Paul Offit Denies Supporting Cover-up of Vaccine Risks, By Doing Just That

Left: Graph based on results of the study Offit claims showed no difference in autism among hundreds of thousands of Danish children who did or did not get the measles-mump-rubella vaccination. Right: Offit’s reaction to being corrected by the editor at NIH, culminating in the editor’s removal.

Vaccine developer Paul Offit responded to a recent New York Times piece by denying he advocated covering up vaccine risks, only to cover them up in his own piece. The doctor who lied until very recently that he was still “chief” of infectious diseases despite his hospital demotion four years ago consistently lied about three different vaccine side-effects: miscarriage, autism and narcolepsy.

On the CDC’s study showing flu vaccine causes spontaneous abortion, Offit lied:

the only way that the study authors could show a possible problem was to alter their original hypothesis and substratify their data—something that epidemiologists frown upon.

The study itself says:

“The overall adjusted odds ratio (aOR) was 2.0 (95% CI, 1.1–3.6)”

The overall odds of receiving a flu vaccine while pregnant was twice as high among pregnant women who had spontaneous abortions. Offit repeated this same lie that there was no difference from his Daily Beast column. Autism Investigated demanded a retraction at the time, none was ever made.

On the link between vaccines and autism, Offit wrote:

Seventeen subsequent studies in seven countries on three different continents involving hundreds of thousands of children[9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25] who did or did not receive the MMR vaccine showed that it doesn’t cause autism.

The one study comparing autism in hundreds of thousands of MMR vaccinated and non-MMR vaccinated children revealed an association (top graph).

On the link between flu vaccination and narcolepsy, Offit lied yet again:

In 2015, a study in Science Translational Medicine[26] claimed that an adjuvanted influenza vaccine used in Europe had caused narcolepsy, a permanent disorder of wakefulness. Subsequent research showed that the adjuvanted vaccine didn’t cause narcolepsy. This was yet another study that had received widespread media attention but was wrong.

From none other than the CDC website:

This risk was initially found in Finland, and then some other European countries also detected an association. Most recently, scientists at the United Kingdom’s (UK) Health Protection Agency (HPA) have found evidence of an association between Pandemrix and narcolepsy in children in England. The findings are consistent with studies from Finland and other countries.

Offit proves he wants to cover up vaccine risks all the more by concluding about publishing them:

In the name of transparency, we do it all the time. And we do it at our peril.

What we really do at our peril is form federal committees that promote routine vaccination to the entire country and have liars like Offit sit on them.

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2 Thoughts on “Paul Offit Denies Supporting Cover-up of Vaccine Risks, By Doing Just That

  1. Doug Troutman on August 19, 2018 at 1:59 am said:

    Doc Offit is such a skunk. The mercury in vaccines is a gentle form of mercury. I just think he has Merck stamped on his forehead.

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