Mark Blaxill’s Thimerosal Backtrack: An Act To Throw The Omnibus?


By Jake Crosby

Following the disclosure of emails on Autism Investigated in which Mark Blaxill responded to the lead omnibus attorney in vaccine court with attacks on expert witnesses Dr. Mark and David Geier, Autism Investigated reader John Best made an astute observation about the attorney’s email. Within that email, the attorney wrote:

“…we realize that we have to  deal with the fact that the increase has continued beyond the removal of thimerosal, but we have to convince the Special Masters that something in the environment, perhaps several somethings, is triggering symptoms of ASD in many kids.”

To which John Best responded in a comment:

“The lawyers claimed they had to account for the increase [in autism] after thimerosal was all gone and that they had to blame something in the environment. So, the lawyers admitted right there that they were throwing the case intentionally. Too bad the statute of limitations for legal malpractice has passed. Those words are all that are needed to hang them.
Did they think the whole world was too stupid to know that shooting 25 mcg of thimerosal into pregnant women equated to 200 times the alleged “safe” dose of mercury?
Jake, you should have entitled this: Lawyers Admit Throwing Case.”

To which I responded:

“That was almost certainly Mark Blaxill’s doing:

He claimed to change his views in a 2007 email to Dr. Brian Hooker based on the premature conclusion that reported autism prevalence still going up in California was evidence against thimerosal’s role in the autism epidemic, yet also cited the very Danish numbers Blaxill once called “uninformative and potentially misleading” to defend thimerosal right after being informed of their fraudulent nature by Dr. Hooker. What this would suggest is that Blaxill’s representation of himself as a leading proponent of thimerosal’s significance in causing the autism epidemic only to backtrack from his position later was all just an act to sink the omnibus and strike a PR victory for pharma.”

The latest component of this act that I did not mention in the above comment, however, is Blaxill’s downplaying of harm from thimerosal and vaccines in general. Neither was mentioned in Mark Blaxill’s speech before Congress, nor are they in the mission statement of the Canary Party that he chairs and founded. Such minimization of thimerosal’s harm helps prevent some of the worst perpetrators of the thimerosal cover-up from facing justice for burying evidence of its role in causing the autism epidemic. And the lead actor pretends to have no ties to the pharmaceutical industry when he still does.

It is about time someone drew the curtain on his act.

Jake Crosby is editor of Autism Investigated and is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. He is a 2011 graduate of Brandeis University with a Bachelor of Arts in both History and Health: Science, Society and Policy and a 2013 graduate of The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services with a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology. He currently attends the University of Texas School of Public Health where he is studying for a Ph.D. in Epidemiology.

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56 Thoughts on “Mark Blaxill’s Thimerosal Backtrack: An Act To Throw The Omnibus?

  1. Doug Troutman on January 28, 2014 at 2:00 am said:

    Win or lose the attorney gets paid. MB really did a nice job of fooling the autism advocate groups and the vaccine attorneys. Our attorney kept telling us just sign the release paper so the attorney’s can get paid for all of their hard work. John’s comment really sums it all up.

    • And yet despite all the “hard work” they claim they’ve done, they failed to exercise the slightest discretion by even continuing to discuss the case with a pharma-tied non-scientist such as Blaxill. The “hard work” excuse is often used by his followers to win sympathy and support – never mind that the purpose of their “work” is to the detriment of the congressional hearings.

  2. White Rose on January 29, 2014 at 6:50 am said:

    This pretty clearly demonstrates that the vaccine holocaust isn’t a science problem, it is a crime problem. A bunch of criminals got into government and are poisoning babies for fun and profit.

    The solution isn’t science. It’s politics. Get decent people elected who will ensure that the relevant FDA, CDC, and AAP officials are prosecuted, sentenced to death and actually executed along with everyone involved with the NVIC kangaroo court proceedings.

    The vaccine holocaust is a genocide. That’s always been against the law.

    Posted by: Andy Cutler | January 25, 2014 at 06:06 PM

    • “it is a crime problem.” – It sure is, and I hope he’ll realize that Mark Blaxill has been systematically working to keep that crime from being exposed in Congress.

  3. White Rose on January 29, 2014 at 6:55 am said:

    Andy Cutler posted this brilliant comment on AoA , and I couldn’t agree more with it . Thanks Andy.
    However Andy , please be aware , that it seems AoA appears to be a vehicle whose wholesale aim is to dampen and divert the parents who are aware enough to have worked out that the government is systematically poisoning everyone’s children .

