and more children every day! No matter what, people are going to follow the CDC’s guidelines and have their child vaccinated, be vaccinated while pregnant etc…. so to block the work that other’s have tried to get accomplished regarding the removal of a known neuro-toxin….it is nothing more than a disgrace, let alone a travesty to the human race! The LOVE OF MONEY is the ROOT of all EVIL. Mark Blaxill…you are nothing more or less than pure EVIL.
    He needs to be removed from his position! He’s NOT a scientist; he’s a Businessman with a MBA! He’s NO PhD! Good grief, he doesn’t even have a “science degree”! My undergrad degree in Health Science makes me more of a scientist than him! My Masters in Special Education makes me even more of a “Scientist” than him! I was sickened at the Autism One Conference this year when someone stated “Dr. Blaxill” and he NEVER corrected them! Arrogance! He’s nothing more than a savvy businessman making the bottom-line….for none other than HIMSELF! As he stated on the “joke” of a talk show “Linderman Unleashed” (Another clown/double talker with a mic! Who does nothing to help stop this insanity!!), that ‘he’s just trying to care for his daughter’…yeah, I bet! I would LOVE to hear from his ex-wife in regards to that! I’m sure he’s making a ton of money with all the efforts he’s done for “the other side” to care for her!!
    Mark Blaxill is NOT our friend let alone a LEADER for the autism community. People need to get upset and revolt and get him BAND from speaking for the community! He is NO scientist; he’s made that clear by referring to FRAUDULENT studies (if one would even call them that!)! If he was a true scientist…he would have NEVER acknowledged these but dismissed them as all true scientists do! Period.

  11. No vaccines are safe. I am so glad that people are realizing its not just the mercury that’s wreaking havoc. I have one twin with autism and I kept a calendar for each twin first year. I wrote EVERYTHING on calendar. I did not realize till years later that what I wrote daily on this calendar would help me put two and two together. My autistic twin became severely constipated at 11 days old, exactly 4-5 days after Hep B vac. and when I went back (9 years later) and looked EXACTLY 4-5 days after each vaccine containing aluminum my son would bind up. I have medical documents that show all this as true also. This is what aluminum does it binds and cannot be excreted and has a electrochemical reaction with silver ( mercury) which it is incompatible with and sulfur attaches to aluminum hence destruction of GSH and sulfur. I hope I explained this right. Believe that in HPV vaccine that the aluminum was noted as being firmly attached etc etc. it’s not just these two either even though they are the worst neurotoxic. I have studies that quote mercury as number 3 toxicity behind arsenic and lead. Also have studies that show ethylmercury crossing BBB and in blood on some test subjects as mice? when methylmercury would show elsewhere depended on the test subject. Have study see if I can find and post that follows Hg ( maybe Minamata, or Faroe island study) poisoned kids testing Hg level at birth and 6 years old and 14 years old and Hg is higher at 14 years old. Don’t quote me yet:) have so many studies I’ve read about Al and Hg that they get crossed sometimes. These people that continue to block the doors of justice for the injured will get what’s coming to them one day. We need to band together and take this forward.

  12. Vaccines are not going away. They may morph into products administered differently and thus be slightly less toxic. With persistence, their toxic ingredients may be replaced with safer components. For instance, I heard there is now a bordetella vaccine for dogs which is administered by mouth. Previously one had to pick between the shot and a nasal spray if buying the product. But the person who told me about it said, quite succinctly, we shouldn’t really be shoving things way up our noses. It’s still only a second best. Kind of similar to how we shouldn’t be injecting things into the blood and skin and bypassing the primary immune system. But when we are done with mercury, are we to spend the next 100 years discussing aluminum, and then one at a time all 85,000 chemicals on the market? I think that this is what they want. Or do we accept that while mercury, vaccines, and aluminum may be the big three, that with a finite number of organs and systems in our bodies and an infinite combination of synthetic chemicals and meds on the market working the same bodily systems as the big three, that when the autism numbers go down dramatically and we will celebrate, they will not blink out. Are ANY preventable cases of autism acceptable? So therefore there must be groups out there keeping the big picture in mind, like health freedom and the precautionary principal and accountability, while other groups focus on the short-term, large impact results that must happen now. Nobody should be naive enough at this point to not understand that the chemical companies and the industries they support can and will end up producing something as toxic as what we have seen already, or will just use those same toxins in other ways, like in household products or food, if and when they are removed from vaccines.

