Obama Contradicts Himself on Vaccines, Paul and Christie Get Slammed


By Jake Crosby

Likely GOP presidential candidates Senator Rand Paul and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie are being slammed in the media for giving their own honest and consistent positions on the role of vaccination choice, with Paul further slammed for bringing awareness to vaccine injury. Yet it was President Barack Obama who gave contradictory stances on vaccinations in an interview he gave before the Super Bowl in the wake of the Disneyland measles outbreak.

In response to NBC’s Today Show co-host Savannah Guthrie, President Obama gave the following stance on vaccination (boldface mine):

“The science is, you know, pretty indisputable. We’ve looked at this again and again. There is every reason to get vaccinated, but there aren’t reasons to not.”

But then in that same interview, Obama gave as a reason to vaccinate the protection of people who have reasons not to vaccinate (boldface mine):

“…the folks who can’t get vaccinated – small infants for example or the people with certain, uh you know, vulnerabilities that, that can’t get vaccinated – they suddenly become much more vulnerable. They’re counting on us to create this protective fence because most people have been vaccinated.”

It was “certain…vulnerabilities” Obama cited as reasons for why some people cannot get vaccinated shortly after saying there weren’t any reasons to not get vaccinated. Obama then told viewers to listen to the CDC, even though a senior CDC scientist William Thompson recently came out as a whistleblower against the federal suppression of research results associating measles, mumps and rubella vaccination with autism in certain vulnerable children.

Yet the media is attacking Senator Paul and Governor Christie for making the argument that the decision to vaccinate cannot fall solely on the state. Christie’s office was even forced to release a follow-up statement hours after his comments. Rand Paul was further attacked for his commentary on adverse neurological side-effects from vaccination.

Meanwhile, the media praises Obama even after he gave contradictory opinions in the same interview on national television that went completely missed by his own interviewer. Such a glaring double-standard appears to be the fruits of an ongoing campaign by the Obama Administration to censor critics of government vaccination policy in media as first revealed five years ago by his then-HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius in an interview with Reader’s Digest:

“We have reached out to media outlets to try to get them to not give the views of these people equal weight in their reporting…”

HHS officials would later feign ignorance of the veracity of the above remark in response to queries by HDNet journalist Greg Dobbs. However, the CDC has been known to train journalists on how to report hot-button issues such as autism and vaccine safety in which CDC would clearly have a stake.

Whereas in the seventies it was the media that exposed the president’s role in the cover-up of the Watergate scandal, today the media is helping the president prolong the CDC cover-up of vaccine side-effects. That is more than evident in how mainstream media attacks Christie and Paul for their views while giving Obama a hall pass for his misleading statements about vaccine safety on NBC before he told viewers to listen to the CDC.

A chief instigator of the attacks on Christie is none other than the communications director of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Mo Elleithee, who said in the below statement:

“If he wants to actually be a leader, then he should stop bowing to junk science and take a cue from President Obama by showing leadership that promotes facts and keeps our children and our nation safe”

Ironically, it is Barack Obama who should stop bowing to junk science and show leadership that promotes facts and keeps children and our nation safe. Making consistent and non-contradictory statements would help.

Christie may not be ready to tackle the issue of vaccine safety the way Paul has, but both likely presidential candidates show much more competent leadership than that of the man currently sitting in the White House. The American people deserve far better than Obama or any presidential candidate who adopts DNC’s position on vaccines for that matter.

See on The Epoch Times.

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35 Thoughts on “Obama Contradicts Himself on Vaccines, Paul and Christie Get Slammed

  1. Hans Litten on February 3, 2015 at 12:02 pm said:

    The very fact the president has spoken out on vaccines is historic .
    Has it EVER happened before ? (in modern times – I suppose FDR probably did)


    The president of the US says get your damn vaccines (this is no conspiracy folks) .

  2. Media Scholar on February 4, 2015 at 8:29 am said:


    It’s quite comical to see the “shoot first, ask questions later” ‘science bloggers’ with their guns blazing.

    The attack seems to be centered around Orange County, California and the Measles problems they have…or is that Mumpsles? Maybe Meaps?

    What we know for sure is long before the so called science bloggers go their panties in a wad over some cases of Measles, they were petrified by the National Hockey League’s queer Mumps pandemic, which interestingly has its origins than none other than Orange County, California.

    The egg on the faces of the “Pro Measles” science bloggers seems to be blocking clear vision.

    What type of mentality is it that wants Measles pandemics with infant mortality just so they can be right?

    “Oh it started by some visitor from a foreign land coming to Disneyland with the Measles”. Some vaccine, that MMR.

    Sorry CDC, If this was only about Measles…..