    If I am wrong about AoA , why is it that no-one over there at AoA is questioning MB’s motives ?
    Are you all working for the Pharma ? It is the only conclusion I can come to at this stage .

    MB is most unlikely to be the only so called campaigner who has been turned , who has been bribed , who has been bought out by Pharma , there are certain to be others .

    • It’s not that no one at AoA is questioning Blaxill’s motives, just that anyone who does is promptly censored. Dan Olmsted even wrote recently that “destructive infighting” is among the reasons AoA uses to moderate out comments.

  4. White Rose on January 29, 2014 at 7:08 am said:

    Age of Autism , a wholly owned subsidiary of the Pharma Harma c1998 .

    And this is the reason why our campaigns for justice have floundered & stuttered so badly .

    • Age of Autism claims its purpose was to expose what would otherwise be censored in mainstream media, yet here it is censoring exactly the kind of information AoA claims to prevent from censoring based on the same kinds of excuses mainstream media uses to censor coverage of this controversy altogether.

    • Thats exactly right.

      Theres an old saying that says ” Keep your fiends close, and your enemies closer”. And with A of A, that’s exactly what Mark Blaxill has been doing for his big pharma masters.

  5. A lawyers first obligation is to the BAR association which is owned by the Rothschild banking family. The “rabbit hole” is deep. We have almost 200 lawyers in Congress in spite of the fact that none of them are allowed to be there by the original 13th amendment which was ratified in 1812. In the mid 1800s, lawyers destroyed all of the copies of the Constitution that they could find to try to hide that amendment from the public. This ploy worked. Hardly anyone knows that this amendment is still part of the Constitution. Old copies of the Constitution that show the 13th as originally written were found in Maine and Wyoming. There is no doubt that the 13th is real despite lots of propaganda to the contrary.
    Lawyers and other liars naturally want to lead victims to complain to Congress because they know Congress is 100% corrupt and exists only to serve the bankers who control the Democrats and Republicans. It’s impossible to win because the lawyers have it all rigged against us, on every issue. The solution below doesn’t mention autism at all but it’s the driving force behind what I’m trying to do. This frees us from everything the bankers and lawyers have done since they began to subvert the USA before the Civil War.
    GET RICH QUICK, NO GIMMICKS The key to wealth for all is not in accepting the greed the bankers want us to have and following their rules to succeed in their system. They key to unfathomable wealth is for all of us to throw the bankers out of our lives and perform as little labor as possible. When we throw bankers out of the USA, we throw all of their debt out with them. This ends all mortgages, student loans, credit card bills, etc and it’s all legal. It ends all taxes too, even on cigarettes and gasoline. There is just no need for any taxes if we rule ourselves instead of allowing bankers to rule us via the Federal Reserve and the bribed liars who represent them in Congress. Forget everything you ever learned about money and the economy. It’s all a lie. It’s all a gigantic scam to make bankers richer and the rest of us poorer. We don’t have to listen to this lie that is shoved down our throats every day of our lives. We can end it with a snap of our fingers by simply saying to the bankers, “Get out”!”. All you have to do is sign this and share it and millions of signatures will give us the unity and power to end the financial slavery. Ask questions if you don’t get it.

    • It doesn’t require belief in any of that about lawyers to know about the non-lawyer, non-scientist, pharma-tied business consultant Mark Blaxill’s involvement in the attorneys turning against their own expert witnesses and throwing the case. Speaking of which, thanks for the good observation about the throwing of the case.

      • Blaxill has to have lots of help to con parents into believing nonsense from a whole lot of liars. It’s far from just AoA. No parents of autistic kids will speak up for themselves though so there’s no point in saying anything else. Parents of autistic children are their own worst enemies. I think they will allow themselves to be led by liars forever. I’ll bet they even believe Obama.

        • I think you’re right, John; on Linderman, Blaxill said the first thing on his mind when he wakes up every morning is earning enough money to put towards his autistic daughter’s care after he’s gone. Yet in Canary Party’s financial records, he has reportedly given $10,000 of his own money to the organization in 2011 and $15,000 in 2012, and that doesn’t even count the money he gives to Age of Autism; his position as Canary Party Chairman is unpaid as is his position as Age of Autism Editor-at-Large. Given that earning money for his daughter is the first thing he thinks about every morning and given the millions of dollars necessary to care for an autistic person throughout his/her lifetime, how does he suddenly have tens of thousands of dollars to give away like that? Where does he get it from? And if it’s being funneled through him by a third party, why would he want to keep that party’s name off Canary Party’s public financial disclosures?