    What I’d like to know is where, exactly, is the mercury (and aluminum) in the vaccines coming from? Where are the pharmaceutical companies getting it? Who are their suppliers? And if the suppliers are the middle-men, where are they buying the product from? Is it coming from mining? Manufacturing? Coal. It’s not materializing out of nowhere. Those sources need to be discovered, charted & publicized so they can be boycotted, with the same diligence that you’ve applied to revealing other players bent on rigging the game. With the same diligence as the NON-GMO food movement documenting the companies that want to prevent informed consent in food.

    I look forward to you continuing to connect those dots for us in the future. And since you are far enough along in your studies now, creating and publishing research papers to replace the ones that are wrong and that can be used as good evidence for fighting the good fight.

  13. White Rose on November 11, 2013 at 9:00 pm said:

    Mercury & Aluminium ……..but no-one mentions cancer …..SV40 …Aids
    The CDC even admits themselves they infected 125M americans with the carcinogen monkey viruses .
    Guillame Barre is a chicken virus ! Its goes on & on .

  14. White Rose on November 12, 2013 at 9:21 am said:

    Thanks Melissa Troutman , for the first hand information .

    Things are not looking at all good for Dr Blaxhill …….

    Lets make the “Dr.” thing stick .

  15. It’s interesting – I was corresponding with someone who has been vocal about issues with vaccines for a very long time and she told me that she felt – in our country – that we should push for a UNIVERSAL EXEMPTION in every state. That way, there would be no more quibbling over our medical and/or religious exemptions. Just have a universal exemption that ANYONE could use and those that choose to use vaccines, can shoot themselves up all they want.

    And yeah – vaccines aren’t going away, not unless and/or until those in our medical paradigm realize how very, very wrong they’ve been about germ theory and all the rest. Since 1993, when our son was born, this vaccine issue – for me – has been a passion. And I’ve only seen things get WORSE since then, not better – worse. More deaths, more destroyed immune systems…what a mess. I don’t know what it’s going to take before people finally wake up; 1 out of 3 kids on the spectrum – will THAT be the toxic tipping point?

    As someone one shared with me, there isn’t ONE SINGLE LIFE AFFIRMING INGREDIENT in any of these vaccines. And it’s not just the toxic mercury and aluminum (and all the other metals) in these vaccines that are harming so many; the viral components and all the rest, contribute to this toxic witches’ brew as well.

    Physicians and nurses aren’t taught about vaccine ingredients in our medical/nursing institutions. They don’t KNOW what they’re shooting into these kids and if they do, they don’t care. Most of them don’t, anyway. FEAR is a powerful motivating factor with this issue. If you’re a practitioner in this medical paradigm, you have to do as you’re told by the powers that be, or you fear your license being stripped away, you fear loss of integrity and loss of ridicule if you ride against the tide.

    What a mess. Twenty years ago, if you’d have told me back then what I know now, I would have said you’re crazy.

    I don’t know – it’s like having Larry, Curly and Shemp in charge of our medical institutions. It’s crazy…

  16. Tina,

    We noticed the very same thing with our son! Yes! Poor thing was SO constipated right after his Hep B shot (at just 12 hours of age). The stupid thing is, i was tested for Hep B just before giving birth (SOP at Denver’s Rose Medical Center) and I tested negative. Yet, they STILL gave our son this vaccine, unbeknownst to us at the time.

    If only we could turn back the pages of time, right? What I know NOW, I wish I’d have known THEN. But at least we quit vaccinating our son at the age of six months (gave him the DT minus the whole cell pertussis component, but he still reacted with two days’ worth of somnolence). He’s now 20 and doing great, but we had the ride from hell with just the damage done to him in utero (I’m Rh-negative) and what the vaccines did to him up to the age of six months. I cannot imagine what would have happened to him had we continued vaccinating him beyond the age of six months. (His reactions were, thankfully, all fully admitted to, and documented within, his medical records in Denver, Colorado).