    Take a look at this NHL Mumps timeline strangely NOT by US CDC officials, but carefully documented by ESPN, of all people:


    Timeline of events related to the mumps outbreak in the NHL:

    Sept. 12: Local health unit issues mumps alert in Orange County, California, where some Anaheim Ducks players live. The Ducks’ Corey Perry is one of more than a dozen NHL players and officials who have been diagnosed with the mumps or have had mumps-like symptoms.

    Oct. 2: Blues play Wild in preseason game.

    Oct. 4: Blues play Wild in preseason game

    Mid-October: St. Louis Blues players reportedly test positive for mumps — Joakim Lindstrom and Jori Lehtera reportedly had mumps-like symptoms — although the team has never confirmed this.

    Oct. 16: Referee Eric Furlatt works Blues-Kings game.

    Oct. 17: Keith Ballard of the Minnesota Wild misses game against Ducks with mumps-like symptoms; referee Eric Furlatt works game.

    Oct. 19: Ducks play Blues.

    Oct. 23: Linesman Steve Miller works Blues-Canucks game.

    Oct. 27: Wild play Rangers.

    Oct. 30: Ducks play Blues.

    Early November: Furlatt misses games with mumps-like symptoms.

    Nov. 3: Blues play Rangers.

    Nov. 4: Wild play Penguins; Blues play Devils; linesman Steve Miller works Blues-Devils game.

    Nov. 5: Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf of the Anaheim Ducks miss game vs. Islanders with flu-like symptoms.

    Nov. 6: Blues play Devils.

    Nov. 7: Ducks play Coyotes; Getzlaf returns, Perry sits out second consecutive game.

    Nov. 8: Marco Scandella of the Minnesota Wild shows first signs of mumps-like symptoms, but plays 22:04 against Montreal Canadiens.

    Nov. 9: Ducks play Canucks; Beauchemin misses game with the flu.

    Nov. 11: Wild play Devils; linesman Steve Miller misses game, later reported to be because of mumps-like symptoms; Perry and Beauchemin diagnosed with mumps; Rangers play Penguins.

    Nov. 13: Wild play Sabres; Jonas Brodin and Scandella of the Wild sit out with illnesses later suspected to be mumps.

    Nov. 15: Rangers play Penguins.

    Mid-November: Team physicians sent email by NHL-NHLPA joint health and safety committee with recommended changes to bench and dressing room behavior.

    Nov. 23: Ducks play Coyotes; Clayton Stoner of the Ducks scratched with mumps-like symptoms.

    Nov. 24-28: Penguins immunized and tested for mumps.

    Nov. 28: Sidney Crosby of the Penguins treated for injury to right side of neck; Crosby is treated and tested for mumps; results are negative.

    Nov. 28: Tanner Glass of the New York Rangers sent home from Philadelphia after showing flu-like symptoms.

    Nov. 29: Wild play Blues; Glass diagnosed with mumps; Rangers get booster shots.

    Dec. 2: Devils play Penguins.

    Dec. 4: Ryan Suter of Minnesota Wild diagnosed with mumps.

    Dec. 8: Rangers play Penguins; Crosby plays 18:56, his shortest time on ice in eight games.

    Dec. 10: Travis Zajac and Adam Larsson of the New Jersey Devils diagnosed with mumps.

    Dec. 10-11: Crosby tested again; no symptoms displayed and tests showed no indications of an infection.

    Dec. 11: Penguins visit nearby children’s hospital.

    Dec. 12: Crosby, who had previously had a booster shot before the 2014 Olympics, held out as a precaution after face swells; spent time around teammates in dressing room; Crosby’s DNA sent to CDC for further testing.

    Dec. 14: Crosby and Derick Brassard of the New York Rangers diagnosed with mumps.

    Dec. 15: Beau Bennett of the Pittsburgh Penguins tested for mumps; Detroit Red Wings offer mumps booster shots to players.

    Dec. 16: Bennett diagnosed with mumps.

    Dec. 17: Marc-Andre Fleury, Robert Bortuzzo and Olli Maatta of the Penguins tested for mumps as a precautionary measure.

    Dec. 18: Fleury tests negative for the virus, backup goalie Thomas Greiss held out as a precaution; Rangers isolate Lee Stempniak while he is tested for the mumps; AHL Hartford Wolfpack forward Joey Crabb and head coach Ken Gernander tested for mumps; radio intern with the Pittsburgh Penguins confirmed to have case of the mumps

    Dec. 19: Olli Maatta tests positive for mumps.

    Dec. 22: Penguins Steve Downie, Brandon Sutter and Thomas Greiss sent home from Florida to be tested for mumps virus; Crabb and Stempniak test positive for the mumps

    Dec. 26: Downie and Greiss diagnosed with mumps.

    Dec. 27: Patrik Elias, Scott Clemmensen and Michael Ryder of the New Jersey Devils diagnosed with mumps.