  6. Kerbob on January 31, 2014 at 1:25 pm said:


    Big Jake hasn’t even explored the payoffs that took place under the Combating Autism Act.

    Who can forget the fake CAA draft that was circulated around the various Autism advocacy groups? All it took was one person (ME) to surf over to ThomasLaw and discover the real Combating Autism Act that was being escorted through Congress by Bill Frist and Hillary Clinton.

    In it was absolutely no language providing for vaccine and Thimerosal research and their causal relationship with negative neurological outcomes, i.e. Autism. None. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

    Our children’s best advocate EVER the late Dr. Bernard Rimland, on his death bed being consumed with cancer, wrote the Pretending To Combat Autism Act.

    Son of a gun…still up…

    I strongly oppose endorsing “The (Pretending to) Combat Autism Act” unless it includes clear and explicit language supporting meaningful research on the role of vaccines and mercury as plausible causes of the autism epidemic.

    The proposed Combating Autism legislation is as sincerely dedicated to combating autism as O.J. Simpson was to finding the “real killers” of his ex-wife Nicole.

    The fear that failure to pass the CAA will lead to a catastrophic failure to fund future autism research vastly overestimates the value of government funded research. Most such research is only of academic interest, which gathers dust on library shelves and advances the “publish or perish” aspirations of academic researchers. Is there any evidence whatever that more than a miniscule percent of government funded research has produced any positive and useful benefits for autistic children and their families, or ever will? If you are aware of any examples showing such research is serving a truly useful purpose, please let me know.

    I was the first to announce the “autism epidemic”, in 1995, and I pointed out in that article that excessive vaccines were a plausible cause of the epidemic. As you know, an enormous amount of clinical laboratory research (as opposed to epidemiological research), has been accumulated since that time, supporting my position. (I did not know then that the vaccines contained mercury, although I had been collecting data since 1967 from the mothers of autistic children, on any dental work they may have had during their pregnancy.)

    The evidence is now overwhelming, despite the misinformation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Institute of Medicine. Real progress has been made in bringing recovery to autistic children by physicians and researchers who attend the autism/vaccine/mercury connection.

    A few million dollars, appropriately directed, has accomplished, and will continue to accomplish much more than the tens of millions of dollars directed along paths intended to exonerate the vaccine manufacturers, the CDC, the IOM and the AAP.

    I hope our consortium will purchase, or at least threaten to purchase ads in USA Today an elsewhere saying “Defeat the (Pretend to) Combat Autism Act”. We should insist that significant resources be directed at exploiting the treatments that we know work, such as special diets, food supplements and chelation. We have a great deal to gain and nothing to lose by speaking out loudly against this sham legislation which would, in the long run, be harmful rather than beneficial to our children.

    • “In it was absolutely no language providing for vaccine and Thimerosal research and their causal relationship with negative neurological outcomes, i.e. Autism. None. Nada. Zero. Zilch.”

      Like the mission statement of Canary Party.

      • Kerbob on February 4, 2014 at 5:55 am said:

        More like the little piece of paper that Neville Chamberlain flapped around in the air with Hitler’s signature on it…peace in our time.

        While the so called superstars were selling the Combating Autism Act to parents and Autism groups across the land, privily they were seeking the total destruction of any and all that would oppose it. Those who followed the CAA direction were led astray. They testify all the time how they won’t get fooled again.

        Tested at all points, the Combating Autism Act was never anything other than a money-laundering scheme hatched to combat Autistics. I sometimes wonder if Dr. Rimland saw I had called it the Combating Autistics Act prior to penning his opposition to the CAA.

        The bill was never intended to be a liquid way for parents to gather the scientific documentation necessary to win settlements with the U.S. government. I have items from the Congressional records where people who claim to love our children and fight for our children opened their mouths in Congress and said to do Autism research in a way that does NOT damage the vaccine-manufacturing drug giants. The only way that is possible is to do the work and not publish it.

        That’s a Congressional way of saying flush the junk down the toilet before the cops get here.

        Foremost was the Combating Autism Act’s signal. Those perceptive enough detected the mixed message. On one hand, parents were being provided with a sham version of the bill. It was a draft used to fool the so called superstars. It looked good in the hand of the superstars, but it was a dummy bill apparently just too hard for them to read.