    I don’t know. MAYBE some good things will come out of this next hearing, but I’m not holding my breath. I’d like to think there are some decent political figures out there who DO care, but not getting my hopes up there, either.

  17. And yes, Melissa, I think we all know over here that vaccines are ALL bad. I am anti-vaccine for myself, but I’m also pro-choice. If someone wants to shoot themselves up with any and/or all of the vaccines being now or in the pipeline, have at it. But that should be a CHOICE, not a mandate.

    If anyone wants a good rundown on just what these vaccines do to the developing fetus in utero and after, view Dr. Russell Blaylock’s lecture over at Youtube; it’s a Radio Liberty lecture (I also have it on DVD).

    Powerful presentation.

  18. White Rose on November 12, 2013 at 6:17 pm said:

    So I posted to the latest article on AoA , that I DEMAND that Dr Blaxill resign from ALL vaccine-autism associations & pressure groups .

    As you would expect the post was censored .

    So I propose starting a petition to have him removed (I wonder how successful that would be ) .
    All I am asking is that he step down – he has done his bit for us .
    Now it is time for someone new to take the helm.
    Mark Blaxill does not speak for me and my vaccine injured child (it very much looks like he is speaking for Pharma Harma) . Mark Blaxill does not OWN autism .
    Vaccines are the scourge of our time , Vaccines cause autism , and Mark is missing in action .
    “There may be a case for the Rubella vaccine” he says . What about the chronic arthritis reports Mark 15% ?
    Mark you are always making the case to promote vaccines .

  19. Consumer education is key. Does anyone really believe pharmaceuticals and chemical companies will ever show or admit that even one of their chemicals causes cancer or is detrimental to good health? This will never happen.

  20. Doug Troutman on November 13, 2013 at 12:35 am said:

    My wife and I attended the NAA (Myrtle Beach) autism conference in 2005. We listened to Dr. Mark and David Geier talk about Thimerosal in the Rhogram shots. We found this very infomative and they were not just selling their lupron protocol. They have their own studies along with hundreds of studies from around the world showing how damaging this product is. I listened to Dr. Frank Engley give his last lecture and he knew the Geiers had all the studies. All I have seen since 2005 is Blaxill & Co. attack the Geiers and quite frankly I am sick of it. Thimerosal is not banned and still being used to poison people young and old.
    These guys have been telling the truth all along. Big Mark says he is interested in the truth but all he is does is attack the truth tellers. If one wants to become educated on the science of vaccines, I would suggest reading articles written by Dr. Paul G. King at: This is one man who is doing ALL that he can possibly do to educate the masses. The truth is there!

  21. Doug,

    Yes, I was horrified to learn, years later, just how much mercury is contained within Rhogam shots. As I mentioned above, I am Rh-negative and was given TWO Rhogam shots during my pregnancy; one during and one right after labor.

    Well, ‘maybe’ something good will come out of this next hearing on the Hill, but as I’ve also said, I’m not holding my breath; too many corporate ties have a vise-like grip on our Congress. This planet is saturated in untruths and corporate greed…

    • Melissa R. Troutman on November 13, 2013 at 4:55 am said:

      Yes Kim,
      We have four children, due to my Rh-negativity I counted up just how many I had with our four children! A grand total of 7! SEVEN! Yep, all 50% weighted with Thimerosal! I even argued with the nurse after our first child/daughter was born that I DID NOT need the shot, but she still gave it to me! (At that time I did not know it was even preserved being a single-dose shot!) Our daughter had the same Rh as me! UGH! When seeing our OBGYN with our second pregnancy, she was FURIOUS that they did that! Yet, she still inserts that Rhogham shot in me at 28 weeks with my second child! (Three total so far at this time!) Our second child actually was Rh+ so I actually NEEDED the shot again after her birth! Bless her heart, she received that shot again through my breast milk! 🙁 Then while pregnant with our third child I received the 28th week shot again, laced with ethyl-mercury! ( Explains why she would bow-back when people held here!) She was/is the same Rh as me so I DID NOT get the sixth shot until pregnant with our son and I ended up having a small insignificant tear in the placenta that required a Rhogham shot! So poor little guy, he got drilled at 11.5 weeks gestation with my 6th shot. Then again at 28 weeks gestation with my 7th Rhogham ethyl-mercury laced shot!

