PLoS Enables Seth Mnookin to Violate Community Guidelines Unchallenged


Editor’s Note: Below is my rejected guest submission to the Public Library of Science (PLoS) Blogs Network responding to a libelous post that Seth Mnookin had written about me on PLoS last year in violation of PLoS’ own community guidelines listed above.

Jake Crosby Responds to Seth Mnookin

I am responding to the most egregious of the false allegations made on PLoS by Seth Mnookin, July 25th, 2013, that I “jabbed” him “in the chest” and that I also “crashed” his “invitation-only event” at the PRIMR conference in December of 2011. Please refer to the announcement of his event, which still exists on the Duke University website (scroll down to page 2 at 11:45am).

Mr. Mnookin’s event was clearly open to the public – no invitation necessary:


These false jabbing and crashing allegations appeared in his first and so far only blog post about me where he wrote (boldface mine):

“Jake, as I told you the first time you accosted me at a talk, in New York City in June 2011 — you remember that, right? It was the time you refused to shake my hand and instead jabbed me in the chest in front of dozens of people…”

What’s so remarkable is that not only does Seth Mnookin’s claim that I jabbed him in the chest instead of shaking his hand contradict what actually happened, but what actually happened was chronicled by me in my article that ran online one week after our exchange. It included this quote from him followed by what transpired, which he did not dispute (boldface added for emphasis):

“’So you aren’t gonna shake my hand, now? C’mon!’

Despite my hesitation, I shook his hand.”

His account of my jabbing him in the chest, among other fallacies of his about our encounters, came in a blog post almost two years later – ironically titled:

“Crosby’s labyrinth, or why I couldn’t stop myself from replying to the vaccine conspiracy theorist to end all conspiracy theorists.”

After I wrote a post refuting his allegations titled, Seth Mnookin Claims My Handshake Was Jab in His Chest, Mnookin responded by doubling down on his lie that I jabbed him in the chest with the following embellishment:

“When Jake approached me, I stuck out my hand, which he refused to shake…Then he came back to make a final point about his “proof” that I was on the take — and when he came back, he marched over and jabbed me in the chest.”

Although he is considered a “science writer,” what Seth Mnookin alleged on his PLoS blog is not at all about science, never happened and amounts to nothing more than libel – a violation of the PLoS Blog Network’s community guidelines. Please read my aformentioned article correcting Seth Mnookin’s false statements about me as well as my Age of Autism article titled My Conversation with Seth Mnookin which details my first encounter with him. Those who follow Mnookin’s writings, whether on the PLoS blogs or elsewhere, should not accept anything he writes as factual unless it can be independently verified by a reliable source.

Jake Crosby is editor of Autism Investigated. He is a 2011 graduate of Brandeis University with a Bachelor of Arts in both History and Health: Science, Society and Policy and a 2013 graduate of The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services with a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology. He currently attends the University of Texas School of Public Health where he is studying for a Ph.D. in Epidemiology.


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11 Thoughts on “PLoS Enables Seth Mnookin to Violate Community Guidelines Unchallenged

  1. Media Scholar on July 12, 2014 at 5:35 pm said:


    This guy violated thousands of innocent children suffering from the side effects of mass vaccination policies.

    He has no evidence whatsoever to support his tilted perspective that vaccines are these benign little things which benefit society so immensely that no one would ever have to “attack” them unless they were simply attempting to ruin a good thing.

    He has no answer for why the large, foreign-owned vaccine-manufacturing drug companies hounded the United States Congress for decades prior to the proliferation of a host of vaccines that have Thimerosal in them.

    He has no idea why Congress ordered the US Centers for Disease Control to STOP tracking cases of Autism thus ending hopes of studying the problem (in the middle of an Autism epidemic).

    He obviously never read the Simpsonwood Transcripts.

    I’ll bet his eyes would roll right out of their sockets if he was confronted with the fact that Thimerosal-containing vaccines are usually pitted against equally-laced Thimerosal-containing placebos.

    I can’t imagine he personally knows the bright spark in the federal cesspool of bogus researchers that came up with that boner.

    Poisoning the placebo to achieve balance in negative neurological outcomes in vaccine safety trials is no conspiracy. It’s another day on the job for the bio-defense stalwarts from Plant P.

    • I doubt he’s as ignorant as you suggest. If he could make up lies like this on his own to malign a critic, then he would have no problem backing the lies of the CDC if it got him three years of speaking engagements, media appearances, awards, a forum at PLoS and an MIT professorship.

      • In any case, the fact that Mnooken would lie to say that you “jabbed him in the chest” (and people who know you would not believe his account for a second) is pathetic. In fact it’s right in line with addict type behavior.