        Like the foolish British prime minister, they really thought they had it. They were to stampede parents in order to push Congress over the top. Then there would be work for all of them. They traded justice and compensation for all Autism-affected families for seats on some token panel that never amounted to much more than a check to bank. Many packed up their Quiona biscuits, dumped their kids on the ex, and stepped into dummy jobs within the beneficiary set up, Autism Speaks.

        Congress played dumb, and allowed them to believe what they were seeing was true. While radio man Don Imus was ranting about vaccines with mercury in them, he was joined with senator after senator. Each one story straight. We hear the parents. When know what mercury does. We have this covered in this bill.

        Meanwhile, all parties within Congress were looking at a bill that led to a letter to the editor by former first lady, Mrs. Carter. In it, see praised the Combating Autism Act because it ushered in millions and millions of tax dollars which like soldiers would slam the door shut on Americans just trying to get the scientific researchers to tell the truth.

        Indeed, she was right. Yet, despite the fact that the Every Child By Two charmer scored a victory for the vaccines are safe at any speed groupies, she’s lost her living soul. She still has to deal with the cries of our Autistic babies every night as they melt away into the world of Autism. No pill can dissolve that haunting sound. Not only are she and Hillary Clinton the mothers of all Autism, they will have to give account for the tens of thousands of infants and toddlers their so called cure has killed.

        Yet the majority of parents active in the fight for justice leading to compensation failed to understand the same bill could not possibly mean two different things to two diabolically opposite interests. On one hand, the vaccine-manufacturing drug giants, and on the other tens of thousands of American families smitten by the Autism bug.

        Nope the people now branded in yellow fought like dirty dogs to pass the Combating Autism Act, and the rest of us with common sense and a feel for the suffering of our fellow families walked away from the CAA.

        Others in the middle could not possibly agree with us to stop the bill. They valued so called marching friendships with people that used them for nothing more than prevalence purposes more than real people trying hard to protect all of our vaccine-injured children.

        They met their Little Big Horn when the text of the after hours Combating Autism Act colloquy was circulated or heard or seen. It even told the U.S. Centers for Disease Control to stop counting cases of Autism…in the middle of an Autism epidemic.

        Soon after the CAA was enacted, one by one the superstars of Autism jumped from the rear of the airliner somewhere in the wilderness leaving the majority of our families stick and rudder in a pilot-less plane. They only surfaced again when they wanted the last-ditch parents to call Congress for money blood money.

        In time, the appropriations sent millions and millions of tax dollars to all those unheralded and completely unheard of Autism researchers, who were just sitting by the pool waiting for the jack to flow in. They provided stacks and stacks of paper to back up the hollow assertion that vaccines can’t cause Autism because compensation for that costs too much.

        Think this is erroneous? Read the U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding vaccine-injury lawsuits. They decided it cost too much to pay for vaccine injury, so they left America’s vaccine-injured citizens without any legal remedy. A couple days later the prince of England paid them a cordial, gratuity visit.

        I guess this nation is a sinking ship. Over-confident in the premise of mass health care in the form of some concoction in a syringe for all, they quietly continue to escort the right kind of Americans into their Titanic lifeboats.

        For the rest of us, we stand behind the strip-iron guards bolted over the hatchways, or we get a fire Axe and chop our way to out. Either way, our families are destined to be half-naked, huddled together in the frigid night air on the deck of a ship about to gulch and gasp it’s way to the bottom of a cold, dark drink.

  7. Kerbob on January 31, 2014 at 1:50 pm said:

    Not even Dr. Rimland could stop the stampede of self-serving harlots that had gone a-whoring for their version of vaccine injury compensation.

    Who can forget the cold, calculated words …..”…after all a billion dollars is a billion dollars”?

    You know what?

    This so called Autism stinks to high heaven, and when the eyes of God see our children left suspended betwixt heaven and earth by a sham government and two-faced public officials it ain’t good.

    When man fails to sort things out and rightly divide a matter even-handedly and justly ye tread on the grape of God’s wrath, man.

    Are we supposed to believe that the pit of hell reserved for those hypnotizing vaccine-loving foreign corporations and their assorted array of common-brained highway men isn’t broad enough to accommodate America’s leading Autism brands?

  8. With all due respect John, blaming the parents and/or their children is one of big pharma’s most insidious tactics.

    It’s kinda silly the expect parents of special needs children (… many of whom are VERY special needs) to simply drop out of their lives, and do battle with an entity that is clearly sociopathic , and is backed by a trillion dollar bank account. They don’t play by any rules. And really, is there that much to be gained from all of us just screaming more loudly?? All it’s done for us so far is attract the likes Mark Blaxill, who feign interest in our children just to hear our complaints earlier, and use the privilege of that inside information to make sure they’re never heard.

