RIP Dan Olmsted, Editor of Age of Autism


From Age of Autism:

We are heartbroken to announce that our dear friend, our brilliant colleague, journalist par excellence, dedicated book co-author, the heart, soul and leader of our “rebel alliance,” Dan Olmsted,  passed away this weekend. 

Age of Autism has been a family for many years, and to all of you, we send our condolences, as we are grateful for yours. 

We will share more information as it becomes available. And the rebel alliance will carry on in his name, we assure you.

Mark Blaxill, Kim Stagliano and the entire Age of Autism Team

While I have had my differences with Dan Olmsted and the Age of Autism site, I will be forever grateful to him for his friendship, advice and platform for my views. I’ve always respected him as a journalist and have never forgotten the excellent work he has done over the years, and I just had a very friendly exchange with him on the day of the inauguration. I will never stop missing him and offer my sincere condolences to the entire Age of Autism team. Autism Investigated will devote the entire week to posts honoring Dan Olmsted, including a proper obituary. May we all honor Dan Olmsted’s life by ending the autism epidemic to make America great again!

Jake Crosby, MPH

Addendum: From Age of Autism to Autism Investigated

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9 Thoughts on “RIP Dan Olmsted, Editor of Age of Autism

  1. Bayareamom on January 24, 2017 at 10:32 pm said:

    You’ve provided a lovely tribute to Dan, Jake. I am still so shocked. I’ve no doubt, though, that Dan will continue to lead the brigade from up on High. I never met him, but I admired him/and his writing, very, very much.

    – Kim

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