      Learning the information we learned at that 2005 conference was priceless! I learned that the Board of OBGYN changed their procedure of just typing the baby’s blood right after delivery and giving the shot ONLY if necessary to momma to actually injecting the pregnant mom at 28 weeks with a vaccine that actually would only be functional for up to 2-4 weeks! WHAT? Why give it then at 28 weeks? $$$$ The ROOT of all EVIL! That’s why! Then to find that a single-dose vaccine/shot was “persevered” for no apparent reason with ethyl-mercury!?!! Unbelievable!! Supposedly, after 2001 (the year our son was born) they stopped using the Thimerosal in the Rhogham shot! (Of course, those still on shelves had wonderful shelf life! Could last, I’m told, up to 2005!)

      Had they been able to prove Thimerosal causal in the case (I think it was in Virginia)…we could have actually followed through with our lawsuit since Rhogham is NOT a “childhood vaccine”! Johnson & Johnson is EVIL! Thank you Olmstead & Kirby (and wherever they are one will find Mark Blaxill…er I mean “Dr.” Mark Blaxill), for interfering with the case that would have allowed us as well as you Kim to sue Johnson & Johnson or what ever Pharma Harma made your Rhogham shots! We were advised by the Geier’s to pursue this (btw, they were not going to get anything for that advise either!), and we did! Sadly after the one case was dismissed…our attorney’s sent all of our information back and said, they could not pursue it due to the lack of evidence/proof.

      If one could find an attorney to try to go after them…the case is valid and there IS scientific evidence! It would make a precedence! We have only 5.5 more years to do this for our son, once he’s 18 he could try to do it himself.

      You are right “consumer education is key”! That’s exactly what we do here and sadly…people are just as I was until it happened to us…”SHEEPLES”! Having the Health Science degree, also going through the training and certification to be an X-ray/CT Technologist I too was indoctrinated in the belief that “vaccines are good!” Yeah, right! The brain-washing, scare tactics etc.. that they use ALL THE TIME makes a young, new momma completely scared to death!

      Even my adult niece believes that giving them in a staggered/adjusted schedule is better and does so with her now 1 year old son. Oddly, she would not let ANYONE hold him last year unless they washed their hands or used anti-bacterial hand sanitizer! I finally looked her in the eye when he was about 4 months old and said, “Are you vaccinating him?” She said “Only the ones we feel are necessary and on an adjusted schedule.” I said, “then why are you worried if someone’s hands are washed or sanitized to hold him?” She looked at me strangely and I proceeded to say, “Because what they are injecting in him is doing more irreparable damage than ANYTHING that might be on someone’s hands. You are ‘flipping’ switches on or off that just might not be able to be flipped back. What is being injected in him cannot ever be taken back out.” She looked at me with a “Huh” perplexed look on her face! I had hoped that she really thought about what I was saying! I don’t know. I just pray that my great-nephew who has just turned 1 can sustain those he’s been injected with thus far!

      So Tina, I hate to agree with you, but I’ve learned a LONG time ago…nothing is going to change until MORE MASS rejection of these injections take place. Sadly…that’s not going to happen either with all the advertisement, brainwashing, and dumbing down of each generation continues to take place.

      Is that going to stop me from trying…No! We must press on for our own grandchildren/the next generation!

  22. Media Scholar on November 13, 2013 at 5:28 am said:

    Thanks a bunch, Jake.

    Just finished viewing a DVR of a Science Channel rebroadcast of Dark Matters: Twisted, But True Season II, Episode IX – Unabomber, Get The Lead Out, Salvation By Starvation – the second subtitle in particular interest.

    It’s available at You Tube for pay:

    Jake, the two bucks is worth it.

    In the leaded section of the episode we learn that lead was considered good science because it kept the engine knocks, and, of course, science always regards poisoning the human race unmentionable due to less profitable implications.