    Going after big organizations like the CDC is a waste of time. They’re too big, too rich, and quite frankly they’re waiting for us to come.

    What parents do have now though, is numbers. There are literally millions of us. And if all of us were to contribute even a small donation, there would be more than enough money to fund a team of top notch, independent investigators. And if we were to set this team loose, one-by-one, onto the major players responsible for this crime, then groups like the CDC would no longer be able to protect any them. Their crimes could be exposed for the whole world to see, and a world of furious parents would remind them what justice is supposed to look like.

    You wouldn’t have to expose too many of these criminals, to send a pretty powerful message to the rest of them.

    • I’m afraid there are more than a few parents who should be blamed – those who blindly support him and enable him to continue to do more damage. Look at his supporters at Canary Party like its President Jennifer Larson and all the money she poured into getting him political leverage that no doubt contributed to the collapse of the congressional hearings. Look at Dr. Gary of 1-800-Ask-Gary fame who forced Brian Hooker to try to work with Mark despite knowing how he hijacked the 2012 congressional hearing, and continued supporting Mark even after he then deceived Brian again. Look at Mark’s former SafeMinds colleagues who enabled him to help throw the omnibus cases and hijack the 2012 hearing. Look at AoA managing editor Kim Stagliano who continues to censor comments that oppose him. Sure, they’re all parents but Mark couldn’t have gotten nearly as far in doing what he’s done without them all.

      The problem is that enough information has already been uncovered to implicate the CDC in the suppression of information, but people are being kept from knowing about this thanks in no small part to Mark Blaxill. It’s not that enough information hasn’t been uncovered so much as the fact that the information that has remains largely buried on poorly trafficked websites.

  9. Barry, All parents have to do to end this horror show and save their country in the process is sign their names and share the New Declaration of Independence on the internet so that the whole country sees it. Everyone who reads it agrees with it, aside from some greedy rich guys and bankers who think much differently than the rest of us. The enemy is 535 bribed liars in Congress and their appointed stooges. 300 million versus 535+ is odds in our favor. If people take a few minutes to stand up for themselves, we could have a whole new country in one week with no more bankers, lawyers or bribed politicians to enslave us.
    Parents have to stop listening to liars, Barry. That’s all they have to do.
    BTW, thanks for ignoring me when I explained to you how you had been conned by one of those liars who created a bogus brochure for you. I expose liars for fun, Barry. You’re not helping when you won’t stop listening to them.

    • I agree with just about everything you’ve said John. I know about the banks, the “bought and paid for” congress, the subverted constitution . The tail is definitely wagging the dog, and it has been for way too long. All I disagreed with was your criticism of the parents of autistic children. It’s a sore point for me, as I’m sure it is for a lot of parents. And I make no apologies for that.

      No-one is fooling me John, all I was trying to do was offer another strategy to stop this madness before there are no more children left to injure. Your Declaration of Independence idea is a great one, and you should definitely keep pursuing it every chance you get. I would sign it if I was American, but I’m not. My son and I live in Canada, so my signature wouldn’t really help either of us too much.

      I never really understood your brochure comment.

    • I really have to disagree with you on Congress, John. If we come away from this thinking it is a waste of time advocating to elected representatives, Mark Blaxill has already won. If he cannot sabotage the congressional hearings by hijacking them, but discourages others from getting involved in congressional activities then he still succeeds in undermining the congressional hearings. We should not let that happen by supporting the congressional activities of people we know and trust – people like Dr. Brian Hooker.

