Re-Elect San Antonio District Attorney Nicholas “Nico” LaHood

District Attorney Nicholas LaHood – father of a vaccine-injured child – is up for re-election. In August of 2016, LaHood said, “I’m Nico LaHood. I’m the criminal district attorney in San Antonio, Texas. I’m here to tell you that vaccines can and do cause autism.” He and his wife were featured in an 11-minute video where they were interviewed about their son’s vaccine reaction. He needs your help now more than ever. If you’re a registered Democrat in Bexar County, Texas, please be sure to vote for his re-election.

Watch basketball legend Tim Duncan’s official endorsement of DA LaHood. Selected excerpt:

“I think Nico is refreshing in the way that he is not only a fighter but he is a person who will stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. Whether that being the children of his family or those of the community. He’s very passionate about it. He’s very passionate about the fact that he’s going to defend them because he knows that he can, that he’s in a position to. He’s got the ability to. He’s got the strength to. He’s got the focus to. So he’s going to be that person for them.”

The Democratic primary election will be held on March 6, so please vote if you can. Autism Investigated hopes DA LaHood will run for re-election regardless of the primary’s outcome. Visit

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4 Thoughts on “Re-Elect San Antonio District Attorney Nicholas “Nico” LaHood

  1. Autism Investigated’s endorsement has not gone unnoticed.

  2. I hope this LaHood guy actual fights for those with autism. People with mild moderate autism need affordable housing and medical care along with supported employment. those with severe autism need the institutions to open back up so they are properly cared for. I hope this man is not some deceptive Malinche.

  3. Nico, I am 72, and pHarma tried to kill my son, now 36 and alive.
    The Cellular Matrix Study began in 1999, to keep Sebastian alive, the doctors, 80 had given him to ticket with no return to die.
    An 89 year old tax evader Jay Farmer gave me a pound of MSM, actually real organic sulfur though he never “did it” he knew it would work better than the 800 count tub of Tums sitting on my desk. 28 years of gastroenteritis was gone in 4 days.
    39 formerly lost in their own minds children within the spectrum are BACK.
    1200 seniors lost in their own minds are not going to the Home, they remember who they are. Medical malpractice, no, genocide for hire. It is better business than our health. Bullshit.
    A handsome Lebanese man, not Danny Thomas and St. Jude, we have tried to kill everyone with “too much sulfur,” my son is one of 110 n-stage cancer victims who refuse to die. Do we have some cash? 6 million study members in 87 nations, we have some cash, and pay taxes which will decrease when those bribing your local official gets a real job, a productive job, not a nanny job.

    What are the rules for impeaching a not even confirmed US Attorney General?
    Nico vaccinations will cease when the law respects our first amendment rights, and those of our children. Street savvy shark, any hypo is a weapon of mass destruction with a very small gauge. Law officers shoot 9 mm or 38 special while Mac Connole was officer Friendly who never drew this service weapon in 46 years.

    I on the other hand refused to kill gooks in Vietnam but was more than willing to kill every member of the draft board, they turned me down, Richard M. Nixon granted my objection to killing for any reason other than survival. What I learned doing a seven-year tour for a two-year commitment is what I bring to the table.

    Anyone who vaccinates without full disclosure should be arrested, prosecuted, and have all of their ill-gotten gains seized to benefit those damaged for filthy lucre.

    What would pHarma do? What would we do with all of that money spent on being sick or dying daily? How about spending that money on something for someone you love.
    Your very lovely wife picked you, probably for that handsome face, but I believe she saw a man who would fight for the people.

    District Attorney of Bexar Co. we need a northern wall to keep those Canadians out.
    We can make good rides in the US for our citizens, imports? Get GM to give Lordstown to Tesla where he can build cars that look like Howard the Duck and we can make Alfas in the same fraudulent GM Blunder. Make an Italian car in the US, why not, those damn foreigners do, badly. Our corporations forget who does the work, jail the bastards, under the Harvey Weinstein offense to we the people.

    Pollution is man made, the cars we make hear should lessen the impact of stupid boys and girls who will let the next generation worry about breathing.

    Filthy Lucre is what made the US a power, but not great yet, in any way but when we learn to live with the lowliest of his children as Scrooge learned and we can as well.

    Our aim is to get anyone to learn to love and be loved in return, we are not born loving, we learn or hate takes over and someone gets hurt.

    Merry Christmas! Got sulfur?

    Patrick McGean
    Cellular Matrix Study

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