    Those astute science bloggers ever lurking around are undoubtedly rolling their eyes saying what does this have to do with the Orange County Measles?

    Well? A lot.

    Each year or so we typically see one third of the MMR vaccine in glaringly obvious failure. This year the MMR failure stands at two-thirds.

    They call it the MMR. It usually backfires, some say due to the inner-relationship between the multiple live, neurologically-active viruses contained within a single vial, and when it does backfire it’s bad news for the foreign-owned vaccine manufacturing drug giants.

    I’ll bet these so called science bloggers making the best of their one shot kills all chance to hit big time media outlet saturation haven’t read the contraindications listed with the package inserts and they most likely haven’t read this:

    Get the measles vaccine, and you won’t get the measles—or give it to anyone else. Right? Well, not always. A person fully vaccinated against measles has contracted the disease and passed it on to others.

    Perhaps what the article is poking at is this published study?


    From which we note:

    “Conclusions. This is the first report of measles transmission from a twice vaccinated individual. The clinical presentation and laboratory data of the index were typical of measles in a naïve individual. Secondary cases had robust anamnestic antibody responses. No tertiary cases occurred despite numerous contacts. This outbreak underscores the need for thorough epidemiologic and laboratory investigation of suspected measles cases regardless of vaccination status.”

    Time and time again we see the same old vaccines causing outbreaks of formerly dormant and/or in complete remission illnesses. Each time the manufacturer’s vaccine causes these outbreaks, un-vaccinated folks get hit with all sorts of ignorant science fiction bullying by stupid people who know nothing about vaccines, and essentially none of the so called science bloggers care to wait around for lab results indicating the outbreak was caused by vaccine spreading the disease.

    Again, what type of mentality is it that wants Measles pandemics with infant mortality just so they can be right?

    Essentially none of the ‘shoot first, ask questions later” science bloggers last long enough to even ask the question, such as, what strain is causing the outbreak of illness? Is it wild or vaccine strain developed in a germ lab? That’s the conclusion the above linked study came to.

    No, like here today, gone tomorrow flowers in meadow grass, the so called “science bloggers” take pop shots at innocent people and quickly shrink away fearing the general public will expose the truth.

    The truth is fully vaccinated Measle Mary or Measles Mark is out there somewhere spreading the Mumpsles, or is that Meaps?

  3. Hans Litten on February 4, 2015 at 11:46 am said:

    Hillary Clinton on Twitter:
    “The science is clear: The earth is round, the sky is blue, and #vaccineswork. Let’s protect all our kids.”

    Yeah right Hillary and Flouride is good for our teeth .
    & you are a crookster

  4. Hans Litten on February 4, 2015 at 11:52 am said:

    Which Bilderberger are we going to hear from next ?

    David Rockefeller or Prince Phillip is going to speak out to tell us vaccines are GOOOD .
    After all vaccines are an international Bildeberg policy .

  5. Hey Jake, Will you publish the truth about the alleged whistleblower or will you refuse to publish it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8dZI_LnZaA

  6. Media scholar,
    Great summary. I think the main problem with the “sciencebloggers” is that more than anything they need to be “right.” They have dug down in their position. Also, the cognitive dissonance they increasingly experience due to facts and whistleblowers is extreme.

  7. Media Scholar on February 5, 2015 at 3:05 am said:



    Alex Jones has a much better summary.

    I hope that everybody will check this out.


  8. Hans Litten on February 5, 2015 at 9:42 am said:

    Themerisol = ZYKLON_B

  9. Hans Litten on February 5, 2015 at 10:58 am said:

    Jake , everyone , please read this insipid weak and pathetic interview by DAN OLMSTED for VOX .

    DAN OLMSTED you are a JOKE . You are an interloper .
    DAN OLMSTED you are an imposter .
    DAN OLMSTED you are a FAKE .

    Damn you , DAN OLMSTED & your PHARMA friends .

    • Relatively speaking, Olmsy didn’t do too bad a job. The problem was that after the interview, his interviewer dumpster dove some blogs and cited them to falsely portray what he said as wrong. I had never seen that happen before with any transcribed interview – clearly the interviewer panicked and decided after-the-fact to add that pathetic commentary at the end. That said, Olmsy should have called him on it in his blog post about it.

  10. Hans Litten on February 5, 2015 at 2:26 pm said:

    I WANT DAN OLMSTED thrown out .


    I do not care how many books he has written – not a jot .


    If you dont mean it DAN . And if you are working for “The SCHEDULE” , as I suspect you are .
    Then OUT on your EAR .


  11. Hans Litten on February 5, 2015 at 6:31 pm said:

    This is all about California ! And the growing Refusal rates !

    They are trying to implement a VACCINE Martial LAW .

    No vaccine exemptions , unless your name is Rockefeller , Clinton , Gates etc .