  10. Autism parents might as well forget the crime that took our children away from us. Their deafening silence continues to tell Congress that they are too useless to fight back. I don’t know if this is due to being scared or stupid since none of them will say anything at all. Parents sit there like sheep, allowing liars to misrepresent them for years on end. A few comment on corrupt blogs and complain to each other but none will say one word about the criminals in our government in public. They refuse to unite against these elected criminals, thus helping Congress to write off our children as collateral damage who will be murdered, drugged and forgotten by all after we die. Our children face many years in lousy conditions of state care and parents sit there, waiting for their corrupt leadership to do something useful. In the many years that I have tried to encourage parents to fight, none have listened. The choice has always been to let superb liars do their thinking for them and present a phony battle on their behalf that the liars know will result in losing. Our children have been beaten by their parents. Controlled opposition liars have managed this phony fight for a long, long time. They encourage more useless studies to waste time. They encourage people to appeal to Congress who they know is 100% corrupt. They know nothing is ever going to come of it. Parents still trust these liars and have hope that they will accomplish something. Sorry parents, that’s not how the con game works. You will wait forever, by design, for the liars to bring your children any remedy. You could solve the problem right now but you won’t do that. You, and everyone else in America is conditioned to allow smooth-talking liars to stifle you. You’re afraid to tell the liars to shut up. You’re afraid to stand up for yourselves. You’re afraid to break free from being lied to for years on end. Our children will pay dearly for your refusal to think for yourselves and fight. You don’t beat Congress by obeying their rules. You beat Congress by asserting yourselves as the true owners of your country and throwing every criminal out of Washington, D.C.. I know nobody is going to respond to this. There’s no point in writing it but I do so anyhow. The power of united voices is an unstoppable force. However, those voices must be used by all, individually, to right this wrong. One must use their own voice instead of giving it away to those who may not be speaking in your best interest.

    • I don’t agree Congress is 100% corrupt or that we shouldn’t continue to try to work with Congress, but yes, Mark has greatly reduced the chances of a successful outcome from working with Congress as have his followers.

      • That’s the problem, Jake. Congress is a bunch of superbly trained liars. 99% of voters trust them enough to keep voting for them. It seems that only 1% of us understand this and the rest of you keep listening to the liars. 100 years of lying to us about the Fed should be enough to convince people but nope, they’re gonna keep choosing between two bribed liars forever. They’ve only been lying to us about autism for 15 years that we can prove but I’ll bet some of them knew the problem in 1931. Will you wait for 100 years of lies about autism or will you see it sooner?

    • John,

      The people responsible for this unbelievable crime , are the same people who own the media. They have complete control over what the public hears. Everything, from the fraudulent science that blames everything BUT vaccines, to the nonsense reporting from pretend reporters like Brian Deer, which somehow gets world wide circulation whenever a new attack is needed on Andrew Wakefield.

      But more importantly, it’s complete media control that allows you to decide who DOESN’T get heard. We can scream as loud as we want, from wherever we want, and you can rest assured that not a single media outlet will give it fair coverage. If they they cover it at all. Silencing us parents is the single biggest priority right now, as well it should be. Because the game truly will be over , when parents figure out what vaccines have done to their children’s health.

      Thats why I suggested that parents pool their resources, to fund experts with the skills to start exposing these criminals one by one. Exposing this truth, even if done slowly, will eventually unite parents to start righting this horrible wrong.

  11. Four years ago, I painted the words “FLU SHOTS CAUSE AUTISM” on both sides of my car. Cost- $5. Anyone with an old car can do this, free advertising to sway public opinion. Did any other person in America do this? People like Ginger Taylor delete the picture of that car from the Canary Party page because they don’t want any other parents to do this. You can’t lead by example if people who are supposedly on your side are helping Pharma censor you so nobody uses this free and simple technique to gain publicity.
    The experts can’t gain access to TV either. No honest person is ever allowed to speak there. Public Opinion can force police to seize TV stations since they violate the 1st amendment by being owned by one family who can keep the rest of us from talking to the country. TV stole our freedom of speech but nobody wants to understand that.
    It has been awhile since I pointed out a lie of omission to you on your brochure. I believe it was the same lie presented by the propaganda wizards who started the “Too many, too soon” crap which was a slogan designed for the sole of purpose of avoiding any mention of mercury (thimerosal) to misinform the public about the true cause of autism. It’s the same thing the Canary Party did when they omitted the word “mercury” (thimerosal) from their position paper. It’s the same thing Congress does when they argue about budgets and the deficit but never mention the fact that they could issue our own money instead of borrowing from the Fed and end all debt in a second. TV tells people that this bit of truth comes from crazy people and conspiracy theorists. That’s how the best propaganda works, Never mention the real problem and use repetition and piling on of extraneous nonsense to deflect attention onto some irrelevant nonsense.

  12. white rose on February 4, 2014 at 9:57 pm said:

    Those yellow signs every new parent proudly puts in their car back window declaring “baby on board”
    strikes me as a good way to shock people with the alternative message “vaccines cause autism”.

    Where can I get one ?