  2. Media Scholar on July 13, 2014 at 4:14 am said:

    Never underestimate the vindictiveness of those that lack vindication.

    When one relies on the US CDC for reliability, and silly enough, for credibility, one must find ways to deflect away challenges to the total absurdity of this alien-life organization.

    Declaring families, doctors, or simple, publicly-obscure research responsible for a lack of confidence in the policies of mass vaccinations against exaggerated diseases belies the facts that germ freaks lay low when the spotlight slews in their direction. You can bet that investigators would never tell if a bio-defense alarmist dumping vials of viral death from the open window of his or her private plane in order to score a huge Congressional payday actually happened.

    When somebody messes around with or redacts documents we call it “doctoring” and the results are almost always referred to as being “doctored”. Maybe we take for granted all the knowledge and experience we need to have about the sanctimonious, secret society of white lab coats?

    Black tee shirts featuring heavy metal drug culture staples like Anthrax, and the latest version of the middle easterner and his goat and/or sheep sex jokes are NOT the blessed omen of impending doom nor the wave of the future in terms of bio-defense preparedness.

    Reading about the lousy CDC and their total sloppiness in handling of so called deadly Anthrax, etc. does a lot more to undermine publicly-induced fear leading to stampedes for the vaccination stations than the poor families simply asking for compensation for vaccine injuries and deaths. After a while, the Bird Flu and Swine Flu II scamdemics dust settled, but too late for Congress to understand they were being boondoggled. The head of the CDC never told Congress that Bird Flu wasn’t a concern the entire time except if you were a bird, but she did help secure $7.1 billion dollars for the industry ahead of her departure to head the industry.

    The fact that families are overwhelming abused, belittled and NOT generally compensated does make mass vaccinations an unacceptable risk, but it is the program itself responsible for the disease and the cure demanding that claims be savagely denied that provide the public enough sensibility to avoid needless, harmful, and potentially deadly exposures to lab-strain illnesses.

    The sheep and goat jokes go back before our time. Certainly if it was in the imagination of mankind to joke about it there is some basis of reality. If so, then the fact that there has NEVER been a global pandemic of Anthrax at any time spoils the entire Anthrax bio-defense countermeasures market buzz.

    One may suggest, that makes the CDC brass upset enough to publicly disclose they are “losing sleep over this” because there aren’t a lot of good tricks to play on the unsuspecting public left.

    If the actual germ freaks casually working with the stuff don’t consider it dangerous then why should Congress? Why should we? No figurehead leading the real scientists can deny there is total disregard for safety because there is either no real danger or there is no concern whatsoever for public safety in any of these war on germs experimentation.

    As the Biblical accounts of heralding angels announcing the birth of Jesus Christ appearing to certain shepherds while they tended their flocks by night suggests there has been intimate (albeit chaste) contact between man and sheep for centuries prior to the CDC’s own awareness.

    Future King David certainly spent a lot of time with his sheep and nothing ill ever came of it.

    No, the major threats to public health aren’t what you think they are. They typically surround screw ups inside the vaccine marketplace tinkering around with nature.

  3. Melissa Troutman on July 13, 2014 at 11:55 pm said:

    I thought Mnookin was a drug addict. I looked at his book and it has the same scripted talking points as laid out by Siedell and the Tribune. He is another phony Pharma creation. It is amazing that he is a professor of anything. I would not trust him to watch my bicycle let alone teach a student.

    • The director of his program made Merck-funded television shows.

    • Media Scholar on July 18, 2014 at 6:00 pm said:

      He must have been on ‘something’ to write “Panic Virus” and launch it at the time of the CDC-instigated Swine Flu II scamdemic.

      I realize that the CDC hatches these extremely lucrative, panic-inducing, bio-terroristic scamdemics in a tight, neat order, so Swine Flu II scamdemic refers to the Mexico City Biosimilars bombshell one which attempted to instill panic leading to stampedes for a new Influenza vaccine. The panic virus this time was described as ‘part bird, part swine, part one kind of regular flu, part deadly flu’ and came complete with the inexplicable, cruel-hearted, low, slow buzz by Air Force One over New York City that sent New Yorkers scampering through the streets and raised the level of public PANIC to new levels.

  4. Seth Mnookin is a character assassin – an ankle biter, if you will. He has a fetish for needles that goes back to his days as a heroin addict. Actively endorsing vaccinations of helpless infants, one must ask, is he living vicariously ? He once bit a cop’s finger but is now content to ravage ankles. This type of tirade is his stock in trade.

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