    This is clearly the FIGHT of our lives.

  12. White Rose on February 5, 2015 at 11:31 pm said:

    For John Best :


    John , informed and serious commentators have suggested that autism can be brought about in different ways , the Charles Richet 1911 analphalytic shock paper , and Russell Blaylocks work on YouTube .
    Vaccines seem to bring about autism , in a one-two sucker punch scenario , the first vaccines prime the microglial (& does very likely start with the poison themerisol) but the second vaccine that sends the brain into a total spasm & which can take decades to recover from doesn’t need to contain the mercury because the mercury is already still there . Its the varying ways autism can be created (man-made deliberately) and the varying outcomes for each child (although there are many similarities , there are also many differnces) .
    And its this “spectrum” that the guilty parties are hiding behind .
    I think this is a more complicated condition to understand than many realise , but the one thing we all understand is that ALL vaccines are the sole & primary cause of Autism .

    • White Rose, It’s telling that neither you nor anyone else will acknowledge that Brian Hooker made an egregious error in not noticing that the role of mercury in that phony CDC study was ignored completely. To ignore mercury completely is a blatant lie of omission. Of course, there’s no point in trying to argue with someone who’s anonymous.

  13. White Rose on February 5, 2015 at 11:44 pm said:

    Have to say this is brilliant :


  14. Hans Litten on February 6, 2015 at 11:49 am said:

    Dan Burton is a great guy & everything –

    But I have to say I am more than disappointed he couldnt dispatch this Alice Cooper dude in that interview .
    Not knowing your methyl mercury from your ethyl mercury was a basic error .
    Yes clearly it was a planned ambush .

    And I would have struggled about the breast milk malarkey , but I’d like to think I’d have thought about pollution, fish , tuna , diet etc .

    This Alice Cooper dude is no genius but seems to be having a field day with those unprepared .

  15. Hans Litten on February 6, 2015 at 11:57 am said:

    In the UK today Daily Mail has reported the Flu jab 97% ineffective on its front page .
    This is about the best selling quality newspaper here – so this is damaging – hurrah .
    And in fact the whole main stream media has decided to go with this .

    And a smaller story further down the pecking order on the very same day about the number of seasonal Winter deaths amongst the elderly , which is up by 33% which statistically is MASSIVE , right ?

    Either way you cut it , Vaccines are at fault for the premature death of an extra 10,000 people .
    1. is that the CDC chose the wrong formulation for this years flu jab
    2. the mercury and the rest of the toxicity did exactly what it was supposed to do

    I’ll let you speculate your own reasons as to why this is . Hg-enocide .

  16. Hans Litten on February 6, 2015 at 3:45 pm said:

    So if the mandating of the vaccine schedule should become law in California ? (because of measles)
    And there are no longer any exemptions allowed – what next ?

    Will the flu-Hg jab be mandated for all ? To stop the spread of the flu ?
    We know they have already tried to mandate the Gardakill vaccine in Texas (Parry) – a vaccine that just maims or sterilises – nothing else ?
    And they forced parents at Gunpoint to submit to the Chicken Pox vaccine ?

    Are they going to round up the refusers ? And re-open BELSEN for us ?
    What other outlandish , illegal , ridiculous scenarios can be dreamed up to tackle the Vaccine-Resistance ?

  17. White Rose on February 7, 2015 at 12:49 pm said:


    Mary Holland & Sheri Tenppenny talking to Gary Null (responding to the criminal Offit)

    This is a MUST listen

  18. White Rose on February 7, 2015 at 1:00 pm said:

    Offit will NOT DEBATE against anyone who has either the credentials or knowledge to challenge him !

  19. White Rose on February 7, 2015 at 1:03 pm said:

    “medical Facist State” the first time I have heard this term , I have to give Gary Null the credit .


  20. White Rose on February 7, 2015 at 3:39 pm said:

    Jake – cant you give the interviews ?

    The people allegedly representing us have the backbone of an invertebrate .

  21. Off topic but I was reading a critique at Orac’s blog a critique of Prof. Seneff’s theory about vaccine toxins and glyphosate toxic synergy. One of the commenters wondered what Jake Crosby would think of this theory since his dad had something to do with the development of Roundup. Any thoughts?

  22. Hans Litten on February 9, 2015 at 10:23 am said:

    Less than 30% of Congress Admits to Vaccinating Their OWN KIDS!!!


  23. Media Scholar on February 9, 2015 at 4:57 pm said:

    Nothing like bringing poison toxicity to the discussion of the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine.

    Seems if the scrutiny leans to mercury toxicity too much, then the MMR avoids focus. Then when the MMR causation role in creating adverse neurological outcomes after up-take is clarified during these vaccine-induced “un-vaccinated” outbreaks, the leaning tower shifts towards any toxicity, but the mercury kind injected by doctors.


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