    Meanwhile America , think of us poor souls here in England who are currently being blitzed with the latest propaganda campaign to promote the only vaccine said to prevent cancer (total bull^shite) , the HPV vaccines (Gardasil\Cervarix) . The BBC (Bribery, BrainWashing & Corruption) along with Sky News have been lying to the nation the last few days (where is Diane Harper when you need her ?)

  13. White Rose, I know they beat you mercilessly with propaganda in Europe to make you believe that the MMR caused the autism. I don’t believe that it does and I don’t want to have that argument right now. It has been done to death. I do believe the MMR contributes to symptoms.
    Part of the propaganda by Pharma was to use the word “vaccines” to include too many suspects to be able prove the point. We now mercury is the culprit and we know exactly what mercury does to damage the brain so, we have to use the word mercury. By using the term “Flu shots” I identified the vaccine with the full dose of mercury and the one that is given to babies before they have a BBB to cause the most damage, and it fit on my car whereas “vaccine with mercury” wouldn’t have fit. The precise wording is important. If you just say “vaccines” cause autism, you’re helping Pharma. They don’t. They never did before mercury was added in 1931 and they still don’t if they don’t have any mercury in them.

    • Hi John, I know you don’t want to argue about this now, but given that autism is symptoms, I would say if MMR contributes to the symptoms then it causes autism.
      I don’t have a problem with simply saying vaccines cause autism, but only in the context of suggesting that thimerosal has somehow been vindicated so other vaccines or vaccine ingredients should be blamed. That’s what Mark Blaxill has done both in his book and on his blog, although lately he has substituted “vaccines” altogether with the catch-all “environmental” term. Before your observation I used to think it was all just for PR purposes and to divert blame elsewhere, but now it appears clear to me that it was also a tactical move with a specific aim of sinking the omnibus cases and denying justice to 4,900 children. So way to go for spotting that.

    • The truth is, vaccines cause autism. And that all we need to know.

      Arguing about whether or not thimerosal is the culprit is kinda pointless. Because for all we know , ALL vaccines contain Thimeosal, at levels far higher than what we’re being told.

      Unless I’m mistaken, the only source for what we think we know about vaccine contents, is the word of the pharmaceutical companies.

      Not exactly the most reliable resource for the truth.

  14. Jake, The MMR vaccine was around for about 16 years before a case of autism appeared in NH , MS or Washington, D.C.. The key ingredient was shooting thimerosal into babies before they had a Blood Brain Barrier with the HepB shot on the day of birth. Dr Wakefield was used a scapegoat to avoid the subject of thimerosal. That’s why Age of Autism defended him vigorously but refuseed to ever mention Mark Geier. That’s why Anderson Cooper used such despicable assault tactics on Wakefield when he interviewed him and barely gave him a chance to say anything. They wanted to refute proof about the MMR causing autism because everyone already knew that it didn’t cause autism, including Dr Wakefield and all of the liars at Age of Autism. Wake field only said that it caused bowel problems in autistic children. He did NOT say that it caused the autism.
    Adding the MMR in as a case in the Omnibus was part of the plan to sell out victims. They knew nobody could except a judge from a corrupt Italian court. (In case you’re not aware, all judges are corrupt, same as Congress.)

    • When Mark Geier came under professional attack in 2011, it was right as he was making progress in having the UN vote on an unconditional worldwide ban on the use of mercury – something AoA’s sponsor SafeMinds was directly undermining. Andrew Wakefield meanwhile has been largely preoccupied with fighting the allegations against him. Vaccine-strain measles has been found in the guts of autistic children, but also in their blood and cerebrospinal fluid suggesting MMR affects more than just the intestines. Also, several of the main studies aiming to absolve MMR have actually shown associations with it and autism, not unlike similar studies aiming to do the same with thimerosal.

  15. Well Jake, as stated, parents of autistic children proved me correct again by virtue of the fact that none of them will respond to anything I said. They all block me on Facebook because they don’t want to hear the truth. I told Tim Bolen about a great story I have and he won’t reply. Tim Bolen told me that he was a liar too and was involved in the process for the sole purpose of selling us out. Nobody wants to believe that every alleged leader who is foisted upon them has been trained to lead them and lie to them by the enemy. The plans to do this are enumerated in lots of places but nobody wants to read those things. Reading is an abomination to people who can learn all they want to know by watching TV or looking for the most sensational pages on the internet. Average people just don’t believe that well-paid teams of shills do exist for the purpose of misleading the public about every issue. It tells you all of this if you read the plans to control humanity but dishonest internet sites tell people these plans are a hoax so they believe those sites.
    Autism is only going to become much worse. It is not going to improve, ever. When I point out that the bankers have defeated the autism parents, nobody understands why I say that. I guess they never will. You can beat on Mark Blaxill forever but that won’t bother the Rothschild family one little bit. In fact, that’s exactly what the Rothschild’s want you to do.