    Tetraethyllead – TEL – (notice the last four letters of the full name are L-E-A-D) was dubbed simply ethyl by the developers, General Motors Corporation, in an effort to obfuscate L-E-A-D. Even modified engines, making it necessary to use GMC’s “patented” additive.

    The obfuscation of TEL-E-A-D is the blueprint for vaccine-manufacturing drug giants and world population control freaks own obfuscation of Thimerosal’s menace.

    From Wikipedia….

    The toxicity of concentrated TEL was recognized early on, as lead had been recognized since the 19th century as a dangerous substance that could cause lead poisoning.[37] In 1924, a public controversy arose over the “loony gas,” after at least 17 workers died, and many others severely injured, in Standard and DuPont refineries in New Jersey.[37] There had also been a private controversy for two years prior to this controversy, several public health experts including Alice Hamilton and Yandell Henderson engaged Midgley and Kettering with letters warning of the dangers to public health.[37] After the death of the workers, dozens of newspapers reported on the issue.[37][38] In 1925, the sales of TEL were suspended for one year to conduct a hazard assessment.[5][22]

    The U.S. Public Health Service conducted a conference in 1925. The conference was initially expected to last for several days, but reportedly the conference decided that evaluating presentations on alternative anti-knock agents was not “its province”, so it lasted a single day.[37] Kettering and Midgley stated that no alternatives for anti-knocking were available, although private memos showed discussion of such agents.[37] One commonly discussed agent was ethanol, although it was not as cheap.[37] The Public Health Service created a committee which reviewed a government-sponsored study of workers and an Ethyl lab test, and concluded that while leaded gasoline should not be banned, it should continue to be investigated.[37] The low concentrations present in gasoline and exhaust were not perceived as immediately dangerous. A U.S. Surgeon General committee issued a report in 1926 that concluded there was no real evidence that the sale of TEL was hazardous to human health but urged further study.[22] In the years that followed, research was heavily funded by the lead industry; in 1943, Randolph Byers found children with lead poisoning had behavior problems, but he was threatened with a lawsuit and the research ended.[37]

  23. Melissa R. Troutman on November 13, 2013 at 11:52 am said:

    Well, well, well…not only was there “Tobacco science”, but none other than “Gasoline science” to go along with “Ethyl-Mercury: AKA- Thimerosal Science”!! Thank you “Media Scholar” for this bit of information! Very valuable! Never ends….

  24. Doug Troutman on November 13, 2013 at 12:00 pm said:

    Wasn’t it Rockefeller who sold “TEL” to Hitler to fly his airplanes?

  25. Media Scholar,

    Thanks for that refresh. Remember it well when I was researching that subject years ago. Yes, it’s what makes the world go ’round; lies, deceit, cover-ups, greed, control, etc. Truth always comes out in the end, but what a trail of devastation in its wake before it manifests.

    • Media Scholar on November 14, 2013 at 12:39 pm said:

      the point is, if you can view that episode please do. Complicity between so called government experts and industry has always been an issue.

      It doesn’t take thirty men on mercury to understand it does harm, it doesn’t necessarily harm instantaneously, and it seemingly may not harm. (it’s impossible to even suggest it’s non-toxic)

      In the old days, the saying went, “one night on Venus leads to a life-time on mercury”. Nowadays, we wonder was it disease that drove Al Capone crazy, or the treatment. (the treatment)

  26. “Complicity between so-called government experts and industry has always been an issue.”

    Quite right. And precisely why I don’t feel anything is going to really move forward with any of this re: this next hearing.

    I will never, ever allow ANY vaccine to be injected into my body again…if I can help it. The whole “vaccines are great and they’ve saved mankind from the perils of disease,’ is one of the biggest illusions/lies ever perpetuated upon this earth (that and a few others I can think of).

  27. Melissa R. Troutman on November 16, 2013 at 4:47 am said:

    “Reality is often scoffed at, illusion is ALWAYS King!” I completely agree with you Kim!

    Over my dead body will anyone touch me or my children with a needle! And I do mean “DEAD”! I’ve awaken to the Illusion, and find that the realities that come with the lies to be TOO MUCH devastation!

    • I second that emotion Melissa.

      They might have fooled me once, but any more injections into my children, will DEFINITELY be over my dead body.

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