    • Well it was Mark Blaxill who clearly undermined the omnibus and the hearings so naturally that’s who I’m going to denounce regardless of what any family might think or whether they would even care about it.

  16. White Rose on February 8, 2014 at 9:59 am said:

    “Vaccines cause Cancer” will do just as well . “Vaccines cause ill-health” , “Vaccines cause MS” , Vaccines cause Guillame Barre” , Vaccines caused Aids” , “Vaccines cause devastation” , Vaccines cause death”

    Take your pick ……oh I forgot Autism . Its Hg-enocide for sure .

    And here we go with the latest pandemic attempt , H10 N8 or H7 N9
    Come on Baxter , are you ready for forced vaccinations ?

    Lets just re-open Auschwitz and be done with this pathetic charade . And it is not going to be selective this time , its en masse , except of course the scientists eg Paul Offit , David Salisbury , Paul Nurse , and so on , so many of you , we know all your names . Merck = IGfarben

    But , if we catch them first , we will have Nuremberg show trials , and they’ll spend the rest of their lives behind bars and we’ll bankrupt them , and shame them and destroy their reputations.

    In the UK , the BBC must be dissolved for what they have done , for the part they have played .
    The Murdochs must face the music also .

    • I don’t consider Paul Offit to be a scientist. Heck, I doubt he’s even a real doctor.

      I’m not a wikipedia fan, but if you use it to compare the educational credentials of vaccine developer Jonas Salk, to those of vaccine developer Paul Offit, you’ll see a pretty stark difference. And I mean… stark.

  17. white rose on February 11, 2014 at 11:36 am said:

    Autism Speaks is offering a “welcome100” pack to parents with any newly diagnosed autistic children .
    In it , AS gives you a guide for the first 100 days of autism , and a plan of what to expect , a pleasant introduction to the world of the vaccine damaged . What a total joke Autism Speaks are !

    I’m now into my 3000+ day of the world of autism , and the heartbreak and anger is as great now as in those first 100 days .

    Barry you are correct of course , Paul Offit is a criminal , of the Nazi persuasion . And I expect him to be prosecuted in the near future for crimes against humanity . Paul Offit knows all too well about the ravages of vaccine damage & death .

    And over at Age of Autism they are running yet another reader competition to win another “sympathy heart warming autism book” .

    I feel really alone . Vaccines are the new world order’s weapons of mass destruction and holocaust .

  18. white rose on February 11, 2014 at 12:16 pm said:

    Julie Gerberding is a criminal also .

  19. white rose on February 11, 2014 at 5:47 pm said:

    I love this guy Dr Richard Deth

  20. Parents of AUTISTIC children could have prevented millions of babies from being poisoned as our babies were. They chose to be led by liars though and opted to remain lazy, selfish and cowardly. None would speak out against the liars. These parents are just as responsible as the psychopaths in Congress for allowing this crime to continue. Their silence in the face of this horror has been a criminal act.

    • I wouldn’t go quite that far, although it is astonishing to see how many people are willing to follow Mark Blaxill and SafeMinds after everything that’s already come out about them.

  21. White Rose on February 13, 2014 at 7:30 pm said:

    “Life expectancy for the elderly fell last year for the first time in a decade, raising the prospect that lifespan is finally levelling off.
    The effect of poor wartime diet could also explain why a key government measure of life expectancy at 75 has dipped, experts said. ”

    I have been expecting to see this for sometime but didn’t have the first hand evidence until now , but its clear the “flu vaccine – mercury jab” is working just as they hoped it would .

    I have warned all the friends and relatives I can , but they generally will not listen .

  22. It’s far from just Mark Blaxill. These parents are so stupid that they have become propaganda agents for the drug companies themselves. Most of them are too dumb to know they’re doing this. Lots of liars worked on them over the years to compromise their brains. They aren’t smart enough to listen to anyone who tells them the truth.

    • He wouldn’t have gotten so far if it weren’t for people at SafeMinds, Canary Party and Age of Autism enabling him. He’s definitely banking on the ignorance of enough people to continue doing what he’s been doing.

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